Embroidery stitch

What is an Embroidery Stitch?

An embroidery stitch is a method of hand sewing used to create designs on fabric. Every stitch type creates a different texture and pattern, expanding the possibilities for artistic expression immensely.

How Many Types of Embroidery Stitches Are There?

While there are many dozens of embroidery stitches, they can be placed into a few main categories:

    • Basic or Outline Stitches (e.g., running stitch, backstitch)
    • Filling Stitches (e.g., satin stitch, cross stitch)
    • Decorative Stitches (e.g., French knot, lazy daisy)
    • Dimensional Stitches (e.g., bullion knot, stumpwork)

Are Embroidery Stitches Easy to Learn?

Many stitches are beginner-friendly and can be improved quite quickly with practice. Start with the basics!

Do I Need Special Tools to Make Embroidery Stitches?

You will need a few simple embroidery supplies to make embroidery stitches:

Can Embroidery Stitches be Used on Any Fabric?

Generally, yes. However, depending on the weight and weave of the material being worked with, certain stitches may work better than others.

Is it Essential to Know All the Stitches?

Not at all! Many lovely designs can be achieved using only a handful of basic stitches. Adding more intricate stitches will help enhance your work as you develop your skills.

What are the Most Commonly Used Stitches?

Some of the most popular embroidery stitches include:





Running stitch

Outlining, Detailing


Quick and easy, a simple dashed line effect


Outlining, Text


Strong and continuous, ideal for clear lines

Split stitch

Outlining, Texturing


Appears braided, more decorative than a backstitch

Stem stitch

Floral Stems, Curved Lines


Twisted rope effect, suitable for smooth curves

Satin stitch



Smooth and glossy, it covers the fabric completely

French knot

Texture, Detailing


Small, raised knot, perfect for accents like eyes or flower centers

Where Can I Learn Embroidery Stitches?

There are plenty of resources for learning embroidery stitches, including: 

    • Online tutorials and videos 
    • Workshops and classes 
    • Embroidery books and patterns 
    • Crafting groups and communities

How Can I Remember All the Different Stitches?

Practice is key! The more you practice them, the better you’ll remember! Additionally:

    • Create a stitch journal or sampler
    • Use diagrams and write notes
    • Refer to video tutorials when you need a refresher

What Stitches Are Best for Filling Large Areas?

The satin stitch and long and short stitch are commonly used for smooth, solid fills. The cross stitch can also cover large areas effectively.

Can Embroidery Stitches Come Undone?

Yes, they can if not tied off or secured correctly. Always make sure to finish your embroidery thread securely so that your work is long-lasting!