Certain coated fabric

What are certain coated fabrics?

As the name suggests, a coated fabric is any fabric piece treated with a coating layer to improve its durability and performance.

The coatings here can be made from rubber, resins, polymers, or any other fabric. Generally, the coating provides water resistance, heat resistance, better strength, and many other improvements to the fabric.

What are the common types of coatings used in fabrics?

Various coating types enhance fabrics, but let’s look at a few below.


Rubber is a natural material that provides better flexibility and waterproofing capabilities than any other. It is often used to coat industrial and protective fabrics.


Acrylic chemicals and materials are used to coat fabrics and infuse them with UV protection. This coating also improves the fabric’s water resistance.

Polyvinyl Chloride

PVC is a common material that offers water resistance and higher fabric durability. It can be used to create fabrics of different types and colors.


Polyurethane is used in fabric coating to provide a soft and flexible finish to fabrics. It also makes the fabric resistant to abrasions and water.

What are the key features of coated fabrics?

Certain coated fabrics provide more protection and better features to the underlying fabric. With the right coating, you can increase the performance of any fabric, and coated fabrics offer some common features. Let’s look at some below.

Water Resistance

Water resistance is the number one reason for applying a fabric coating and is also easier. Fabric coatings can make any fabric water-resistant, increasing its usage in marine and outdoor items.

Chemical Resistance

Many fabric coatings can enhance the underlying fabric’s chemical resistance. This helps create clothing that is safe to wear around chemicals and hazardous solvents.

UV Resistance

Fabric coating can also enable UV resistance in your fabric. This can protect you from harmful UV rays without changing fabric pieces.

Flame Reduction

Flame reduction is important in certain apparel, which can also be achieved using fabric coating. The correct coating can help resist fabric burning.