Centerfold label

What is a centerfold label?

Centerfold labels are a common type of clothing label. As the name suggests, the label is folded in half from the center, and information is printed on both visible sides of the label. They are usually attached to the hems or sides of the garment and contain branding information.

As the centerfold label has two sides, you can add a lot of branding and caretaking information for the fabric in a single label.

What are the layers of labels?

A centerfold label has three main layers, as shown below.

1. Face

This is the front of the label, directly visible on a centerfold label. Adding your branding information on this side of the label is best.

2. Back

The back side of a centerfold label usually has threads and care information for the fabric. If your fabric requires special washing instructions or anything else, it is best to add it here.

3. Fold

This is the layer where the actual fold happens. The fold creates the face and back, where you can add different details.

What is the difference between centerfold and loopfold?


Centrefold Label

Loop Fold Label

Folding Style

A centerfold label is folded in half lengthwise, and information is printed on the inside. 

A loop-fold label is folded on both ends so that it can be easily attached to any garment.


These labels are sewn to the hem or seam to provide information more cleanly.

These labels are often used as hanging tags, which can be removed easily.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a centerfold label?


    • Centrefold labels help add more information to a label and even hide it from direct view.
    • They also provide a professional appearance


    • They are more difficult to sew than other labels

Is creating a centerfold label more costly than creating other labels?

Centrefold labels are not outright costlier than other labels, but as you add more information, size, different fabrics, and designs, the cost of creating one will increase.

Is it legal to put your label on clothing, and can we use centerfold labels for branding?

It is entirely legal to put your custom label on a clothing item. Some countries have regulations regarding clothing labels, and as long as you comply, you can use any label on your clothing.

Moreover, centerfold labels can be used for brandname purposes, and you can create your brand logo, name, or other items on the clothing label without any issues. Ensure the label is made from a better material to last many washes.