Brand name

What is a brand name?

A brand name is a unique name given to a product or service that your company has created. It helps customers identify the right product and makes choosing your brand easier than others.

Brand names also play an important role in creating loyalty, differentiation, and brand recognition for your offerings.

Why is a brand name important?

Having a brand name is like having an identity. If you don’t have an identity, how will people call you out or look for you? Apart from this, there are multiple other reasons why you should have a brand name.

Brand Identity

A brand name and customized labels establish a brand identity and help you better communicate your visions and values to potential customers.


With a catchy and unique brand name, you can take a good spot among your customers. Better brand names also make recall easier for your customers, who can easily look for your brand and its services anywhere.


Having a good brand name also encourages loyalty among customers. With a consistent name across your products or services, your customers won’t have to search a lot to find your offerings, increasing their loyalty and association with your brand.


Brand promotions and marketing campaigns revolve around boosting your brand’s reach, and it is important to have a brand name before you start your marketing efforts.

What are some important tips for creating an awesome brand name?

If you want to create an awesome brand name for your company, follow some important tips. Below are some tips that you can use.

Simple Names

Simple names are crucial. You may have the best-complicated name, but it will not be as impactful as a simple name. Always think from a customer perspective on how easy it is to remember the name.


When choosing a brand name, you should ensure that it is relevant to your business and offerings and associated well with what you do.

Domain Availability

You may have to create a website for your brand, and in the early stages, you should check the domain availability on popular domain registrars. This will save you from complications when you want to develop a website, and the domain is unavailable.