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A garment absolutely needs clear care instructions. After all, customers will not know how to wash or otherwise clean their clothes without clear instructions. And when they don’t, the garment may shrink faster and its beautiful appearance will soon fade. Luckily, it only takes three steps to design and order your personalized, unique care label, care tag or washing label.

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Design your label

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Step 1: design the care label: brand, instructions and symbols

When designing the care label, two elements must be taken into consideration: the washing or other care instructions and the symbols. The instructions describe how the article can best be cleaned. The washing symbols indicate the temperature at which the garment should be washed, whether it can be tumble dried, and other relevant information. Last but not least, you can add your brand name or logo. This can all be done in just a few clicks by using our tool.

Step 2: having the washing labels printed

You’ve finished creating the washing label so now it’s time to have your design printed. Don’t worry, we will do this for you. You send us the finished design and we take care of the production.

Final step: ordering the care label!

The final step is placing the order for the care label(s). It doesn’t matter if you place large or small orders. We always deliver customized labels. And because we ship the labels in letterbox packages, you can expect them very quickly.

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