We produce for a number of target groups. Where initially we focused on clothing brands, fashion designers, textile fanatics and seamstresses, we now also supply hotels, the hospitality industry and importers. Our products allow custom labeling of almost anything. The rapid rise of fast fashion has made the DIY generation more substantial than ever before.


Super Label Store was founded by Noor from the Netherlands. As a daughter of two goldsmiths, Noor grew up in an environment where creativity was stimulated. Although she spent a reasonable amount of time in her parents’ studio, she chose to express her designing talent behind the drawing board and sewing machine. Studying Fashion & Design at the AMFI in Amsterdam was but a logical choice for her and there her eye for design, styling and materials was further developed.

During her study she noticed how hard it was to order small quantities of high-quality and durable clothing labels online, at attractive prices. Additionally, the ordering process of such providers was far from user-friendly and also not efficient.

Super Label Store was born 😉

Meanwhile we supply custom clothing labels all over the world.

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