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Why do you need custom sewing labels? At Super Label Store, we’re perfectly aware of a bumpy road that every sewer and crafter at home goes through while working on their precious projects. There is a lot to learn and discover along the way. After such a long journey, your projects deserve a super high-definition with a 100% customizable finishing touch, and we’re happy to deliver it! 

Custom sewing labels are great for everyone, from independent crafters and DIY sewers too small, starting clothing brands to established fashion designers to owners of hotels, bars, and hospitality businesses.

Whichever type you go for, all sewing labels made by Super Label Store are guaranteed to last the life of your project. If you build up your own brand, you need these sew-in labels for handmade items. They are so easy to design online that the whole experience couldn’t be simpler.

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Super Easy

Easy to use configurators help you to design and order in minutes.

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Super Quality

Premium quality from start to finish.
FROM 5 TO 10.000+ PIECES

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Super Fast

Fast production time.
6-12 business days or less

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Order your personalized sewing labels now

Let’s say you’ve decided that you want to customize your clothing, textiles, towels, sheets, or accessories with custom woven labels and sewing tags. Where to start this adventure? On the Super Label Store, you can now pick one of two options to let your personalized sewing labels see the light of day: design your labels in 5 min by uploading your logo or designing woven sewing labels from scratch. 

There are several reasons to choose Super Label Store over other brands. For starters, here, you can fully personalize your products with your logo, text & symbols. Whether you need sew-on clothing labels, care labels, or personalized sewing tags, you can design and order them at affordable prices. The good news is that we deliver custom sewing labels for handmade items in whatever number you wish, even in low quantities. 

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How to Make Personalized Sewable Labels?

Making your creation took hours, and it was worth it! You’re delighted with the results and excited to start showing off your project. It’s understandable that you don’t want to spend any more time working. Now, all you wish to do is relax and be proud of your achievement. This is exactly the reason why we simplified the process of designing and ordering your sewing labels with your logo or name.

How to give your work the credit it deserves in just a few simple steps? Go to Super Label Store and pick one of two possibilities. You can come up with your idea for the design of sewing labels or sew-on sewing tags. To follow this path, click the “design online” button. It’s the best choice if you’re still developing a concept for your logo and need some help with it. Our easy-to-use online designer tool will provide you with pre-loaded fonts, colors, and icons. Use them to develop the perfect logo for your sew-in fabric labels. Otherwise, you can upload a design that you designed before. To do that, choose “upload your logo”. Our uploader tool will make it super easy to add your logo to your custom sewing labels to be. 

Custom Sewing Labels with your Logo or Name

There is no better way to ensure your label truly reflects the vision you have for your brand than reaching out to Super Label Store for help! At the end of this quick and intuitive process, add woven labels, care labels, or hang tags to your shopping basket and go to the payment process. With your last click, the production of 100% customized sew-on logo labels will start. 

Design your labels in 5 min and use them on your garments or accessories. There are also handmade sewing tags, sewing labels for quilts, and many other options to choose from. If you are looking for a no-sew option, iron-on sewing labels are another great alternative. 

Where to Use Custom Sewing Labels?

The idea for using woven labels, care labels, or hang tags is to bring some kind of information to the user. It may be care instructions, logo, your name, or whatever you feel should be placed on handmade labels for sewing. Custom sewing labels for handmade items are a perfect way to showcase your branding without saying much! 

Design your labels in 5 min and sew them to your projects using a sewing machine or by hand. Sewing labels with your logo are the perfect finish for your clothing and apparel. With our help, your custom clothing tags sew-on will be every bit as unique as your creations. Our custom sew-on labels for clothing and other sewing projects are super versatile. 

Super Label Store personalized labels will work wonderfully for: 

    • face masks, 
    • scarves,
    • apparel & outerwear,
    • costumes,
    • handbags,
    • other accessories,
    • plush toys & stuffed animals,
    • tapestries, 
    • linens, sheets, & quilts,
    • pet clothing, jackets, and carriers,
    • backpacks & satchels, 
    • outdoor equipment, and many others;
custom clothing labels
custom clothing labels

4 Super Label Store Powers

    • SUPER EASY—on the Super Label Store website, you’ll find easy-to-use configurators that make designing and ordering personalized sewing labels for clothing astonishingly smooth. You can also design your tags in 5 min.
    • SUPER QUALITY—quality is our number one concern, so you can be sure that these custom clothing labels sew-on are produced in premium quality from start to finish.
    • SUPER CUSTOM (100%)—your unique sewing and crafting work needs 100% custom woven labels and hang tags. We understand that, so we created our easy-to-use configurators to take you through all the customization options comfortably.  
    • SUPER LOW QUANTITIES—it doesn’t matter if you’re an independent sewing enthusiast, fashion designer, or a small brand. We are happy to make and deliver it all, from big to small quantities.