Stretch fabric

What is a stretch fabric?

Stretch fabric is a textile that can either expand or contract, but it guarantees the same freedom of movement and flexibility. It is achieved by the interaction between the fabric’s fibers or the process of knitting or weaving, which can restore and fructify the original look of the material.

How is Stretch Fabric Made?

According to all industry standards, stretch fabric is manufactured bodily through elastic fibers like elastane (Spandex or Lycra) and other fibers such as cotton, polyester, or nylon. The fabric is either knitted or woven, so it preserves the capability of giving way and returning to its original dimensions.

What is Stretch Fabric Used For?

Stretch fabric is mainly designed to produce clothing items where maximum relaxation and fit are paramount. Therefore, sportswear and m pants made from fabric with these exceptional qualities are also used in construction. These pieces of clothing with custom labels are easy to wear, give a stylish look, and are ideal for both usual activities and workouts.

Comparison Chart on Different Types of Stretch Fabric


Stretch Ability

Common Use


Stretches in either the length or the width, but not both

Socks, stockings


Stretches horizontally or vertically, returning to original form

Swimwear, lingerie


Stretches both horizontally and vertically

Athletic wear, performance costumes

How to Sew with Stretch Fabric?

Use a ballpoint needle while stitching to lend more flexibility and avoid stretchy tangles. Stretch stitches or a small zigzag stitch should be used on your sewing machine to keep the material’s elasticity. Also, avoid pulling the fabric while sewing to prevent uneven seams.

Characteristics of Stretch Fabrics


    • These kinds of fiber materials expand to a higher standard. However, you should also know that the length is fixed at some finite point.


    • It provides a comfortable fit due to the fabric’s flexibility.


    • It is designed to withstand stress from constant stretching.

Shape Retention

    • It maintains the shape of the garment, even after numerous stretches.


    • Many stretch fabrics effectively draw moisture away from the body.