Sell handmade items locally

Even though most people now prefer to sell their stuffs online, you can still sell handmade items offline. The easiest place to sell your handmade items is the local market around you. To make your profits, you won’t need to spend much on transport. You can even build a name for yourself if a lot of people are not selling the same products that you’re selling. To make it easier, you should consider following the steps below

Decide what handmade items to sell

First of all, you have to decide on the handmade products that you want to sell. Even if you know how to do a lot of things, you should only sell what you enjoy making. You get more inspired when you practice something that you like. It would even be easier for you to produce new items when the old ones are sold out. Just try and find out the locally made items that are in high demand. Then, select the ones that you like and start making them.

Decide on the right price

If you’re new to the business, it might be hard for you to get the perfect price for your items. When deciding on the right price to sell your items, you have to consider the capital and market. You should sell at a price higher than the capital you used in making your items—the price range of the item you’re also selling matters.

If everyone is selling at a low price, you shouldn’t sell yours at a high price. People would easily select the cheaper one. You shouldn’t sell your products at a price a lot lower than your rival’s price. People might just think it is fake. So you should sell within their price range. As a starter, you can also decide on the right price by asking people how much they would pay for your items. It would help you know how much the public values your item.

Decide on the right place to sell

It is arguably the most important step in selling your items. If you’re selling your locally made items at the wrong place, you won’t have a lot of customers. You might even have to close down the business. That is why you should study this list of places to sell your locally made items

Craft shows

It is arguably the best place to sell your locally made items. The reason is that everyone there wants to purchase some nice handmade items. So you just have to present yours in the best way possible. Since there are a lot of craft shows, you should only go to the one where you can meet your target market. Since there is a high chance that people would be selling the same products as you there, you should display your best items.

Consignment shops

As a starter, you should make a lot of deals with consignment shops. You just have to meet with them and display your items in their shop for some time. Since those shops are well established, you have a high chance of selling your items. You should also know that the profits you make from consignment shops would be split. In most cases, you will take a higher percentage of the profit than the shop owner.

Farmers’ Markets

Unlike craft shows, farmers’ markets are held regularly. So you have a high chance of keeping some customers. To easily transport your items to the market, you should arrange them well. You also need to study the items with high demand. You should focus more on producing such items for the next farmers’ market.

Art Collaborative

It is more of a combination of a consignment shop and a gallery. Just like in consignment shops, profits would be split. All they do is mix your items with other handmade items. Since they don’t like displaying items that are too similar, they are more open to new items. Items displayed at art collaborative can be easily sold in a short time. That is why it is recommended for people that deal with handmade items.


If you visit popular restaurants, you would likely see some beautiful paintings on the wall. The paintings were placed there for people to purchase. If you specialize in making items used for decoration, you should also consider displaying them in restaurants. A lot of people visit restaurants regularly. Some of them would likely fall in love with your work and purchase them.

Shopping parties

Another place where people sell handmade items is at shopping parties. You can organize a shopping party and invite a lot of your friends, customers and target market. If you can’t pull a large crowd, you can make a deal with a host. Even though the host would take part in your sales, you will still gain a lot.


Even though craigslist doesn’t have the best reputation, you can still sell a lot of handmade items there. It is highly recommended for people who are into tailoring or any other fashion business. You have to be smart on craigslist. There are a lot of scammers there. So you should take the time to study it well before making any deal. All your important information should also be kept safe.

Art Gallery

Even though every art can’t be kept in a gallery, you should always know when there would be shows on your type of work. Just like consignment shops, the gallery would take part in all sales of your handmade items. You just have to make a deal with them. Your deal would cover where you will display your works and how long you’re going to display them.


The sale of handmade items is allowed at some festivals. If a lot of people attend such festivals, you should go there to sell your items. To know the schedule of any festival that you want to attend, you can meet a member of the planning committee. Weather also plays a big part. Before attending a festival, you should study the weather forecast of where it would be held.

Local Clothing

If you’re into local clothes, you should start associating with the best boutiques in your town. That is where your target market would easily find your work. Even though most people would prefer to buy and resell your work, you can still strike a good deal with some of them. If you prefer to sell your works as wholesales, you have to find the best price to sell them. As retailers make money, you would also make yours. Do you need custom clothing labels with your own logo or design? Design or upload your own custom clothing labels now.

Holiday market

You should prioritize a holiday market over every other craft shows. The reason is that it pays a lot. The majority of holiday markets are indoors. To benefit from holiday markets, you have to study how they work. If you start without getting adequate knowledge of the market structure, you might not make enough sales.

Staged homes

If you specialize in handmade items used in the house, try and work with a local realtor. It is the best place where you can sell pillows, quilts, or other handmade items used in the home. Even though local realtors don’t own the majority of the items that they display, they still collect new items from individuals. You just have to give them a list of all your handmade items. After they give your list to potential buyers, you will sell a lot of your items.

Gift Shops

You can place almost every handmade item in a gift shop. From toys to pillows, almost every handmade item is sold in a gift shop. It is also easy to strike a consignment deal with the shop owners. You just have to present an offer that would easily attract one of them. You should also make sure that you’re gaining well.

Specialty shops

In specialty shops, they sell items of the same type. To strike a consignment deal with a specialty shop, you must be making an item similar to the one that they offer. For instance, you can display your items in a bridal shop if you sell flower crowns. To be able to differentiate your items in a specialty shop, you should give them a different branding.


Even if you’re making the best handmade items in the world, you won’t make sales if people don’t know you. That is why your target market is important. Nowadays, social media is important for promotion. You just have to open an Instagram page and post your items. In no time, people would start to patronize you. Other social media like Facebook can also be used for promotions.


Even if you’ve a lot of rivals, you can still sell well if you package your items well. No matter the size of your business, you should have a logo. You can use boxes to cover your items. It would make them appear more attractive. You should also register your business with the right bodies. It would make you appear more reliable.