How to start a pillow business?

Starting a new business is fun. It is even more fun when you want to know how to start a pillow business. No matter where you are based, you would have a local market that can always purchase your pillow. You just have to find them. Even if you can’t find a local market around you, you can still make great sales through the internet. You just have to work on your pillow design ideas.

You are going to have a lot of questions to answer when deciding on the kind of pillows to sell, the equipment that you will use for production, and other things. That is why you’ve to study everything discussed below

Make adequate plans

The first step on how to start a cushion business is not making cushions. As a business owner, you have to decide on a lot of things. As you decide on the amount you want to invest in the business, you should also decide on he business model you’re going to use and have to decide your target market.


Before starting a pillow business, you have to set a realistic target for yourself. You should calculate the amount of time that you want to use for the business every day. You should also try and calculate the profit that you’re going to make during that time. All these can be easily done with a business plan.

When you have a good pillow business plan sample, you will find it easy to get loans from individuals or companies. Even if you’re not interested in loans, you should still have a business plan. It would help you decide on the energy you’ve to put in to get certain results.

Where to sell your pillows?

It is one of the first things that you should consider when starting a pillow and cushion business. Without customers, no business can grow. That is the reason it is one of the most important things in every business. There are a lot of places that you can sell. If you are good with social media, you can decide to sell online only. You can even learn how to sell pillows on etsy. You can also sell to people around you by working with various retailers. Another great way is to collaborate with nearby interior designers, crafting customized items exclusively designed for their projects.

It is important to know all similar businesses that are around you. That knowledge could help put you in the right direction. When you finally come to a good decision, you should continue researching where and how to sell decorative pillows. Things evolve every day. So it is difficult to stick to one place permanently.

Sourcing Materials and Suppliers

Research Different Types of Pillow Materials and Their Qualities

  • Explore common pillow materials like down, feathers, memory foam, polyester, etc.
  • Understand the characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of each material.
  • Consider factors such as comfort, durability, hypoallergenic properties, and sustainability.

Identify Reliable Suppliers or Manufacturers for Pillow Materials

  • Conduct thorough research online and offline to find potential suppliers.
  • Evaluate suppliers based on their reputation, reliability, and quality of materials.
  • Request samples from different suppliers to assess the materials firsthand.
  • Consider factors like pricing, minimum order quantities, and lead times when choosing suppliers.

Consider Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Options, If Applicable

  • Explore environmentally friendly materials like organic cotton, bamboo, or recycled fibers.
  • Research suppliers that prioritize sustainable practices and certifications.
  • Understand the impact of sustainable materials on your brand positioning and target market.
  • Assess the cost implications and availability of eco-friendly materials.

Marketing plan – pillow business

After deciding on what to sell and where to sell, you have to figure out a way to reach people. It should be part of your pillow business plan sample. You can’t go out and inform everyone. So you have to search for a means that you can use to reach a lot of people at once. You’ve no option than to market your business. No matter if it is a small or big business, marketing is important. Some of the ways you can market your business are listed below

Social media

Nowadays, social media is not only used to meet and discuss with old friends. It is now used to grow businesses. Social media is one of the best way to promote and start selling pillows. You can grow your business online with or without paying for advertisements.

If you don’t know much about growing businesses online, you can download content marketing eBooks and read. Through those books, you will learn how to create a new blog and attract readers. The first step to marketing on social media is to build a great audience. When you’ve built trust with your audience for some time, you can start to introduce your products to them and sell them.

Email marketing

It is arguably the best way of promoting business online. Through email marketing, you can reach your target audience directly. You just have to be patient. If you send emails to people who are not interested, your email might become restricted.

Prints material

The most popular print material used for promoting businesses is a business card. Before you decide on producing any print material, you have to consider your business. For instance, you might not need to produce customized tablecloths if you’re trying to promote a cushion business. You just have to meet with a print company and they will tell you the best print materials for a pillow business.


Even though televisions are not effective for promoting every business, they can be used for pillow businesses. If there is no television station close to you, all you have to do is search for your favorite television station’s email online. When you send them a request, they would send you details of all their ads. You can choose anyone you like and promote your decorative pillow business to a large audience.


Unlike the ones discussed above, your customers have to find you in this case. The fact is that people are searching for quality products. When customers give good reviews about your homemade pillows, new people would start to find out about your business. That is why you should have a great website for your business. If you don’t have one, they might not find anything while searching for you on the web.


If you don’t have time to create a blog or make frequent blog posts, you can do interviews on other popular blogs. Just make sure that you’re interviewing on a blog that people know for handmade products. You might not reach your target audience if you’re getting interviewed on a football blog.


Even though it doesn’t pay to advertise in newspapers, you can still reach a lot of people if you advertise on media like magazines. You just have to consider the cost of advertising and figure out if your advertisement will be effective or not.

Display your pillow designs

You can use a mockup to show off your various pillow designs. It would enable you to reach a lot of people. Mockups are cost-effective. You can even use mockups to advertise pillow design ideas without actually making pillows. When you get an order, you will just get materials and create your own pillow immediately.

Make use of online tools

If your homemade pillows have a great design, you can easily sell them at any online store. If you’re yet to figure out how to sell pillows, you should consider that. Pillows can be made in general or customized designs.

Customized pillows can be made for birthdays, new couples, and lots more. Pillows can even be used to make a home more attractive. You just have to place them in the right places. Just make sure that you use good cameras to snap your best pillow designs and upload them to various online stores. You can also focus on learning how to sell pillows on etsy.

Make an inventory

You can finally start to learn how to make your own pillow. You just have to decide on the designs to make and the number of pillows to make at once.


When you want to create your own pillow, you have to consider the size, color, and other things. If you’re using a sample to make your pillows, you won’t have to worry much about those things. To be unique, you should have your dimensions and colors. Even though it will take you a lot of time, your pillow business would grow well.


Even though the focus should be on the quality of the pillows you make, you should still brand your business. With the right branding, customers would be able to find your shops and locate you faster. Good branding would make it easy for new people to patronize you. If you’re branding your pillows with labels, you should make sure that the labels are identical. It is an important tip on how to make your own pillow.

Do you need custom woven labels with your own logo or design? Design or upload your own custom woven labels now.

Scaling and Growth

Monitor Sales and Customer Feedback

  • Track sales performance and analyze key metrics regularly.
  • Gather and analyze customer feedback to identify areas for improvement.
  • Use customer insights to enhance product offerings and customer experience.

Expand Product Offerings or Introduce New Pillow Variations

  • Research market trends and customer demands for new pillow types.
  • Consider introducing variations such as different sizes, shapes, or materials.
  • Test and iterate new product ideas based on customer feedback and market response.

Explore Wholesale or Bulk Orders

  • Identify potential wholesale clients such as hotels, retailers, or interior designers.
  • Develop pricing strategies and packages for bulk orders.
  • Create marketing materials and reach out to potential wholesale partners.

Seek Partnerships or Collaborations

  • Identify complementary businesses or brands for collaboration.
  • Explore partnerships for co-marketing, joint product offerings, or distribution channels.
  • Leverage each other’s customer base to reach new markets and increase visibility.


Frequently asked questions

What is the longest-lasting pillow material?

Latex pillows can often endure for over a decade. However, they generally come with a higher price tag when compared to other filling materials. If you have a higher budget, opting for a latex pillow for your nighttime comfort might be worth considering.

What filling is used for pillows?

When it comes to comfort, spine support, and affordability, memory foam, latex, and cotton are among the most popular choices. However, if you’re working with a tight budget, feather pillow stuffing can still provide adequate support. On the other hand, if you have some flexibility in your budget, down pillow stuffing can offer a great option for you.

Should I offer wholesale options for retailers?

Offering wholesale options can help you reach a larger customer base by partnering with retailers. Consider the feasibility and profitability of wholesale pricing and establish clear terms and conditions for wholesale partnerships.