Types of Wedding Dresses

The Best Guidance For Types of Wedding Dresses You Could Ever Get – Styles, Types & Shapes

A wedding is the biggest day for everyone. A lot of things change from that day onwards and on the day itself. On this life-changing and auspicious day of life, a woman would like to look as beautiful as she can, and that is why you are here searching for ideas and inspiration. 

Wedding dresses are the most loved part of every wedding. Though shopping itself is never easy, when it comes to wedding shopping, it becomes challenging. In one survey, nearly 75% of women visited at least 7 boutiques to find the best wedding dress for themselves

There are tons of options to choose from, and the types of wedding dress you choose will decide how you look on your wedding day. 

Types of wedding dresses
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An essential factor that can make or break your entire wedding day look is the wedding dress itself. No matter how mesmerizing your makeup is, your shine will probably diminish if the types of wedding dresses are not up to the mark. 

Here’s a simple guide on different types of wedding dresses that can help you become the most beautiful version of yourself. One can also learn to sew different wedding dresses with advanced sewing hacks from this guide. 

5 Types of Wedding Dresses That You Cannot Overlook

Choosing a wedding dress for yourself can be a bit tricky, but not anymore. Here is a list of different types of wedding dresses that you cannot overlook while preparing for your big day.

Ball Gown

Ball gown wedding dress
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If you’ve dreamed of looking like a fairy on your wedding day, this is the right dress for you. Ball gowns have been the first choice among women for decades. Ball gowns come with a fitted waistline that provides an excellent fit for your dress and enhances your looks. 

An extensive layer of lace fabric is what makes this gown fairy-like. Wedding dresses made from different sewing threads affect the dress quality (Read more about sewing threads types and tips). 

This massive layer of lace makes the gown’s tail lying on the ground as you pass, making a perfect entrance for the day.

A-Line Gown

For someone who doesn’t like to go full fancy with their wedding day dress, an A-Line gown is the best choice. An A-line gown is a minimal yet stylish wedding dress that looks awesome on almost everyone. 

To decorate and upscale your A-line gown, you can add plenty of laces, flowers, or even artistic beads. It is also styled with different types of collars to give it a nice look. 

Nearly 31% of brides select A-line wedding dresses to enjoy a happening wedding reception where dancing and playing is done in plenty. These types of wedding dresses are pretty free-flowing and provide ample room to make movements.

Trumpet Dress

Trumpet wedding dress
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This dress got its name from its lower portion. The lower portion of this gown’s skirt is made like a trumpet, and looks incredible and artistic. 

A trumpet gown is comfortable to wear as it has a moderate fitting and does not squeeze the person inside it. So if you are a bride who wants to show off her curves and still be able to dance at your best levels, this is the suitable gown for you.

Bustle Gown

A bustle gown is the right choice for brides who are looking for a vintage-style wedding dress. This is one of the most worn wedding dresses of all time. 

The bustle dress has an extra fabric layer attached at the back of the dress, which creates a long tail that is made from different types of ribbons for the bride (Read best sewing tips and tricks to sew your dress with many layers). 

It is good to wear this dress when you have to walk down the aisle looking at your best.

Peplum Dress

Peplum wedding dress
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Peplum dresses are an excellent choice for brides who want to have a large and free-flowing wedding dress. Peplum dresses come with a high waist skirt. It is sometimes designed with different types of zippers to give it a more appealing look. 

Skirts in a peplum dress are iconic as they have a huge flare. It is not easy for everyone to manage such a big dress. If you have a simple wedding then choose this dress.

Different Types of Wedding Dresses That Are Quite Popular Today

Every year, many weddings take place, and here are some of the most loved types of wedding dresses of this year.

Mermaid Dresses

Wedding mermaid dress
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A mermaid dress is a tighter version of the trumpet dress. Mermaid dresses are skin fit till knees and then just open up mimicking the shape of mermaid’s tail. This is where it derives its name from. 

Mermaid dresses are good if you are going to have a formal wedding party where you don’t have to dance and roam much. It is often the first choice among brides because of its tighter fitting made from types of polyester fabric

Mermaid dresses are an excellent choice to wear at a beach wedding ceremony. It can make you feel like a mermaid who has just come out of the water to marry. Pair this wedding dress with different types of underwear for women to eliminate visible panty lines.

Sheath Dress

Sheath wedding dress is a rather simplistic wedding dress. This dress has a tighter fitting around the waist area, and then the drapes fall straight to the ground. A sheath dress is the first choice of brides who want to wear a simple but remarkable wedding dress. 

Due to its less intense flares, this dress is easier to handle and comfortable for everyone. Sheath dresses are the go-to choices of petite and slim brides as they look more elegant in this dress than any other. 

If you’re looking for some motivation to sew your own sheath or any other type of dress, read about “35 intermediate sewing projects” and make your dress. 

Strapless Dress

Different types of wedding dresses
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If you’re looking for a wedding dress type that fits your curves, this is the right dress to choose. As the name suggests, strapless wedding dresses do not have straps on them. These types of wedding dresses are pretty tight around the chest area. If you want to flaunt your arms and shoulders, this dress provides you with plenty of room to do so. 

Strapless dresses look fabulous in outdoor weddings, especially in the spring and summer seasons. During this time, when the sun shines, this dress glows differently on brides.

Bias Cut Gowns

A bias-cut gown is a unique wedding dress. This gown gets its name as the gown is cut with the bias of a fabric. 

A bias-cut gown is neither too tight nor too free-flowing. It makes it the ideal choice for brides who want to have a manageable wedding dress. 

Statement Sleeve Dresses

Statement sleeve wedding dress
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Some brides believe that a wedding dress is good only if it has outstanding sleeves. Statement sleeve dresses have heavily decorated and embroidered sleeves that draw attention towards the sleeve. 

If you are a bride who likes giving attention to details, this might be the best pick for your wedding. As statement sleeves carry intricate embroideries and embellishments, it is hard to look away from them.

5 Types of Dress Silhouettes You Never Knew

In 2017, the worldwide market value of wedding dresses was valued at 2.86 billion US dollars which is more than an entire wedding planning expense. Different types of dress silhouettes come in different types of fabrics, shapes, and sizes. 

One can start with some easy beginner sewing projects and then style their advanced dresses from those basic styles. But, here is a list of some famous dress silhouettes.

Basque Silhouettes

Types of wedding dress silhouettes
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Basque silhouettes are the best thing for brides with shorter torsos. Basque dresses come in two parts. The upper body clothing has a fitter enclosure that ends just below the waistline of a bride. The lower clothing is made to look at your torso a little longer. It is great to wear this dress if you feel that your torso is a little shorter. 

Basque silhouettes have high decoration on the upper clothing, letting it draw people’s attention towards you.

Empire Silhouettes

Empire silhouettes are one of the most acceptable wedding dress options for brides who wish to make their bust look a little better. It is suitable for petite and slim brides as it makes them look better on their best day. 

Empire silhouettes consist of a very high waistline that lies just below the bust. This waistline creates a tight-fitting below the bust and makes it look much better in a natural way. Empire silhouettes are pretty free-flowing at the bottom ends, making them look great on almost all body types.

Princess Dress

Wedding dress silhouette
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Princess dresses are elegant wedding dresses often stitched out of shining fabrics. A princess dress has a distinguished seam line that runs from the top of the dress to its ends. These seams make the dress statement wear for weddings. 

Princess gowns are stitched with unique types of necklines that provide a more significant bust area. These types of dress silhouettes look good on brides with a smaller waist. If it is tailored perfectly, these dresses can look great on all brides.

Asymmetrical Gown

Designers are constantly experimenting with their designs (Using woven labels and care labels) to create bespoke pieces. You might have guessed this wedding dress by its name, and you are right. 

Asymmetrical gowns are stitched with asymmetrical hemlines. This makes these dresses an ideal choice for women who like experimenting with dresses to look great.

Corset Bodice Gown

Types of bridal dresses
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A Corset bodice gown is an ideal choice for brides with an hourglass figure. This wedding dress comes in two parts: a bodice and a skirt. The bodice (or different types of bra) of this dress is quite tighter and often decorated, and the skirt is voluminous and elegant. 

The types of corsets create a good fitting around the bride’s waist, which helps her enhance and flaunt her hourglass figure easily.

5 Awesome Types of Wedding Dress Styles

There are many different types of wedding dress styles, but here are some that will turn heads as you walk down the aisle.

Cinderella Dress

Disney fairy tale weddings collection
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Every girl is a princess, and the best day of your life should also make you feel like it. A Cinderella dress is a fairy tale gown often demanded by most brides. The most distinguishing feature of this gown is its awesome long tailpiece made of lace fabric. 

This long tailpiece adds a princess-like vibe to the wedding. In addition, a Cinderella gown has off-shoulder sleeves that make it a unique wedding dress in this list. Pairing this gown with a tiara will be like adding a crown over the princess.

Mini Dress with a Tail

A mini dress with a tail is a modern creation. Best suited for slim and well-toned brides, this dress is undoubtedly going to make others jealous. Brides who are planning for a destination wedding or a beach wedding should not overlook these types of wedding dress styles. 

Though this wedding dress is a complete fashion statement in itself, you can pair this with a beautiful necklace or even a cape if you want to go the extra mile. 

Lace Tattoo Dress

Types wedding dress styles
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Lace tattoo dresses are a great choice if you want to flaunt your curves. As the name suggests, lace tattoo wedding dresses have a lace covering over the back, necklines, or sleeves. The dress has a sheer fabric that hugs the bride’s body. 

So if you are a bride who loves floral designs a little too much and even wants to flaunt your incredible body, this is your dress. Lace tattoo dresses aren’t demanding, but they can be worn with minimal jewelry and hair accessories.

Panel Gown

Panel gowns are a little different type of wedding dress. The hemlines on these dresses are made by stitching different panels. Though the sewing fabric is the same, stitching different panels makes the dress more manageable and a little more comfortable (Learn some advanced sewing techniques to make your dress more beautiful).

Jumpsuit Wedding Dress

Bridal dress
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Jumpsuit wedding dresses are among the most modern designs in wedding fashion trends. This wedding dress is one-piece wedding clothing ideal for modern brides. 

It comes in many different materials, such as laces, silk, and other fabrics. Styling a jumpsuit dress is very easy. You just need high-quality glass shoes and a tiara. 

4 Different Types of Bridal Dresses Around the World

The world is full of diversity and it is created by people around the world. There is unity in diversity and Weddings are one such occasion which you can find in different cultures

To make this occasion more beautiful, brides put extra effort into choosing their venue, decor, cuisines, etc. Bridal dresses also play an important role in making your wedding day beautiful and memorable. Soon-to-be brides should look for different types of bridal dresses that come with beautiful hang tags

Boat Neck Dress

Boat neck dresses are ideal for brides who do not want to flaunt it all. Boat neck dresses have a unique neck style, and that’s where they get their name from. The neckline in this dress goes from one shoulder to another, creating a modest look for the bride.

Tea-length Dress

Tea length wedding dresses
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If you are planning for a retro-themed wedding, you cannot afford to miss this bridal dress. A tea-length dress has no predefined skirt length, making it a great option to go forward if you like experimenting. 

Having no fixed length means the bride of any length can choose it and style it with different types of scarves that seem perfect, and comfortable. Many brides style these types of bridal dresses with a headband, high heels, and even capes providing a perfect retro look.

Tiered Dress

All types of wedding dresses
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A tiered dress is an exciting bridal dress for slim brides who are searching for a fabulous dress. Tiered dresses come with extra layers of lace that make the dress look quite bulky. 

Slim brides all around the world love this dress and like to pair it with bespoke necklaces. Wearing a voluminous dress will also make your body look more appealing and eye-catching.

Cami Gown

Cami gowns are made of camisoles with merely visible straps. Camisole gowns look beautiful on slim as well as taller brides. If you are looking for a wedding dress with a deep v-neckline, here is one that you cannot afford to overlook. 

Cami gowns are often considered minimal wedding dresses as they have straight and free types of skirts that aren’t much voluminous.

5 Of The Most Influential Types Of Wedding Dress Necklines

There are a lot of things that matter the most while choosing the best wedding dress. 

A neckline is one such important thing a bride should not neglect. It will not only highlight details of your face but also impacts your overall dress style. 

Different neckline styles wedding dresses
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From sophisticated halter necklines to traditional sweetheart necklines, there are different types of wedding dress necklines available. You can also learn “how to sew” them in a better way. 

Asymmetric Neckline

An asymmetric neckline dress, as the name suggests, carries an asymmetric neckline. Asymmetric dresses are modern wedding dresses that have an anyone’s shoulder strap. 

This dress looks great than the typical two-strap dresses. It is the first choice among the brides who like to flaunt their shoulders.

High Neck

High neck wedding dress
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High-neck dresses are style statements and tend to look fantastic on slim and tall brides. This can be considered the most modest choice in wedding dresses. 

Women nowadays are loving these types of wedding dress necklines as it provides them a tremendous eye-catching look. Wearing this type of dress with full sleeves and floral patterns will eliminate all other accessories. This dress in full sleeves is enough to make people jealous. 

Halter Neck

If you are a soon-to-be bride looking for a fabulous wedding dress with a perfect neckline, this might be the best you can get. A halter gown is an excellent pick for someone who wants to have a backless dress. 

The straps of a halter neckline dress are tied behind the neck hence creating an open back. Brides who have a well-toned body should proceed with this neckline.

Scoop Neckline

Scoop neckline wedding dress
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A scoop neckline dress has been in the wedding market for quite a long time now. A scoop neckline is a deep U-shaped neckline stitched to form a place for the necklace. 

Scoop neckline dresses are often worn as simple as possible, but if you wish, you can also spice it up by adding petite accessories to your looks.

Sweetheart Neckline

Any bride will look like a sweetheart wearing this dress. A sweetheart neckline, as the name suggests, has a heart-shaped neckline. 

This is one of the unique necklines covered here. If you are looking for a strapless wedding dress with a beautiful neckline, here it is.

What Types Of Wedding Dress for Body Type are available in the market?

Each body type is as beautiful as others. On the most special day of your life, you won’t want to choose the wrong dress. Some wedding dresses go well with specific body types. If you’re wondering what types of wedding dress for body type should you choose? Here are some of them for your reference.

Different female body shapes
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Hourglass Body Type

If you tend to have an hourglass body type, you should proceed with a mermaid dress or a trumpet dress. As these dresses are designed to hug the bride’s curves, they’ll look better on hourglass-shaped brides who want to flaunt their curves. 

Athletic Body Type

Brides with athletic body types often show stronger and broader shoulders, and there are wedding dresses that help this. 

Wedding dress shapes
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Sheath dresses and strapless dresses are excellent choices to proceed with. If a bride has well-toned curves, she can opt for a fit and flare dress that comes in body-hugging type. 

Pear-Shaped Body Type

Most brides have a pear-shaped body type. There are a wide variety of dresses that are available for brides with this body type. 

A-line gowns and Ball gowns are the most common choices for pear-shaped brides. If you tend to have fabulous curves and want to flaunt them, you can choose the fit and flare or the trumpet dress. They are ideal for such body types.

Rectangle Body Type

Rectangle body types are the other most common body types. Most brides with rectangle body types will like to show off their curves. It is hard to find types of wedding dress shapes due to the similar measurements of curves. 

Wedding dresses with sheath style are often the most preferred dress types for rectangular body shapes.

Petite Body Type

Hampton wedding dress
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Petite body type brides are rapidly increasing, and there is a high demand for dresses that are petite friendly. Fit-and-flare dresses often do the work of creating voluminous looks for petite and slim brides. 

Backless dresses look great on petite brides, and there is much buzz around v-shaped backline gowns.

Inverted Triangle Body Type

An inverted triangle body shape is formed when the bride’s shoulders are broader, and the body gets narrower as it goes down. Brides with inverted triangle body shapes tend to have larger chest areas and narrower legs and hips. 

A-line gowns or skirts that generate voluminous looks are the best choices for such body-type brides. 

4 Best Types of Mermaid Dresses You’ll Admire

Since childhood, every girl dreams of wearing a princess-style wedding dress on her special day. What is better than wearing a mermaid dress on your D-day? 

Different types of mermaid dresses help you flaunt your beautiful features. They are elegant and flattering types of wedding dresses that one should never forget. 

Satin Mermaid Gowns

If you are looking to find an elegant mermaid dress, here is your stop. Satin mermaid gowns are made from the shining satin fabric and look great on every bride. Due to the shining fabric, satin gowns provide a beautiful rich vibe to the dress. 

Types of mermaid bridal dresses
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A satin gown is considered the most simplistic mermaid dress. Brides often pair it up with other jewelry to enhance their look. 

Laced Mermaid Dress

Laced mermaid dresses are a good choice for brides who love flowery patterns. As most laces consist of flower patterns, this dress becomes the go-to choice. 

If one is planning a destination wedding or even a beach wedding, she should choose this dress as it will make your day memorable.

Tulle Mermaid Dress

Tulle mermaid dresses are another type of mermaid dress. They are the simplest mermaid dresses which are often stitched with extra layers of drape fabric that make the dress look exciting. 

Tulle mermaid dress
Image Source: DaVinci Bridal

As it is a simplistic wedding dress, you can wear any sort of jewelry to uplift the look. Necklaces and high heels are the best choices for the wedding day.

Two-Piece Mermaid Dress

Two-piece mermaid dresses are pretty modern designs in the mermaid dress timeline. As the name suggests, this dress has two separate pieces, one for the upper body and one for the lower body. 

The upper body clothing has an outstanding backless feature and intricate lace fabric which makes it great. Two-piece mermaid types of dresses are the right choice for brides with a defined waistline and can be worn at beach weddings too.

Must Check 4 Types of Ball Gown Dresses

While wedding dress trends come and go, some silhouettes remain. Ball gowns are one such wedding dress style that was dreamed by many girls in their childhood. 

They are different types of clothing aesthetics for all body shapes and one can find different variants according to their personality. Read “10 reasons to start sewing clothes” and get the motivation you need to start sewing your own types of ball gowns. 

Lace Ball Gown 

Laces are ideal options in any wedding dress. A ball gown covered in laces is an excellent pick. Lace Ball gowns provide the bride with a princess-like look and feel. Lace ball gown dresses have a shorter and tight waist and a free-flowing skirt. 

Glamorous ball gown
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This dress is fully covered with embellishments and looks great on all brides. As it is made of lace, there are many options to decorate this dress, and most brides like to go with embellishments.

Cap Sleeve Ball Gown

Cap sleeve ball gowns are artistic offerings in the ball gowns segment. You would have understood how the gown got its name. If you haven’t, here it is. 

A cap sleeve gown is a simple and elegant-looking wedding dress with small cap-like sleeves. The sleeves in these types of ball gown dresses are tiny, and it feels like there are no sleeves at all.

Off-Shoulder Ball Gown

Ball gown bridal dress
Image Source: Marina Abrosimova on Unsplash

If you are looking for a head-turning dress, here it is. An off-shoulder ball gown is a wedding dress whose sleeves lie off the shoulder. It looks beautiful on brides that have an athletic body or even well-defined shoulders. 

An off-shoulder ball gown should be paired with a flowing skirt. This will make the dress look voluminous and fabulous on athletic brides.

Black Ball Gown 

Not every bride is a fan of white-colored fairy-like dresses. Some prefer dark colors too, and if you are one of them, this is the best option for you. A black ball gown dress is pretty similar to a white ball gown dress, but this one looks quite marvelous. 

Black wedding dress
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Blackball gown dresses come with heavy embellishments to shine up your look. A bride doesn’t have to think much about other accessories. 

A simple lipstick and some light makeup will do, and you’ll look even more beautiful than you can imagine.


Preparing for the wedding is a big thing, and one of the biggest tasks is to choose your outfit. Wedding dress shopping might be overwhelming, but once you’ve proper knowledge of all the types of wedding dresses available in the market, you can find the best suit. 

Whether you are a petite, tall, plus-size, or even an hourglass-shaped bride, there are plenty of choices for everyone. 

While choosing a wedding dress, you might get confused about which dress is best for you. The above-listed information can make it easy for you. All the dresses on this list are preferred by many brides to make the best first impression. It won’t be easy to love just one single dress. Try multiple options and see which suits best on you. 

Being a bride, you need to look your very best on the wedding day. Right from walking down the aisle to mingling with your guest, all the eyes will be on you. So make all those moments special by choosing the best wedding gown. 

A beautiful yet comfortable wedding dress that suits your personality and body type will help you draw everyone’s attention and flaunt your beautiful features. Be confident and happy while choosing your wedding dress. Make sure the gown you choose not only suits your body but also makes you feel good from the inside.