Types of Underwear for Women

37 Of The Top Types of Underwear for Women – Styles, Types and Their Names

Our butts come in different shapes and sizes, just like breasts. But, we don’t put much effort into choosing different types of underwear. Underwear plays an essential role in our dressing style. Even men are becoming more aware of different types of male underwear available in the market to choose the best for themselves. 

Just a half meter of fabric can be converted into stylish and comfortable underwear. No one ever knew that half a meter of that fabric could be used to design different types of female underwear. 

Many designers are coming up with new different styles and variants for women’s underwear and use woven labels to give it their brand name. You can also learn to sew underwear and design your own style and type. 

Female panties set
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You choose different types of bras according to the dress, so why don’t you choose underwear in the same way? Underwear is as crucial as a bra. There’s nothing worse than having the wrong choice of underwear in the wardrobe. 

When you wear a cute tube dress, you choose a strapless bra, so just like it, you need a different type of underwear when you wear a pencil skirt. Right from briefs to lace thongs and boy shorts, one should have all types of underwear in your drawer. 

The right choice of underwear will help women embrace their good curves and increase confidence. Here’s a guide on different types of underwear available in the market.

11 Types of Underwear Every Woman Needs to Have in a Wardrobe

When women go underwear shopping, they prefer to stick to one particular underwear style. They’re loyal to one specific type, but it lets them miss out on different options available today.

Types of underwear for women
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Underwear was introduced to give comfort, and it requires careful attention while choosing the best types of women’s underwear. From what you have been wearing your entire life, you’ll be amazed to see how many types of female underwear are available and how you can style it with different outfits. Here’s a guide on different types of underwear for women.


Men’s briefs inspire boyshorts type of underwear. This type of underwear gives full coverage between a base layer and loungewear. These types can make a rectangular shape on your butt which regular panties can’t do. Boyshorts offer outstanding comfort, and you can wear them with loose skirts, fitted pants, palazzo pants, and loungewear. 

Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Modal, and Spandex types of fabrics can be used to make boyshorts types of women’s underwear. Different sewing threads types and tips can be useful for making Boyshorts. 

Types of panties
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Hipster is a low-rise style of underwear that sits right on your hips and below your waistline. They have a bit more coverage around the hips. Hipsters are perfect if you love wearing low-rise jeans and pants as they minimize the risk of exposing your underwear. 

They come in a wide range of comfortable fabrics such as cotton, nylon, polyester, spandex, lace, etc. All types of women’s underwear under this category are breathable and can absorb moisture. 

Hipsters can go with every dress style, so keep more than one hipster in your wardrobe.

Hipster panty
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Thongs are another erotic style of underwear that sits almost three inches below your waist. It gives minimal coverage to your butt and forms a triangle patch on the front side. Thongs can help you avoid any visible panty lines since they don’t have bumps on the edges and stay hidden. 

They are suitable for a bodycon dress, sheath dress, jumpsuit, skirt suit, and sung fitted skirt. If you’re going on a honeymoon and thinking of wearing thongs, then choose Peekaboo/Crotchless style thongs, as they will add more glamour to you. 

Thongs come in a different type of fabric—right from cotton to lace so you can wear them anytime.

Control Briefs

Control briefs are another type of underwear for women which are designed to give a flattened stomach and bottom part. Control briefs create a smooth silhouette around your belly. 

They are comfortable to wear, and you can just tuck your tummy in them to give a smooth lining effect. Women can learn some sewing hacks and use them with different types of woven labels to make their customized control briefs. 

High waist shaping brief
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Control briefs are lightweight, breathable, tag-free, and sweat-wicking underwear. You can pair it with different types of dresses such as jumpsuits, sheath dresses, leggings, pantsuit, saree & petticoat, and harem pants. 

Control briefs are made from microfiber, polyester, jersey, cotton, and spandex fabric.


G-string underwear is similar to thongs, but this type of underwear gives no coverage and comes with a thin thong back. These intimate underwear can be preferred when you want to spice up a thing a little bit but also need coverage. They are ideal if you want to go a no-underwear look. 

Gstring vs regular thong
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G-string forms a T-shape and is made from delicate fabrics such as lace, mesh, nylon, etc. It is great for poolside, fantasy nights, sunbathing, and date nights.


Camiknickers are one piece of fabric that covers the upper part of the body as well as the lower part. This underwear type is a combination of panty and camisole.

High Cut Briefs

High-cut briefs are another popular types of underwear for women which have a high cut on the leg with a classic brief look. They are a hybrid version of a bikini and briefs. 

High-cut briefs are suitable for high-waist jeans and can be found in mesh and microfiber fabrics.

Control womens panty
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Tights are close-fitting pants, a sort of underwear that can cover the body from waist to ankle/thighs. Many women prefer to wear tights under shorts and trousers. Thermal tights can also be worn for their insulation properties.  

Butt Lifter

If you are looking to lift your spirit and bottom line, then Butt lifters are the ideal. They give a firm, round shape. This type of underwear is designed to enhance the size of your buttock. The waistband is made from an elastic material that helps in contouring and body slimming. 

High rise butt lifting panty
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Every year, designers try to launch new styles and shapes for Butt lifter underwear. They are suitable for cocktail wear, different types of shirts for women, casual wear, and activewear. Pair butt lifters with different types of skirts, leggings, fitted dresses, tube dresses, etc.

Classic Briefs

Classic briefs are one of the regular types of underwear for ladies. They are known as “Granny panties” and offer maximum coverage to your butt. Classic briefs are one type of underwear that you purchase in 3 or 5 packs. 

They are the comfiest style of underwear and suit any type of outfit as long as it is not body-hugging since the panty lines are visible in class briefs. 

Classic briefs are made from different types of cotton fabric, polyester, jersey, nylon, mesh, net, Pima cotton, etc.

High waist briefs
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Tap Pants

Tap pants have become popular lingerie wear. They are similar to shorts but have a high waist covering the pelvic and back area. 

Tap pants are shorter than regular pants and come in lace and silk silhouettes.  Poolside, beachwear, leisurewear are some of the common occasions when you can wear them.

16 Types of Panties Collection for Women to Feel Comfortable and Sexy

Women leave no stone unturned while getting their best outfit. Innerwear also plays a significant role. The different types of panties can either break or make the entire look of your outfit. That’s why ladies should pay special attention while buying panties.

Designers have made considerable improvements in panties style and type over time using some custom care labels and hang tags. In today’s world, you can find numerous types of women’s panties for ladies. But how do you choose the best panty for your outfit? Which panty should you choose for your special occasion? To clear your doubt, keep reading.


The bikini was introduced in 1946 and has evolved with time. Today’s variations are smaller than the original bikini version but they are one of the popular types of panties among women. A bikini is a favorite type of panty to flaunt those good curves. It offers full coverage on the backside. 

Red white streak panties
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They have high-cut linings at the legs and allow you to wear low-rise pants with ease. Bikini panties are available in a wide range of colors, so you can always match them with your outfit’s color. If you’re looking to get decent coverage, then get bikini panties today.


Seamless types of female panties are made of plush and some premium sewing fabric, making them comfortable innerwear. Visible panty lines can ruin the look of your outfit, but with seamless panties, you never have to think about it. 

They are smooth for skin and suitable to wear with nightwear, leisurewear, and dance sportswear. Due to its excellent comfort property, many women prefer seamless panties as a regular wear option.


Brazilian panties sit right below the waistline and offer little to less coverage. They are considered to be an excellent choice for women who want less coverage on the butt area but are tired of wearing a thong.

Brazilian underwear for women
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As the name suggests, C-shape panties have the shape of C-shape. They are super sexy and charming panties and are considered as new-age swimwear. 

C-string type of panties for women has no string and gives bare minimum coverage. The front part is covered, but the buttock is more exposed. Ladies prefer these different types of panties as swimwear and beachwear.

C string thong panties
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Tanga panties are not so popular types of ladies’ panties, but they look sexy. They are known as European-style panties. The coverage is between a bikini and a thong. They come with an elastic border along with a bow design to hold the panty. Tanga panty is suitable for leggings, dresses, active tights, and different types of corsets.  

Open Crotch Panty

This type of panty can give you a sexy look and add spice to your special night as it has an open crotch. 

Open Crotch is a naught panty and gaining popularity among women because the type of fabric used to make this panty is lightweight and comfortable. Choosing an open crotch panty is like a dream come true.

Types of lady panties
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Gartner Panty

Now you can just turn him on by wearing Gartner panty. These all types of panties come with a lightweight lace which is attached to adjustable garter belts. They are placed to uphold your stockings. Gartner panties have already won many women’s hearts with their sexy and playful look.

Adhesive Panty

Adhesive panty is designed with a cotton liner and silicone strips to hold them. These types of panties are already in demand amongst runaway models since it has erased panty lines. They run from the tailbone’s tip to the top of your lady region. They come in a weird shape, so now, you can hide your camel toe inside your pants with an adhesive panty.

Different types of underwear
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Flutter Panty

Flutter panty is another vintage style panty that was popular in the late 20s. This panty type has a loose bottom and elasticized waist. It can give a frilly slip look from the outside.

One-side Knot Brazilian Brief

One-side Knot Brazilian briefs are attractive panties as it lets you adjust your panty as you want it. The front and back of the fabric provide enough coverage. 

The one-sided knot looks seductive when you wear it. Buy brazilian brief which is styled with different types of ribbon as it will attract more eyeballs. 

This Brazilian brief can be worn as beachwear and swimwear. Nylon, Mesh, Lace, Polyester, Net, Cotton fabric can be used to make one-side knot Brazilian briefs.

One side knot brazilian brief
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Two Side Knot Brazilian brief

If you’re looking for an elegant style, then choose a two-sided knot Brazilian brief. The bottom material has adjustable closure with two different nets on both sides to give you a sexy look. 

You can pair this panty under a one-shoulder bikini top, triangle bikini, sarong, Bardot bikini, bikini top, etc.

Types of womens panties
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Caged Bikini

Women prefer caged bikinis for a flirty look. It has straps that give a cheeky cage style, and adds a bold fashion statement when you wear it under your stylish cocktail dress. Net, Cotton, Nylon, Polyamide, Lace, Polyester types of clothes are used to make a Caged bikini. You can pair it with a triangle bikini, caged bra, criss cross bikini tops, etc.

Sheer Panties

Sheer panties are the sexiest panties among all the different types of panties available. They come in different styles and cuts, so you can choose the right type of panty cut while enjoying its whisper-thin look and feel.  

They are like a traditional bikini, hipster, or any other panty style, so you can choose it when the night is long (Read the best 35 Intermediate sewing projects to start your next underwear sewing project). 

Ultra sheer nylon panties
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Sheer panties are see-through panties that are made from major fabric types such as super-feminine lace fabric to mesh. You can wear sheer panties with any of your favorite outfits.


This type of panties for ladies is similar to French-cut panties, but it comes with higher cut legs.

Different types of underwear panties
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Maternity Panties

Women search for comfort during the pregnancy period. Maternity panties are an ideal choice when you want comfort and nothing else. They are folded over the top edge to accommodate your growing belly. 

Maternity pants are pretty stretchable and have an anti-odor feature.

Maternity underwear
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These types of panties are best worn under skirts and dresses. They come with stretchable lace, which provides full coverage on the backside. 

V-kini have a v-dip on the front and backside, which gives more comfort to the bottom area. They are lightweight panties and eliminate visible panty lines so you can pair them with a slip dress, baby doll dress, bralette, Bardot bikini tops, and harem pants. They are the types of clothing aesthetics that can enhance your overall look. 

Choose Different Types of Panties Cut Based on Body Type

We all have different body shapes, cuts, and sizes, and it is beautiful and adorable. With so many different types of panties cut available in the market, choosing the one that suits best on your body becomes challenging. Here’s the guide for your most asked question “What type of underwear should I wear female.” Understand your body type and choose garments accordingly.

Women body shapes
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Rounded Body Shape

Women who have an “apple” or round-shaped body type run into many problems when it comes to buying the best panty cut. They always feel like their underwear is falling or it’s not giving enough coverage to their body. 

Women with rounded body shapes should choose high-waisted underwear which comes with a large elastic band that sits flat on their waist.

Round body shaped
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They can also go for a boys-cut type of underwear. These types of panties cut can give high coverage on the waist and leg and help them feel more comfortable and structured. Classic brief and large bikini briefs can be considered for rounded body shape.


Women with hourglass body shapes have a lot of curves with undefined waists. The curves and waist can often make underwear stay up with ease. These women may need larger coverage on the bottom area. 

Hourglass-shaped women may have problems with different types of panties cut, but they can purchase hipsters and boy shorts as they will look great on their body shape. Do not choose bikini briefs as it can create some problems.


Triangle or “pear” shaped women face similar issues to Hourglass women. These types of women’s panties are rounder on the bottom part. 

Hipster and boy shorts will work for triangle body shapes. These women can also go for a type of panty cut that can give more comfort. Buy one size up and give it more space so that the panty cuts can sit on your body.

Cartoon types body women shapes
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Women who have a rectangle body shape have minimum curves. Many types of panties cut will work on this body type since the objective is to create nice curves. 

Rectangle body-shaped women can wear any type of panties and style them in many ways since they are the easiest body shape. Bikini panty cut and Bikini Briefs will work best for this body shape. If the fabric on the bottom area is not an issue for you, try Classic brief and high-waisted briefs.

Inverted Triangle

Women with inverted triangle body shapes are top-heavy, but they are straight up and down on the bottom area. Women with this type of body shape can adopt suggestions from triangle body shape as those types of panties cuts will work for them. Bikini briefs are suitable for Inverted triangle body shapes.

5 Types of Panties and When to Wear Them Each One of Them

Women have different types of panties in their wardrobe, but do you know different types of panties suit different occasions? 

Whether you’re looking for sexiness, naughtiness, or different style, different types of panties are there to serve your purpose. It’s good to have proper knowledge of different types of panties and when to wear them. Here’s a simple guide to help you get the most out of your comprehensive, refined wardrobe.


Bikinis are an excellent choice for regular wear. They offer enough coverage and seem to fit every woman’s body shape. As it shows bikini lines, one should take care of it (Read the best best sewing tips and tricks to design panties that eliminates panty lines). 

It is an ideal type of panties when you want to look sexy but want coverage also. Bikinis are best for Body-hugging dresses.


These types of panties are either loved or hated by ladies. It is one of the sexiest panties but doesn’t cover the full butt. These types of panties are a great choice when you’re wearing something that will show panty lines. They are comfortable and safe when wearing loose-cut dresses that can expose your body (Read advanced sewing techniques to sew best thongs). 

If you’re pairing it with polyester slacks, dresses, and skirts, it is great since polyester often shows panty lines, and you can avoid it by wearing thongs. Pairing nude thongs with white pants is another great choice.

Best seamless thongs
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String Bikinis

String Bikinis are less popular among women, but they are still in demand as many women consider it as an attractive choice of panties. Choose string bikinis that fit your body and make sure the snug can decrease any bunching issue.

Bikini type panty
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Hipsters are a regular panty type, and it’s popular among women because their waistband sits on the hips and gives enough comfort. You can wear Hipsters with low-rise jeans and trousers. This type of panty looks cute and can help you minimize the risk of exposing your underwear.

French Cut Panties

French cut panties were popular in the early 80s. They are similar to high waist briefs but come with a high-cut leg. French cut panties are suitable for air circulation, and you can wear them on #those days.

French cut panties
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By now, you must have understood different types of underwear for women so you can start enhancing your underwear drawer. 

Regardless of whether you’re looking for something sexy and naughty or comfortable regular wear, there are various types of women’s panties available in the market.  If you don’t know how to sew your own panties, then you can start with easy beginner sewing projects to understand the basic designs and then move on to making your own underwear.

Ladies, don’t forget to buy a particular type of underwear for those days. Know your hip size and waist measurement to choose the best underwear type.

This extensive guide will help you next time when you buy your next pair of panties. Treat yourself to new styles and types of panties, and keep updating your drawer. 

Remember, no matter what you decide to wear, choose the one that gives you the most comfort and fit according to your body shape.  Always carry an extra pair of stylish underwear with you while you’re on vacation.