Types of Tank Tops

Types of Tank Tops for Men and Women With Styling Tips

Every year new cloth styles are launched in the market. Do you know there is one piece of attire that has secured its place in both men’s and women’s wardrobes for many years? Tank tops are the ones we are talking about.

Tank tops are sleeveless shirts that were launched by competing women in the Olympic Games 1920. At that time, the swimming pool was known as a swimming tank, and thus, many people started referring to female’s swimming clothes as tank suits or swimming tanks.

During the 30s and 40s, tank tops were known as “wife-beaters” due to American movies that show male actors wearing tank tops while portraying villain characters.

Types of tank tops
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By the 1970s, tank tops got transformed into brilliant pieces of clothing for men and women. Today, you can find many fashionable types of tank tops that you can wear on both formal and casual occasions.

There are many types of tank tops available in the market. It makes it more difficult for us to choose the one that will look best. In this article, we have come up with different types of tank tops you should consider keeping in your wardrobe. Explore this extensive guide.

12 Different Types of Tank Tops That Look Great on Men and Women

As the summer approaches, we start to look out for different types of tank tops. Tank tops are versatile tops that have everything you need for those summer days. They are comfortable and bring a signature style to your everyday look. 

You can wear tank tops during workout sessions, beach walks or pair them with stylish jeans for a casual look. Here’s a comprehensive guide on different types of tank tops and how you can style them.

Backless Tank Top

Different types of tank tops
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Backless tank tops are common types of tank tops. These types of women’s tank tops have a short strip of sewing fabric that runs down the tank’s backside and shows most of your back. 

The back strap is made from a lace material to give you an elegant look while making the tank top fancier. Depending upon the type of fabric used in making tank tops, it can be pretty dressy. You can wear it on occasions such as parties, weddings, or corporate office events. 

You can wear backless tank tops with any skirt or pants and style them with appropriate accessories.

Cut-out Tank Top

Cut-out, women’s tank tops need to be worn beneath another top because these tops have loose cuts, and both the sides or back have cuts. They are not appropriate to wear alone. Because of their design, cut-out tops are considered as a dressy top. 

You can wear them over a sports bra and appropriate for an exercise session. Cut-out tops come in hundreds and thousands of colors, patterns, styles, and designs such as skulls, animals, and flowers. Wear these types of cut-out tank tops with cropped leggings and stretched pants.

Athletic Tank Top

Tank top for sports
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Men and women who want to show off their biceps and muscles should choose Athletic tank top styles. Athletic tank tops are fitted tops that come with a built-in bra. The built-in bra in these tank tops can give you all the support you need while playing tennis, running, or any sport. 

Without jiggling around and being in the uncomfortable tops, these tank top’s tight-fitting can give you utmost comfort the whole time. Since Athletic tank tops are designed for workouts and exercise, they are intended to stretch whenever required. 

They can be paired with your favorite pair of shorts or workout capris.

Double Layer Tank Top

As the name suggests, these tank tops have two or more layers. Double-layer tank tops are made from different layers of materials like silk or cotton to give them an elegant and fashionable look. 

The tank tops that are made from soft fabrics look classy and eye-catching on anyone. Double-layer tank tops can add a little fluff to your figure, so a large woman should try to avoid these tops.

These layer tank tops look great with denim shorts, and you can wear intelligent strappy slippers to complete your look.  

Basic White Tank Top

Types of tank tops for women
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Basic white tank tops are the types of sleeveless tops that can be found in everyone’s wardrobe. They are the perfect types of tank tops females should keep as they match everything. These tops can be worn on casual or formal occasions. 

If you’re wondering how to sew this simple tank top at home, then go through these easy beginning sewing projects and 35 intermediate sewing projects

Most basic white tank tops are made from different types of cotton fabric and have a ribbed design. Many white tank tops also have regular or spaghetti straps with a short or slightly longer length. 

Regardless of the size, style, or design, you can find a varied selection of white tank tops. You can add different types of scarves to this tank top to make it look more stylish. Jeans, cargo pants, and trousers will also look best with them.

Halter Tank Top

How to style halter tops
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Halter tank tops are the types of clothes that have remained in fashion for so long. The pleasing pattern is based on Raglan but without sleeves. They have two different types of straps on top that meet around the neck. They are short and cut off just above the waistline. 

Millions of women from all around the world have enjoyed these sexy tank tops. Halter tank tops were popular in the 1960s and 1970s, but they have made their way in today’s modern women’s wardrobe. Halter tank tops will look best with denim jeans, shorts, and skirts.

Printed Tank Top

Types of sleeveless tops
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Every designer had showcase prints in New York Fashion Week 2019 (They used hang tags and woven labels along with care labels for showcasing their brand). Right from tie-dye to floral prints, designers had rocked the fashion show with their outstanding collection. 

Prints are popular among men and women. So, if you’re thinking beyond designs, then printed tank tops are ideal. From polka dots to stripes and floral prints in different shapes, it is easy to find a beautiful printed tank top for all your important occasions. 

These types of tank tops women should keep in their closets as they can effortlessly go with every outfit. A cotton tank top with stripes or a silk tank top that has animal pictures printed on the top can also look good for casual occasions.  

Sheer or Mesh Tank Top

These tank tops are see-through tops that are designed to show off your beautiful figure or physique. Earlier these tank tops were popular among women, but today, they have been adopted by men.  

Sheer or Mesh tank tops look fashionable and attractive when they are made from black color fabric. These tops are designed for certain occasions, so you should try to avoid them for formal events. When you want to show off your figure, choose a sheer or mesh tank top.

Flowing Tank Top

Types of sleeveless shirts
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These types of tops flare at the end of the tank. They have a unique and comfortable design that looks great on everything. Some flowing tank tops have an irregular hem length at the bottom of the top to give you an elegant look (Read these sewing hacks to create different hem lengths). 

These tank tops are made from soft materials such as cotton and silk since the tops should not be tight. Flowing tank tops look great on almost all body types.

Spaghetti Tank Top

Tank tops that are made with thin spaghetti straps are known as spaghetti tank tops. These tank tops are made from different types of polyester fabric, lace, cotton, silk, and spandex. 

They can be worn individually as well as under button-down types of shirts. Spaghetti tank tops are attractive and comfortable tank tops that also come with a built-in bra. 

Women can get a lot of color choices for this tank style. Get ready to show off your well-toned shoulders and arms with spaghetti tank tops.

Tight Tank Top

Types of female tank tops
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As the name says, these tank tops are tight and made in short midriff style to complete the perfect figure. These are casual types of attire that come in bright and eccentric colors. Because of its tight-fitting, one should not choose it for formal occasions.

Racerback Tank Top

Racerback tankini top
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Racerback tank tops have T-shaped straps that meet in the back of the shirt. The style is designed to make it easy to move your shoulders around during workouts. 

The shoulder blades are exposed since the fabric of the two straps meets in the middle-upper portion of the wearer’s back. Racerback tank tops are made from tight materials such as spandex. You can also find different varieties in design and patterns.

7 of the Best Types of Tank Tops Men Should Wear in Gym 

Men tend to focus on some basics such as jeans, white tees, and sweaters when it comes to clothing. They used to forget tank tops, and that’s a huge mistake. 

Different types of tank tops for men
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The tank tops are perfect for the winter and summer season and even when working out in the gym. It functions the same as an undershirt but is designed as a sleeveless top. Tank tops can soak up sweats when you work out in the gym while letting your armpits breathe with utmost ease. 

Different types of tank tops men should consider purchasing. They are not so fancy, but on the right hand, it’s another undefeatable piece of clothing. Here are the seven most trending types of men’s tank tops.

Air Pro Tight fitted Workout Tanks

Types of muscle shirts
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These types of tank tops for guys are designed to pass the air between your body and the cloth. These ventilation clothing tops can help you remain dry during those intense workout sessions and prevent water stains. 

No matter how much you sweat, this tank top can keep your underarms dry and prevent body odor. These types of tank tops men should keep for their workout sessions as they are made from affordable and rich fabrics.

Hooded Bodybuilding Tank Tops

Hooded bodybuilding tank tops are one of the trending tank tops among men. These tank tops are sleeveless tops for men and come with a hood for added “bad-boy” look. 

Hooded tank tops are multi-purpose tank tops that look great during exercise or worn as casual attire. Wear different bottoms such as gym shorts, joggers, trousers, etc., to create a stylish and eye-catching look.

Breathable Cotton Tops

Types of tank types for guys
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These cotton tank tops are basic types of tops for men. They have a nice, high neck that looks good beneath any outfit. 

Different types of tank tops for guys are available in the market, but these breathable tank tops are most in-demand among men. They give you a classic look that everyone craves. Check these advanced sewing techniques and learn to sew these simple cotton tops   

Athletic Workout Tanks

These are one of the most trending types of muscle shirts chosen by gym fanatics. You can wear these tank tops inside a fitness center and outside as well. This athleisure clothing item can be paired with different types of sleeveless shirts. 

These tank tops are a must-have for men who love to look athletic or are involved in regular exercising programs. Athletic gym workout tank top’s base layers are made from lightweight swift fabric. 

They are breathable, stretchable, and durable. It’s time to start upgrading your workout clothes with these types of athletic gym workout tank tops.

Sleeveless Compression Workout Tee Shirts

Vests stringers muscle tanks tops for men
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Different types of muscle shirts are popular among fitness lovers, and this is one of them. Sleeveless compression workout tee shirts are another variation of tank tops. 

These tanks don’t keep a single drop of sweat on the top. They are made from mesh material which gives a cooling effect and keeps you dry when you sweat in the gym. 

These types of sleeveless shirts for guys are designed with a 4-way stretch feature that enables body movements during workouts. 

Make sure you change this top immediately after a workout session is completed. It can expose your body and muscles to air, and direct cooling can halt your muscle’s growth.

String Tank Tops

These are popular workout tank tops among bodybuilding celebrities and influences. They are also known as ‘y-back string top.’ 

String tanks are narrow on the shoulder sides, which exposes a larger area of the upper body and shoulders. There is an extreme amount of labor and cost involved in making these types of tank tops, so they are hard to find nowadays. 

If you’re a bodybuilder, then string tanks can help you feel relaxed, agile, and flexible during your intense workout sessions.

V-neck Sleeveless Tanks

Types of sleeveless shirts for men
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There is a huge craze for fashionable v-neck shirts, different types of t-shirts, and sweaters, and it’s not just for that. There was a time when v-neck tank tops were introduced, and men were avoiding it. The time has changed now. 

V-neck performance sleeveless tank tops are in huge demand in the global athletic market. V-neck tank tops are the types of clothing aesthetics for gym, workout, and running.  They are designed with mobility and comfort in mind. 

Even on warm summer days, you can wear these v-neck tank tops inside your home and chill. Deciding to wear these tank tops is one step closer to improving your health.


Tank tops are a beautiful addition to your wardrobe. The above-listed are some of the trending tank tops that both men and women should keep in their closets.

Different types of tank tops are designed for different occasions. Some tank tops can be worn on both casual and formal occasions. Regardless of whether you’re headed to a mall, corporate office party, or workout session, there is a type of tank top to match your needs. Choose the right tank top to complement the rest of your outfit, and get ready to catch more eyeballs.