Types of Shorts

40 Different Types of Shorts You Should Be Wearing These Summer 

A couple of years ago, shorts were considered inappropriate attire for women. Even sportswomen have to comply with legal terms for clothing.

Time has changed now. Shorts have become a popular attire among both men and women. They can be found every season and all year while other clothing items come and go as per the trend. Some people love them, and some people despise them. Whatever you feel about shorts, but you cannot ignore them.

Types of shorts
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Shorts are the essential clothing piece you should add to your wardrobe. They offer the utmost comfort during those summer days. They can keep you cool and give you the comfort that no other attire can offer. 

Want to revamp your wardrobe with different types of shorts for the summer season? That too, without even compromising anything with your style.

Check out this comprehensive guide on types of shorts for men and women to understand different styles, shapes, lengths of shorts and decide which suits best on you.

23 Of The Very Best Types of Shorts for Men

So many men are wondering, “are shorts a type of pants?” Not entirely. Shorts are the shorter version of types of pants or trousers that end in the middle of the knee.

Due to its length, shorts never got their place in gentlemen’s wardrobes. They have worn them to the beach or at the tennis court. Tennis players were wearing flannel pants till 1930. 

After that time, Henry “Bunny” Austin made a style statement by wearing white shorts in a popular tennis match, and things changed afterward. 

Men wearing shorts
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Men nowadays are looking for more fashionable clothes for those casual days. Fashion designer Tom Ford believes that there is never a specific time for men to wear shorts in public places. 

All you need to do is purchase different types of shorts for men (check for hang tags and care labels) and pair them with a suitable button-down shirt. You can wear this short style at the office in the summer months.

Here are a couple of different types of men’s shorts that offer a sweat-free style in summer.

Cargo Shorts

In the past, cargo shorts were considered the de facto king of summer shorts. They became the lazy man’s summer clothes choice and styled with offensive and bad-looking slogan t-shirts, which is gone nowadays.

After that, men’s shorts adopted the nice-looking pocketed style in shorts. The unflattering hem length and the faux fabric are gone, and the place is replaced with Cargo 2.0

The newer cargo versions are pretty attractive and hit right at the knee. They have several pockets that can carry all your stuff, such as keys, wallets, phones, etc. Two more pockets are designed at the bottom of the short and two pockets on the front side. 

The additional two pockets are placed just below the waistline. If you’re more concerned about security, find cargo shorts with a button on the bottom.

Many cargo shorts are made from stretchy fabric to offer extra comfort. Some of the other popular fabrics that are used in making cargo shorts are cotton, nylon, and spandex-cotton blend.

Tennis Shorts

Types of shorts for men
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The design of tennis shorts has changed over time. In the past, these types of shorts for men came in white color with pleats that allowed them to have a free movement. 

Today, men prefer more colors in tennis shorts. These shorts also have an elastic waistband to give an athlete the comfort he wants and extra pockets to hold tennis balls. 

Synthetic, polyester, and quick-drying fabrics are some of the popular materials used for tennis shorts.

Pleated Shorts

Unless you’ve attended schools with attendance fees that show in Kardashian sponsored posts, chances are less that you have not come across pleated shorts. 

Pleated shorts are the shorter version of pleated trousers, but they have a subtle preppy design that can help you stand out from the crowd. These are different types of shorts for guys that provide more room for your thighs and crotch.

Pleated shorts also had a bad impression in the past for being “dad shorts,” but it has made a comeback in men’s wardrobe. 

It has multiple pleats and longer lengths that can make you look outdated, but you can go for a single pleat that is less noticeable. Spandex blend and polyester is a common material used for making pleated shorts.

Printed Shorts

Colorful shorts
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Printed shorts are one of the old types of shorts. From tribal prints to fake animal skin print to geometric patterns to polka dots, the choices are endless for printed shorts. These shorts are versatile so that you can style them with any top and casual shoes. 

Classic white Oxford shirts or Collar polo shirts will also look nice with printed shirts. You can also choose some bold multi-colored stripes. If it is too much, you can look at micro stripe print.

Short Shorts

Men’s designers love short shorts and use different types of woven labels to customize their products. Before you assume exposing “under bum,” you need to understand the difference between hot pants and short shorts. These types of short shorts reach the upper middle thigh. 

The condition of your legs also has a significant impact on how you can wear these short shorts. Larger or slimmer legs don’t have room to hide, so those who have bottom-half hang-ups should avoid short shorts. 

If you want to recreate a look of Armie Hammer from “Call Me By Your Name,” then style these short shorts with a loose-fitted long Oxford shirt, choose your favorite retro sneakers and short white socks, and you’re all set.

Denim Shorts

Denim shorts
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Most of the time, men forget denim shorts and choose them at the end of the summer season. These denim shorts are not just made for a summer month, but they are for every season and every occasion.

Denim shorts style has evolved with time, and it has become a fashion trend. Fitting is the first thing you should consider while choosing denim shorts. 

Never choose form-fitting since tightening, and short length can put you in a hotpants situation. Ensure you choose denim shorts that offer sufficient and comfortable room between your legs and denim short’s fabric. Denim shorts are made from 100% types of cotton fabric.

Denim shorts were popular for those working in the construction field due to their extra pockets and hammer loop need. Cuffing styled in the bottom of these shorts can give a hip look.

Tailored Shorts

Tailored shorts are different types of shorts men should keep in their closets as they look similar to slack but have a short length. They are also known as shorts that are custom-made to fit your body. If you’re wondering how to sew simple shorts, check these easy beginner sewing projects for more inspiration. 

You can get some refreshing look on tailored shorts by styling them with all-over prints on the top. If you wear a Hawaiian shirt with it, then it can let your outfit do the talking, while tailored shorts can lighten up things in the background. 

Most tailored shirts are made from linen, denim, seersucker, cotton, and some suiting fabric.

Running Shorts

Running shorts for men
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Running shorts are another types of shorts made for runners. They are made from light-weighted fabric and designed to enable free movement while you’re running. 

Running shorts shouldn’t belong since the runner’s side can pull off and might create discomfort to him. Many running shorts have a seam cut on the top side to offer more movement freedom. 

You can find ½ and ¼ split seams in these shorts, which refers to the seam cut. Shorts that have ½ split seam are pretty shorter than 1/4th split seam.

Many running shorts have an in-built inner lining that can function as underwear, so you don’t need to wear separate underwear.

Retro Sports Shorts

You can see retro sports shorts in some old tennis and footballing star photos. It shows either two of these major emotions, such as hankering for great old play or abject horror. 

If you’re thinking of the first scenario, then it’s good news. Today’s designers have to dig deep into the different types of shorts men’s styles to develop a newer version of retro sports shorts. They also use woven tags to personalize the products.  

You can just look at Paul Gascoigne Bjorn Borg for retro details such as piped trims, side stripes, or curved hems. These things ended.

Now, you can style retro-sport shorts like Donald Glover wear them with an oversized t-shirt and old school shoes. Make sure you avoid flip flops, shirts, and other sweatbands such as plague.

Drawstring Shorts

Types of shorts for guys
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With the increasing demand for sportswear among men, drawstring shorts came into the picture. They are just like music to the ear for comfort-loving men. 

Drawstring shorts look like summer pajamas, but you can avoid these looks by choosing a light, washed-out colored drawstring short. Don’t choose grey or white colors as they are just basic options. 

Since drawstring shorts have an athletic impression, you should avoid wearing sports tops or logos unless you’re going to the gym. Choose a short sleeve shirt or just a plain t-shirt to show that you have put some effort into choosing the best outfit for yourself.

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are just dressed shorts that fall about one to three inches above the knee. These baggy-styled shorts have a hand-sewn hem that can be cuffed or uncuffed. You can also learn to sew different types of hems on your clothes. Check these 35 intermediate sewing projects to learn more about them. 

The British territory loves warm weather, and thus, these are appropriate for them. They are comfortable, airy, and ideal for hiding your thick thighs. 

If you’re thinking of wearing Bermuda shorts for business attire, then style it with a tie, dress shirt, blazer, and choose a knee-length types of socks.

Chino Shorts

Chino shorts with a polo
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Another perfect pair of shorts is chinos. Chino shorts just hit above the knees and have different types of zippers at the front. 

They are made from comfortable material such as cotton and have no pockets at the bottom of the shorts. The inseam in these shorts falls between 9.5 to 11.5 inches. 

They come in different mid to long lengths. You can find many colors and patterns, such as weaved and pleated in chino shorts, allowing you to highlight your unique style.

Leather Shorts

Leather Shorts are the types of shorts reserved for men living in Bavaria and Munich and love to celebrate Oktoberfest. These shorts can look great when styled with suitable types of t-shirts and shirts; otherwise, they can degrade your entire look. 

Leather shorts are bib short, which can be styled with suspenders to celebrate Oktoberfest. You can wear these shorts at home or under other shorts. 

They are made for a specific purpose and thus, should not be worn out. Do not run and buy these shorts for yourself.

Shorts with Turn Ups/cuffs

Cuffed shorts blue for men
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Some dressier shorts also come with turn-ups or cuffs that can add an excellent little detail to your entire look. These shorts can be worn with a formal blazer for a unique look.

Walking Shorts

Everyone has a different purpose for wearing shorts. Some men would like to wear shorts when running or playing a game or some men are looking to wear shorts while going for a walk. 

There are particular types of shorts for those men. Walking shorts are comfortable types of shorts designed for men. 

Sometimes, a speed walker might choose running short, but you want a short that is most comfortable for a casual walk. Great comfort and airflow are key essentials of walking shorts.

Hiking Shorts

Hiking shorts
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Versatility, comfort, and mobility are vital points you should look for while choosing a short for hiking. Shorts should keep a hiker cool in the heat and be able to handle all essential elements of hiking. 

They should be able to hold you up when scrambling over a boulder, passing through a stream, or while getting caught in the heavy rain. Choose a hiking short which has several cargo pockets as it can help you to hold gear and possessions. 

Being a hiker, you also want to look stylish, so don’t worry. There are various colors and designs available in hiking shorts to make you look trendy and stylish.

Cycling Shorts

There are different types of cycling shorts designed for mountain biking and road cycling.

Road cycling shorts are tight-fitting shorts that have no pockets. You can choose shirts with pockets on the back. Spandex and Nylon are some of the common materials used in making cycling shorts.

When you want to invest in mountain biking shorts, you must look for high durability. You may find a cheaper biking short, but it might not be durable and may not last as long, and all these lead to another purchase. Thus, choose a biking short that is long-lasting and is made from high-quality material.

Mountain biking shorts are baggy shorts and have more than two pockets to give you a secure closure for your possessions and prevent it from falling while on the bumpy trail. These shorts are made by combining different types of polyester fabric, spandex, and nylon material.

Whether you’re looking for road cycling shorts or mountain biking shorts, you must look for shorts that can absorb excess moisture from your body.

Gym Shorts

Gym shorts for men
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Who doesn’t want stylish gym wear? Every man is looking for a unique gym short. Men’s gym shorts have a baggy style and come with an elastic waistband so that you can modify waist size as per your choice. 

Some gym shorts have pockets while others do not have, but men love different types of gym shorts. They are men’s favorite due to their high breathability properties. 

You can choose fast-drying gym shorts, which have a high absorbent property. Polyester, spandex blend, and cotton are some of the popular fabrics used for making gym shorts.

Pajama Shorts

Men’s pajama shorts are also known as lounge shorts. Pajama shorts have an elastic waist and a drawstring. They are made from 100% cotton material. Learn advanced sewing techniques and sewing hacks to make pajama shorts for yourself. 

You can wear these shorts while sleeping or doing simple exercises. Today’s pajama shorts come in a wide range of colors and patterns, so turn your boring nightwear into an interesting one.

Linen Shorts

Different types of shorts for men
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Linen shorts are loose-fitting shorts that offer high breathability and come in a few styles. These shorts can give you an island vibe and can be found in khaki, gray, blue, white, or off-white colors. 

Men should choose linen shorts that have a few extra pockets and drawstrings.

Compression Shorts

Compression shorts can be worn under some other baggy shorts, but some men embrace the dashing look it offers when wearing it alone. 

These shorts offer many benefits such as improving blood flow, equal oxygen distribution during intense workout sessions, and reducing vasectomy medical procedures’ recovery time. They can also offer you the support you need without strangling you.

Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts for guys
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Boxer shorts are different types of underwear for men. Many men prefer loose-fitting in boxer shorts because of the utmost comfort. If you don’t want to choose briefs, you can select boxer briefs to get more comfort and support than briefs. These shorts come in numerous fun patterns and colors, enabling men to express themselves.

21 Types of Shorts for Women to Flaunt in These Summer Season

Summer is fantastic for vacation, but dry weather, hot winds, and the scorching sun might spoil the fun. Women prefer to wear clothes that are as thin as possible to remain calm and comfortable in the summer season. 

Many metro girls and women wait for summer so that they can show off their attractive figures and wear cool and sexy shorts. In the latest women’s clothing fashion, shorts have replaced miniskirts and come in different sexy designs to stay trendy in summer. 

Types of shorts for women
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There are different types of shorts for women, from old-school shorts to hot pants and denim and fun-time prints.

If you’re not sure which type of shorts you should purchase, then here are 21 different types of women’s shorts that you can enjoy on hot and sunny days.

Booty Shorts

Booty shorts are the types of shorts for women that have a short length so that you can wear them under any skirt. These shorts are more like different types of underwear for women. 

Some women prefer to wear booty shorts while heading to the beach or at casual summer parties.

Cut-Off Shorts

Cut off shorts for women
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As the name suggests, cut-off shorts are the types of shorts that have been “cut-off” from trousers, pants, or any other long bottom. They hit a couple of inches above the knee. 

Cut-off shorts are one of the popular women’s short styles for summer outfits since you don’t have to spend a single dollar to get this look. Just take any old types of jeans and cut them off at any desired level. 

Make sure you get a sharp blade to cut the jeans at the required level. For a more eye-catching look, you can embellish your jeans with gems or studs.

Boyfriend Shorts

These are the types of baggy shorts that are made from denim material. Boyfriend shorts have zippers, elastic or regular waistbands, buttons and might be ripped off to get the rugged look. 

These shorts got their name because they resemble men’s pant style even though they are designed for women. You can style boyfriend shorts with sneakers or sandals to get a trendy look. 

They also have legwear that extends from the waist to the thigh, making it types of clothing aesthetics for semi-casual or casual occasions.

Jamaican Shorts

Different types of shorts
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When you search for Jamaican shorts online, you might get confused with a type of shorts that have a print of Jamaica’s flag. That’s not Jamaican shorts. 

Jamaican shorts are the type of shorts that hit just above the knee regardless of the material and print that they are made of.

Wrap Shorts

Wrap shorts are also known as wrap-around shorts. These shorts were found during the 70s’ and became popular in the early 80s. 

The style vanished after some time, but now they are back in fashion. Today, wrap shorts are available in different designs, styles, patterns, and even materials.

Wrap shorts are similar to skirts in which the sewing fabric is wrapped around the waist. They are different from short pants as they don’t have a zipper or button to open and close them. Instead, they have a thin strap or a string to fulfill this purpose.

Super Cool Denim Shorts

Types of womens shorts
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When choosing different types of shorts for ladies, denim shorts come at the top of the list. Many women embrace denim material since it is classy, comfortable, and fabulous for a flattering look. 

These shorts are also available in a wide range of color options, and maybe that’s one of the reasons women love them a lot. Denim shorts never go out of style, so you should keep them in your closet. 

Style these shorts with a polo shirt, sandals, and choose aviator sunglasses for a modern look. Make sure you pay special attention to the length of denim shorts as they should fit your body just as a pair of jeans. The too baggy look won’t suit your body.


Slipshort is another type of shapewear for women that can be worn in underpants, dresses, skirts, and any regular shorts. A few years back, wearing slips was one of the challenging and torturing things for women. 

Due to advancements in material engineering and the textile industry, things have changed now. The material used in making slip shorts is soft and comfortable. 

Modern slips are made from light-weighted, silky material so that it fits against your waist and legs to create a nice-looking silhouette. Slip shorts are also made from stretchy fabric and come in different sizes to meet the fittings of various women.


Zara mini white skort
Image Source: The Fashion Tag Blog

Skorts are a newer style of skirts but have a short stitched under the skirt. They are the perfect combination of fashion and function. If you love the skirt but hesitate to wear them because it might create embarrassing moments, choose skorts. 

Skorts can let you sit and walk with comfort and help you get an eye-catching look at dressy occasions and anywhere else where wearing a skirt is mandatory. 

Skirts are versatile, so you can wear a simple button-down shirt, t-shirt, or crop tops with them and choose some simple gold or silver chain jewelry mixed with some stones.

Board Shorts

Board shorts are similar to men’s swimming trunks, but they are also suitable for women. Board shorts have a drawstring that is designed to secure the clothing item at the waist. 

These types of women’s shorts are longer than swim trunks with no inner lining. You can choose captivating neon colors for board shorts with floral print and another pattern.

Bermuda Shorts

Different types of shorts for ladies
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While tight cuffs and loose waist are trending, you can choose classic Bermuda shorts for a unique look. Many women ignore them for a baggy look, while others adore them because of the airy and comfortable property. 

Bermuda shorts were popular in Bermuda as a formal attire for men when suit with appropriate dress, tie, shirt, and long socks.

Now women can embrace their curvy figure in Bermuda shorts. These shorts are made from soft and cozy fabric and are often considered as nightwear. Pair them with a white long-sleeve shirt and wedges for a leg-lengthening, flattering look.

Lounge Shorts

Summer is one of the best times for vacation to unplug yourself from your busy working life. These lounge shorts can help you feel more relaxed on those holidays.

Women love these summer shorts for outdoor activities. Lounge shorts are available in mid-thigh to below the knee length and have a different fitting. You should wear lounge shorts with a graphic t-shirt and flip-flops to enjoy your vacation.

Pedal Pusher Shorts

Pedal pusher shorts
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Pedal pusher shorts are women’s types of shorts that fall between capris and knee-length shorts. These shorts are made from twill or denim material, so you can wear them on casual outings and related formal events. 

Pedal pusher shorts can make you look beautiful without much effort. Choose flats or any type of heels with them.

Toreador Shorts

These types of shorts have a longer length and can reach near the feet too. Based on its purpose of wearing, it can be made from different types of cotton, wool, spandex, twill, and silk. If you’re planning for a girl’s night out, don’t forget to carry toreador shorts.


All types of shorts
Image Source: 40+ Style

Many women’s fashionistas believe that capris are not part of shorts since it extends minimum three inches below the knee, but they are still a part of short pants. 

Capris are one of the best types of shorts for women that can be worn all around the year since it has a perfect length.

Regardless of whether you want to expose your legs or want to prevent tanning, capris can help you with anything on those summer days. You can also wear capris when those chilly autumn winds start. Wearing them with calf-length boots can make you look super trendy.

Roll-Up Shorts

Roll-up shorts are another types of denim shorts that have rolled-up cuffs. These shorts are available in a wide variety of denim materials such as linen and twill. 

They are best for women who have stick-thin legs as they can make them look curvier.

Printed Rompers

Romper for ladies
Image Source: One Small Blonde

Printed Rompers are one of the versatile one-piece wonders that can be worn on both day and evening events. With the right choice, it can help you make a high impactful style statement. You should choose solid-colored clothes and accessories to balance that busy print.

Printed Shorts 

Printed shorts
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Without prints, women’s wardrobe is incomplete. Prints are everywhere—right from t-shirts to sandals to shorts. Go for these printed shorts to add some more fun to your style. Prints are considered to be joyful and full of energy. 

These types of shorts women should consider keeping in their wardrobe as they are ever-lasting and trending for casual wear. Here are a couple of printed shorts you can choose from:

Polka Dots

Types of short shorts
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Choose these young and elegant printed polka dots for a different look. Both small and big polka dots look best with a plain top.


Types of shorts for ladies
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If you want a sporty look, then choose stripes. These stripe-printed shorts can be worn on lazy Sundays. Take benefits of fashion optical illusion such as horizontal stripes can make you look wider and vertical lines can have a slimming effect on your body.

Floral Prints

What to wear with floral shorts
Image Source: FashionLady

A nice pair of floral prints styled with wedges can help you make heads turn to you. Floral prints are suitable for hot summer days.

Animal Printed Shorts

Animal print shorts
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Classic leopard prints are popular among women, and they are never out of the trend. You can see many celebrities wearing these trendy, sexy, and edgy animal printed shorts for a casual look in summer.

Ethnic Printed Shorts

Ethnic printed shorts
Image Source: Shrizan

Choose these vibrant, attitude-filled patterns and prints to stand out from the crowd. Ethnic Printed shorts come in a wide range of energetic patterns such as Tapa, Ganado, Shibori, Ikat, Dutch wax, and Batik patterns.

Low-rise Short

When you purchase a pair of shorts and begin from a couple of inches below your waistline, consider them low-rise shorts. These shorts are popular among teenage girls since they are available in many colors, styles, and fabrics. Low-rise shorts have form-fitting, letting you highlight your figure and make it more attractive.

Lace Short

Lace shorts for summer
Image Source: AkkiDokie

Lace shorts are one of the fabulous types of clothes for women in the summer season. With an uber-feminine style, these shorts can give you an excellent elegant look. 

Some girls consider lace shorts as a type of underwear, but if the length is good, you can wear them out.

Boy Short

Boy shorts are another types of unisex shorts. They are longer than the types of booty shorts. They have a high rise that can be extended like 3 inches above your waist. Many women prefer these shorts while going to poolside parties or other outdoor activities.

Shorts with Embroidery

Bleached denim shorts for women
Image Source: Pinterest

If you’re searching for a unique look, try shorts with embroidery. Embroidery can add more style to your look. Floral shorts with embroidery can give you a cute look, while ethnic shorts with embroidery can help you look trendy. 

Also, try some funky style with appropriate accessories to get a stunning rocky-chic look.


Shorts are for everyone – be it men or women. There are different types of shorts available in the market to give you the utmost comfort without compromising with a style. You have to keep at least five to six different types of shorts in your wardrobe for those hot and sunny days.

Apart from style and trend, one should also look for different types of fabric used in making all types of shorts. Cotton and linen are suitable fabrics for hot summer days. 

They can absorb moisture and make you feel comfortable for a long time. It is also good to prefer light colors for a tropical climate.

Do not push yourself with short trends. Choose comfort level and understand your body type to make a more informed purchasing decision. Keep the above list handy so that your short shopping becomes easy.