Types of Scarves

34 Types of Scarves: A Guide to Scarf Style, Shape, and Material

A scarf is just a piece of fabric that can be wrapped around the neck or shoulder. It is longer than it is wide and comes in different sizes and shapes. Triangular, square, and rectangular are some of the common shapes of scarves. All types of scarves are beautiful, but some of them are more of a favorite than regular ones.

Types of scarves
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A scarf is an ideal combination of utmost comfort and fashion. They are not just a winter accessory but considered as a style statement with the addition of keeping you warm in winters. Scarves come with numerous benefits that you have not even thought of before. Some of them are:

Scarves can protect your skin from the burning sunlight when you go out on those sunny days. Scarves can save your hair from getting tangled in the windy and dusty weather. Just drape them around your head, and you don’t have to worry about the winds playing with your hair.

When used in a perfect manner, this piece of fabric can transform your entire look. It’s amazing to know how a single piece of fabric can give you so many benefits. You should keep different types of scarves in your wardrobe.

To learn more about the types of scarves available in the market based on style, fabric, and design, keep reading this article. This “types of scarves” guide has everything you need to know about the scarf.

Top 8 Different Types of Scarves and How to Wear Them

Scarves are comfortable to wear and look stylish on everyone. Women love scarves as they go with almost everything and enhance the look.

Different types of scarves
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Scarves have changed over time, and today, numerous types of scarves are available in the market based on shapes, function, and design. Here are the “different types of scarves and how to wear them” guide for you.

Regular Scarf

Regular scarves are one of the oldest types of scarves and have a rich history. They are considered as a parent scarf of today’s modern cowls, infinity scarves, and snoods.

These scarves come in a rectangular shape and have sufficient material to wrap around your neck. They are made from using advanced sewing techniques and have different types of laces and fringes on the corners.

Regular scarves can be used for both winters and summers. Some designer scarves have pockets in the end. You can keep your valuable things, such as credit cards, passports, etc., in your pockets. Many designers also use woven labels and hand labels to personalize their branded scarves.

Infinity Scarf

Ways to wear infinity scarf
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Sounds confusing? Some might think that infinity scarves have unlimited space to cover your neck. Well, that’s not the case.

An infinity scarf is just like a cowl scarf with a bigger hole so that you cannot just wrap it around your neck once but twice. Due to its twicer circular effect, it makes a sign of infinity.

These scarves are sewn from a piece of fabric but with a lesser drape. They are ideal for winter wear, and thus, the material used to make this scarf has to be leather or animal skin. Different sewing hacks and techniques are used to make infinity scarves.

Triangle Scarf

Triangle scarves are more a fashion accessory than a fabric that is used to keep you hot or cold. They come in a triangle shape, and the third angle covers the chest area while corners can be wrapped around the neck and fall on shoulders.

These scarves are suitable for both men and women, but women show them more than men. From cotton to net fabric, types of knit fabric to Pashmina, you can get different varieties in triangle scarves.


Cowl scarf
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Many women get confused between cowl and hoods; however, both are different. You can not wear a cowl on the head. A cowl can be wrapped around the neck in the winter season. 

These types of neck scarves are made from sewing fabric and wear around the neck area without any fuss. Cowl scarves also have deeper drapes than regular scarves. 

They are ready-to-use scarves, so you don’t have to make an effort to wrap them around your neck area. Just pass your head through the hole, and you’re all set to beat the winter.

Muffler Scarf

Muffler scarf
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Mufflers are one of the less expensive types of scarves available in the market. They are much more similar to fur but are made from less luxurious materials such as types of wool, velvet, or cotton. Another exciting thing is that you can wear mufflers in the summers as well.

A scarf is a type of cloth that covers any types of necklines, shoulders, or even head, while mufflers can be worn around the neck, shoulders, head, or even waist.


A sarong is a different type of women’s scarf that functions in a different way. It is different from all other scarves such as a wrap, boa, stole, capes, or shawl.

These scarves don’t come with any hooks. You need to wrap them around your waistline using a knot on a skirt or bikini to flaunt your body on beaches. Sarongs can also be worn around armpits or even on the shoulder as a free shawl.


Types of neck scarves
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A stole is a traditional scarf style that has a small width and shapes like a strip. They are other winter scarves that sit on both or single shoulders. The straps are long enough to reach towards the knee. Some women prefer to wear them around the neck in the winter season.

The stole can give you a soft and eye-catching look as they are made from fur. You can style these fur stoles with trendy party outfits during the winter season to keep you warm and fashionable as well. 

Many women prefer stoles that are made from some luxurious and expensive fabric such as Pashmina, fur, and silk for an elegant look. If you’re wondering how to sew stole at home, then you might need to understand more details on sewing woolen clothes. 


Shawls are one of the largest scarves in fashion, and hence, they are known as blanket scarves. They come in a bigger size, have a rectangular shape, and are made from various materials that can be used for winters and summers.

Shawls are popular among Islamic culture and in Middle East countries. Even though they are known as blanket scarves, they are more fashionable, stylish, and trendy. 

Women use different methods to wear Shawls or blanket scarves. You can wrap them around your neck, shoulder, or cover the whole back.

14 Types of Scarves for Women Based on Material

Women’s scarves come in different varieties. They differ in size, shape, design, and style. While purchasing a comfortable and suitable scarf, women tend to pay attention to the type of material used in making those scarves as it can uplift or degrade the entire look.

Assorted textiles
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Women generally wear scarves around the neck, and thus, the scarf material plays an essential role. You should choose soft, breathable, and comfortable material while choosing different types of scarves for women.

If you’re wondering about “what are the different types of scarves based on the material?” Here is a simple guide to help you solve your most confusing question.

Chiffon Scarves

List of different types of scarves
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Chiffon is one of the most elegant fabrics available for making luxurious scarves. It is a light-weighted, thin, and drippy material that can tie around the neck without making your look bulky. Due to its semi-mesh weaves, this material can give you a see-through appearance.

You can wear chiffon scarves with both formal and casual outfits. These scarves are used as a style statement because of their lightweight and super chic look. 

No matter what time of the day it is, you can pick a chiffon scarf to add elegance and beauty to your look. You can also learn to sew different lace trims at the end alone or on all four sides.

Cashmere Scarves

Cashmere fabric is one of the most sought-after fabrics used in making scarves. Cashmere is an ultimate luxury and is a subtype of Pashmina. Cashmere is obtained from the cashmere goats found in Mongolia and China. 

The cashmere coat is grown on the goat’s body and helps them keep warm when the temperature falls. Since cashmere is obtained from a natural source, people with sensitive skin can choose to wear them.

These types of scarves women prefer to keep in their wardrobe since they are types of clothing aesthetics for all seasons. Cashmere scarves can make you feel warm in winter but don’t make you sweat in summer. They are lightweight scarves, making them easy to carry anywhere.

Cashmere is another soft and silky scarf that is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Sometimes it isn’t easy to find original cashmere scarves, so make sure you inspect the fabric before purchasing.

Cotton Scarves

Chennai grey scarf
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Cotton scarves are one of the most used scarves by women. Cotton is the easy-going and versatile fabric used in making everyday scarves. These scarves are soft, breathable, comfortable, and affordable, making them popular among women. 

Since cotton is light weighted fabric, it makes them a great summer accessory. Cotton scarves are suitable for every skin type since they do not cause irritation or itching on the skin. 

Young girls use cotton scarves as an add-on to their outfits, whereas scarves play an essential role for women. Whether you’re wearing a skirt or jeans, the scarf will go well with almost everything.

If you’re a woman who uses a scarf to cover her head, then Cotton scarves are appropriate for you as they can keep you safe from the summer heat without making you feel suffocated.

Cotton scarves are the perfect way to add elegance and style to your outfit. They are available in different colors, prints, designs, and sizes. So, choose the best one that serves your purpose.

Pashmina Scarves

Pashmina scarves
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Pashmina scarves are one of the softest scarves available for women. Pashmina fabric does not irritate the skin so that you will love the touch of nice pashmina scarves on your arms.

Pashmina scarves are the perfect add-on to your outfit while going out for dinner in the winter season. They are lightweight scarves, making them easy to carry everywhere. While Pashmina scarves are worn around your neck and shoulder, you can move around with ease and comfort.

Women often love the soft and lightweight fabric for scarves, and when it is Pashmina, everything is just beautiful.

Wool Scarves

Types of scarves for women
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Wool is the most preferred type of fabric for making winter scarves. This natural material is obtained from mammalian fur. By considering its natural origin, wool is safe for humans. It doesn’t cause any allergies or irritation on skin type.

This cozy fabric was used in many winter blankets. Nowadays, women have started preferring them in clothing items such as scarves, sweaters, jerseys, etc.

High-quality wool scarves are super soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear. When the best quality wool is used in making scarves, you won’t even feel like you are wearing something, but it will still keep you warm. Pay attention to wool quality since low-quality wool can be itchy and make you feel uncomfortable.

In the past, wool was known as a fabric that keeps you warm in winter. There are facts that you don’t know, such as do you know wool can regulate body temperature? Wool can keep you warm in chilly winter and help you feel cool in summer.

Wool fibers are wonderful, making the material more resilient. You can wear wool for years and still be amazed to see how it has kept its original shape and hasn’t stretched or faded. It also has a unique type of textile fibers and structures that don’t allow body odor to accumulate in the fabric.

With so many beneficial properties of wool scarves, you can now see why people adore this scarf. It is one of the best scarf investments you should make.

Silk Scarves

Silk is one of the expensive choices for scarves, but they have a unique, luxurious aura. The original silk is made up of larva saliva while making cocoons. It is considered as one of the royal and most delicate fabrics mankind has ever got on earth.

Silk has a majestic legacy since royal families of queens and kings used it, and it continues to hold its royalness and elegance. Scarves made from hand-printed silk are high in demand as they carry a premium look.

Most silk scarves come in vibrant prints and colors. They are pretty higher than any other scarves, but the beauty and elegance it offers can not be questioned. The silk scarves can not only uplift your look but also offer you numerous benefits that you might not have heard before. 

Silk can absorb the moisture of your hair and skin. Use silk scarves for daily use to get a glow on your skin. It has similar benefits to hair, keeping them smooth, soft, and silky. If you want to look younger, then choose silk scarves.

Acrylic Scarves

Wool scarf digital wool scarf
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Acrylic is not a natural material, but it is a synthetic fiber. This human-made fabric is one of the best alternatives to wool. Acrylic scarves are ideal for casual wear. They are less expensive and as soft as wool, making them popular among women allergic to wool.

Acrylic scarves are lightweight and do not require particular care instruction. Some designers still use care labels to give more details on washing and preserving these types of scarves.

These scarves are wrinkle-free and stain-free, so you can wrap them around your neck or just drape them on your shoulders. They will offer utmost comfort, warmth and still keep in their original shape.

Viscose Scarves

Viscose scarves are different types of neck scarves that are quite popular among modern ladies. Viscose is one of the soft materials that can give you a silk-like look and feel, and breathability just like types of cotton fabric.

Scarves that are made from Viscose material have a beautiful drape, giving a perfect and elegant touch to any of your outfits. These scarves are less expensive than other scarves, making them an ideal option when you want to enjoy a luxurious look and feel at an affordable price. You can find vivid colors in viscose scarves.

The worst thing about this scarf is that they are prone to stretching, so they can’t recover to their original shape once they are stretched. This weak fabric can absorb moisture and oil from the body, causing spots on the fabric. When you clean spots, it can leave permanent marks.

Velvet Scarves

Make this diy velvet infinity scarf
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Velvet is also known as chenille. It looks beautiful, but it is a heavy thick fabric, so wrapping a velvet scarf around your neck in the winter season can make you feel uncomfortable. Velvet scarves can make you feel warm in winters but make sure you choose the right width. 

If you choose more width, then it might create discomfort for you. Velvet scarves shine just like a water stream without disturbing your eyes. These scarves come in different colors.

Have you ever seen velvet scarves piled up in-store? They look decent, elegant, and pretty beautiful. If you want to showcase style and lady-like charm, then just drape these scarves over your shoulders and let the ends fall on the body.

Satin Scarves

Types of scarves and how to wear them
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Satin is not a natural clothing material. It is made by using strands and extracts of other fabrics such as polyester and silk. These types of polyesters fabric and silk fabric have a charming and exuberant effect, making it appropriate to make satin material.

Satin is a glossy material and ideal for making fabulous scarves for special occasions such as dinner nights, going to the club, etc. These scarves can spice up things a little bit and turn your dull or boring outfit into an eye-catching one.

Satin scarves are available in vivid patterns and bright colors. They can protect your hair and skin from moisture loss. Many women have tried sleeping with satin scarves and have reported a remarkable difference in the health of their hair.

Linen Scarves

Linen is a type of fabric used in making scarves. It lets you carry your style without worrying about the season. Whether it is summer, winter, spring, autumn, or monsoon, linen scarves can be worn all around the year.

Linen scarves are another great addition to your wardrobe as it shows how thoughtful and attentive you are for dressing. These types of women’s scarves are thin and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry them in your handbag.

These scarves are a must-have for women’s wardrobe as they are great for adding a pop color to your boring outfit. They are available in varieties of colors, so you can pair them with a dull top to balance your look.

You can just drape a linen scarf around your neck and transform your formal look into a classic casual look.

Polyester Scarves

Polyester scarves
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Polyester is another man-made material known as PET, microfiber, or Polyethylene terephthalate. The polymers used to make this fabric are extracted from an organic source such as fossil fuels.

Scarves made from polyester fabric are very thin, lightweight, and breathable so that you can carry them with ease. Make sure you purchase polyester material from a reliable manufacturer as polyester is prone to shedding.

Since polyester is hard to stay fabric, you can drape it on your body and tuck it with a fancy belt on your waist. All you need to do to style this scarf is to make an infinity loop around your neck but not too tight, and you’re all set to go for a party.

Crinkle Crepe Scarves

Crinkle fabric comes with a depth that makes it suitable for making scarves in solid colors. You can also add fringe trims to give it more texture. Start learning with these easy beginner projects.

Fleece Scarf

Fleece scarf for winter
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Fleece is a thick fabric used for making eye-catching, fashionable scarves. Fleece material doesn’t fray, which makes them an ideal material for making scarves.

List of Different Types of Scarves Based on Functions

Most women think scarves are meant to wear in winters or culture as headcovers. Scarves are not limited to that. There are different types of scarves to make you more elegant and beautiful.

Scarves can be divided based on material, style, size, and function as well. The way the scarf is used for a particular reason makes a massive difference in their selection.

Here is the list of different types of scarves based on their unique function.

Neck Scarves

Different types of neck scarves
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Neck scarves are types of scarves that can be worn around your neck. You can choose to wear them as an adornment or accessorize them with an outfit. Many women wear neck scarves as a style statement and pair them with any outfit. 

Neck scarves can make your entire look more fancy and eye-catching. If you’re an office-going woman, you need a neck scarf to add elegance and beauty to your formal outfit.

Winter Scarves

As everyone knows, winter scarves are preferred by women to wear in the winter season. These scarves are made from alpaca, wool, and other warm materials to keep you warm on those cozy and cold days.

Some old-age women also love to make winter scarves for their granddaughters. If you know how to make woolen clothes but want to know more about different sewing patterns, check out these 35 intermediate sewing projects.

Head Scarves

Types of head scarves
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Headscarves are designed to work on the head. They can be worn as a style statement and to protect your hair and skin from direct sunlight as well. In some countries, headscarves such as Hijab are also considered as religious symbols. 

The list of different types of scarves is available under the headscarves category. Chiffon, Pashmina, Linen, Lace, and Cotton are common materials used to make headscarves.

Beach Scarves

Beach scarves are not like your typical scarves. These scarves are flowy, light, and big compared to other scarves. They can be worn around the waist area instead of the shoulders and neck. 

Beach scarves are still part of the scarf family and can be worn in a warm climate. You can choose these casual scarves when you’re going for a walk or just hanging out with your friends.

Types of Winter Scarves for Women to Keep You Warm This Winter

Winter is one such season when most people choose warmness. Winter clothes such as mufflers, sweaters, caps, and different types of scarves—all are ready to protect you this winter season. 

Types of winter scarves
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The scarves are one such piece of clothing item that should never be missed out on. They can help you look classy in the winter season while protecting you from cold and breezy waves. 

They are easy to wear and easy to carry inside your handbag. Different types of winter scarves are trending in women’s fashion. Here are four latest types of winter scarves which you must keep in your wardrobe.

Plaid Scarf

Plaid scarves were set in motion by Meghan Markle – A Hollywood actress and Duchess of Sussex. These warm scarves are designed by many popular brands such as Zara. They are in women’s fashion nowadays and are not going anytime soon now.

Faux Fur Scarf with Pockets

All types of scarves
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Every woman loves pockets in their outfits. Nowadays, many scarves come with pockets, making it easy for you to keep your stuff without dealing with handbags. 

Keep yourself stylish and comfortable in faux fur scarves that come with pockets. Just throw your keys, wallet, and phones inside it and get a whole new winter 2021 look.

Checkered Woolen Scarf

As the name suggests, this winter scarf comes with a checkered pattern. These woolen scarves are perfect to make you feel warm around the neck area and cover your chest from chilly winter waves. 

If you want to know how women prefer these types of scarves and how to wear them on chilly winters, you should do some more research to keep yourself aligned with the latest trends.

The common style is to drape them from behind your neck and keep one side longer than the other. Now, loop the longer side around your neck and adjust the length according to your needs.

One-Sided Drape Winter Scarf

Women tartan scarf
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One-sided drape scarves are another type of winter scarves that can glorify your personality. It is one of the most demanded winter scarves by women. 

Wear it around your neck with some loose ends on the front side. They are easy to wear when the sun comes up. You can try some simple draping styles which never go out of style.

4 Best Types of Silk Scarves to Embrace All of the Summer’s Fashion Trends

Some fashion trends come and go, but scarves have been one of the hottest fashion trends for decades. Whether you’re looking for the one to tie with your purse or want to wear around your neck, a silk scarf is essential.

Silk paisley scarf
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The best thing about fashionable scarves is that you don’t need any sewing machine to transform a silk scarf into an outfit. Just fold it in a triangular shape and wear it around your neck, and voila—you are all set to go.

Silk scarves can go well with almost every outfit. Whether you want to style it with a mini skirt or trendy jeans, a silk scarf is everything you need to look classy. The best thing is there are different types of silk scarves available in the market. 

They come in different patterns, designs, and styles so that you can choose them according to your outfit. Here are the four latest silk scarves you should keep in your wardrobe for almost all seasons.

Silk Chain Printed Scarf

Silk chain printed scarf
Image Source: Siora Photography On Unsplash

The chain print is inspired by French culture, and it is almost everywhere now. Silk scarves with chain prints are a popular fashion trend among women. 

These silk scarves look great on a crop top, and you can even just tie them around your wrist as a bracelet. Choose silk chain printed scarves in some trendy soft colors for a more elegant look.

100% Mulberry Silk Scarf

If you’re after the quality of the silk scarves, then choose 100% mulberry scarves. You can wrap your hair in these scarves or even use them for glowing skin. Mulberry silk scarf often comes in a floral pattern. They are one of the softest and cost-effective scarves available in women’s fashion.

Silk tree Pattern Scarf

Floral tree silk square scarf
Image Source: Pinterest

If you love the outdoors or looking for unique and abstract prints with fun colors, then a silk tree pattern scarf is for you. These types of silk scarves can give you more coverage when wearing a crop top.

Tie-Dye Silk Printed Scarf

Tie-dye is trending again in fashion. Tie-dye silk printed scarves have a minimalistic trend that can give you the “I’m on a yacht” sort of vibe. For a sexy look, tie them over your wrist with a bikini or crop top. You can even protect your hair from blowing out under the sun.


Scarves are essential for everyone. It is not only that women wear scarves, but men also love to pair the right scarf with their outfits. The right type of scarf can make up your outfit and help you look classy and gorgeous. 

Assorted colors scarves
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This guide was all about different types of scarves for women according to the size, function, design, pattern, and fabric.

There are many variations available in scarves. While choosing the perfect scarf for yourself, make sure you understand the basic things such as the purpose, function, and trends. It will assist you in making a more informed decision.