Types of Pants

25 of the Best Types of Pants Guides With Pictures

The types of pants you wear can tell a whole world what type of job you do, whether you’ve gained weight or not, or which trend you follow. Pants have been in fashion for many centuries. They have secured their place in men’s and women’s wardrobes.

Types of pants
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Right from formal to casual party pants, they fit in all fashion styles. The wrong choice of pants can draw you from a fashion diva to a fashion toddler.  

Thus, one should have proper knowledge of the types of pants for men so you can identify them with names and uplift your style game.

Here’s a simple guide on different types of pants that one should have in their wardrobe.

11 Types of Pants for Men – the Ultimate Style Guide 

A good pair of pants can make a huge difference in your overall look. We see different types of pants in our closets every day, but we often do not pay attention to the types of pants we wear. 

It is imperative for men to know each pant name so when they go shopping, they can quickly identify their required pants. Here are 11 different types of pants men’s should have in their wardrobe.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants for men
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Cargo pants are a loose-fitted clothing item for men, which is famous for its six pockets. These pants were introduced as military pants by the British military to make British dress uniforms (BDU). They are now famous among men. 

If you’re looking for some change, then cargo pants should be your choice. Men prefer cargo pants when going trekking or hiking since they are made from sturdy fabrics. They have loose, baggy fitting (types of baggy pants), making them much more comfortable to wear. 

You can wear cargo pants with casual boots, different types of socks, and a loose tee to enhance your hiking look.


Chinos have been demanding in men’s fashion for over a century, and they’re not stopping. They are the types of male pants that are made from synthetic fiber and rich fabric – cotton. 

Chinos come in a variety of soft colors. They are known for their hidden flat fronts and cross-stitching. They offer the perfect combination of a formal and casual look with great comfort. 

For an attractive look, men can wear chinos with a nice printed t-shirt, types of belts and pair them with boat shoes or sneakers. If you’re a man with a well-dressing sense, multiple chinos should be found in your closet.


Different types of pants for men
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Khaki pants are quite similar to chinos, but what differentiates these two is the types of fabric used to make these pants. Chinos are made from lightweight, rich fabric – cotton, which is ideal for warm weather. 

Khaki’s threads are blended, which gives it a heavier look and feel. Khaki pants are must-have pants for men because of their durability and unmatched ability to suit everything. So even though you have a green or pink shade t-shirt, you can pair it with khaki pants.  


Trousers are just another word for a formal type of pants. However, if you’re looking for a smart look for the office, wear trousers with some style of jacket.

Suit Pants

Types of pant styles
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Suit pants had their origin in England when Beau Brummell wore them for the first time in the 1800s. They are straight-legged pants that have a crease and cuff at the bottom. 

Over time, the height of the waistline and leg’s width has changed. For example, In 1930, suit pants were sewed much higher on the waist than many suit pants worn by men in today’s time (Read more about how to sew clothes for yourself). Suit pants are also types of dress pants.

Wool Pants

Wools are no longer exclusive for making sweaters. Wool pants are another secret trend in men’s fashion. Many designers have started using wool for men’s clothing (with woven labels and care labels to make it more personalized). They have been successful in introducing these men’s types of pants. 

Wool pants or wool trousers are used in winters since they can keep you warm and comfortable. The pants made from wool material are breathable, soft, and cozy. 

They also come with moisture-defiant properties, making them an ideal choice when raining or snowing outside.   

Formal Pants

Formal pants for men
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Formal pants can be found in every men’s wardrobe. Formal pants are easy to shop for, but it’s a bit challenging to find the right pair of formal pants for those who wear just casual pants such as denim. 

Formal pants have a zipper fly and front and back pockets. They are other dress pants that should be fitted on the waistline just below the belly button. Most men prefer to find a tailor to sew (with hang tags) these types of pants for perfect fitting.


Sweatpants are also known as joggers. They are made from soft sewing fabric with an elastic waistband and another elastic at the ankles. For a long time, sweatpants were used for gym wear, but it has become part of modern men’s wardrobe with new trends and fashion. 

One should try neutral colors such as black, grey, and navy. Sweatpants can give you a more polished look if you pair them with Basketball shoes.

Pleated Pants

Pleated pants
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Are you looking for a classic and sophisticated look? Opt for pleated pants. These types of pants are popular among men of all ages. The pleats in these pants occur when the fabric is folded in double and again folded back. It gives a roomy fit and allows free hip and leg movement. 

They tend to give more flexibility and comfort when you’re sitting down or just moving. If you’re a heavier body, pleated pants can help you look slimmer and offer much more comfort than any other type of pants can ever offer. 

Pleated pants are one of the easiest ways to get a classy look without going for casual wear.

Cigarette Pants

You might not recognize cigarette pants by their name, but there are big chances that you’ve worn them before. Slim-fit pants are another name used for Cigarette pants since they offer slim-fitting till the ankles and hug your legs tightly. 

These pants are often available in solid colors and come in different types of zippers. One popular pattern in cigarette pants is “checkered.” This vintage pattern was introduced in the 1950s and has made its way to modern men’s wardrobes.

6 Different Types of Pants for Women: Design Names & Pictures 

Pants were once taboo for women to wear. That’s not the case now. Pants are ruling over women’s wardrobes and have become a huge part of regular clothing. It’s types of clothing aesthetics that is appropriate for every occasion. 

Types of pant cuts
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Different types of pants for women are available in the market that can be paired with a stylish top. From casual to flattering and sexy looks, everything can be achieved with this attire.

Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants were first introduced in the 30s and then adopted by big fashion brands such as Coco Chanel. It has now made its way into women’s wardrobes.

Palazzo pants
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Palazzo pants are trendy and funky clothes that many women prefer for regular wear. Flared and flowing, palazzo pants come in wide-legged style. They are made from wrinkle-free, bright fabric. They are loose-fitting pants and can be worn with trendy tank tops and blouses. Read easy beginner sewing projects and start sewing your own palazzo style.


Leggings are different types of pants for women that can never go out of fashion. They were first introduced in the 14th century and then evolved again in the 1980s. 

Leggings are the must-have garments for women’s closets since they are comfortable and flaunt your features in the best possible way. They are tight-fitting pants that are made from types of cotton fabric, denim, or lycra. 

From formal prints to simple and vibrant colors, leggings can be found in different varieties and patterns. Whatever pattern or size you choose, make sure it helps you showcase your figure without compromising comfort and freedom of movement.

Hot Pants

Hot pants
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As the name suggests, hot pants are another women’s pant types that help you look hot and sexy. These types of ladies’ pants were introduced in the 1960s, and since then, they are popular among women. 

Hot pants are shorter versions of women’s types of pants. They can be worn with a tight-fitting top. They are types of shorts that can be made from every other type of fabric.

Pegged Pants

If you’re looking for a signature style from the 1980s, then pegged pants are your answer. Pegged pants are types of bottom wear that are loose at thighs but have tapper fitting at the bottom. One should have proper knowledge of different sewing hacks to create these types of pants. 

A trouser-like cut at the waist can give you an adorable look. Highlight your ankle and complete your perfect look with a denim shirt and your favorite sneakers.

Sailor Pants

Best black sailor pants with striped tee and choker scarf
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Sailor pants are another vintage bell bottoms. They are loose-fitted pants flared at the bottom. They have an attached button on the waist in parallel rows. 

Sailor pants are different types of pants for ladies with a stylish high waist and straight bottom wear. They are suitable for a professional look.

Harem Pants

Harem pants grab attention from their full and flowing flares since they are gathered at the waistline and ankles. These types of female pants are made from fine and rape fabric known as rayon and are suitable for hot weather. 

Pair it with easy-going tops and nice sneakers.

5 Popular Types of Pants Material Used in the Industry

The type of material used for making pants matters a lot. One should have proper knowledge of all types of pants material so that when you go shopping, you know exactly what you’re looking for. 

Here’s a list of the common types of pants material that you should know.

Types of dress bottoms
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Cotton and Polyester Blend

There are many reasons why cotton is blended with other types of polyester fabrics when making different types of pants. For example, cotton and polyester blends are the perfect fabric for warmer weather. 

They are breathable, comfortable, and light-weighted material, making them an ideal choice for pants. 


Types of pant materials
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Denim is one of the materials used in making different types of jeans. There are different types of denim available in the market, such as black and blue denim. Denim material offers a formal and dressy look, making it ideal for making office wear pants. 

Different types of denim fabric such as poly-core denim, open-end denim, ring or ring-spun denim, or pinto wash denim can be used for making denim pants

However, if you’re looking for a softer and texture feel, go for a premium denim fabric.


Linen is one of the historic woven fabrics used for making pants. They have water-absorbent and breathable properties, which makes them popular pant fabric. It is the most comfortable fabric used for palazzo pants.


Moleskin fabric
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Moleskin fabric is a popular pant material choice in France, Europe. It is not a mole’s skin but a heavy cotton fabric that has been brushed to give softness. 

Moleskin is a durable material and is famous for making work pants.


When we think of wool, we think it’s suitable for winter clothes. A pant made from wool fabric can keep you warm and offer great comfort. 

Wool pants are made from rich wool fabric. If you’re looking for extraordinary softness and comfort, choose a high-quality wool fabric.

3 Types of Pants Cuts You Should Know

There are different types of pants cut styles and silhouettes to choose from. It can be pretty challenging to decide which types of pants cuts are suitable for which occasion. 

Each pant cut style is created using advanced sewing techniques to give the utmost comfort. So, make sure you choose the right pant cuts that can be suitable for your body shape and help you look stylish. Here are some of them.

Boot Cut

Diesel bootcut jeans
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Boot cuts are the types of pant cuts that are designed to fit the legs with a slight flare at the bottom part. These types of pants fit over boots and help elongate your legs. 

Someone with larger hips and thighs can choose boot-cut pants. They can help you look longer and thinner.

Ankle Cut

Ankle-cut pants are shorter than regular pants. They are also known as flood pants and help expose the ankles. 

Ankle-cut pants can look cooler than normal long jeans. It is ideal for tall and thin women.  

Straight Legs

Philippa sailor jeans
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If you’re looking for office or formal wear pant cuts, straight-leg cuts are a perfect choice. Some cigarette pants have straight leg cuts with no flare. 

Straight-leg pants are suitable for average body shapes. The tapered shape around the ankles can make your leg and thighs look larger.


Different types of pant styles have played a huge role in the fashion industry. Every outfit is incomplete without the perfect pair of pants. Men and women both have evolved pant styles and designs over time. Now it has become a huge part of their day-to-day wear. 

The wide range of colors, patterns, lengths, styles, and types of the fabric means that there is a pant for everyone.

Make sure you choose the pants which give you utmost comfort and highlight your features in the best way. Elegant, youthful, funky, and timeless are important labels to consider while shopping for different types of dress bottoms. 

Don’t forget; you can always learn to sew and start making your own pants. Here are the top 35 intermediate sewing projects to motivate you, read, and you can sew your own outfit with ease.