Types of Male Underwear

An Ultimate Guide on Types of Male Underwear With Pictures

Gone are the days when innerwear was not part of the fashion industry. With all of us now open about almost everything, many more options are available to wear beneath the outfit. 

Talking about men, there was a time when there were only two types of male underwear available in the market. Nowadays, types of guy’s underwear are so versatile that you can wear a different style every day. 

There is something special about wearing the most comfortable and stylish underwear. That fresh feeling you get from the drawer, the firmness of the cloth, the gentle thump of the waistband, and the toughness of the garment is incredible. It can set you for the day, but no one told you about picking the wrong pair of underwear. 

An awkward fabric and lack of support can distract your focus on the work and decrease your ability to perform at your best. 

Different types of boxers underwear
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Men don’t give much attention to their underwear, and thus, choosing the right types of male underwear doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many different types of underwear for men available in the market. The dilemma is knowing where to start your search. Don’t worry. 

In this expert guide, you will know everything about types of male underwear and when to wear them.

12 Different Types of Men’s Underwear and Styles

Underwears are an essential item in your wardrobe. You wear it every day, and it sits on your skin and covers a more sensitive part of your body. 

Types of male underwear
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If you don’t want to face an awkward and uncomfortable situation, check out this comprehensive guide on different types of men’s underwear. Each type has its own pros and cons. Read it to know which style works best for you.


Types of underwear for men
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Briefs are men’s best friends for a long time. Almost every other guy owns one of the best styles in briefs. They are your regular wear that comes in a wide range of varieties. 

Briefs are suitable for light sports and for going out. They give coverage to your buttocks but don’t cover or constrain your thighs or legs. This is what makes the most comfortable types of men’s underwear. 

They are comfortable to wear with almost every outfit. You can get different rises, designs, and patterns in briefs. 

Briefs are made from stretchable types of cotton fabric with a blend of elastane to enhance properties and add an extra layer of comfort with the cuts and styling. If you’re working on thighs in the gym, choose briefs as they are perfect for showing off the best effects. Briefs can go well with tight-fitting clothes without making you uncomfortable.

Choosing the right size matters a lot in briefs. Most of the time, the high cut can mean that there is not so much fabric at the front, which is not great. You should pay attention to fabric and size while choosing the best brief for yourself. 

The Y-front is also appealing, classic, and iconic. This design has been evolved with time so that the newer version doesn’t look like Grandad’s day. 

Briefs come in Low, medium, and high-rise cuts that cover the backside and main profile. Here are different types of briefs underwear available for men:

Low Rise Brief

Types of guys underwear
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Low rise briefs sit just below the waistline and over the hips. These types of briefs for men can give sufficient fabric to cover up what needs to be covered and not all. 

Many designer low-rise briefs come with woven labels to give more ideas on the types of fabric used in making briefs. Low-rise briefs are designed to enhance the outline of the package. You should opt for low-rise briefs when wearing low-rise jeans, shorts, and gym attire.

Mid- Rise Briefs

These briefs sit on the waistline. They are designed to wear with board shorts, dress pants, and regular cut jeans.

High-Rise Briefs

High-rise briefs sit right below the belly button. You can wear high-rise briefs with high-waisted pants. These briefs can help you remove love handles and smooth stomach areas. 

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs for men
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The famous fashion brand Calvin Klein launched a men’s underwear modeled by rapper Marky Mark that became popular as boxer briefs. This eye-catching underwear style can also be referred to as “briefs plus.” 

Boxer briefs are different types of male underwear that a man cannot compromise with. This underwear is an ideal combination of two major underwear types and provides the right amount of support. 

They are designed to look just like tapered boxes with a snug. A classic boxer brief is a mid-rise brief with a long extension to cover almost half of the thighs. Some branded boxer briefs give only one-third of the thigh. Just like briefs, they give an ample amount of support with full coverage. 

Boxer briefs are ideal for everyday wear. They are made from the most comfortable types of textile fibers, such as cotton and spandex, that work for moderate sports. 

There are boxer briefs available in the market with odor guard, moisture-wicking fabric, waist-minimizing waistbands, and “package enhancement” features. 

Some men are confused between boxer briefs and boxers. If underwear extends over your legs, it is known as boxer briefs. They can be found in almost every men’s closet. 


Men’s thongs come from a skimpy-brief family that has G-string and jockstrap. The jockstrap was discovered in the 19th century in response to the arrival of the bicycle. 

Men were looking for more protection when they sat on that hard thin saddle. These cycle jockeys had nothing more than one pouch, a waistband, and two strings. The same design remains in today’s fashion world. 

The thongs offer the utmost comfort and support while opting for a semi-commando look. Thongs can be as minimum as you want and give you medium to less coverage.

This underwear style sits low on the hips and has a narrow strip of fabric at the rear. With just bare minimum sewing fabric in the front attached with a waistband, thongs leave the back open. 

Thongs are made from cotton fabric with elastic added for extra comfort at the front pouch. 

The primary reason behind the popularity of thongs is their look. If you have an eye-catching body, this is the best type of men’s underwear to showcase. If you’re a man who wants to avoid underwear linings, this can be a sensual and erotic way. 


Mens tanga briefs
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Tanga is a type of underwear for men that gives coverage to the front part and is connected with fabric bands at the waist. The waistband in tanga is quite thin but thicker than those that come in G-string. Tanga is ideal for an outing. 


Tights are made from an elastic material. These types of underwear for men and women are preferred when doing an intense workout. They are often tight and fit to your skin, saving you from muscle wear and tear. 

These underwear are ideal for cycling, gym activities, and other activities. The modern tights come in different styles, patterns, and variations. 

Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts for men
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Boxer shorts are the classic underwear types of men. These underwears are in demand since your dad was a lad and before that since they look like shorts. 

The first boxer short was marketed by Everlast in the year 1920. Today’s boxer shorts still have that vintage American look and which is why many men prefer Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren at first. 

Boxer shorts are comfortable and breathable types of underwear. They have loose-fitting linen shorts and offer an exit route called an open fly. 

Boxers are made from pure cotton, so it lets the air circulate, and your moving parts let move. 

You can wear boxers if you’re wearing trousers that are quite loose like a suit. If you’re wearing something too tight, the fabric will start to bunch and make you feel uncomfortable. 

For a long time, boxer shorts were often considered a bit old-fashioned underwear style, but still, men love these types of shorts and consider it a great option when one tends to overheat. 


G-strings are the bare minimum of men’s underwear. They have a thin piece of string attached to the primary material, which works as the waistband. 

The buttocks are left open. If you do not want to opt for a “go commando” look under tight-fitting jeans, you can wear a G-string. Many men prefer this underwear as an essential lifestyle statement. 

The best way to buy high-quality G-string underwear is to choose a reliable men’s underwear wholesale online. They sell high-quality G-string underwear with care labels and hang labels.


Different types of mens underwear
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After its first launch, trunks grew its popularity in the men’s underwear category. This might be because trunks resemble both a boxer brief and brief. They have a square cut and short legs. 

Trunks are different from boxer briefs. Sometimes it is referred to as a square cut. Trunks can be based on how you look at it. 

It can be either a longer brief or a shorter boxer brief. Many men wear trunks, but they don’t know which type of underwear they are wearing. 

Trunks have been in men’s underwear style since 1999. They were first introduced by the famous fashion brand Calvin Klein. Trunks provide sufficient coverage and support for casual wear. Trunks also allow a man to show off a little bit of his sexy figure without being too exposed. 

Trunks are not good if you’re planning to play sports, but they are great when you want to balance between being comfortable and sexy. Trunks are not too long and not too short. 

They are just comfortable and provide enough coverage for the parts which weaver wants to leave to the imagination. 


Mankini is a men’s version of a bikini. In May 1946, Paris designer launched the first two-piece swimsuit known as Atom. It was the world’s smallest swimsuit covering buttocks and navels but failed to catch more attention. 

Since then, Louis Read launched a new, smaller version which is called “Bikini.” No runway model was ready to wear a bikini in public, so he hired a nude dancer to wear the first bikini at a fashion show. 

Mankini is designed without a waistband. They are used for sunbathing and recreation and are a part of a bodybuilder’s uniform. 

Mankini often has more fabric than the jockstrap of a g-string, making it a more acceptable underwear type. 

Mankini is designed for display and not for regular wear. Since its launch, the mankini design has not changed much, but many new versions have come into the market. Microkini uses wire or adhesive to provide coverage to man’s private parts and meet the requirement of laws prohibiting nudity. 

You can get a variety of colors, patterns, and designs in a mankini. Find a reliable online shop and buy a mankini for a sexy look. 

Compression Shorts

Compression shorts for men
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Compression shorts are pretty similar to boxer briefs. They are made from spandex material which comes with two-way stretch fabric. They are made from different types of polyester fabric

These form-fitting undergarments are versatile multi-sport shorts that keep the muscle warm to prevent muscle pulls or stains. Compression shorts offer uniform pressure and support to key muscles. 

Long Underwear

This means types of underwear are also popular as “Long Johns.” They cover your entire leg till ankle to give you an extra layer of warmth underpants when the weather is cold.

You can also learn to sew long underwear at home. Check these sewing hacks for more information. 

Mesh Underwear

Mens mesh underwear
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Mesh underwear is worn by men in hot weather or specific sports where wearing traditional underwear is not appropriate. These types of male underwear are often made from lightweight material and allow greater breathability. 

The lightweight material keeps the moisture away from the body so that you can feel more comfortable. It also has small holes in it so that air can circulate with ease.

4 Different Types of Male Underwear According to Body Shape

When we think of underwear, we often think of it as a piece of clothing that will be worn beneath an outfit and hidden from public view. 

So, should you choose the right types of boy’s underwear? Yes. The type of underwear you wear tells a lot. 

Types of male underwear according to body shape
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Underwear serves many purposes, such as it keeps your trousers clean from inside, absorbs body fluids, provides support to your genitals, regulates temperature in your body, decreases friction between your genitals and clothing, etc.

There is an underwear style for every man that can impact his day-to-day life. The right choice can improve your self-confidence and performance at work and attract your partner more towards you. 

Just like any typical attire, underwear also comes in different shapes and sizes. There are different types of male underwear, but not all suit everyone. Here is more information on different types of male underwear according to your body shape. 

The Tall Lads

Types of boys underwear
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The most sought-after question for all tall guys is to think about what type of underwear will suit them. Taller guys above 6 feet should stick to boxer briefs. 

When you wear a shorter fabric, it can make you look taller. Get all the required material and cover your spare legs. 

The Short Guy

Shorter guys should be more careful while choosing the type of underwear for them. If you choose long underwear, it can make you look shorter than your actual height. 

For short boys, Briefs are best since they don’t come with much material, making it easy for you to flash a lot more of your flesh.

Big Fat Muscular Men

Men types of underwear
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All types of men’s underwear look great, but men’s boxers look absolute on muscular men. Boxer’s design was inspired by the loose boxing shorts, which were worn by professional fighters. 

Old-designed boxing shorts were giving utmost comfort and freedom of movement to pro boxers. Since athletes have bigger thighs and legs than average men’s bodies, these boxers were not baggy but broader than the wearer’s thighs. 

Boxers are great for anyone who has an athletic body shape. If you have “chicken legs” or a thin frame, then do not opt for boxers. 

The Slimmer Physique

If you’re the one who has a slimmer physique, you should opt for tight underwear since it can make you look more skinny or bony. 

Choose trunks if you have this body type, as they are longer than briefs but are not too tight. When you wear trunks, your legs won’t look like a matchstick sticking out of fabrics. 

3 Different Types of Boxers Underwear

Types of boxers underwear
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Men’s boxers are one of the most versatile and comfortable types of underwear. They come in different lengths, cuts, shapes, and sizes. Here are three different types of boxers’ underwear. 

Long boxers

Long boxers underwear
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Long boxers can be 3, 6, or 9 cm longer around the thigh. These boxers are ideal for men who have more leg cover and large thighs. They are perfect for sports, yoga, cycling, etc.

Tapered Boxer

Tapered boxers are different types of boxers underwear with tapered legs for a trim fit. They may or may not have a fly front. This boxer’s side vents offer utmost comfort and freedom of movement in the legs.

Full cut Boxer

These types of boxer shorts have a fuller cut throughout the garment. Many times they have a U-shaped panel between legs to increase comfort and decrease binding. 

Full-cut boxers come with a fly front. If you’re wondering how to sew a fly front, you should learn some advanced sewing techniques.

8 Different Types of Underwear Men Should Own According to Colors

Different colors and variations represent different meanings. When you go shopping for a man’s underwear, do you pay much attention to the colors?

All types of male underwear
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Today’s men’s underwear comes in different colors and patterns. Most of the men prefer white color in underwear. 

As time passes, tight Whitney has lost its charm, and a whole new era of colorful men’s underwear has come up in the market. Here are some popular colors and different types of underwear men should own.


Sporty strong man white underwear
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White is always considered tighty white, but it never goes out of fashion, just like black. This is one of the colors in underwear which can be found in every men’s wardrobe. 

The colors’ purity, neutrality, and peace go well with almost all types of prints and patterns. Since the beginning of time, men have adored white underwear. There are so many reasons why you should keep white underwear in your wardrobe. Did you get one?


Types of briefs underwear
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Black has always been one of the most loved colors for all seasons. When it comes to underwear, it is also men’s favorite. This color represents sexiness, authority, power, and sophistication. 

So, when you want to look sexy, you should wear black underwear. Get a pair of black briefs as it goes with almost everything. 

Wherever you go shopping, make sure you choose one black pair of underwear for yourself as it is one color that suits everyone no matter how you look or what body type you have.


Another best color in men’s underwear is blue. Blue represents charm, softness, stability, softness, honesty, and understanding. 

There are many variations available in the blue colors. Right from light blue to darker shades, you can choose it as per your preference. 

Blue underwears are all about making you feel light from within to give you a royally fancy feeling and everything in between. You will love all different shades of blue color, but nothing can beat the original blue. 


Green boxer briefs
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When there is green around us, it soothes our mind and body. Green is an earthy and practical color. 

Different variations of green show emotional healing and protection. Choose green underwear when you’re ready to experience nature.


Purple men’s underwear is a great option when you want to keep it for a long time and not just for a night. Purple represents softness and love. 

Guys who prefer wearing purple underwear show that they know the worth of being loved and should be admired by their partners.


All types of mens underwear
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We all know red is the color of love. Don’t we? It signifies desire, passion, love, lust, and romance. When a guy wears red underwear, he is sure to see the spark in the air. 

It is also believed that when you choose red underwear, you’re in constant need of physical fulfillment via five senses. That’s why people prefer red underwear on valentine’s day. 

If you’re planning to give your men sexy red underwear, choose G-string in red color.


Different types of boys underwear
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Yellow comes in a lot of variations, and each variation represents a different meaning. Going for bright yellow can make you and others feel joyful and cheerful, whereas dull yellow might represent jealousy, sickness, and decay. 

Bright yellow colors are most preferred as it shows creativity and freshness. 

Other colors

Men’s underwear comes in different colors –almost any color you desire. If you don’t want to look old-fashioned, you should embrace as many colors as available in the market. 

The above-listed are some of the best colors in different types of underwear men should own. They will help you uplift your fashion sense and look stunning on your body. Choose the one that matches your personality. 


Underwear plays an essential role in men’s wardrobe. They are part of your clothing, and thus, special attention should be given to it. It is one of the most private and personal decisions you can ever take. 

While choosing the best underwear for men, you should consider style, color, pattern, body type, and skin color. Maybe underwear that suits one man might not suit another. 

All types of men’s underwear are available in the market, but there is no sense in wearing the wrong pair of underwear. The above-listed guide will help you choose the best underwear for yourself. 

So spend as much time as you need to find the right style for you. Stay comfortable, confined, and sexy.