Types of Jeans

A Beginner’s Guide to Types of Jeans – 39 Jeans Names, Styles, and Pictures

Denim jeans turned 140 years old in 2013. Jeans were first introduced in the fashion industry on May 20, 1873. Since the jeans’ launch, designers have evolved different types of jeans for men and women (you can also use woven labels to design your own, unique labels).

Nearly 360 million pairs of jeans are sold each year in the USA alone. Jeans have become an essential piece of clothing in our wardrobe.

Types of jeans
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Everyone across the world loves jeans, and there are different types of jeans available in the market. People just purchase different types of jeans, but they don’t know the jean’s name. Once they find their comfortable types of jeans, they will choose them every time.

Do you know there are tons of different styles, cuts, and fits available in the market? Jeans are characterized based on their type of cuts, fitting, and style. Knowing each type can sound like a lot of work, but don’t worry. 

Here’s an extensive guide on your most confusing question of “what type of jeans should I wear.” 

7 Types of Jeans for Men (Epic List With Pictures)

Have you ever wondered “what types of jeans are in style for men?” Remember that you’re not alone. Most men are out there tired of trying their hands on different types of jeans. 

Purchasing the perfect pair of jeans is a tedious task. One should have proper knowledge of different types of jeans he can wear. Men’s jeans come in a variety of styles and fit according to body shape. 

Different types of jeans can be worn almost anywhere as it always compliments your body. Here are the top 7 trending types of jeans for men.

Tapered Jeans

Different types of jeans
Image Source: Levi’s

Tapered jeans are one of the most comfortable types of jeans around the thighs, but they are tapered towards the ankle. It is popular among men with bigger thighs and waist. They are chosen by men who are not comfortable trying out slim or skinny-fit jeans. 

These jeans have a narrow hem at the bottom part. You’re looking for a slim look without wearing fitted jeans, then choose tapered jeans.

Boot Cut Jeans

Bootcut jeans
Image Source: GQ

Boot-cut jeans are a sweet spot between straight and slim-cut jeans. These types of jeans have a straight fit till the knees but become wider around the ankle area. 

They are fitted on the thighs, hips, and knees and have a flare at the leg. The hem at the knee can be 1 to 1 ½ inches wider than the standard width. 

These jeans were initially made for cowboys so that they can accommodate their boots in the jeans. The name boot-cut arises after that. Boot-cut jeans are ideal for men with muscular body shapes. Pair it with different types of sweaters for a more macho look. 

Slim Fit Jeans

Slim fit jeans
Image Source: Sene

Men get confused with slim jeans and often mix them with skinny-fit jeans. These close-fitting jeans are designed for slender body shapes. They have a straight or tapered leg that opens around 13 to 16 inches. 

Slim-fit jeans are stylish and comfortable to wear. They are appropriate for men on whom classic jeans can look baggy. Pair it with a slim-fit shirt or printed t-shirt and choose different types of belts with it.

Straight Jeans

Straight jeans are another regular type of jeans. They come with straight-cut and have the same fitting from waist to ankles. These are classic mid-rise jeans and have a wider leg opening. 

These jeans are often preferred by men who are not too slim but not too fat either.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans
Image Source: Pedram Normohamadian On Unsplash

Skinny jeans are tight from the waist to the ankle. These jeans don’t offer much mobility and are often worn as a style statement. Synthetic material blended with denim is often used to make it more stretchable, and comfortable to wear skinny jeans. 

Skinny jeans help highlight your legs, making them look longer than actual. Many people prefer to wear skinny jeans with oversized upper clothes, but jeans should always be chosen according to the body shape. This will help you look classy and stylish.

Relaxed Jeans

Relaxed jeans are super comfortable jeans and are preferred by men who have thicker thighs. It gives you extra room around your thighs and waist. 

Relaxed jeans are made using advanced sewing techniques. They have fewer threads (read more about sewing threads types and tips) so that even though you wear them for a long time, you don’t get any rashes.

Loose Jeans

Types of jeans for men
Image Source: Styles At Life

Loose jeans are baggy-fit jeans with a lot of fabric on the thighs, hip, and calves area. These jeans provide more space around the butts and thighs, preventing them from sticking to your thighs too tightly. 

These jeans are pretty comfortable for men who have a big waist. One can wear these denim jeans for a long time since they won’t make you sweat more. 

Among all the other jeans types, loose jeans are perfect for big-boned men.

12 Types of Jeans for Women – Top Denim Styles, Cuts and Fits

Jeans are one piece of cloth around which our lives revolve. No matter what occasion it is, women’s jeans can be found for it. Women can’t survive without jeans. They style jeans with any regular top, and they can really take them to places. 

Having just one pair of jeans is not enough nowadays. So move beyond your skinny-fit jeans and pave the way to a new experiment.

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans
Image Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Boyfriend jeans don’t mean you need to wear your boyfriend’s jeans. The boyfriend jeans are the ones that look baggy and have a loose-fitting down at your legs. These jeans have a relaxed cut, are snug-fitting, and are tighter around the hips. 

They are designed for people who feel less constricted and love street style. If you’ve a shorter scale, avoid these types of jeans as they can make you look even shorter.

Cigarette Jeans

Cigarette jeans fall between skinny and straight jeans cut. These jeans come with a snug-fitting, but they are straight down the thighs and have a narrow hem. 

Cigarette jeans don’t give full coverage to your ankle. These jeans are a perfect fit for women who want to show off their beautiful features. They are just a better alternative to your regular work pants.

Flare Jeans

The best stretch flares
Image Source: Business Insider

Flare jeans are perfect for those who want to rock those thick thighs. These types of jeans for women can give a vintage look to your entire wardrobe. They are tight-fitted jeans that fit above the knees so that the flares are well visible. 

With a broad leg opening at the bottom from knees to ankle, flare jeans are the perfect option for regular wearing. They are suitable for all body shapes and types, so channel up your vintage look with flare jeans today.


Jegging is one of the most comfortable bottoms. They are made from denim types of fabric. Jeggings are stretchable, comfortable, and provide an ideal fit for anyone. 

These types of jeans follow the same legging rules but come with waistbands rather than regular buttons. Jeggings are easy to wear and considered as the best addition to your regular jeans.

Low Rise Jeans

Low rise jeans
Image Source: The Independent

Low rise jeans are also known as low waist jeans that have hit the fashion street with a storm. They are everywhere and found in every other women’s wardrobe. 

These jeans sit right just below the belly button and look perfect on someone with a well-defined waist. Low-rise jeans are embraced by many fashionistas and influencers nowadays due to their comfort and casual look. 

These jeans can be found in straight-leg, skinny, boyfriend, and even boot cut categories.

High-Waist Jeans

High waist jeans were the top fashion trends in 2016 and 2017. They are the exact opposite of what low-rise jeans have to offer. These jeans can be worn just above the navel and make your legs look longer. 

As crop tops and cute bralettes increase in demand, everyone prefers to keep high-waisted jeans in their wardrobe. They can fit one’s natural waistlines and give enough coverage to belly fat.

Ripped Jeans

Types of jeans for women
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We used to throw away jeans when they got torn in earlier times, but time has changed now. With multiple slots and holes, ripped jeans have made their way into women’s wardrobes. Women cut out jeans using sandpapers and blades to give it a super cool look. 

These jeans are ideal for a ‘messy’ perfect look. Ripped jeans have rips almost everywhere—right from near to thighs, the whole leg, front, back, or just on one leg. 

If you’re looking for a more rough and messy look; then there is no better option than ripper or distressed jeans. 

Make sure you choose ripped jeans for casual occasions only. They can be eye-catching and add glamour to your average look.

Patch Work Jeans

Patchwork is back in demand to make high-fashioned jeans. They can be just purchased from the market, or one can try DIY by pinning different patches together or stitch or glue them on denim jeans. The end results are mesmerizing (read more about best sewing tips and tricks and make your own, unique cloth).

Crochet Jeans

Different types of jeans for women
Image Source: Styles At Life

Another feminine and delicate pair of jeans that come with beautiful lace fabric is crochet jeans. Lace and crochet make an ideal combination for jeans. 

The lace is stitched on the denim material for making the best jeans for someone who wants something new and different (here are some sewing hacks for you to understand how to sew clothes). Crochet jeans are appropriate for summer parties or brunches.


Overalls are no longer only for kids and teens. These types of women’s jeans are high in demand, and many fashionistas forecast that they won’t go away soon. 

Overall is the 90s fashion trend which has secured its place in today’s modern women’s wardrobe. Women prefer overall for two primary reasons: The first one is they are easy to wear and second is they are twisted on the same old jeans we all know well. 

Overalls can be paired with any types of socks, printed or plain top, bralette, or crop top. The combination options are limitless, so you must keep this comfortable clothing wear in your closet.

Capri Jeans

Dawn capri jeans
Image Source: 40+ Style

Do you want to balance between full-length jeans and different types of shorts? Then, go for Capri jeans since they sit right below your knees, giving you the best of both worlds. 

These types of pants are the best types of modern and stylish jeans to beat the heat in summer. You can flaunt your pretty legs and roam carefree with Capri jeans.

Capri jeans might not be suitable for all body shapes, but make sure you try it to see if it’s the right type of jeans for you.

Mom Jeans

Don’t you know mom jeans are back in fashion? Sounds impressive, right? In the past, mom jeans came in a limited variety, but nowadays, they are more stylish. 

They are loose-fitted jeans that are chosen for their comfort. So, if you’re looking for a high butt and loose front, mom jeans should be your choice.

4 Features That Can Affect Types of Jean Fits on You

People have been wearing jeans for over 150 years, and it has become essential wear for them. How does one find the best pair of jeans that fits right on your body? What are the different types of jeans available in the market which can fit you? 

Some small differences in sewing fabric, measurements, sizes, treatment, and other factors can make a huge difference in the way jeans look on you. That doesn’t count your body shape.

When buying different types of jean fits, one should look at the essential criteria of the fitting. Here’s an in-depth guide on different types of jeans fits that will help you in your next jeans shopping.

The Shape of Your Leg

Types of jean lengths
Image Source: BrightSide

The shape of the leg gives you an idea of what type of jeans you should buy. It is, in general, determined by three measurements such as the knee, the thigh, and the leg opening. All these measures affect your overall jeans style.

The thigh is measured at a right-side angle under the crotch. Include a small piece of fabric from the back of the leg to measure the full width of your thigh. For example, the knee is measured 14 inches from the crotch, whereas the leg opening is measured across the hem. 

The ideal combination of this measurement will give you the perfect shape of the leg. It can vary depending upon the brand. For example, one brand’s leg shape of a loose fit might differ from another brand’s regular fit.

To find the right pair of jeans, you should not neglect this. When you go jeans shopping, make sure you try different jeans fit or measure them against your pair of jeans to purchase an ideal fit that looks good on you (If you’re selling clothes, then use different types of woven labels for customization).

The Rise

The rise is measured from the crotch joint to the top part of the waistband. The back rise of the jeans is curved, and it wraps around the front of the jeans. In this way, you will get your figure-hugging jeans fit. 

The rise feature is essential in knowing whether the jeans will sit on your body or not. There are four basic categories of rises: low rise, high rise, mid-rise, and drop crotch. 

Like the shape of the leg, the rise can vary from size to size and brand to brand. Make sure you consider rise as a guideline while purchasing your favorite pair of jeans.

The Length

The time is now to break the golden rule of wearing jeans where your feet begin. With the new trends of cuffing, cropped legs, and stacking jeans, the length of the jeans matters a lot. It helps in deciding how jeans will look on you.

The length is the basic measurement of the inseam, which starts from the crotch and covers down to the leg opening. The inseam is a universal standard, and one should measure the inseam before going shopping.

The Fabric

Types of jean fabric
Image Source: Treasurie

Denim is made from 100% types of cotton fabric, which is known as ‘rigid denim.” As more spinning technology is used, many designers prefer stretch denim. 

A stretch material or some form of spandex is spun into the primary yarn. That’s why it can be only ring-spun. The major benefit of using stretch denim is to make more comfortable jeans. 

With some portion of stretch, you can get stretchability of up to 30-40%, making denim stretch 1.3 to 1.4 times its actual size.

Stretch denim should be considered when you’re looking for something contemporarily lean. Ensure it looks like denim; otherwise, opt for rigid denim if you’re looking for an authentic fit.

Now that you have understood four major factors that can affect the types of jeans fit, it’s time to understand different types of jeans according to the body shape.

4 Different Types of Jeans Fit According to the Body Type

Finding the most flattering type of jeans is a tedious task. One should have to go through a repetitive trial and error process. Not all jeans fit suits everybody, and yet many people follow the fashion trends blindly.

Types of jean fits
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When thinking about the right fit, it’s not about the size of jeans but about the fit – how the right size fits on your body

Different types of jeans fits are available in the market. The best way to determine the right fit is to understand your body type.

Average-Sized Body Type

If you have an average-sized shape, shopping for jeans will be easy for you. Any fit will look good on this body type. That means you’ve got so many options to choose from. 

An ideal choice for this leg shape is a slim straight fit. Even though you can wear skinny jeans, don’t buy them as they will make you look like a teenager and many women think it’s not suitable for men.

Average-sized guys can also go for tapered fits as it is more flattering for your beefy thighs than a slim straight fit.

Athletic Body Type

Jeans athletic men
Image Source: Men’s Health

If you have an athletic, slim waist with muscular legs and buttocks, choose the slim fit, bootcut, and straight leg jeans. Different types of jeans fit are excellent, but the low rise style will suit more on this body type than the high rise one.

Avoid buying baggy jeans as they can hide your athletic features. Do not go for regular fits that come with wide legs as it creates an imbalance and makes your legs look larger than your upper body part.

Muscular Body Type

Men who often squat rack at the gym will have a muscular body shape. Regular fit jeans with wide legs will look best on this body type as it accentuates your polished and toned body. 

Choose types of jeans fit for men, which come with larger, close-stitched pockets (Start with easy beginner sewing projects and learn to sew different styles). Avoid buying bootcut and skinny jeans that will make your muscular look bulkier.

Wide Hips Body

Jean hacks
Image Source: Pinterest

Men and women who have large hips need a paralleled width—right from hip to hem. Those who have these types of body shape should choose relaxed-fit types of jeans with one size up for a more comfortable fit. 

Straight-leg jeans with high rise will also work as they have equal width from hips to hems. Avoid buying skinny jeans or tapered fit jeans as those types of jeans fit can create a feminine silhouette.

6 Types of Skinny Jeans Everyone Should Have in Their Wardrobe

Fashion keeps evolving, but one thing that is still versatile in dressing is the types of skinny jeans. They are cozy and comfortable. Both men and women can wear skinny jeans for a flattering look.

People’s choices are changing, with most skinny jeans coming in blue shade. They have started looking for different patterns, styles, and colors.

Ripped Skinny Jeans

Types of skinny jeans
Image Source: Taylor Harding On Unsplash

Skinny jeans are popular among men and women. The blue ripped skinny jeans are another types of skinny jeans that come with denim fabric. 

These jeans are ideal for a formal and professional look. Women can wear it with different types of fancy tops and crop tops. These jeans are easy to wear and simple yet give an eye-catching look.

Hot Pink Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are available in different solid colors, and one of the popular colors among women is hot pink. These types of hot pink skinny jeans are made from soft pink denim fabric. They offer the cutest look when styled with printed t-shirts. 

These hot pink skinny jeans are ideal for the younger age girl group. You can also find different variants such as maroon and burgundy colors in these jeans.

Skinny Jeans with Lace Sides

Different types of womens jeans
Image Source: Pinterest

Jeans are one of the essential attire found in women’s wardrobes. They are popular, and it’s not only because they help you look best, but they also give you utmost comfort. 

These types of skinny jeans have high to the mid-rise waist and are made from white-colored jean material (here are 35 intermediate sewing projects to start your sewing journey). It has beautiful transparent lace on each side. Choose skinny white jeans with lace sides for a more pleasant look.

Patterned Skinny Jeans

When it comes to buying jeans, we often choose simple jeans. The time has changed now. Many women now prefer skinny patterned jeans in vibrant colors. 

They look amazing with any type of plain top and are appropriate for themed events and dinner occasions. If you’re bored with the same old, regular types of jeans and want to experiment with your jeans style, go for unique patterned jeans.

Floral Printed Skinny Jeans

Floral printed skinny jeans
Image Source: Pinterest

The floral printed skinny jeans are another variant of jeans. These skinny jeans help you showcase your body features in a sexy way. They are appropriate types of clothing aesthetics for picnics and day-out occasions. 

So if you’re a short and thin woman but have excellent features, don’t forget floral printed skinny jeans. Pair it with a light contrasted colored top, and you’re all set to show your sexy features.

Cut Out Skinny Fit Jeans

Skinny jeans for women
Image Source: Pinterest

When you wear skin-tight jeans, they often look amazing with loose or bulky tops. These skinny-fit jeans will enhance your look when worn with high heels or boots. 

They are made from canvas material and get a finished look with a cross-cut variant (Wondering for a more stylish look? Here are the top 10 reasons to start sewing clothes for yourself). 

Skinny cut-out jeans were introduced in the 1990s, and they are back in the fashion world, giving a fascinating and unique appearance. When styled with a netted top, it looks amazing. 

Do not try to overboard yourself with styling. Keep it simple, and it will look best.

6 Trending Types of Blue Jeans for Men and Women

Do you know there are more than 50 shades of blue jeans available in the market? Denim looks wonderful in all its variations. Any man or woman will probably have at least three shades in their wardrobe. 

Types of blue jeans
Image Source: Eduardo Pastor On Unsplash

With so many blue shades available in the market, it is pretty challenging to choose the right shade. Here’s a brief guide on different types of blue jeans that you should buy today.

Blue Slim Fit Jeans for Men

Blue slim-fit jeans are another common and versatile jeans trend among men. These denim jeans come in pure blue color and give the utmost comfort and stunning look. 

Blue slim-fit jeans have been in the market for a long time, and they have a long way to go.

Stoned Washed Blue Jeans for Men

Different jean styles
Image Source: Markus Spiske On Unsplash

Stoned washed blue jeans are also known as faded jeans. They were famous between the mid-80s to mid-90s

These types of men’s jeans are treated with potassium permanganate, pumice stones, or different types of chemicals to achieve this faded look. The same technique can be applied to different types of jeans-style. They are famous among people.

Cropped Blue Jeans for Girls

Have you ever heard of cropped blue jeans for women? There are different types of jeans for women in the market, and cropped jeans are one of them. 

These unique types of jeans-style are famous among young girls. These jeans are made for tall girls to help them flaunt their beauty. 

Cropped blue jeans give a sleek and edgy look and come in a light blue shade. They are made from cotton and polyester fabric (by using different types of seams) and are appropriate for any body shape.

Cuffed Blue Jeans for women

Best cuffed jeans
Image Source: Who What Wear

These types of jean styles have rolled-up cuffs at the bottom. They look best when chosen in a skinny fit, slim fit or tapered fit style. 

If a woman is looking for jeans that can give her a formal look, then cuffed blue jeans are best to complete your outfit.

Medium Shade or Chamber Blue Jeans

The medium blue shade ranges between dark blue and faded blue shade. These types of jeans have light fades like patches. 

Men can wear it with different types of shirts. Make sure you don’t wear denim with denim as it won’t look appealing.

Back Zip Blue Skinny Jeans for Women

All types of jeans
Image Source: Pinterest

We all know the jeans that have a front zip, but these back zip blue skinny jeans will also help you look more fashionable. All types of jeans that have different types of zippers at the back can give you an eye-catching and formal look. 

Pair these types of jeans with a stylish top and enhance your look. You can consider these jeans for regular wear also. They are trendy, fashionable, and quite comfortable. Those women who are tall and have thin petite figures can opt for these jeans.


Jeans are one of the most well-known types of pants in the world. There are different types of women’s jeans and men’s jeans available in the market—right from outdoor activities to casual get-togethers to casual office meetings. 

Ever since its first introduction, designers are trying their hands on it (using care labels and hang tags for personalization) and launching different styles and fits.

Jeans are now an ever-changing fashion fad, and it looks good on everyone. Make sure you choose the right pair of jeans so that you can look stylish as well, as it gives you the utmost comfort level. 

Do not just blindly follow the fashion trends; choose jeans that suit your body type. Do a lot of research before you go for jeans shopping as the right pair can help you tackle any trend, but a wrong pair of jeans can make you look ugly.

The above-listed information will help you find the best-fitting jeans for you. Once you get it, do not wait for long as you’re ready to rock. Just purchase it and wear it at any event.