Types of Crop Tops

52 of the Best Types of Crop Tops to Flaunt Your Waist and Look Sassy Than Ever

A crop top is one of the millennium girl’s favorite outfits. This simple yet stylish blouse design is popular among women. Crop tops have been stealing many women’s hearts for a decade and have secured their unique place in the girl’s closet.

Crop tops are the shorter version of blouse design. They are made using advanced sewing techniques and patterns. Crop tops enhance women’s fashion statement and are considered a new fashion for youth.

Types of crop tops
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This style is uber and chic and comes in all sizes and shapes. You can wear crop tops in many different ways.

There are different types of crop tops available in the market for women. This comprehensive crop top style guide will help you figure out the best.

Top 33  Types of Crop Tops for Fashionable Women

Getting ready was not never easy for women before. From romantic dinner nights to formal events, crop tops look fancy, and you can style them with everything.

Crop top designs are numerous. You can find different types of crop tops in both modern and traditional variants. Crop tops are made from different types of fabric and have different patterns and colors. 

White crop top
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This is not the 90’s so you can not expect everyone to wear crop tops with low waist jeans. Get over it and start styling crop tops with different bottoms.

Here is a simple guide on all types of crop tops with styling tips and colors.

Henley Crop Top

Henley crop top
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A Henley crop top is a type of crop top that comes in knitted fabric. These short-length crop tops are stitched with some advanced sewing hacks and can rock your overall look in warm weather. Wear a Henley crop top with leather shorts to uplift your look.

Tie Crop Top

This bohemian-styled crop top comes with a knot that must be tied at the back or sometimes at the sleeves. They can help you make a free-spirited statement and send clear bohemian vibes.

Lace-Up Crop Top

Lace up crop top
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If you want a rich and classy style, then opt for lace-up crop tops. These types of crop top list fall in rich outfits as they can give a sassy touch to your look with its delicate lace. Wear lace-up crop tops with high waist pants to look more glamorous and stylish.

Twist Front Crop Top

You can add some fantastic layers with knot-styled front crop tops. This crop top style has twist details in the sewing fabric

If you want to become a part of a sassy group this weekend, go for a twist-front crop top with black trousers. One can start with these easy beginner sewing projects to start sewing tops for yourself.

Peplum Crop Top

Ruffled peplum crop top
Image Source: Stylefavorite.com

One trend that can never leave fashion and are timeless is the peplum look. Peplum crop tops have some flares at the top from the waist. 

These types of crop tops are absolute love for all women who want to have a timeless and elegant look. Rock the dance floor and flaunt your beautiful curves with fitted jeans and a peplum crop top.

Choker Crop Top

Choker neck crop tops are not the common variety of crop tops that we come across. These close-fitted crop tops are worn and admired by many fashionable women. 

Choker crop tops are made from some types of polyester fabric and velvet to give them a shiny and classic look. These crop tops have adjustable straps that make the entire top comfortable and give it an intense look. Choose a choker crop top when going for a lunch date.

Metallic Crop Top

Metallic crop top
Image Source: Pinterest

Now you can bring the best out of your night by wearing bling and a shiny metallic crop top. Pair it with leather bottoms for the perfect night out with your partner.

Crochet Crop Top

Crochet crop tops come in sheer design and are created with yarn fabric. These crop tops come with woven labels and hang tags to give you more idea of the type of fabric used in it. Get the perfect beach look for summer by wearing a crochet crop top with a bralette.

Denim Crop Top

Denim crop top
Image Source: Style Over Coffee

Denim can never go out of fashion, and women love denim a lot. This cute little crop top is made from denim fabric. 

You can crack the fashion code with this winning fabric and style with ease. Wear a denim crop top when you choose to hang out with your beloved friends.

Cami Crop Top

Cami crop tops are the types of sleeveless short tops. These sexy types of clothing aesthetics are ideal for those beautiful dinner parties.

Layered Crop Top

Layered crop top
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Layered crop tops are different types of crop tops that have layers of fabric on them to add more details and style. These crop tops can make your waist more attractive and become a perfect style for evening wear. 

If you’re going for a casual weekend brunch, you should choose a layered crop top.

Frill Crop Top

The vibrant and trendy-looking frill crop top offers cannot be compared with any other outfit. These stylish yet simple crop tops can add unique drama to your look. 

They have sewn pleated designs on the top, which look attractive and helps you stand out from the crowd. Learn how to sew pleats with these 35 intermediate sewing projects.

Bardot Crop Top

Boohoo bardot ruffle crop top
Image Source: Topofstyle

Have you ever heard about Bardot crop tops? These short sleeve crop tops can remind you of the 90’s golden days and some television shows. 

Bardot crop tops have secured their place in women’s fashion with trendy looks, bright colors, and vintage hues. Choose the Bardot crop top if you want to recreate the old gold days with a modern look.

Zip Up Crop Top

If you’re looking for the most comfortable types of crop tops in a chic and elegant way, zip-up crop tops are the best choice. These crop tops come with different types of zipping, which you can adjust as per your comfort.

Tassel Crop Top

Tassel crop top
Image Source: Venoma Fashion Freak

Tassel crop tops are one of the stylish crop tops that boast eye-catching detailing done by different threads on the top. These crop tops create an elegant silhouette and are considered to be the best types of clothes when you go for a movie.

T-back Crop Top

Disclose your perfect back with a style that never goes out of fashion. The T-back crop top creates a T shape on the back and seems perfect for gala nights.

Criss-Cross Crop Top

Criss cross crop top
Image Source: Creative Fashion Blog

Glam up your look with criss-cross crop tops. These tops have some criss-cross pattern at the back that creates an overlay pattern on the top. These funny crop tops can be worn when going shopping.

Cape Style Crop Top

Cape-style crop tops are absolute love. These graceful and charming crop tops have flares from armholes to sleeves. Cape style crop tops can elevate your style at casual get-together events.

Low Back Crop Top

Low back crop top
Image Source: Pinterest

You can own the 90’s staple by wearing low-back crop tops. These crop tops come with a mid-long back to help you show off your back. They are perfect for making people’s heads on occasion.

Multi Strap Crop Top

Stripes are every girl’s weakness. Make sure you are ready to get maximum pleasant compliments when you wear a multi-strap crop top. 

Multi-strap crop tops can give you a bold, feminine vibe. They are perfect for upcoming music concerts.

Oversized Crop Top

Oversized crop tees
Image Source: Beyoung

As casual as oversize crop tops look, they can flash your waist and look comfortable. These lightweight crop tops are perfect for hot sunny days.

Sports Crop Top

Crop tops are not just for casual occasions. You can now wear crop tops in gyms as well. Different types of crop tops for gyms are available in the market for women. 

These lightweight crop tops can stick to your body and give you sufficient support you need as you exercise. Let other girls notice you while you do your cardio.

Button Closure Crop Top

Tied crop top
Image Source: A Beautiful Mess

Put the stage on fire with these refreshing crop tops. This promising crop top style can come to your rescue at weekend getaways. 

Button closure crop tops have buttons in the front and can give you a unique look.

Kimono Crop Top

If you’re looking for some gypsy vibe, then these flare-style crop tops are great. Kimono crop tops are the types of crop tops you can count on those summer days. You can also choose different types of shirts with it. 

Fringe Crop Top

Fringe crop top
Image Source: FMag.com

Get a cowgirl look by wearing fringe crop tops. It is one of the most loved crop top styles that can add fun layers of fringe to your overall look. 

They come with thin straps that can help you catch attention like never before.

Thumbhole Crop Top

These crop tops are unique. Thumbhole crop tops have sleeves that can reach until your thumb so that you can tuck your finger in them. 

These feminine and unique style crop tops can help you go from sweet to strenuous in an instant.

Polo Crop Top

Polo shirt cropped top
Image Source: Fashion Blog By Apparel Search

Polo crop tops have a polo design because of their neckline. These off-beat style crop tops are a clear alternative to wear on formal and semi-formal occasions.

Hooded Crop Top

Hooded crop top
Image Source: Anastase Maragose On Unsplash

One of the most used crop tops by women is a hooded crop top. This crop top comes with a cap at the back. They are ideal types of clothes when going hiking. 

Do not forget to check the care labels of these types of crop tops since the type of fabric used in making them requires special care.

One Shoulder Crop Top

One-shoulder crop tops are famous in women’s wardrobes due to their drooping neckline from either side of the shoulder. These types of crop tops are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. You can wear them at any function and shine yourself with bold designs.

Trapeze Crop Top

Trapeze crop tops have side seams that are cut straight and become narrow under the armhole. You can get a feminine vibe with these tops that have a free-flowing fit.

Off Shoulder Crop Top

Off shoulder crop top
Image Source: Magicpin

Off-shoulder crop tops are one of the simplest, elegant tops that have fallen sleeves from both shoulders. These must-have women’s crop tops can give you a modern and edgy look without much effort. 

Team up these gorgeous crop tops with shorts or skirts. Off-shoulder crop tops can also be made from types of cotton fabric.

Plain Spaghetti Crop Top

The spaghetti crop tops are one of the popular crop tops for young girls in cities. These versatile crop tops are made from types of polyester fabric. 

You can find these plain spaghetti crop tops with straps and sleeveless patterns.

Embellished Net Crop Top

All types of crop tops
Image Source: Styles At Life

Crop tops with different embellishments are women’s favorite outfits. These graceful crop tops can give you a sleek and elegant look. 

Get your desi Indian look at festivals with these bright embellished net crop tops.

6 Different Types of Crop Top to Wear on Different Occasions

There is so much you can do with different types of crop tops. This sassy little piece of clothes is packed with so much elegant personality. Even though you don’t have those 6-packs abs, you can still wear this crop top and show off your waist.

How to wear crop tops
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You can pick different types of crop tops as per your taste, style, and confidence level. The best thing about the new style of crop tops is that they can be worn at any event.

Just be confident with your own taste, and you can pick different crop top styles for a particular occasion. Here are some of the crop top styles for different occasions.

For Casual and Day-to-Day Wearing

Types of crop top list
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Casual means you need to feel comfortable and look classy. There are so many options available to uplift your casual attire. 

You can wear crop tops with high-waisted bottoms such as skirts that hit on your hips for a more youthful vibe.

Choose an unbuttoned denim jacket and wear a crop top under it with stylish skinnies for a simple yet trendy look. You can even choose a modern neon-colored crop top for giving a unique twist to your look.

For Formal Days

The key to a perfect formal day outfit lies in adding a unique style statement to a simple piece of clothing. You can choose cropped types of t-shirts for a formal engagement occasion. 

Pair crop tops with trousers or a pencil skirt to get those sophisticated looks. You can also keep your base easy and wear high-waist jeans with an off-white crop top with a leather coat. 

Chanel used double-crop tops with sheath dresses in its 2013 spring-summer runway. These all types of crop tops and their looks will help you look elegant depending on the layers you cover it with.

For Office or Schoolwear

Crop tops for the office
Image Source: Vogue

Just like having different types of crop tops for formal wear, you need to think about having crop tops for school or work.

At work, you still need to maintain that politeness and appropriateness through clothes. Make sure the crop top you choose at work doesn’t look vulgar and shows off much of your stomach. 

Wear crop tops with high-waisted jeans so that less amount of skin can be shown. You can also pair crop tops with midi skirts and platform heels, and you’re ready to attend your Monday meeting.

For Party Time

Crop tops are not just designed for festivals. You can wear trendy crop tops for any type of party. The one thing that you need to do is to put more accessories to sparkle your look at the party. 

Try some seduce prints, trendy hairstyles, and do some make-up, and you’re perfect for attending any party.

Choose bustier crop tops if you’re going to attend a cocktail party. This will help you stand out from the crowd. Make sure you create a rockiest style statement by wearing stylish necklaces, leather boots, and bottoms.

Modern women prefer wearing loose-fitted, and longer crop tops at parties since they are more comfortable. 

One disadvantage of wearing bralette crop tops at a party is that they are less comfortable due to their tight-fitting. When you sit down wearing a bralette crop top, it might create some uncomfortable moments.

For Night Out

Crop tops for women
Image Source: Pinterest

For your next night out, try featured crop tops. These types of crop tops can show a little bit of your skin, but they can impact your overall look. The feathers can elevate your overall look, making it appropriate for nighttime.

You can also choose a tank top underneath a cute layered appearance. Do not always choose a high waist.

For a Breezy Beach Outing

Summer is your perfect season in which you can look sexy and carefree. You can wear it in many ways. Enjoy the summer season with some lightweight outfits such as sheer crop tops or knitted crop tops. 

Try layering it over a tank top, bikini top, or sports bra, and wear it with lacy shorts or denim. Some flirty ruffle crop tops can also look amazing when paired with relaxed types of shorts.

12 Different Types of Crop Top According to Sleeves

Crop tops can be categorized based on many things such as fabric, color, pattern, cut, length, necklines, and sleeves. Different types of crop tops are available as per sleeve style. 

Different types of crop tops for women
Image Source: QuadB Apparels

You can choose sleeve length as per your comfort level. Here are some particular types of crop tops according to sleeve length and style.

Balloon Sleeve Crop Top

If you want to pull off a street-style look and want to look androgynous, choose a balloon sleeve crop top. These types of crop tops have ball-type sleeves, which makes them perfect for spontaneous occasions.

Puff Sleeve Crop Top

Puff sleeves crop top
Image Source: Lulus

Here are must-have types of sleeve crop tops that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Puff sleeve crop tops can help you achieve amazing fashion goals and give a vintage look. 

These crop tops have sleeves in a round-shaped design, making them glamorous pieces for vacations and outings.

Elbow Sleeve Crop Top

The elbow sleeve means the crop tops have 3/4th sleeve type. These types of crop tops can help you catch everyone’s attention at the ball and give you a simple yet elegant look.

Split Trumpet Sleeve Crop Top

Split trumpet sleeve crop top
Image Source: Weaveron

Different types of crop tops are available in the market that have bell sleeve type designs. These exclusive crop tops should be kept in your wardrobe as it speaks elegance when you wear them at casual brunch.

Bell Sleeve Crop Top

Bell Sleeve style is one of the most popular sleeve designs among women. This sleeve style has accelerated the demand for crop tops. 

Bell sleeve crop tops are best known for their flare look and vogue design. They can help college-going girls meet all fashion trends.

Cut-out Sleeve Crop Top

Cut out sleeve top
Image Source: Pinterest

These posh, vintage crop tops can help you draw attention. These are different types of crop tops that have cut-out designs on the sleeves. Pair them with strappy leggings for a more eye-catching look.

Ruffle Sleeve Crop Top

Now you can be that sassy girl in your group by choosing a ruffle sleeve crop top. These head-turner crop top styles have ruffle stitched sleeves that can give you an edgy look at a close friend’s party.

Bishop Sleeve Crop Top

Bishop sleeve pullover
Image Source: Oh to Be a Muse

Any type of sleeves can add glamour to a simple outfit. Sleeves can give a classic and beautiful shape to your figure and outfit as well. 

Bishop sleeve crop tops are hard to resist due to their expensive design. They are perfect for coffee dates.

Lantern Sleeve Crop Top

Lantern sleeve crop top
Image Source: Pinterest

If you want some incomparable look, choose lantern sleeve crop tops. These crop tops are great for women who like to experiment with their style. 

Lantern sleeve crop tops can be perfect for prom night. Learn to sew different types of sleeves and make your own styled crop top.

Tiered Sleeve Crop Top

There are so many fashionable tiered sleeve crop tops available in the market. These crop tops have layers on the sleeve and can add more charm to your beauty.

Long Sleeve Crop Top

Long sleeve crop top
Image Source: Jurllyshe

Long sleeve crop tops are one of the most common types of crop tops that can be found in every girl’s wardrobe. They are classy, long sleeve crop tops, and appropriate for formal occasions. These types of crop tops can give you a vintage and mesmerizing look.

Retro Sleeve Crop Top

These are some of the vintage-style crop tops. Retro sleeve crop tops can give you an 80’s feeling with their unique sleeve pattern. Many Bollywood actresses also preferred retro sleeve crop tops for a casual party.

7 Types of Crop Top List According to Neckline

Women’s crop tops have secured their unique place in fashion. They come in different styles, patterns, cuts, and necklines. The type of necklines used in making the crop top is the one thing that makes it a unique outfit.

Trendy crop tops
Image Source: Shiprocket Social

There are various types of crop top lists available for different neck styles. Here are some of the popular crop top neck styles.

Mock Neck Crop Top

Mock neck crop tops are also popular as faux neck crop tops. These crop tops look like closed necks, but they have an extended cut. 

Mock neck crop tops are designed to give you the utmost comfort during winters. This stylish and chic-style crop top can be worn with a skirt and different types of jeans. Mock neck crop tops can become your makeover attire for a cocktail party.

Turtle Neck Crop Top

Cropped turtle neck top
Image Source: Seventeen Magazine

Turtle neck crop tops are those crop tops that have high neck styles. You can look neat and grateful by wearing a turtleneck crop top.

Crew Neck Crop Top

Some simplest crop tops can get the biggest job done. Crew neck crop tops have a neckline until the neck. You can wear them to flaunt your sleek fashion style at pancake breakfast.

Round Neck Backless Crop Top

Ladies crop top
Image Source: Vin Stratton On Unsplash

If you want to look simple yet modern, girl, choose a round-neck backless crop top. What is better than a classic backless crop top at a cocktail party? Wear this gorgeous round neck style crop top to get a vintage feel and modern look.

Scoop Neck Crop Top

Want to flaunt your beautiful cleavage? Try scoop neck crop top. These types of crop tops come with a deep neckline and uplift your uber look. Saying yes to this crop top will be the best decision for your wardrobe.

V-neck Crop Top

Ribbed vneck crop top
Image Source: KSTYLICK

V-neck style is one of the popular necklines among women. V-neck crop tops can give you a more slimming effect and let you showcase your assets with elegance. These types of low-neck crop tops are brilliant for evening wear.

Squareneck Crop Top

Squareneck crop top
Image Source: Pinterest

Get some cute vibes this season by wearing a square neck crop top. These types of crop tops have square-shaped neck styles and are perfect for calling a celebration.


There you have got everything about different types of crop tops. All you need to do is choose the right crop top according to your comfort, style, occasion, and body type.

Get the best crop top and flaunt your beautiful waist anywhere.