Types of Corsets

15 Best Types of Corsets – a Beginner’s Guide to Get the Right Fit

How do you think the noble women of Europe managed to look beautiful some hundred years ago? The answer is Corset.

Corsets are one piece of crucial attire that many women from the past and present adore. Earlier, the women used to squeeze their bodies inside a corset, which was their regular dressing style.

Corsets are ideal for getting a slimming effect on the waist and exaggerating bust and hips to achieve an hourglass body shape. Victorian women hated them, but modern women just love the shape and confidence this outfit gives to them.

Types of corsets
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Modern-day bras are also derived from the corset, but today’s corsets are designed to give utmost comfort compared to Tudor and Victorian eras. If you’re wondering how to sew different types of bras for yourself, start with these 35 Intermediate sewing projects

Today’s corset comes in different sizes, colors, patterns, and even materials. They are also designed to wear for specific occasions. Since the right corset choice can affect your entire look and feel, it’s essential to choose the one which is right for your body and fashion goals.

Check out these comprehensive guides to understand different types of corsets and resolve your most confused question, “what type of corset should I get?”

What Is a Corset?

Corset for waist training
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The corset is a type of undergarment for women which is made from sturdy material to retain and guide the torso into your desired body shape. They have a tinier waistline or a broader bottom that many women adore for an aesthetic look.

They can lift the bust line and create an illusion of a long and thin torso. Just like heels, they might feel uncomfortable at first but can give your body the right posture it needs and do wonders for your self-esteem.

They come in different types of shapes, patterns, colors, styles, and materials, including cotton, velvet, twill, leather, lace, and brocade. If you are supposed to wear a corset as underwear, choose a breathable fabric such as 100% cotton.

The act of wearing a corset is known as “Corseting.” It involves manipulating women’s curves, lifting the bust, and making hips and shoulders look broader than actual shape. For a stunning look, you must choose a corset that suits your body type and size.

If you’re new to corsetry, getting proper knowledge of different types of corsets is essential for you. Here’s everything you should know about types of corsets.

Different Types of Corsets to Make the Right Choice

Whether you consider investing in a corset or just want to add on a new style to your wardrobe, taking the time to understand different types of corsets is worth it. 

Different types of corsets
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It can help you decide which style will suit most of your needs. Here are four different types of corsets that women used in the past.

Underbust Corset

Underbust corset women
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As the name suggests, the underbust corset is the type of corset that begins below the breasts and ends at the laps’ start. The most recommended corset for a beginner is an underbust corset with detachable garters.

They can be worn as a supportive undergarment to reduce the waist size and can also be worn over fashionable types of clothes. You can get an hourglass body shape by wearing an underbust corset over a shirt or dress, but still, it won’t support your breast enough. 

For a better look and posture, you should wear a suitable supportive bra with your underbust corset.

Underbust is one of the versatile corsets, and thus, you should invest in a single cotton underbust. You can wear that cotton underbust corset with a million different types of outfits, both over and under clothing.

The most popular types of underbust corsets are:


Underbust waist cinch corset
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The cincher is a type of underbust that is longer at the center front and back but is shorter on the sides.


Longline underbust corsets are meant for women with long torsos. They extend over the hips to provide extra coverage and concealment. 

Longline underbust are types of clothing aesthetics when you’re looking to give a nice-looking shape to your waist and hips. Make sure you try this underbust before purchasing. 


Underbust corset top
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This underbust is ideal when you’re looking for the most coverage on the back and shoulders. They come with straps and ends around the natural waist.

Corsets with Wide Straps

Elastic leather belt casual corset for women
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Corsets with wide straps underbust corset are ideal for women who have broad shoulders. They are available in halter and cross-back style tops.

Overbust Corset

Types of corset tops
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One of the most classic corset types is the overbust style. Overbust corsets cover the bust and end above the hips. It can lift breasts and reduce the effect of the waistline. 

You can wear an Overbust corset both over clothing or under a cloth, making it one of the versatile corset styles. Wear an Overbust corset alone-on skinny jeans for a perfect night out. 

The most common types of Overbust corsets are:

Cupped Corsets

These overbust corsets come with built-in pads. If you’re a woman with big breasts, then a cupped corset is made for you as it offers ample support.

Lingerie Corset

Lingerie corset
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Lingerie corsets are more revealing types of overbust corsets. They come with a G-string and built-in or detachable garters to hold up your stockings. Lingerie corsets are made from premium types of silk, high-quality lace, and beads.

Midbust Corset

As the name suggests, mid-bust corsets begin from mid-bust and go down to the torso and hips. Midbust corsets provide support to your breasts without creating any unusual push-up effect. 

The bottom edge is extended till the low hip, but its boning stops at a high place so that you can sit comfortably. Get ready to achieve a smooth and long columnar silhouette for any event.

Waspie Corset

What are the different types of corsets
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Waspie is another short corset that doesn’t have any types of collars. With a wide belt, a waspie corset sits around your torso to fit your waist. 

They are also known as waist trainers and can be used to get superior outcomes while reducing waist size. You can also wear this corset as a fashion piece over a fancy dress, top, or blouse.

Types of Corset Shapes and How to Wear Them

Most people believe that there are specific types of corset shapes available in the market. No, the truth is we have a countless number of corset shapes as we have many designers who use woven labels, care labels and some hang tags for branding. 

If anyone is thinking of buying corsets, it is important to check out different corset shapes and styles.

The corset depends on your body shape and individual taste. Having a proper understanding of different types of corset tops according to the shape available in the market can help you in making the right purchase decision.  

The choice of corset shape can affect your look, and thus, check out the below details on different types of corsets according to shape, body size, and position.

Hourglass Corset

Types of corset shapes
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Hourglass corsets can give you the ideal hourglass body shape with a small waist. This is the most traditional design of corsets and is known as a classic Victorian corset. The lower ribs are not compressed in this corset, and the waist is cinched. 

The hourglass corset can be underbust, mid-bust, or overbust and have a straight or sweetheart style neckline.  

They are the perfect corset when it comes to offering superior comfort and maximum waist reduction. According to corset standards, this corset is not ideal for getting the most eye-catching silhouette since the hips, and top parts are not compressed as the waist.

Pipe Stem Corset

In a pipe steam corset, the body is compressed throughout the torso to create an illusion of the length of the torso.  

The disadvantage of this corset is that it has severe strain on the ribs, and thus, you cannot wear it for long hours. You also need regular waist training to fit right into the pipestem corset.

Ribbon Corset

Waist cincher ribbon corset
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A ribbon corset is known as a modern-day corset which is made from some lightweight materials. This corset style is easy to wear and has loose-fitting. You can also choose a simple corset and learn to sew different ribbons on them. 


A waist cincher is the type of corset shape that covers the waist area alone. They look like a wide belt and give a smaller waist compression than other corset styles.

Wasp Corset

Types of corsets for waist training
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A wasp corset is meant to create an incredible, small-looking waist by nipping the waist and cutting the body in half. They are named as wasp corset because it creates a wasp on you with a segmented body. They also have a small strain in the abdomen and rib cage.

S Curve Corset

As the name suggests, this corset shape results in a figure with a chest throughout and hips pushed back to create an S shape on the body. This corset style has supporting steel and an inflexible busk at the front, which results in S curved shape. 

They are considered as one of the most comfortable corset shapes. They support the abdomen but also proved to be more restricted than other corset shapes. 

S curve corset shape can optimize the waist to almost 3 inches. This corset style is also known as Gibson Girl corset or straight front corset.

Front/Front and Back Laced Corset

This corset shape is classified based on the placement of lace. The lace can be placed on the front alone or front and back on both sides, or sometimes have triple lacing. You can also choose different types of polyester fabric and stitch on this corset. 

Guepiere Corset

Lace body shaper for women
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The Guepiere corset is a signature corset shape that was popularized by the fashion designer named Christian Dior between 1940 and 1950

This corset shape has a perfect combination of waist cincher, garter belt, and bustier into a single garment. Guepiere corsets are also known as Basque.

What Are the Different Types of Corsets According to the Period?

Corsets have evolved since they were first introduced in women’s fashion. Today’s corsets are the newer version of old corset styles. 

Every corset style has been passed from generation to generation, and it tells a unique story behind its style, size, and shape. 

Every era has its own corset style. So, here is everything you need to understand about “what are the different types of corsets according to the period?”


Elizabethan bodice corset
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This is a different type of waist-length corset that has shoulder straps and flat sides, which are used to cover the rib area and front part. The back part has a lace material, and the bottom has a scalloped edge. 

This corset style was created to give an elevated bust line. The bust was flattering in the front and pushed up the torso to create a dramatic squeezed cleavage. 

Apart from the cone-shaped torso, the Elizabethan corset-style also creates a wide-set shoulder and large and padded-out hips effect on the torso.


Edwarian corset
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Edwardian corset-style creates an S-curved shape on the body. This style was famous during the early 20the century. 

They are longer than Victorian-style corsets and reach over the hips.


Victorian corset
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The Victorian period is known as the ruling period of Queen Victoria. From 1837 to 1901, these types of corsets were used to get a curvy bustline with an evergreen hourglass waist profit. 

The neckline of Victorian corsets is either sweetheart-shaped or pointed, whereas the bottom is always into a pointed shape. The Victorian corsets were not as comfortable as Elizabethan corsets because they squeezed ribs to compress the waistline.

The Best 5 Types of Corsets for Waist Training

Do you know “steel-boned” corsets are also used for waist training? When you think of waist training with a corset, you should pay special attention to “what types of corsets for waist training are available in the market?”

Today, different types of corsets for waist training are available according to fabric, preferences, and taste. Some corsets are made by combining more than two sewing fabrics to give you the utmost comfort and a beautiful look. 

Here are different types of corsets for waist training to help you choose the one which suits your waist training requirements.

Cotton Corset

Different types of corset tops
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Cotton is the topmost used fabric used for making corsets. Many women prefer them because of their breathability, softness, and absorbent properties. 

So, if you want a waist training corset that can give you the utmost comfort and slimming results, then choose corsets that are made from different types of cotton fabric

They are soft on the skin, and because of their lightweight bodice, you can even wear them under your regular clothes. The cotton corset is ideal for women who have a shorter torso or want an hourglass cincher.

Mesh Corset

Waist training can also make you feel a little hot/warm and sweaty. The heat in your body converts into sweats, and thus, it’s an ideal choice to use Mesh corsets. 

Just like cotton, the mesh is another breathable and lightweight fabric used in making waist training corsets. This type of corset for waist training provides the sculpting power of a full-length underbust corset and allows easy air circulation throughout the body. 

The lightweight design of the Mesh corset doesn’t make it less to give you desired slimming effect. Waist tapes are placed to keep this corset in one place, whereas steel boning is hidden within the corset to ensure that you get enough sculpting power. 

Since mesh corsets are not made from bulky fabric, you can wear them under lightweight t-shirts and dresses.

Satin Corsets

Satin wedding basque
Image Source: Bridal Eyewear by Karen Louise

The short satin-made corsets are the ideal choice among waist-training women since Satin is shiny and beautiful. The satin bodice slides over with a smooth effect, and the shortcuts can give you a dramatic cinch at the waistline. 

If you’re looking for a satin corset, then choose high-quality ones that are made from medium-weight and thick satin. These corsets have the ideal stiffness that can offer the optimal durability you need for head bending.

Brocade Corsets

Corsets that are made from Brocade fabric look amazing and eye-catching. Since Brocade is a thick woven fabric, it can give you an elegant and classy look. 

When you want to go for waist training but still want to look stylish, Brocade corsets should be your top choice. Add this eye-catching piece of waist training corset to your closet, and you’ll never have to regret it. 

Leather Corsets

Sexy leather corset tops
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When looking for a unique style waist training corset, one should choose corsets that are made from premium types of leather. These corsets are made from Faux leather which is ultra-durable and lasts longer if cared for with proper guidelines. 

They are perfect types of corsets for waist training since they can hold up well to scrapes and stretches. Leather corsets also don’t peel or crack, so you shouldn’t be worried about that. Make sure you clean these corsets with a damp cloth.

Lace Corsets

Lace corsets are one of the prime corsets for waist training. Lace is popular among women, and it is used to make different types of undergarments for women, such as bras and panties

Lace corsets are breathable and lightweight, so you can wear them while doing waist training. You can fasten the laces according to your waist and keep the garment in one place. Make sure you don’t fasten it too tight as it can damage your garment.

5 Most Trending Types of Corset Tops Women Should Have

The corset tops are those women tops that are ideal for women who have a figure to flaunt. They are body-hugging tops that cover your contours and make you look what you are. 

In 1980, Madonna broke the patriarchal connotation of wearing any underwear as outerwear. She wore the popular corset tops by Jean Paul Gaultier on tour. That was the moment when corset tops came into fashion.

It’s no secret that the corset disappeared for almost 10 years and then came back again in the fashion.

Since then, everyone from VB and Knightley started wearing corset tops with different types of jeans. In 2016, Victoria Beckham styled it with a wool ribbon, Prada – a famous women’s brand started using lace to create waist belts, and the rest is history now.

The truth is these corset tops are versatile, and you can wear them almost everywhere. Different types of corset tops are available, from satin to lace to cute denim and different sleeve patterns. Here are some popular corset tops for women who want to look stylish.

Strapless Corset Tops

Pink and green floral corset top
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Strapless corset tops are one of the hot fashion trends which many women love.  These corset tops are popular among younger women who have a flattering figure. 

These tops have many trims: eye front and hooks, removable garters, and waist-cinching lace-up back. If you’re looking for a sexy look, then do not forget to choose strapless corset tops. 

You can also find some types of strapless corset dresses gathered at the waist and have a beautiful skirt, creating an eye-catching layer effect.

Halter Corset Tops

Halter corset tops are the ultimate fashion statement. These tops are made from almost all types of fabric, but the halter corset top made from leather is popular among women. You can pair halter corset tops with leather pants for a glamourous look.

Gothic Corset Tops

Gothic corset top
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These are other retro fashion corset tops that are associated with Gothic culture. Gothic clothes come in dark and extravagant colors and have black velvet, laced corsets, and leather dashes. 

Gothic style was popular during the late medieval time, but modern women love these fashionable tops. You can wear Gothic corset tops at parties and other functions.

Lace Corset Tops

Lace is one of the popular innerwear among women, and so is a lace corset top. Different types of lace corset tops can make you look incredible and help you reduce waist size by giving you a glamorous effect. Most women prefer to wear lace corset tops as an undergarment because of the holes in the lace material.

Bustier Corset Top

Bustier corset top
Image Source: Glamour

Bustier corset tops are designed to wear as an undergarment and over the garment. The modern-day bustiers begin at the bosom, reach the hips, have thin lace straps, and look like a tube top. 

Since tight-fitted boned undergarments are designed to shape a woman’s torso, they can extend from over or below the bust to the hips to give you a flattering waistline. Check out these advanced sewing techniques and sewing hacks to make a bustier waistline. 


Corsets have been famous for centuries now, and thus, many variations are available in the market. In the past, corsets were considered a vital undergarment to cinch the waist. Today, it is worn as a fashion accessory and for waist training as well.

There is a corset for every woman, and all you need is the proper knowledge to choose the suitable corset for yourself. Start with these easy beginner sewing projects to understand different basic corset designs.

The above-listed information will help you choose the best corset for yourself. Whether you’re looking to buy a corset for waist training or enjoy them as outerwear, keep the above information handy.