Types of Collars

This Week’s Top Stories About Types of Collars (7 Types and 12 Different Styles)

Collars are inseparable parts of clothes that are meant to upscale the overall look of every clothing item. They are a prominent way to show your style, and so almost all clothing pieces have different types of collars.

We all know what a collar is, but we should look at a formal definition of the collar to better understand it. A collar is a part of any clothing piece that is intended to provide some sort of closure around the neck area. 

While creating bespoke pieces, designers emphasize developing and fashioning unique design collars and use hang tags that make their dresses stand out in the crowd. If you’re a novice and don’t know much about sewing then you should first begin by learning “how to sew”. To simplify this process, today, we are here to help you. Learn more about different types of collar patterns and understand how each of them is unique. 

Different Types of Collars in Garments

There are three main collar types available, and all other styles fall under these basic types. You can search on the Internet for the best sewing tips and tricks to learn more about how you can create variants from these basic collar types. 

Classic Flat Collar

Flat collars are the ones that you’ll see in semi-formal and casual clothes. A flat collar is a broad category of collars, but they are just collars that lie flat on the main cloth’s material. There are many different types of dress collars available for this category, and we’ll check out some of them in this article.

Roll Collar

Roll collars are the most standard collar types. These types of collars are often found in formal and sometimes in traditional and occasional dresses too. Almost every person has owned a shirt once in their life and knows about these types of collars.

Stand Collar

Stand collars are inverted collars that stand upright around the neck area of any clothing piece. Most stand collars are a little tight around the neck area to ensure a snug fit of different types of dresses.

4 Different Types of Collars on Dresses – Choose the Best for You

Collar styles vary in cut, size, and placement. Each collar style is timeless and well known. Here are different types of collars on dresses based on the basic collar types.

Button-Down Collar

You have usually encountered this type of collar in uniforms. A button-down collar has buttons on either of its sides, using which you can fasten the collar and lock it with the whole dress. This collar style is suitable for different types of pants.

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Buttoned-Band Collar

It is a modification of the standard band collar. Buttoned-band collars have a band/ribbon encircling the neck. A button-sewn pattern is used over it to lock the band in position.

Polo Collar

A polo collar is a high-rise collar, which is often rolled down to create an aesthetic look. This type of collar on dresses is a modified version of the turtle neck collar.

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Jabot Collar

Jabot collars are the decorative collars that can be seen on business casuals and also on party dresses. Jabot collars are made of exceptional lacing and fabric ruffles that start from the collar and often go to the chest area. The different types of dress collars are smart choices among office-going women.

3 Different Types of Shirt Collars Decoded 

Collars are the main piece of clothing that help us distinguish between two different types of shirts. The material and print of the two shirts can be the same, but the thing that separates them from being identical is the collar. Most designers and manufacturers use different types of shirt collars along with care labels and custom woven labels. It is used as a style statement to make their shirts stand out in the market.

Point Collars

Point collars have widespread applications in North America, and around 30% of formal shirts have these types of collars. Point collars are an elegant way to style up everyday clothes. Point collars are used in business formals, and as their name suggests, they have medium-length pointy collar tips.

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Square Collars

You can guess how these collars would look just by their name. Square collars are a type of shirt collar that forms a square shape around the neck. These types of shirt collars for ladies are found low to medium in height. They have a good amount of stiffness to show the square shape perfectly.

Square collar
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Spear Collars

If you’re looking for a Retro styled collar sewing tip, then spear collars are your ideal choice. Spear collars are the ancestors of modern point collars. Spear collars are a different type of shirt collar that has long pointing flaps with sharp edge-like collar tips. These types of collars on coats were lost, but they are making their way back into the market after being used by reputable designers.

Know Different Types of Collars for Men

Men have a wide range of dressing options to choose from, and the only thing that separates each of them is the collar style. When choosing different types of collar for mens, it is of utmost necessity that you keep in mind your face shape, neck fit, and how it would upscale your look. Here are some of the collar types for men.

Club Collars

If you are longing to look and feel like a high-profile student from England’s top universities, then club collar is your choice. Club collars are just simple point collars that we’ve looked at above. The club collar’s edges are rounded off, so they look a little subtle in style. Club collars were often worn by high-profile students and were sometimes also included in school uniforms.

Pin Collars

Pin collars are a formal collar type wherein the collar is pinned up together. Pin collars are the first choice for people who wear a tie–wearing a pin with the tie that uplifts the overall aesthetic of the shirt and suit. Pin collars are best when they are used for formal and semi-formal occasions.

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Band Collars

Band collars cannot be categorized into collars; instead, they are just bands of stiffer clothing sewn at the top of any clothing material. Band collars are getting quite popular in today’s era where everyone is looking at comfort. They are used in semi-formal or casual dresses. One other name for band collars is mandarin collars, as they’re inspired by mandarin dressing culture.

Types of Blouse Collars To Help You Stand Out

Women wear blouses on special occasions, and thus, blouse collars demand an exceptional outlook and design. For the different types of wedding dresses to shine out, the types of womens collar must be unique. Here are some outstanding Blouse collars.

Peter-pan Collars

Peter-pan collars are the best and most famous types of blouse collars ever designed. These types of shirt collars women are often found in semi-formal dresses, blouses, and gowns. Most party gowns also have a peter-pan collar because these are the best collars that accommodate different types of necklines.

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Chelsea Collars

Chelsea collars are the types of collars on shirts of women that are often found in formal and semi-formal clothes. Chelsea collars have a distinguished ‘V’ shaped neckline with a flat collar. These types of blouse collars are the most elegant-looking collars for women’s formal attire.

Top 3 Types of Women’s Shirt Collars – Up Your Choker Game

As the industries are expanding and more and more women are opting for corporate jobs, there is a high demand for different types of women’s shirt collars. Most women like to opt for a shirt while being in a formal environment. As it is with women, they’ve found ways to upscale formal shirts and attires with different types of collars. We should keep up with this knowledge, too, so have a look at some popular women’s shirt collar types.

Sailor Collars

Sailor collars are ideal for corporate women when they want to look a little fancy while maintaining their formal attire guidelines. Sailor collars are often thought of as a medieval-era gift from the US Navy, and it has been flourishing in the market forever. 

These sort of collars can be identified by looking at their broad and unique V-shaped neckline. With collar flaps that have no stands, sailor collars lie flat on the shoulders whenever worn.

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Turtleneck Collars

Women who wear suits during the winter season love the turtleneck collar. A turtleneck collar is a skin-fit collar type with a high raise on the neck. Most women like turtleneck collars that are knitted. This type of women’s shirt collars provide a soft feel on the neck and also act as insulation against the cold weather.

Bertha Collars

No other collar can provide you a queen-like feeling other than the Bertha collar. The bertha collar is made of lace material. It first appeared around the Victorian area. Most women like bertha collars that are detachable so that they can wear this type of collar on their shirts and evening gowns.

Types of collars on dresses
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Different Types of Collar Patterns to Give Modern Look

People are changing day-by-day and looking for new ways to uplift their attire. Thus, they are choosing different types of collar patterns that they can know how-to sew. There are many sewing patterns available for different types of collars which you can find on the Internet.

Cascade Collars

If a vivid and standout collar design is what you are looking for, then a cascade collar is something that you should definitely look at. A cascade collar is made from a circular fabric and sewn at the top of any clothing material. Cascade collars can be seen hanging from the front of a cloth’s neckline and are often sewn on soft fabrics like chiffon and silk.

Types of collars on coats
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Cowl Collars

A standard collar that can be seen in winter dresses is the cowl collar. A cowl collar is a different type of collar pattern that is made from a big piece of fabric that is then grouped over the neck. It creates a cowl-like look around the neck.

Johnny Collars

Johnny collars are an ideal choice for people who want to have a casual-looking dress. Johnny collars are found in t-shirts for both men and women. This type of collar has a V-neckline as well as a standing collar. One amazing thing that separates this collar is that the collar flaps do not go all the way to the end of the different types of necklines. They are just sewn at the top of the collar.

Different Types of Jacket Collars Everyone Should Own

Jackets give a whole different look to your personality. The different types of jacket collars can add more value. 

Peak Lapel

A peak lapel/collar is an uncommon collar type found in mens’ suits and jackets. A peak lapel is a formal collar type with an added style twist. The real reason behind why a peak lapel is uncommon, it’s because it is one of the most expensive and hard-to-make collar types. So only high-end suits, jackets, and custom-made suits encompass such collars.

Shawl Lapel

Most people love jackets and suits with a shawl lapel. We all have seen a tuxedo suit somewhere, right? That collar on a tuxedo suit’s jacket along with different types of pants is the shawl lapel. Shawl lapels are fully fashion-oriented pieces of clothing, and they’ve been in people’s wardrobes for a long time. Shawl lapels are solely reserved for formal attires, and they also look good if worn on some occasions.

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Notch Lapel

The notch lapel is a different type of jacket collar, and almost everyone has come across this once. When choosing a suit or jacket for the first time, most people resort to this collar type as it is easy to fit into this. Notch lapels are generalized, and it can suit any type of clothing aesthetics. The reason for the name of this collar type is right there in its name. A notch collar is named after a small notch found in the collar.

A Brief Explanation on Types of Collars on Coats

Once the weather starts getting cold, people start looking for a cute coat which can help them save from cold as well as looks good on their personality. Having different types of collars on coats not only increases your coat’s visibility but also helps you feel good. 

Clover Leaf Lapel Collar

Cloverleaf collars are advanced-level peak lapels. Cloverleaf collars, just like the cloverleaf, are developed by dividing the collar piece into four individual parts. In a Cloverleaf collar, the bottom pieces of the collar overlap each other, and the top pieces have rounded edges. The rounded edges are relatively shorter than the bottom pieces.

Knit Collars

If you’ve ever owned any sportswear jacket or coat, then you probably know what a knit collar is. A knit collar is a type of collar on coats that is a flexible collar piece made of any stretchable fabric like nylon or spandex. The motive behind knit collars is to provide a good fit around the neck and wrap the neck better.

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Angled Shawl Collar

If you’re thinking of wearing a suit or coat with a satin or silk collar, you should definitely choose an angled shawl collar. The angled shawl collar is an enhancement to the regular shawl collar. In some ways, they are a little more decent-looking option for people who do not like to wear round-edged collars.


Regardless of whether you’re a man or woman, different types of collars are available to choose from. You can choose the most suitable collar type to uplift the overall look of your upper body part. You can also learn to sew an ever-increasing range of collars and create your own collar styles.