Types of Clothing Aesthetics

Guide on Types of Clothing Aesthetics With Pictures

When you wear your favorite types of clothes, you feel confident, powerful, and capable of doing anything. Your favorite clothes can make you feel cheerful and happy.

Fashion is a popular art form, vehicle for creativity and self-expression. Fashionable clothes can make you feel empowered. A theory on this proves that dopamine is released in your brain and gives you a similar rush that a drug can.

With new and emerging fashion trends, fashionable clothes are becoming more popular and making their way into everyone’s wardrobe. Some fashion trends are evolving for good.

Womens white button up coat
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There are so many types of clothing aesthetics to choose from. Sometimes it might be challenging to pick the right one for yourself.

Whether you’re someone who likes old and classic touches or someone who wants to stay trendy, this guide is for you.

No matter how trendy you’re and how much you keep yourself updated with the latest fashion trends, you might miss out on some significant trends. To make it easier for you, we have prepared this ultimate guide on different types of clothing aesthetics that will suit everyone – from young adults to older adults.

Let’s dig out some fantastic types of styles in clothing.

18 Different Types of Clothing Aesthetics – Which One Are You?

What are different types of clothing aesthetics for men and women, and how to choose the best for yourself?

Types of clothing aesthetics
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Whether you like minimalist fashion style or vibrant style with various colors and patterns, there are many types of outfit aesthetics. We have to make sure that while choosing the best types of dressing styles, we can protect the environment and keep a strong focus on sustainability.

Here are some of the best types of clothing aesthetics to help you choose a different outfit for every day.

Vintage Style

Vintage clothing style
Image Source: Radisson RED

Vintage types of clothing aesthetics are all about old and classic looks. This fashion came into existence in the bygone era, but they are not so bygones. 

There are so many fashion styles, and trends come and go, but vintage style is timeless. Vintage style will always stay in fashion.

As it is said, old is gold, and that seems to be right for vintage style. Capris, skirts, high boots, and denim are some of the vintage types of aesthetic outfits that one should add to their wardrobe. Here are some other vintage clothing styles that were trending from 1920 to 1990.

1920: Flapper Dresses, Heeled Mary Jones, Long Breads, and T-strap shoes.

1930: Bolero jackets, Puffed and flutter sleeves, Fedoras, Oxfords, Slingbacks, and Peep-toe shoes

1940: Reptile shoes, Wool plaids skirts, Handbags, Straight tweed, Platform Shoes

1950: Full skirt with petticoats, Twin sweater sets, Shirtwaist dresses, Fur Trim, Wayfarer sunglasses, and Strings of pearls

1960: Bohemian Style, Elegant pillbox hats, Bell-bottom jeans, Jackie Kennedy style, Box-jacket suit, and flowing tops

1970: Boho-chic, Thigh-high boots, Birkin bags, Block heels, and Flare jeans

1980: Sweaters with solid shoulders, Gold Chains, Golf Shirts, and Stilettos

1990: Chokers, Big Sweaters, Leggings, and Flannel Shirts

Artsy Style

Artsy style is an unconventional fashion style that comes with bold and bright colors and exaggerated prints. If you’re someone who likes art or avoids conformity and standards, then artsy style is for you. 

Women who want to make a style statement also opt for an artsy style. These types of clothing aesthetics have unusual silhouettes with unique shapes. Most of the shapes are hand-crafted or homemade.

Artsy clothes are much more about creativity. Many designers launch unusual yet eye-catching artsy clothes in the market with hangtags that can help you look beautiful and creative. 

These clothes can be made from different types of fabric you have in your home. The artsy fashion style is broad and flexible, so if you want to find the best for you, you will need good taste in both colors and patterns. 

The right combination can bring excellent outcomes for you. Add an artsy bag to complete your look and let your personality express itself from the dress you wear.

After the Covid-19 outbreak, artsy masks have become an essential part of the outfit. If you’re wondering how to sew an artsy mask at home, you can start with any sewing fabric.

Biker Clothing

Biker rough tough look
Image Source: Voylla

These are the types of clothing aesthetics that represent what bikers should wear. Hoodies, jackets, shirts, jeans, motorcycle vests, and boots are popular trademarks of biker clothing style. 

Biker clothing style is considered as one of the glamorous, sexy, versatile, and aesthetic types of clothes. These clothes are made by using advanced sewing hacks.

Casual Style

Casual style is different types of aesthetic clothing for everyday use. While men can choose a blazer with a formal shirt and a tie, women can choose skirts and slacks with proper blouses and tunics. 

They are also popular as business casuals that prioritize comfort and leisure, making you look stylish with minimal fashion. You can consider this style for business meetings and conferences.

Casual types of clothes are those that can make you feel relaxed and at the same time maintain your elegance level so that you can wear them every day. This style is perfect for expressing a true sense of personal choice to the public. 

This cute and casual style can help you feel comfortable on your journey, from leggings to jumpers and dresses.

Grunge Style Clothing

Grunge style clothing
Image Source: LUULLA

Grunge types of dressing styles originated in the 1980s as part of grunge music. This style emphasizes more on layering and oversized outfits. 

Leather and metallic jackets, slogan tees, flannel shirts, ripped denim, mom jeans, fishnet stockings, and crop tops are some types of clothes considered grunge style clothing. This style brings something for everything, so start ready to make an impact with your statement. 

The 1990s grunge version has a rocking, edge appearance that describes the era’s particulars. If you want a “naughty attitude” look, then choose metallic jeans, clashing designs, and baggy shapes.

Casual Chic Fashion Style

A casual-chic style is an easy-going and elegant style that includes feminine and classic clothes. These clothes are found in black, white, and neutral colors, which look classy. 

The word “chic” means elegant and stylish, which refers to a particular type. This fashion style is popular for wearing some monochromatic outfits with sleek types of necklines that show that she has the power inside her. 

You can get a sexier version of chic fashion style by exposing the best features of your body but do not expose legs and cleavage. Save it for those special events.

Trendy Fashion Style

Trendy style clothing
Image Source: Pinterest

Every clothing piece that follows some fashion trends is known as a trendy style. If you’re someone who keeps herself updated with the latest fashion trends and revamps wardrobe with each season, you are the trendy woman. 

These types of clothing aesthetics are one of the easiest and convenient to follow, with no dramas and no intricacies. Trendy fashion clothes are fashionable and express the latest fashion styles.

Vibrant Fashion Style

Vibrant fashion style is the one that can get you all the attractions you need. These types of aesthetic clothing refer to style in rich, loud, bright, striking, and bold. 

Vibrant style is full of energy, enthusiasm, confidence, and intensity at the same time mixture of vibrant color, exaggerated embroidery, vibrant pattern, etc. This style has a wide range of designs and colors, but minorities often wear it.

Formal Office Style

Formal office style
Image Source: Nick Karvounis On Unsplash

Even though you are a casual dresser, thinking about what to wear to those important office meetings or functions is still a dilemma. 

Formal office style is the fashion style you need to address these kinds of problems. This men’s style includes a dark suit or tuxedo with matching tie and skirts, trousers, appropriate dresses, and shirts for women. If you want to attract attention in your office, then do not forget this style.

Elegant Style

Elegance is everything about glamour, and thus, this style involves updating the whole wardrobe with classy and glamorous clothes. These types of outfit styles are sophisticated, intelligent, classy, high-quality, and timeless. 

This elegant style represents unusual effectiveness, sublime class, and simplicity. These dazzling outfits can be paired with exceptional diamond jewelry that can complement your features in a perfect way.

Gothic Style

Gothic clothing style
Image Source: Gothic Fashion

The Gothic style is related to black colors. Everything about gothic style is black-black hair, black shirt, black lips, and black boots. Gothic style is also a part of gothic culture, including gothic music and gothic fiction. 

This style is beautiful, steampunk, and mysterious. This style includes tight-fitting clothes with many gothic jewelry and accessories. You can see this style in the Games of Thrones series.

Sporty Style

Sportswear is another synonym for casual wear. In the past, sportspeople wore sports clothes, but nowadays celebrities are taking this trend to another level. 

Workout clothes, activewear, and gym clothes are known as sportswear. They are designed in a way to give you an easy transition from exercise wear to casual wear. 

Sports style is all about sports clothes. The main aim of sports style is to flaunt the sports out of you. This effortless style includes tight runner pants, tees, and a ponytail look. 

The majority of today’s sportswear is made from petroleum-based materials, which are considered to be very polluting. One should check woven labels and care labels before purchasing sportswear.

Exotic Style

Woman wearing dress and sneakers
Image Source: Fashionology Mag

As the name suggests, this fashion style is all about wearing something that nobody ever tried. This style centers around colorful, attention-grabbing, and rich clothes. 

Many elements are added in exotic styles, such as mysterious and vibrant design, bright and bold colors, and intricate embroidery to help you stand out from the crowd.

Ethnic Style

Ethnic style is also known as traditional fashion style. This style refers to clothes that have significant inspiration from the culture. 

There are different types of traditional clothes from different nations. Ethnic style includes:

    •   Afghan coats.
    •   Tunics and Kaftans from the east.
    •   Mexican peasant clothes.
    •   Japanese Kimonos.
    •   Colorful bandanas from gypsies.

This is a global fashion that you can choose.

Lolita Style

Lolita clothing style
Image Source: RebelsMarket

Lolita styles are different types of dressing styles that are meant for teenage girls. This cute fashion style includes dresses with different types of collars, puffy sleeves, frilly petticoats, printed socks, cute headwear, cuffs, and lightweight jackets.

Kawaii Style

Kawaii style is a Japanese style that teenagers from all over the world have accepted. This style came from the streets of Japan and included clothes that are feminine and girly. 

This cute fashion style includes shorts, skirts, and t-shirts with cartoon characters embossed on them.

Military Style

Modern military fashion trend
Image Source: Pinterest

These are different types of clothes aesthetics that you should opt for. With khaki and palette, military style can help you stand out from the crowd. 

This style comes in a wide range of colors and shapes. Cargo pants, coats, jackets, and warm parkas are some types of military-style clothes. They can give utmost comfort and are functional.

Evening Wear

This style includes a fantastic selection of nightgowns, elegant evening dresses, formal wear, and sleep shirts. This fashion style is perfect if you have to attend an evening wedding or ball. 

This style includes tailcoats and tuxedos for men, and women can wear some glittery evening gowns and fantastic cocktail dresses. Don’t forget about evening lingerie to lift your inner self.

14 Types of Clothing Styles for Ladies – Classy Yet Trendy

Fast-forwarding to 2021, the popularity of Tik-Tok and Instagram increases every day. There are so many types of clothing styles for ladies that have become an essential part of fashion and culture.

Interface material for sewing
Image Source: Freestocks

Cottagecore is a new term that has emerged from the quarantine, and millions of girls on tik-tok are using this term. There are many different types of clothing aesthetics that are trending in fashion. Here are a couple of them if you want to upscale your look or just want to brush up on your online fashion trends.


Egirl aesthetic clothing
Image Source: itGirl Shop

The E-Girl look has dyed hair and hyper-stylist makeup that can highlight cheeks and eyes. This borrowed look from animation can be paired with hair clips, choker necklaces, silver jewelry, and mesh clothes. E-Girl look can give you online gaming vibes even though you don’t take part in it.


This style has been named after a popular photo editing app called Visco. VSCO girl style is trending among girls, and the necessary dressing ingredients are high-waisted jeans, white sneakers, oversized T-shirts, Hydro Flask water bottles, and scrunchies. 

These types of clothing for ladies can give you a low-key and basic look.

Soft Girl

Soft girl aesthetic clothes
Image Source: Cosmique Studio

These aesthetic types of clothes are similar to VSCO girls. The main difference is that this style can give you an ultra-romantic look. Soft girl clothing focuses on bright hair barrettes and pastel colors. 

These cute types of aesthetic clothing can include pleated skirts, cardigans, and sweater vests. Some ladies also prefer to experiment with this look by pairing it with contrasting items such as black baguettes, exotic sunglasses, and chunky boots. All of these clothing will have a “soft” appearance and can give you a particular aura.


Just imagine a lady wearing a breezy nightgown and living in a tiny cottage surrounded by greenery. It sounds like total bliss, right? 

The cottage and garden might not be there, but you can get this imaginary look by wearing an eyelet and floral prairie dress reminiscent of The Little House. Brands such as Hill House Home and Christy Dawn can help you get this look.

Art Hoe

Art hoe outfit ideas
Image Source: All Things Rainbow Store

Art hoes are different types of outfit styles that started on Tumblr with the LGBT + community expressing themselves with art. The term “hoe” can be controversial, but Mars – co-creator of aesthetics explained to The Guardian. 

Art hoe or Art ho is a term that can empower and lift color participation in the movement. You will often find yellow color used in these types of clothing aesthetics since it is a vintage-looking outfit that represents nature or art.


Ladies, if you’re looking for a new look for your Instagram Grid, choose baddie. Full makeup, designer dresses, and tight-fitting dresses are types of dressing styles for this aesthetic. Some beauty bloggers and Kardashian are pros at channeling this look.

Bohemian Style

Types of maxi dresses
Image Source: Nicole Geri On Unsplash

Bohemian styles for ladies are made up of casual, summer, stylish and modern outfits. This hippie style is inspired by the 70s and consists of long hair, bell-bottom pants, freestyle clothes made from bright colors and prints. 

This is a modern-day variation of the hippie style that today’s women adopt. Bohemian style is inspired by various free spirits, hippie influences, and bohemian with vibrant colors and natural and handcrafted clothes. One can learn to sew bohemian-style clothes with ease.

Sexy Style

These types of clothing styles for ladies are all about flaunting your beautiful features. Sexy clothes are often hot, seductive, and sensual. They are perfect for grabbing great adequate attention.

Preppy Style

Preppy clothing aesthetic
Image Source: Just The Design

Prep school students inspire the preppy style in North-eastern America. Other campuses also adopt this style. Preppy style clothes include:

    •   Polo shirts.
    •   Henley shirts with sports jackets.
    •   Straight-leg chinos.
    •   Plaid short skirts.
    •   Crew neck sweaters.

Cowgirl Style

Get the cowgirl look from the 19th century wild west with this style. Denim skirts are one of the essential clothing ingredients of cowgirl style. 

The types of aesthetic outfits this style includes are cowboy boots, button-down shirts, leather fringe details, and a wide-brimmed hat.

Girl Next Door Style

Girl next door clothing style
Image Source: Pinterest

Girl next door style is all about keeping things simple. This sweet and simple, laid-back style often includes classic and timeless clothes that give you utmost comfort and are easy to wear. Simple sundresses and comfortable graphic t-shirts are types of clothing aesthetics of this style.

Tomboy Style

Tomboy style can be chosen when you want to look like a boy but still want to maintain feminine aspects from your dressing style.

Girly Style

Modern girly style
Image Source: PureWow

Girly style is one of the popular feminine styles that young and cute girls adopt. Girly-style clothes are skirts, blouses, and dresses with many features such as frills, laces, and ruffles. This style often includes all pink-colored clothes and accessories with a lot of makeup.

Maternity Style

These types of clothing styles for ladies are appropriate when you are pregnant. Maternity clothes are stylish, comfortable, and attractive that flaunt your belly shape. 

Dresses, shorts, pants, shirts, jumpsuits, and swimsuits are some of the maternity styles of clothes you can wear during pregnancy.

14 Types of styles in clothing If you Want to Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Fashion trends are evolving with time, but there are specific trends that never go out of fashion. Different types of clothes are just more than a piece of fabric. Clothes allow you to express yourself and tell the world about you without even saying a word.

Types of aesthetic clothing
Image Source: Burgess Milner On Unsplash

Finding a style that suits your taste and personality can be challenging since so many types of styles in clothing are available. Here are some of the popular clothing styles to help you get the perfect look.

Classic Fashion Style

Classic style centers around fashionable clothes that are popular in a particular year and time. Well-cut trousers, turtlenecks, and trench coats are some of the clothing styles that are known as classic fashion styles. 

Style icons such as Jackie Onassis and Audrey Hepburn are some of the best examples of using classic fashion style.


Types of aesthetic outfits
Image Source: Pinterest

Cosplay style is difficult to ignore nowadays. This fashion style is inspired by pop culture and includes accessories and costumes that represent particular characters. Many people choose this style to dress up as their favorite Anime and Furries characters.


Dancewear is different types of outfits inspired by street dance, tango, ballet, hip hop, jazz, salsa, etc. These types of styles of clothing are famous all around the world. Dancewear is perfect to wear when you exercise, perform at a ballroom, or just a casual event.


Punk total look
Image Source: La Grande Boutique

Let your rebellion side shine by opting for punk style. Rule-breakers and rebellions prefer punk clothes. Subversive punk rockers inspired these types of aesthetic clothing in the 70s and 80s. 

Leather jackets, ripped fishnet stockings, chunky boots, blazers, and skinny jeans are types of clothing for punk style. Punk clothes are often found in dark and black colors, and you can keep your hair in some bright colors. 

Punk style themes include provocative messaging, band logo with customized safety pins and patches.


This is another casual fashion style that became popular in the 1990s. This clothing style includes hoodies, expensive sneakers, logo T-shirts, baggy pants, and crop tops. 

These types of clothing aesthetics take inspiration from skaters and hip-hop styles with the intention of product scarcity addition. If you’re someone who is following streetwear style, then you are known as hypebeasts.


Winter white outfit for women
Image Source: Pinterest

Trendy style has no boundaries. Trendy fashion style is evolving with time depending on the latest fashion trends. If you’re implementing trendy style, you can keep yourself and your wardrobe updated with the latest trends. 

While this is not a cost-effective fashion style, this style is preferred by those who reinvent their wardrobe and are bold enough to experiment with different fashion trends.


Feminine types of styles in clothing are characterized by lace ruffles, florals, pastel colors, and bows. If you opt for this style, you might find yourself having some eye-catching feminine silhouettes like cinched waistcoats and A-line clothes. 

If you love dressing up and wear many dresses on a casual day, you should try a beautiful blouse with skin-fit jeans to get that feminine style.

Camp Style

Camp style clothing
Image Source: Pinterest

This is another over-the-top fashion style that comes with irony. Camp style can interpret modern culture. The popular Met Gala was devoted to the camp style.


Garconne is similar to tomboy style, but this style has its base root in french fashion. Garconne fashion style was introduced in the 1920s when some women rebelled against the traditional idea of “ladylike” dressing. 

These types of outfit aesthetics flaunt loose-fitting silhouettes and embraced suits and trousers. Garconne fashion style should not be sexy and full of colors. They include classic colors.

Dark Academia

Dark academia clothing style
Image Source: Pinterest

Academia fashion has been a part of the culture for so long, but it has been trending in fashion with its renewed power. Sweater vests, tweed blazers, and anything related to prep school or East coast university are ingredients of dark academia style. However, academia is almost related to preppy fashion.

The word “dark” refers to the tone of your clothing and often includes black and brown colors.

Light Academia

Light academia is similar to the dark academia style. This style has light color clothing such as whites, beiges, and creams.

Psychedelic Fashion

Psychedelic fashion
Image Source: New Creation Inc.

These types of styles in clothing were famous in 1960 with a focus on colorful and mottled patterns. Indonesian and African prints inspire them. 

Psychedelic clothing has an “acid trip” on the fabric that can be used in almost everything, such as shift dresses, coats, pants, etc. This fashion style was considered as evolution and meant to symbolize freedom from traditional norms. 

Psychedelic fashion style is all about embracing yourself and exploring your mind.

Hippie Fashion

Hipped fashion style was rejected by society and capitalism. It was all about enjoying bell-bottoms, ethnic pieces, fringe, and tie-dye. 

Hippie fashion style was about enjoying a free love mindset and not being too attached to material things. This effortless style includes flowy dresses, headscarves, t-shirts, bell-bottoms, and fringed vests.

Flamboyant Style

Flamboyant clothing style
Image Source: Kila’s Style

These types of aesthetic outfits focus on flashiness and attention. It is full of saturated hues, prints or embellishments, and bold silhouettes that demand complete attention. 

There is not a single formula to style these outfits. Flamboyant style clothes include some dramatic pieces and attention-catching dresses that you can master in no time.

8 Different Types of Dressing Styles for Men to Look Great at Any Occasion

There are different types of dressing styles for men that are designed to guide what to wear on which occasion. With so many rules and regulations, navigating your way through your outfit can be a bit challenging. 

Types of dressing style for men
Image Source: Toa Heftiba On Unsplash

Don’t worry because, in this section, we break down some of the most common dressing styles for men to ensure you get the best outfit for your special occasion.

Beach Bum

Beach bum is a common type of dressing style for men. This dressing style is all about giving you comfort rather than focusing on the look. 

Men can opt for bright and bold prints like Hawaiian shirts, beachy motifs, and neon colors. This style includes button-up shirts, shorts, tank tops, and sandals to help you look amazing at the beach. Do not forget your sunglasses for a laid-back attitude.

The Corporate Powerhouse

Formal outfit ideas for men
Image Source: Mens Fashion Blog

The corporate powerhouse is a kind of business formal dressing style that is perfect for corporate meetings and conservative offices. You can denote your brilliant dressing style through this simple and attractive style. 

Choose a notch-lapel suit in dark colors such as charcoal or navy and pair it with a business shirt to get a perfect formal business look. Make sure you add a tie and wear black leather shoes to complete your look.


Being a bro is all about adopting a lifestyle that includes hanging with other bros and eating a ton of wings. There is a unique fashion when it comes to Bro’s style. 

If you want to capture this look, choose sports gear, hoodies, T-shirts, jerseys, and oversized jeans. As per GQ, the classic baseball cap is a necessary ingredient of Bro’s style.

Black Tie

James Barry black notch dinner suit
Image Source: Marty’s New Fashion

Black ties are types of outfit styles that are reserved for fancy events. You can see most men wearing a black tie at important ceremonies such as big anniversary parties, weddings, gala events, etc. 

This style is a particular dress code for men, but it takes only one mistake to make it a disaster. Wear a jacket with silk lapels or tuxedo pants for a complete black-tie outfit. Complete your look by adding a watch, pocket square, and cufflink.

Cocktail Attire

These different types of clothing aesthetics are ideal for evening occasions like parties. A suit is ideal for cocktail attire. Choose unique cocktail suits to get a modern vibe. 

Men should choose slim-fit tailored designs for a mesmerizing appearance. The suit you choose should be in dark color and should be made from sleek sheen fabric. You can add a personal touch to this style by wearing your favorite accessories.

Hip Hop Street Artist

City style clothing
Image Source: Pinterest

Hip hop just took the music world on another level by not just how it sounds but also how it looks. These different types of dressing styles for men are attractive, colorful, and flashy by nature. 

Just like the music, this style blends different elements together to create a unique look. Athletic wear, sweatpants, and tracksuits are essential ingredients of hip-hop street artists’ styles. 

Many popular hip-hop street artists wear lots of flashy accessories such as wristwatches, necklaces, and giant rings with tracksuits. You can also choose name-brand sneakers in bright and bold colors to highlight your entire look.

Casual Dress

This is one of the most relaxed fashion styles for men. These typical style outfits are easy to wear and can help you look stylish than any other outfit. 

Start investing in outfits that never go out of fashion like denim jackets, sneakers, t-shirts, jeans, and sweaters. Make sure you choose basic colors to coordinate with your look. Add fun accessories to give a personal touch.

Semi-Formal Dress Code

Semi formal dressing style for men
Image Source: Beyoung

This tricky dress code for men sits a notch above cocktail dresses and below the black tie. Just like cocktail attire, tuxedo suits are perfect for semi-formal occasions. 

Make sure you maintain a polished appearance for semi-formal events. Choose a light suit for a daytime event and a dark suit for evening events. It’s best if you stick to classic accessories to complement this look.

List of Different Types of Clothing Styles With Pictures for Men

Being a stylish man is just more than wearing clothes. It is more of a personality and attitude that you carry.

Different types of aesthetic clothing
Image Source: Austin Distel On Unsplash

Whether you’re a prep star or an all-American traditionalist, find your dressing style with this list of different types of clothing styles with pictures for men.

The Jet-Setter

Dapper jetsetter
Image Source: Elanstreet

This is the type of guy who wants fashion, function, and comfort all in one bundle. The jet-setters are willing to pay more attention to the clothing. 

They are looking for some types of dressing styles that are going to perform well. Are you a jet-setter?

The Rugged Man

The rugged man’s dressing style is often hardwearing, practical, and masculine. This style is ideal if you’re a soldier, fireman, cop, or blue-collar worker. 

They are someone who protects your city, saves lives, and fixes your car, and thus, their clothes should be up for all that. The types of clothes you choose should give you enough traction.

The Rockstar

Rockstar clothing aesthetic
Image Source: Pinterest

A rockstar is someone who is confident and is not afraid of getting attention from people. When you imagine a rebel guy, you often think of him in blue jeans, leather jackets, and boots. 

Any man who isn’t afraid of dressing to stand out from the crowd is a rebel. If you’re a confident man, then you’re known as a rockstar.

The Classic Style Guy

The classic style guy’s clothing is timeless. They focus on high-quality, proven pieces that can never go out of fashion. 

When you wear classic dresses, you can imagine a better picture of yourself for 10 years. The classic style is not a retro type of clothing that someone wears from the 1950s.

The Uniform Man

The uniform man
Image Source: Custom Tailored Jeans

The uniform man is someone who gives a clear message and is very calculated in everything. These types of men give a lot of attention to developing his uniform and upscaling his look. 

A uniform is not just a sports jacket or suit. It could be any casual dress like Mark Zuckerberg’s gray t-shirt and jeans. The uniform man doesn’t think much about what to wear as he is very focused on building his own business. He just realizes that his clothes should send a specific message.

The Dandy

The dandy man is someone who cares a lot about dressing. This man cares about the design, and he always wants to know about artisan’s details and is willing to pay more attention to detail. This is the man who will give you all answers related to dressing and the latest fashion trends.

The Preppy Man

Mens preppy style shirt
Image Source: Mens Fashion Blog India

The preppy style is also known as the collegiate style that first appeared in the early 1900s. This style is all about tradition and society. This style was never out of fashion, but getting a preppy look can be tricky. 

These types of men wear sweaters, crewnecks, or v-necks over a shirt. These aesthetic types of clothes send a single that says “You are a part of the group.” 

There are some places where identifying yourself as a member of the group is necessary. For example, if you are working in the military, choose regimental neckties that enable you to recognize you are part of a military unit.

The Playboy

Playboy style is not about the play, but it is more about social status, power, and use to create attraction. The playboy man walks into any situation like an alpha who is in charge of the situation. When you adopt this style, you look more attractive and have high status in society.

The Fashionisto

The fashionisto
Image Source: His Style Diary

The fashionisto guy keeps himself updated with the latest trends and chooses the right brand at the right time. He is someone who follows fashion magazines and knows what is trending in this season. He always wants to be on the edge of fashion.

The Jock

The jock is someone who is more interested in athleisure activities and chooses excellent fitness wear to impress everyone. This man chooses technical sportswear like nylon jerseys, joggers, and vests with a combination of button-downs and denim for a work-play combination.

The Adventurer

Different types of dressing styles
Image Source: Pinterest

The adventurer is someone who would be navigating to the jungle, backpacking across Europe, or climbing a mountain. This men’s wardrobe style tells a particular adventure they had. Plaid flannel, canvas jackets, and natural corduroy tones are some of the essential ingredients of adventurers.

FAQS on Clothing Aesthetics

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a limiting wardrobe with clothes that fit a certain aesthetic style and complement each other.

For example, the capsule wardrobe of a dark academia aesthetic would be having forest green, dark brown, or other dark shades of plaid skirts or plain shirts and suits.

How to follow fashion aesthetic types?

Grunge aesthetic

Wear a lot of mesh pieces, combat boots, darker shades of clothing, including red. Add dark silhouettes to your closet and chokers.

COttagecore aesthetic

Opt for light fabrics, floral prints, soft pastels, flowy skirts, and earthy tones to follow this aesthetic style. You can also add puff sleeves and flat shoes for this type.

You can also go for natural fabrics and neutral tones to fully submerge yourself in this aesthetic.

How to create your unique aesthetic?

There are many fashion aesthetics but following others can be boring, and therefore you should create your own distinctive style.

  • Draw inspirations from another aesthetic type or type.
  • Experiment with your clothes
  • Go out of your comfort zone a
  • Ask yourself what clothes for your personality
  • Take inspiration from within yourself


Fashion and styling is a subjective thing. You don’t need to stick to particular norms and rules set by others. You can have your unique clothing style, or sometimes what you wear becomes an ultimate style statement.

There is a lot to know more about different types of clothing aesthetics for men and women. There have been different styles for several years, and many clothing styles are launching every day. 

It’s impossible to know how many different types of dressing styles are trending without any proper guidance. This comprehensive guide can be helpful to you in that case. So make sure you use it to stay ahead in the fashion trends.