Tote Bag Sewing Patterns

To Get the Perfect Tote Bag: Top 10 Sewing Patterns

If you’ve ever thought about making your tote bag, then this list of ten tote bag sewing patterns is a great place to start. 

Tote bags are so handy and versatile. They can hold groceries, books, your laptop, or anything else you need. 

When you sew your own bag, it not only saves you money but also allows for more customization and creativity. We know that the old routine can become tedious, but this is an opportunity to make something beautiful.

Tote bag sewing patterns
Image source: Times of India

Sewing a tote bag at home will also mean you’re eliminating your need for plastic bags. 

Contribute to the environment by not accepting goodies in temporary plastic bags that pollute it. Give our blog on upcycling clothes a read to understand the need for recycling fashion better.

To help you find the perfect pattern, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorite sewing patterns! Whether you’re looking for a simple pattern or one with some more complexity, this list has something for everyone.

Tote Bag Sewing Pattern Free

Nothing is easier and more practical to sew than a simplistic tote bag, even if you do not know how to sew.

We’ve compiled below a list of the best free tote bag sewing patterns that make ideal start-up projects for beginner sewists

These free sewing patterns for large tote bags will ensure that you do not have to spend money buying a pattern that you may not even understand how to use.

Ready to hop on a learning spree? Let’s begin!

Leather Tote in Four Steps by Delia Creates

Four step tote
Image source: Delia Creates

This leather tote is the most straightforward sewing project one could try at leisure. 

Even if you have the busiest schedule, this sewing pattern will find a way into your routine. It only takes an hour or even less to sew if you’re a confident sewer. 

But you still may want to learn a few quick sewing hacks before dealing with a problematic fabric such as leather, though!

All you have to do is:

    1. Download the free tote bag printable sewing pattern from Delia Creates. 
    2. Print and assemble it at home.
    3. Trace it over your leather fabric.
    4. Put the cut fabric pieces together and stitch as instructed.

You can personalize this plain tote bag with some colorful woven labels with a quote on them. This handbag is practical for carrying a laptop, tablet, or books around. Fantastic, isn’t it?

Large Tote Bags Sewing Patterns by All People Quilt

Free tote bag sewing patterns
Image source: All People Quilt

All People Quilt is a great place to find free tote bag sewing patterns online. Find more than 50 bags, pillows, and quilt sewing patterns. Also, find articles on quilting and sewing techniques.

To make the search easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best tote patterns to sew from this website in the table below.

Pattern name

Tote size

Uses and features Materials needed

Hold Anything Tote


The Hold Anything Tote bag holds almost everything a bag is supposed to hold. You can use it to carry groceries, sewing supplies, children’s toys, or art supplies.

    • Yellow print for handles and bag body (½ yard)
    • Purple print for the body (½ yard)
    • Cream print for lining (⅝ yard)
    • Heavyweight stabilizer
    • Quilt batting

Split Decisions Tote


This tote bag features exterior pockets and long handles so you can hang it over your shoulder. The funky zig-zag patch design makes it perfect for carrying anywhere you go.

For pockets:

    • 18×21 coral print
    • 10 inch square in white print
    • 9×21 pink print

For handles and body:

    • Yellow print (⅛ yards)
    • Aqua print (½ yard)

30×32 inches batting

Quilt Block Tote


The Quilt block tote is a great upcycling project. Take any cloth bag and patch a quilted pocket on the front. Easy and fun to make and a great way to save money and the environment!

    • Plain cloth tote
    • Backing fabric
    • Batting fabric
    • Tracing paper

Easy Tote Bag Sewing Pattern PDF

Finished easy tote bag pattern
Image source: The Creative Curator

If you’re looking for a simple cloth tote bag you can use for grocery shopping, this free sewing pattern by The Creative Curator is all you need to get started!

This is a perfect sewing project for novice sewers who have zero experience whatsoever. You can whip this easy tote bag up in less than an hour if you’re a confident beginner.

The detailed step-by-step instructions and the free pattern template make the job even easier.

Here’s what you need to get started: 

    1. Pins
    2. Washable pen
    3. Fabric scissors
    4. Matching thread
    5. Ruler or tape measure
    6. Fabric (preferably cotton) 
    7. Webbing or leather fabric for straps

The tote bag is simple with no closures, which means no extra sewing is required! 

This tote is a step up from the simpler sustainable cloth bags you get in the market because it also features a small inside pocket.

You can access the free pattern guide and the step-by-step tutorial by clicking here.

French Market Tote Bag by A Bright Corner

French market tote bag tutorial
Image source: A Bright Corner 

The French Market tote bag is different from a traditional tote. It has a contrasting fabric lining and a patterned bag body. 

Its shape resembles more to a simple handbag than a cloth tote, which means it’s perfect for carrying around no matter where you go! Whether you’re off to work, to a restaurant, or just off to college, this french market tote will assist you almost everywhere!

Here’s what you’ll need to create this easy tote bag in just an hour:

    1. Sewing machine
    2. Lightweight fusible interfacing
    3. ⅓ yard fabric for the main bag body
    4. ¾ yard contrasting fabric for the lining and the handles
    5. Suitable thread. We suggest using a sharp color over a light material, e.g., red over grey.

You can find all the instructions written in great depth on their blog. The digital pattern template is also available as a JPEG image for download.

Beach Bag Sewing Pattern Free

Free sewing patterns for tote bags
Image source: Helen’s Closet Patterns

A tote bag is the most basic beach essential. For a day out at the beach, you need a bag that’s spacious and lightweight—both the properties of the Costa Tote by Helen’s Closet Patterns. 

You can carry almost anything to the beach in this large tote bag—from mats and towels to sunblock and hats. 

Speaking of hats, we think you’ll have a lot of fun sewing your hats at home instead of buying them. We have some excellent hat sewing patterns for you to try out!

The pattern-maker is generous to distribute this tote sewing pattern out for free. Although it’s a free sewing pattern, it’s still the best one you’ll find on our list of free tote bags.

This sewing pattern contains two different bag designs:

    1. View A features one large asymmetrical pocket subdivided into four pockets.
    2. View B is a simple reversible bag great for grocery shopping or a beach trip!


Single sized pattern

Skill level

Beginner level project

Fabric recommendations

Woven fabrics, medium to heavyweight:

    • For bag body: Cotton, cotton twill, denim, and canvas
    • For bag lining: Cotton lawn, quilting cotton


Thread, needle, printable sewing pattern


Available as a print-at-home PDF sewing pattern

Note: To download this sewing pattern for free, you will need to sign up for the Helen Closet Patterns newsletter. This pattern is only free to access for their newsletter subscribers.

Sewing Patterns for Bags and Totes

While free sewing patterns may have their perks, nothing beats the accuracy and the detailed instructions of a pattern that costs you a few bucks!

It’s a fact that something paid is always better than what’s free! If that’s something you agree with, you will want to check out these fantastic paid sewing patterns instead!

Easy Tote Bag Sewing Pattern by Creative Fashion Blog

Easy tote bags sewing patterns
Image source: Creative Fashion Blog

Nothing is more valuable to a girl than a large handbag that’d carry everything it can—from beauty products to the lost city of Atlantis for all we know… just kidding!

This easy sewing pattern from the Creative Fashion Blog also fulfills this purpose every bag must! You can carry this handbag for:

    • A short road trip
    • A shopping trip to the grocery store 
    • A day out on the beach. Don’t forget to stock it with towels and your favorite sunscreen.

This tote bag is essentially THE carrier bag that catches whatever you throw at it! The best part about it is that it comes in three different sizes to use, each one for different use.

The sewing pattern is the easiest to follow. It contains many how-to guides to help beginner sewers out with the sewing process. 

The producer of this sewing pattern is already generous enough to give this pattern away for the lowest price, but that’s not all! To help ease this process, even more, she’s created a video tutorial explaining the process, so you never get stuck!

With this sewing pattern, you will also learn to sew using zigzag stitches and learn to assemble a PDF pattern for print at home.

You can sew this tote bag in the following materials:

    • Cotton
    • Leather
    • Vinyl
    • Canvas

For instructions and the video tutorial, refer to the Creative Fashion blog. To purchase this sewing pattern, click here.

London Tote Bag by Style Arc

Tote bags pattern to sew
Image source: Style Arc

The London Tote Bag is a classy tote that beats all others in terms of style and design. 

Unlike simple tote sewing patterns, this one features a buckle closure, so you don’t have to worry about your items falling out of the bag.

The bag has a simple flat base and also an inside pocket as a phone compartment. 

Sew this tote in the following fabrics:

    • Denim
    • Leather
    • Canvas 

You can purchase this sewing pattern as a single-size PDF or order a hard copy online and get it delivered to your doorstep. 

Tote Bags—A Step Forward in Doing Business Sustainably

More people are high on sustainability these days as awareness grows. This means that more people are shifting away from traditional plastic bags and using cloth totes instead. 

This is an opportunity for sewing enthusiasts to set the trend for customized totes that are much cuter than those you get in the market. 

Add hangtags or care labels with your brand name to the bags to add to all the rage that your totes will cause in the market. What a great way to start a business, eh? Or, if you’re interested in starting your own pattern-making business, check out our guide on how to make sewing patterns to get started!