Teddy Bear Sewing Patterns

20+ Effortless Teddy Bear Sewing Patterns You Should Try Right now!

Handcraft your own cute and snuggly friend with the easiest teddy bear sewing patterns that you can embrace whenever you feel like it. Also, what better gift could there be for your child than a handmade teddy bear? 

Filled with love, passion, and hard work, your child will not only cherish this present but will also keep it with him as a childhood souvenir for a long time.

Although it might seem like a hectic task with average sewing know-how, you can create adorable-looking stuffed bears with ease. 

There is an abundance of bear sewing patterns you can choose from. 

Stay tuned for some of the cutest, comfortable, easy-to-sew, and simple teddy bear sewing patterns.

How to Stitch Stuffed Bears from Easy Teddy Bear Sewing Patterns?

There is no doubt that a printable bear sewing pattern makes the process of stitching easy and fun. But it still requires you to have basic sewing skills; once you have acquired that, it’s time to put your sewing learning to use.

If you are making a stuffed animal for your baby, make sure to keep it simple. Toddlers do not pay much attention to the details, so there is no need to go with fancy clothing or advanced stitching

If you have learned to sew, you are good to go. Just make sure you pay attention to the following things:

    1. Choose a quality thread that doesn’t get torn apart easily.
    2. To prevent any choking hazards, prefer using twofold threads or embroidery for the eyes instead of buttons.
    3. Although stitching eyes, nose, and mouth with a fusible web may seem more straightforward, experts recommend going with a satin stitch for the edges.
    4. To prevent linting and lumpiness, use polyester for the stuffing. Using cotton or fabric scraps can form knots after some time.
    5. Floppy necks can be a hassle to deal with no matter how much you stuff the area. Therefore, use a stiff material like a dowel to keep the neck firm.

Simple Teddy Bear Sewing Patterns for Beginners

While most teddy sewing patterns require an optimum level of sewing expertise, there are many you can create even as a beginner. 

These joyful little snuggly creatures are not only easy to craft, but kids adore them more than anything else.

If you have learned how to sew but still lack some practice with stitching bears, it is better to start with the most basic ones. We have compiled some easy teddy sewing patterns for beginners below:

Pattern Name No. of Clothes Pieces Estimated Time Required Preferred Stitching Type

Liberty Bear


3 – 4 hours

Machine Stitching

Charity Bear

2 – 3

1 hour

Machine Stitching

Fleece Teddy



Less than an hour

Hand Stitching


Joyful Bear


3 – 4 hours

Machine and Hand Stitching

Teddy, The Bear

6 – 10 (dependable)

3 – 4 hours

Hand Stitched

Liberty Teddy Bear by Purl Soho

Wool liberty teddy bear
Image Source: Purl Soho

This classic Liberty teddy bear by Purl Soho is entirely easy to create and is a must-have for every child. The stretched-out arms and legs, buttoned eyes, and fluffy midsection are some of the common traits of the teddy

Stretchable wool makes it more elastic and comfortable to hold at all times.

The several stitched lines are made smoother around the edges and are seamed properly for an elegant outlook. To signify nose, ears, hands, and feet and make the bear look more adorable, you can add contrasting fabric or use a floral cloth. 

The favorable fabrics for the bear are wool and fleece, but you can try out any piece of cloth as long as it’s soft and has slight elasticity.

Since the teddy has a big round belly shape, it would look great dressed as a mama bear. You can dress it with a cute maxi dress using a simple dress sewing pattern. You may have to resize the pattern to fit the teddy.

To make it even more fun, create a papa bear and a child bear in different fabric colors to give birth to a whole bear family. 

Dress the child bear in shorts using a shorts sewing pattern (or a skirt pattern if it’s for a girl) and the papa bear in shabby pants. You can sew different types of shorts, skirts, and pant patterns and create a versatile wardrobe for the bear family. 

Charity Bear by Shiney Happy World

Free teddy bear sewing pattern
Image Source: Shiney happy world

If you are thinking of sewing a teddy bear but have never got your hands on a sewing machine before, the charity bear pattern is the right one for you to start. You can easily hand stitch one in a few hours if you have the patience and skills. 

Besides being easy to make, this sewing pattern is perfect for kids to try out. 

The pattern is originally designed for charitable causes, requiring you to put in a minimum effort. Some of the familiar places where you can make donations of the bear are:

    • Children’s Hospitals
    • Shelters for homeless people
    • Orphanages
    • Police and Fire Departments

The eyes or nose don’t have to be perfectly proportional. It’s all right if the stuffing is a little loose or the features are a bit off, as long as it is squishy and comfortable to hold. 

You can attach inspiring hang tags carrying motivating quotes and well wishes for the children you are gifting them to.

Fleece Teddy Bear by Craft Elf

Fleece teddy bear
Image Source: Craft Elf

Unlike other fleece teddy bears, this teddy is quicker and easier to make and costs less money. 

Whether you are thinking of making charity at a local children’s hospital or want to give something to your friend’s kids, the fleece teddy bear by Craft Elf is perfect for both occasions. You can make one for yourself and hang it on your backpack.

You only need a few things to get started, such as:

    • Fleece fabric
    • Polyester for stuffing
    • Fabric paint (optional)
    • Basic sewing equipment

Another good thing about the bear is that you can make it in all sizes, from standard huggable sizes to smaller miniature ones

The sewing pattern allows you to embroider the facial features of the bear to your liking. For smaller teds, simple fabric paint markers would be enough. But you can use extra clothing or embroidery for the nose and mouth.

Joyful Bear by Joy Kelley

This squishy joyful teddy bear can be your child’s jolly partner. You can also place this in your living room as a decoration piece because why not? This will beautify your place manifold.

Joy Kelley uses fleece for the bear but leaves it for people to decide the material they want to use on their own. You can also use sparse mohair and wool as a substitute for fleece.

The most technical part of the process is the cutting because you can still make mistakes despite having a printable bear sewing pattern in front of you. 

To avoid letting your valued cloth go to waste, you can glue the printout to cardboard for easy and accurate cutting. 

Use contrasting fabric on the arms, legs, and head for a prettier appearance.

Teddi The Bear by Zakka Art

Bear sewing patterns
Image Source: Zakka art

It is time to fill your pockets with a few sewing hacks and create this cute little teddy bear. The bear looks similar to every other stuffed bear, but some things distinguish it from the others, like:

    • Combination of different scrap fabrics
    • Crooked nose (not compulsory)
    • Arms and legs stitched with wooden buttons
    • Attached woven labels on the arms

Creating this cute and colorful Teddi the Bear will allow you to take your hand stitching capabilities one step further. 

Of course, you can stitch it with a sewing machine as it requires less effort and time. But fancy hand stitchings can make your bear look fancier and expensive.

To make it even cuter than it already is, consider stitching a mini crop top or a shirt for this teddy. You can take help from a kid’s shirt sewing pattern or resize an adult’s crop top sewing pattern to the toy’s size.

The sewing pattern does not limit you to a specific teddy. You are always free to adjust to your preference.

Nelson by Penny Robarts

Teddy bear sewing patterns
Image Source: teddy bear club

Teddy bears come in all sizes and textures, but these mohair ones are loved far and wide. Despite being surrounded by mohair, the nelson bear is easy to sew once you learn the essential sewing tips and tricks

Unlike the stuffed bear sewing pattern we have enlisted so far, this ted uses a glass button or safety eyes.

The two eyes are fitted closely together right above the nose. As for the paws and the nose, make sure to use fabric other than mohair to make them appear more distinguishable. 

You can use scrap pieces of cotton, velvet, or fleece as a distinctive feature. 

And lastly, to give it a sailor’s or boy scout look, you can pin down a hanky or a scarf over Nelson’s shoulders or wrap a bow tie for a gentleman look.

Teddy Bear Sewing Patterns Free Printables

The internet is full of various blogs containing several free sewing patterns you can create unique projects with without being heavy on your wallet.

Most of the free bear sewing patterns aren’t beginner-friendly; they require skill and expertise up to a certain level. But, certain steps conclude the basics of sewing from a pattern, such as:

    1. Tracing the pattern on the chosen fabric.
    2. Cutting the fabric according to the traced lines.
    3. Sewing the cut-out fabrics together except for the joint holes and space for stuffing.
    4. Stuffing the head and the body firmly to prevent lumpiness.
    5. Using embroidery to signify the nose and mouth. Use safety eyes or buttons to depict eyes.
    6. Hand stitching both the upper and lower parts together at the neck.

This article has a shortlisted teddy bear sewing pattern free for beginners to intermediate skill levels.

Sewing Pattern Fabric Requirement Preferred Sizes  

Difficulty Level


Folk Art Mohair

    • Mohair
    • Fleece
    • Calico Cotton


15 – 20 cm


Teddy Jake

    • Fleece
    • Wool
    • Knit Plush

Extra Large Sized

43 cm

Advanced Beginner

Lavender Bear

    • Sparse Mohair
    • Felt Wool
    • Beige Felt

Large Sized

33 cm

Advanced Beginner

Little Sam

    • Short Pile Wool
    • Fleece
    • Velvet

Miniature Sized

8 cm


Baby Pip

    • Short Pile Mohair
    • Tawny mohair

Small Size

10 – 12 cm


Folk art Mohair Teddy by Crafty Carnival

Teddy sewing patterns
Image Source: Typepad

If you are up for some cozy bear hugs, the crafty carnival has brought you a free sewing pattern. 

Although the pattern is freely available, the mohair can cost a hefty amount. So, if you are on a shorter budget, you can prefer some other fabric such as wool, calico cotton, or fleece.

In a traditional mohair teddy, the head is larger than the body, giving an extra adorable and cartoonish look popular with the kids

You can use all kinds of things for the eyes but prefer using safety eyes to look bulgier and cuter. Wrap a ribbon around the neck if you are presenting it as a gift.

Teddy Jake by April Dobson

Easy teddy sewing patterns
Image Source: Nerdy Rabbit

Have some experience with some vintage sewing patterns so far? Then trying out teddy bear Jake won’t be an issue for you. 

Under normal circumstances, sparse mohair is ideal for creating the teddy Jake, but you can experiment with other fabrics

Make sure you have a thread matching the color of the mohair or whichever fabric you choose.

Instead of the regular joint stitching, bear Jake five pairs of locking nut and bolt joints for arms, legs, and neck joints. These allow it to sit and hold its movements. 

You can also use cotter pins for each locking joint. Use a low-tone fabric for the paws and a darker one for the nose. If you have used mohair for the body, use fleece or velvet cut-out fabric for the paws and ears.

Lavender Bear by Anita Weller

Pattern bear large
Image Source: archive

The 33cm tall Lavender bear by the unbelievably talented Anita Weller is every kid’s dream teddy bear. The lavender uses two different colored, short, sparse mohair fabrics that give it a panda-like appearance

Colored fabric is for sewing the ears and the limbs, in contrast to the head and belly.

In addition to the polyester, use plastic pellets in the stuffing, which keeps the polyester in place and prevents it from forming blocks. 

You can attach a series of buttons from below the neck to the belly center for a clown-like look.

Little Sam by Carol Barnes

Miniature teddy bears are one of the cutest things you can create as a gift for someone. 

If you don’t know where to start or lack enough practice to sew a miniature bear, this printable teddy bear sewing pattern can help you out. 

Standing at a mere 8cm, little Sam can also be your travel partner.

Small 2mm back eyes in front of a white fleecy texture, you can’t help but admire its cuteness. From toddlers to young children, everyone would love to get their hands on it. 

Once you master the art of stitching this little bear, you can even turn it into a small-scale business. Just attach a type of woven label and build your brand.

Baby Pip Teddy Bear by CraftBits

Baby teddy bear pip
Image Source: CraftBits

Add another miniature teddy bear to your to-do list because this little buddy is hard to leave. Although it requires an intermediate skill level, once finished, you will be proud of your work. 

Also, with a free printable teddy bear sewing pattern template at hand, what more could you ask for.

The baby pip looks just like any other teddy bear but smaller in size of 10 – 12 cm. Given the smaller size, you wouldn’t need any stiffening material for the stuffing. 

Use a black or grey thread embroidery pattern for the nose instead of any fabric paint or marker. Keep in mind to attach care labels if you’re thinking of selling the baby pip teddy bears.

Caramel Bear by Nimble Phish

Diy sweetie bear sewing pattern
Image Source: Nimble Phish

The caramel bear is as sweet and attractive to look at as its name speaks. This bear sewing pattern uses Minky fabric which makes it an easy-to-sew stuffed toy. Some additional supplies you will need for the job are:

    • Embroidery Floss
    • Cardigan Buttons
    • Basting Spray
    • Freezer paper

Whether you give it as a birthday gift to your little ones or offer it as a Christmas present, a caramel bear would be perfect for both occasions. 

The lower limbs are attached to the belly, whereas the arms are cut and stitched separately. Attaching black cardigan buttons or glass eyes is entirely your choice.

Beginner Memory Bear Sewing Pattern Free Printables

The best way to save up on the cost is by upcycling old clothes into beautiful and comfortable memory bears. 

Not only that, memory bears can work as great memorial and bereavement gifts you can give to your friends or family. You can create memory bears out of:

    1. An old t-shirt.
    2. Jeans or denim Jacket
    3. Children’s clothing
    4. Old pillow fabric
    5. Uniforms
    6. Overalls

Being made out of soft, huggable materials, memory bears can act as comfort zones for everyone. 

Whether you are stitching one for yourself or for your child to play with, a basic knowledge of sewing would be enough. 

With pdf memory bear sewing pattern free printable available at multiple online blogs, creating is easier than it looks.

The common misconception that free patterns fail to teach as much as costly sewing patterns do is not entirely true. A teddy bear sewing pattern PDF instructs a lot to create something from old clothes. 

Baby Clothes Memory Bear by PA Country Crafts

Baby clothes memory bear
Image Source: PA Country Crafts

Unlike other free printable PDF memory bear sewing patterns, this one demands some extra stitching. The additional stitching lines help it move better and sit straight up. 

Your baby’s old onesies can serve the best for creating a memory bear, but you can also use other knit fabric clothes. This memory bear sewing pattern supports an intermediate sizing of about 8 inches, perfect for toddlers.

Here are some essential tips to ensure success for the project:

    • Leave some space open for the stuffing. 
    • Make sure to stuff evenly at all places, including the limbs and the ears, with polyfill. 
    • Use the ladder stitch technique to sew the backside. 
    • You can use safety eyes and additional fabric for the nose but go for embroidery if you have the skills.

Memory Bear by Hidden Treasure Crafts

Memory bears are undoubtedly one of the best ways to treasure the old memories you spent with your dear ones. Stitching memory bears with their worn clothing can allow you to feel their presence even after they die.

This sewing guide can help you with each step you have to take during the sewing process, in addition to the sewing pattern for you to adopt. The massive 22-inch teddy bear, stuffed with not just polyester but with recollections of the past. 

Each fabric staples to make the bear tell its own stories and display special moments of the past in your mind.

Denim Bears by Goods Home Design

How to make denim teddy bear from old jeans
Image Source: Goods Home Design

Join the trend of crafting teddy bears from your worn-out jeans for your loved ones. They might come off as difficult to make due to their seamed appearance. With this memory bear sewing pattern free printable, you can easily create it in a few simple steps. 

Instead of purchasing it at a hefty price, you can sew your own with a bit of guidance and skill.

The easy part is that every little piece of the bear is cut out and stitched separately, then sewn together by hand. 

Once you know the ins and outs of creating this phenomenal masterpiece, you will have the complete luxury of making changes to your preference.

You can use the collared section of your jacket and stitch it as it is with minor adjustments. You can also utilize worn-out pieces of the checkered shirt for the paws or the pockets (solely your choice). 

You can print out your custom-made patterns once you figure out how to make sewing patterns.

Vintage-Style Memory Bear by Sewmag

Vintage style memory bear
Image Source: sewmag

These are one of the most famous teddy bear sewing patterns UK residents have been appreciating. Vintage-style memory bears are a great way to keep track of your past and have an essence of those moments. 

As a parent whose child is growing up fast, you must want to preserve some moments and keep savoring them for some time.

So instead of throwing the worn-out clothes away, try out these easy to sew vintage-style memory bears right now. 

Either you can sew a single tone or two-toned teddy bear, or you can create a memory bear by joining multiple smaller pieces of your child’s old apparel

You can use two different clothes or use pairs with one side reversed for:

    1. Front and back body.
    2. Side head.
    3. Inner and outer arms.
    4. Paw pads and the legs.
    5. Cut out four pieces for the ears.
    6. Use a single piece for the head gusset.

Make the Best of Stuffed Bear Sewing Patterns

This article has enlisted some of the most easy-to-create and beautiful teddy bear sewing patterns. Still, no matter how easy they might be, you must have a basic knowledge of sewing. 

Whether it is hand-stitching patterns and embroidery or the technicalities of using a sewing machine, you must be aware of everything.

Once you have acquired basic skills, following the beginner-level sewing patterns for creating teddy bears would be a piece of cake for you.

Besides making kids in your family happy by crafting cute teddy bears, you can also sympathize with kids who are going through a rough patch in life. 

You will always have the chance to upscale your skills by trying new things and making different variations of one style.