T-shirt Sewing Patterns You Can Print and Sew at Home

T-shirts are considered to be the most versatile and comfortable clothes for casual wear. It is a simple yet classy garment that you can’t imagine yourself living without. It can be styled with anything and for any occasion. 

Many young ladies prefer to wear t-shirts for formal occasions. If worn in the right way, t-shirts can do wonders for you. This simple yet classy outfit is a must-have for every woman. T-shirts can help you look unique and fashionable at the same time.

T-shirts are becoming popular nowadays. If you’re passionate about t-shirts and want to make one for yourself at home, this list of t-shirt sewing patterns is for you.

With a DIY t-shirt sewing pattern, you can sew fashion-worthy t-shirts at home. One can customize their version by embellishing logos, slogans, and some décor like metal accents, flowers, etc. Choose high-quality, customized woven labels and hang tags from Super Label Store to personalize your t-shirt and sell online. 

Check out this guide for complete pictorials and trending t-shirt sewing patterns, and sew your unique, fashionable t-shirt at home.

Why Should You Sew a T-shirt at Home With Free Sewing Patterns for T-shirts?

Before we jump on to looking at different free sewing patterns for t-shirts, understand the reasons behind sewing t-shirts at home.

T-shirts are the most versatile piece of clothing that can be worn on any occasion. Running to the store to purchase your favorite t-shirt may be what you do when you think of having t-shirts, but you can make it at home. 

T-shirt sewing patterns
Image Source: Cottonbro On Pexel

This simple piece of clothing, when sewn at home, can help you get a lot of compliments. Here are a couple of the reasons why you should think of ladies’ t-shirt sewing patterns.


When you wear a handmade outfit at your friend’s party, you will be showered with lots of compliments and feel so proud. With this pride, you will feel like you have achieved something significant. 

It feels so good. Wearing handmade outfits gives you a feeling of swagger for the entire day. You walk around the party with a pride feeling of “Yes, I made it,” and it shines out of you like a beacon wherever you go.


Life and its busy schedule often come in the way of sewing projects. If you don’t know how to sew but want to try your hands-on sewing patterns, you need an easy sewing project. 

Printable t-shirt sewing patterns
Image Source: Ksenia Chernaya On Pexel

Easy projects can boost your energy without disturbing your day-to-day task. If you know how to make sewing patterns, a T-shirt sewing pattern is easy to sew and a quick project that can yield remarkable outcomes. 

Skill Building

Thinking of “learn to sew” with knit fabric might seem scary at first, but the more often you sew, the easier it becomes. T-shirt sewing is an excellent project for beginner knit seamstresses. 

Sewing patterns for beginners help increase the knowledge base on various knit fabrics and relevant knit stitches while learning how different types of knit fabrics can yield exceptional outcomes. 

It also helps polish skill sets, and you might find yourself looking at advanced sewing machines such as coverstitch or serger machines. 


Why should you sew a t-shirt? You get so many occasions to wear t-shirts, and that reason is enough to start your sewing project. When you sew your own t-shirt, you can wear it on different occasions and style them as per your needs. 


Sewing your clothes at home is cheaper than you think. It is way more affordable than those store-bought t-shirts. 

Fabric color pallet
Image Source: Pixabay On Pexels

When you think of using a tee sewing pattern to make a unique t-shirt, you will look for quality fabric as you don’t want to just wear it once and then throw it away. 

We put our hard-earned money into creating something beautiful, so put extra effort and take the best possible care of it. One can sew a basic t-shirt at home with minimal fabric and tools. 

Free T-shirt Sewing Pattern for Women and Girls

If you’re a big fan of t-shirts, here you can find a variety of free t-shirt sewing patterns. Choose from exclusive raglan sleeves to stunning lace front t-shirts. 

Assorted color shirts
Image Source: Francesco Paggiaro On Pexels

These hand-stitched t-shirt sewing patterns will help you make a beautiful gift for birthdays, mother’s day, or friendship days. Check this roundup and see all the showcased women’s t-shirt sewing patterns to inspire yourself to make one at home.

The Else Tee Pattern

This fantastic tee sewing pattern is loose-fitting and features a deep neckline. The Else tee pattern is quick and easy to sew. Check this shorts sewing pattern to upscale your look with this pattern. 

Easy Hemlock Tee Pattern

Free t-shirt sewing patterns
Image Source: Pinterest

This easy Hemlock Tee pattern by Grainline Studio uses a small amount of fabric. It is a dropped shoulder boxy tee that comes with three different sleeve lengths. 

The pattern is available from 0 to 30 sizes. Use medium-weight fabric such as French Terry to make an amazing Hemlock Tee at home.

Colorful Fun Summer Tee Pattern

Do you’ve floral print fabric at your home that you don’t use anymore? It’s time to collect that fabric and a printable t-shirt sewing pattern to make a gorgeous summer tee. 

This pattern features a contrasting and matching back that adds more charm to the entire tee. 

Easy Raglan Tunic Pattern

This stunning and loose-fit t-shirt sewing pattern can give you utmost comfort when you wear it at home. Just grab any colored knit fabric and start sewing this cute raglan tunic for yourself. 

Plantain Tee Pattern

Plantain free tee pattern
Image Source: Cookin’ & Craftin’

This free t-shirt sewing pattern offered by Deer and Doe features two sleeve lengths and elbow patches. The plantain tee pattern comes in sizes from small, medium, and large and have all the details and finished garment measurement that you look for. 

The seam allowance is 3/8 inches. It’s perfect to wear with skinny jeans and pants. Check this pants sewing pattern to style with your plantain tee.   

The Classic Tee Pattern

These plus-size sewing patterns for t-shirts are quick and can be finished in less than an hour. This pattern comes with two sleeve options, short sleeve, and elbow-length sleeve, to help you make a relaxed fit t-shirt for yourself. 

The classic tee pattern is not too loose and tight, making it a classic t-shirt with a curved hemline

Knot Front T-shirt Pattern

Twist knot hem tee shirt free sewing pattern
Image Source: It’s Always Autumn

Just another fun version of the classic tee sewing pattern is a knot-front t-shirt. This ladies’ t-shirt sewing pattern offered by It’s Always Autumn comes in large sizes. 

You can customize it as per your size but be aware that a small portion of the wrong side of the fabric can be shown in the finished knot. 

Supplies you’ll need:

    • 1 yard of 60 inches wide knit/stretch fabric
    • 8.5*11 paper
    • Tape

Dolman Sleeve Tee Pattern

The dolman sleeve tee sewing pattern is available in sizes from XL to XXL. It is a casual and relaxed fit t-shirt that can be made from both woven or knit fabric. 

With two neckline options, three sleeve lengths, straight or curved hem, you can make various dolman sleeve t-shirts for yourself. 

Pattern features:

    • Scooped neckline
    • Dolman shape
    • Three lengths
    • Dropped shoulder
    • Sleeve with rib cuff
    • Rib edges or facing at the neckline

Raglan T-shirt for Kids

Envelope lap top free sewing patterns baby kids
Image Source: Threads Monthly

The raglan t-shirt for kids is available in 4 to 8 sizes. These sewing patterns for kids are a slim-fit t-shirt length, but you can customize them as per your taste. 

Use sequined fabric or any medium-weight knit fabric for making this t-shirt. If you want to use knit fabric, make sure you check the care labels to know it has at least 50% stretch for ribbing the neck, bottom, and sleeve binding. 

The Stellan Tee Pattern

The Stellan t-shirt sewing pattern comes in sizes from XS to XXL, and you can print it at home. This is a boxy-shaped crop top sewing pattern that you can tuck into your skirt. 

It has a curved hem that looks great when untucked. This t-shirt is something that you can wear every day. Choose 90cm fabric and download the sewing pattern from French Navy Patterns. Learn some amazing skirt sewing patterns to tuck your stellan tee.

The Mandy Boat Tee Pattern

Mandy boat tee sewing pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

Helen Wilkinson from the beautiful Love to Sew podcast is one of the biggest fans of the Mandy Boat Tee pattern. This t-shirt sewing pattern looks great in stripes. 

It has a chic boat neckline, two sleeve lengths, and a boxy fit. The Mandy Boat Tee pattern is available in sizes from XS to XXXL and can be downloaded at home or just sent large-format AO files to your nearest copy shop. 

The Jersey Top

Want comfy vibes in t-shirts? Choose the jersey top sewing pattern from the excellent Peppermint Magazine. The contrasting knit fabric can be used for making 3/4th sleeves and neck binding

Breezy Tee Pattern

Ladies t-shirt sewing patterns
Image Source: Okie Girl Bling’n’ Things

The breezy tee is an enhanced version of an easy tee sewing pattern. It has a new and improved sleeve length to cover whatever you need to cover. This simple and long t-shirt is enough to wear with leggings. 

Wanderlust Tee Pattern

A wanderlust t-shirt sewing pattern offered by Fancy Tiger is perfect no matter where you are headed. It is a breezy and boxy tee that flaunts your effortless style. 

This sewing pattern features an a-line shape which gives a closer fit in the shoulder and puts together an impressive look without being clingy. The set-in sleeves, neckline, and hems can be finished with a double-needle to give a professional look. 

Choose this t-shirt sewing pattern if you’re making a t-shirt for casual wear or a particular dinner date. 

Free t-shirt sewing patterns download
Image Source: Adonyi Gabor On Pexels

Materials you need:

    • Coordinating thread
    • Ballpoint needle
    • Twin needle
    • Measuring tape
    • Sewing machine
    • Iron
    • Walking foot
    • Pins
    • Fabric shears

Adult Oversized T-shirt Sewing Pattern

This oversized t-shirt sewing pattern is a must-have sewing pattern for plus-sized women. It can be sewn in less time and can be worn in multiple ways such as short or long cropped, a regular and tunic length. 

Adult oversized tee shirt dress sewing pattern
Image Source: Rain City Pattern Company

Want to be hemmed, corded, or banded cropped tee with pocket and hood? This oversized t-shirt sewing pattern has everything you’re looking for. Just download your pattern and collect your sewing essentials to make a beautiful t-shirt. 

Supplies you will need:

    • All-purpose thread 
    • Rotary cutter and mat
    • Clips/pins
    • Sewing machine
    • Ballpoint needles
    • Tape or glue stick
    • Clear elastic
    • Two regular serger thread, if using a serger for needles
    • Two regular stretch thread, if using a serger for loopers
    • Knit interlacing the boatneck facing option
    • Scissors
    • Printer and paper

Body Measurement Chart (Inches)



























































How to Use a Basic Tee Sewing Pattern

Sewing projects are easy and quick that can be completed in one naptime. Sometimes you don’t find a t-shirt in a store that fits your body in a perfect way and is affordable. 

Basic tee sewing pattern
Image Source: Mediamodifier On Unsplash

If you’re in a situation where you can’t find your perfect match and looking to find a basic tee sewing pattern, then keep on reading. 

With a basic tee sewing pattern, you can save time and money as well. Here’s how you can sew a basic tee at home. Also, read shirt sewing patterns to make a formal shirt for yourself. 

Supplies you need:

    • Knit Jersey Fabric
    • Twin/double sewing needle
    • Pins
    • Scissors
    • Thread

Step-by-step Instruction for a T-shirt Sewing Pattern

Start by printing your free sewing pattern download and cutting your pattern. Cut off patterns from the bottom and right sides so that you can tape them together with ease. Choose your size. Make sure you check the size chart.

Take the fabric and fold it in half. Set the “fold” marking right up to the fold and pin. Start cutting out your pattern pieces with careful attention. You also have to cut out your neckband.

Tee sewing patterns
Image Source: Michael Burrows On Pexels

Once pattern pieces are cut out as per the sizes, get ready to sew your t-shirt. Match the front and back bodice and pin it. Set zigzag or stretch stitches on a serger and sew together at 3/8 inches. Also, use a stretch needle to do this.

With the Right sides together, fold the neckband in half, short size, and stitch down at the short sides. Start folding the neckband in the down direction so the wrong side gets touched, and you can get a circular band. Now, press it.

Now, place the neckband on the edges of the neck’s top and match the seam to the back bodice seams. Find the middle neckband and match it to the opposite front seam and pin the remaining neckband. You may require stretching the neckband as you pin it. 

Pin the sleeves to the body pieces and sew them together with a stretch stitch. Pin and start sewing side seams. Press SA (seam allowances) to the body pieces.

For hemming the t-shirt, you can use a twin needle and single turn both for the sleeves and waist. If you want, you can customize your t-shirt by embellishing some special dates and pearls. 


T-shirts are a versatile and essential part of a women’s wardrobe. This simple yet comfortable piece of clothing has secured its place in our hearts.

If you’re tired of seeing the same t-shirt pattern at stores, make your own t-shirt pattern by using the above-listed trending and easiest t-shirt sewing pattern.

All of these sewing patterns can be started with minimum fabric and tools. So what are you waiting for? Grab your sewing essentials, choose your favorite pattern, and get ready to sew.