Stuffed Animal Sewing Patterns

Make Stuffed Animals With These Twenty Cute Stuffed Animal Sewing Patterns

With the advent of stuffed animal sewing patterns, ready-made stuffed animals have become a thing of the past for sewing enthusiasts. 

There are many different types of stuffed animals on the market, but most people want to make their own. Why not? It is a lot of fun, and you can customize them however you want with different stuffed animal sewing patterns online.

There are so many choices available when it comes to making stuffed animals from sewing patterns! Whatever animal interests you most is sure to be fun and easy enough that even beginners can succeed at assembling their plushie friends.

This is the perfect craft for kids and adults alike, and each pattern is just as adorable.

You don’t have to be an experienced seamstress to complete these projects either. They’re quick to make, and the instructions are clear and easy to understand, even if you’re new to sewing and do not know how to sew well. 

In this blog post, you will find twenty stuffed animal sewing patterns from renowned brands and independent designers your kid will love you for!

Free Sewing Patterns Stuffed Animals

Free plush sewing patterns are the perfect place to start practicing sewing as they’re easy to make and will not take much of your time, effort, or money. 

But the problem is that there are a plethora of toy sewing patterns available on the internet. Finding one that has easy-to-follow instructions and a printable PDF file can take forever. 

Once and for all, we’ve created a list of the best animal sewing patterns available online to ease this tiring task. These free sewing patterns are perfect for novice sewers who are learning to sew.

Free Floral Elephant Sewing Pattern by Bustle and Sew

Stuffed animal sewing patterns
Image: Bustle and Sew

The first on our list is this cute, floral elephant sewing pattern that will make the cutest gift for your child or even your girlfriend who loves plushies. 

We recommend this project to beginners because it doesn’t have many pieces to cut out or sew together. But, if you’re feeling a bit more creative, you can make more elaborate animals with a tusk or resize the elephant according to preference.

This pattern includes step-by-step instructions with helpful photos and illustrations. It will take a little bit of time to complete the elephant, but when you’ve created it, your child will love him forever! 

The materials we listed in this sewing pattern include material scraps from cotton fabric and felt sheets for ears, eyes, and other features like trunk and feet. You’ll also need:

    • Stuffing
    • Scissors
    • Pins
    • Stuffing stick
    • Beads
    • and a needle. Easy enough, right? 

Here are some essential tips to ensure success with the project: 

    1. The elephant will measure about nine inches tall and 11 inches long, but you can adjust the dimensions of your animal as needed. 
    2. Take care when using scissors so that you don’t cut through any fabric or stuffing in the pattern pieces before they’re ready to be cut out! 
    3. Use pins to mark where each piece should meet up with another one on the lining side of the material (outside) because it’s difficult to see what is right next to other materials under all those layers. 
    4. Use a stuffing stick to fill the plushie in, especially in the trunk and ears. Remember to use small stuffings as you do not want to overstuff the animal and ruin the shape.

There are more tips included in the blog post content by Bustle and Sew

Free Baby Dino Plush Sewing Pattern by Beloved Ones

Baby dino free pattern
Image: Beloved Ones

The First Day of Mae blog brings you the cutest baby dino stuffed animal sewing pattern you need to try today! It’s perfect for cuddling at bedtime or taking out on adventures as a pet.

You can find the outline of the pattern here

If you want to make a smaller plushie, you can simply download the pattern on an A4 sheet and cut the fabric according to that outline. But if you’re going to go for a bigger version, we suggest doing the following:

    1. Zoom out the pattern as far as your screen size allows
    2. Tape a sheet of paper to the computer screen and trace the outline of the pattern onto the paper.
    3. Cut the outline carefully, and there you have it—your custom-sized baby dino sewing pattern!

Once you’ve obtained the pattern outline, all you have to do is:

    1. Fold the fabric into two halves
    2. Trace the outline from the paper onto the fabric with a fabric marker or chalk
    3. Cut the fabric around the outline. You will have two identical dino-shaped fabric pieces.
    4. Sew both the pieces on top of each other, leaving a small section open for stuffing. Remember to keep them inverted on top of each other.
    5. You can cut small triangles of different sizes and sew them on the upper body of the dino to make the spikes.
    6. Stuff the animal tightly with stuffing. You can also add a jingle bell inside so the toy rattles when you shake it. 
    7. Sew the space you left open to close. Your baby dino is ready!

What’s more?

This pattern’s designer permits her followers to sell the stuffed dino in retail stores like Etsy. 

If you decide to sell a ready-made stuffed dino toy online, make sure to add custom woven labels, hang tags, or care labels under your name to claim the product. 

That’s one easy way to get recognized as it imparts professionalism and personalization to your product. It’s easy to find different types of woven labels online.

Free Fish Sewing Pattern by Laurie

Little fishy sewing pattern
Image: Lauri Nana News

Who doesn’t like fish? Fish plushies are fantastic, and this one is no exception. 

This pattern includes: 

    • A list of materials, including what you’ll need to complete the project with ease.
    • Step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. 
    • One sheet displaying two versions of fabric layouts, so you can pick which side (outside or lining) looks best for your creation! 
    • Fabrics you need, such as cotton and polar fleece. Lining fabrics are optional, but the designer recommends it on the outside because it’s more durable against wear and tear from children playing with their new pet fish.

This project is a level higher than the beginner level as it deals with poly-pellets, buttons, and complicated scale shapes. But once you learn a few simple sewing tips and tricks, it should be a piece of cake for you!

The fish head is six inches in length, while the body and tail are seven inches long. 

To make this pattern, follow the instructions on the blog one by one. The colored photographs and illustrations will help you better visualize what you’re supposed to do. 

Note: This pattern is for personal use only. The designer of the pattern does not allow anyone to reproduce this fish pattern for sale. 

Free Stuffed Dog Sewing Patterns

Everyone loves themselves a soft stuffed dog pet to play with, especially kids. 

So, we got a little generous with our list of stuffed dog sewing patterns, where we listed five different beginner sewing patterns instead of just one best. 

These free animal sewing patterns are the easiest, so even a novice can master them. 

    1. A vintage dog sewing pattern from 1965

Animal sewing patterns
Image: Woman’s Weekly

This puppy vintage sewing pattern by Woman’s Weekly features a cute Dachshund dog called “Donald the Dachshund.” The Woman’s Weekly blog mentions each instruction in detail, so you don’t feel lost at any point during the process.

There are also instructions on printing the pattern, which is an excellent benefit for sewers doing this for the first time.

      2. Puppy plushie made from an old bathrobe

Stuffed dog sewing pattern
Image: Instructables Craft

If you’re a fan of DIY upcycling clothing, this project would be a fantastic treat for you! You just have to use an old bathrobe or towel lying in your wardrobe that’s too shabby to wear now. 

For an experienced sewer, this project shall take no more than a day. All pattern pieces are available as free printable PDF files. The body pieces are too large to fit on one page, so you will need to assemble and tape the pieces together for the final cut.

Materials you will need for this project:

      • An old bathrobe, a towel, or any plush material
      • Filling or stuffing
      • Scissors 
      • Matching thread 
      • Sewing Machine
      • Pins 
      • Black fur or felt for the nose
      • Googly eyes or black beads

To make the pup look even cuter, you can dress it in a shirt or a pair of shorts. Take inspiration from any simple shirt sewing patterns and resize them to make a small dog shirt. For this, you would need expertise in making sewing patterns or customizing them according to preference. 

      3. Japanese stuffed dog pattern by Doll Maker

Japanese stuffed dog sewing pattern
Image: Doll Maker Nuno Doll

Japanese Stuffed Dog Sewing Pattern by Doll Maker’s Studio is an excellent free toy sewing pattern. 

For this pattern, you will need: 

      • Fur fabric in the color of your choice. We recommend white as it looks more like traditional Japanese colors.
      • Felt fabric scraps to act as inside lining cloth for the ears. 
      • Fiberfill stuffing 
      • A sewing machine needle suitable for thick fabrics such as fleece or polar fleece.
      • A fabric scrap of fur fabric with longer hair for the tail.
      • Black beads for eyes 
      • Thick thread to make nose and mouth

Download the PDF file, print out all pages on A4 paper.

      4. YoYo plush dog sewing pattern by Crafts Passion 

Sew yoyo plush dog
Image: Crafts Passion

The yoyo stuffed dog can balance itself in any posture, be it on its nose or hind legs. Since it’s so flexible, this toy designer has called it the “Yoga dog.” 

You need to be especially careful with the stuffing because more or less can ruin the toy’s flexibility, making it too stiff or too loose. 

Only the head and the shoes of the toy have tight filling in them. 

As for the body, the pattern features sixteen cloth yoyos one after another in a long string. This string-yoyo body is what accounts for the toy’s ultra flexibility. 

You can upcycle old clothes by cutting them into small pieces and using them as cloth yoyos for the toy’s body.

An essential piece of advice: Add pellets or rice grains to the toy’s shoes to give them some weight. This way, you will be able to sit or stand the toy however you wish.

Refer to the original Crafts Passion blog for the detailed tutorial and sewing steps. The pattern is easy to follow, but if you get stuck, there are plenty of pictures showing how a Yoyo dog should look as you progress through the steps.

      5. Malcolm the dog by Crafts Beautiful

Toy animal sewing patterns
Image: Crafts Beautiful

Malcolm is a medium-sized stuffed dog with a prominent droopy-faced chin and standing tail and ears. 

You can customize the toy according to your preference by adding a designed felt collar and using contrasting fabrics with patterns on them. 

You can also choose to add buttons or black beads instead of googly eyes if you wish. The stuffing needs to be firm for this one as the toy needs to stand firmly without falling. 

Malcolm is quick to make, as they’ve designed him so that you can sew all pieces together using straight seams without needing any fancy stitches, including buttonholes! 

To download your PDF copy of this pattern which includes free templates all ready for printing out, click here: [Crafts Beautiful: Malcolm the Dog]

Free Duck Sewing Pattern

Another category of most-searched printable stuffed animal sewing patterns is a duck sewing pattern. Duck plushies make the cutest gift for a toddler. 

Here are the five cutest duck sewing patterns that are simple for a beginner and fun enough for an experienced sewer!

    1. Turtle Duck Plushie

Duck turtle duck plush sewing pattern
Image: Choly Knight

This little ducking takes inspiration from the classic rubber duck pose and includes a shell for creative play. Having bright colors, a floppy body, and an oversized head, this is an adorable addition to any toy collection. 

The turtle variation has stripes—no need to be scared of its tricky gussets when you can opt for the less challenging basic duckling instead!

It might take some work, but if you’ve already done some gussets before, then sewing these up should be easy.

It’s got a 4/10 in difficulty rating because of tricky parts like y-seams and patience needed when tracing around the neck hole on your fabric pieces. 

The main pattern has applique templates to help you make eyes out of an applique fabric like felt or flannel. The pattern is free of cost and easily downloadable. 

You can download the embroidery templates separately from the blog itself.

      2. Fuzzy Duck Pattern by Connecting Threads

Diy fabric duck toy free sewing pattern
Image: Fabric art DIY

Fuzzy is a yellow duck with an orange beak and palmates. The toy stands 6 inches tall, and with a fat stuffed body, it is a perfect substitute for a pillow for cuddling. 

All instructions within this pattern follow a general ¼ inches seam allowance. Each step in the pattern is followed by a complementing illustration that helps you see what you’re supposed to do. 

This easy stuffed animal sewing pattern is available as a PDF file for instant download, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of logging in or subscribing to any newsletters.

      3. Other free stuffed duck sewing patterns

Pattern name Producer  Things you will need

Felt duckling

Creativity in pieces

    • Wool felt fabric in colors orange and yellow
    • Matching DMC embroidery floss
    • Small black bead for eyes
    • Wool roving
    • Needles
    • Black thread
    • Scissors

Stuffed duck with old socks

Craft tips

    • Woolen sock
    • Stuffing
    • Needle and thread
    • Scissors 

Free Love Birds Swan Sewing Pattern by Sew Mag

Free sewing patterns stuffed animals
Image: Sew Mag

These swans will require additional work and effort because they go in pairs. The fabric suggestion for this stuffed animal pattern is the Cuckoo’s fabric range by the brand Dashwood. 

Other essentials you will require for this stuffed pattern are:

    • Gold, navy, or dark brown felt
    • Fiber stuffing
    • Lightweight wadding
    • Four small black beads

The swans each measure 25 cm by 30 cm. You will be required to log in to download the pattern template. You can find the instructions on the Sew Mag page here.

Free Squirrel Sewing Pattern by Nuno Life

Toy squirrel sewing pattern
Image: Nuno Runo Blogspot

You can make this small squirrel entirely out of felt. This stuffed squirrel toy is only 7 cm tall.

There are two colors of felt that come into play for this pattern: brown and white. You will need a matching brown thread to stitch the felt up. Make sure to stuff the toy tightly, so it doesn’t become wobbly. 

The pattern features back-stitched darts that some beginners might have difficulty working with.  We recommend using a thick brown thread for the whole project since the stitches give a textured look closely resembling the actual animal. 

There are no seam allowances if you choose to sew from the outside. But if you’re sewing everything from the inside, we recommend adding a seam allowance to ensure smooth stitching.

You can further adorn the toy squirrel by making stripes typical to a squirrel using a brown market or a felt tip pen. Use black beads or black felt fabric for the eyes.

The blog has detailed instructions with pictures for each step to help you out with the process should you feel lost in between. Save and print this your free pattern now at Nuno Runo Blogspot

Free Cat Sewing Patterns

As popular as dog sewing patterns are with kids, stuffed cats are another adored stuffed animal that people of all ages love! 

Below are some unique cat sewing patterns free of cost and easily downloadable.

    1. Free Ragdoll Kitten Sewing Pattern

Free cat sewing pattern
Image: Dollmaker NunoDoll 

The free ragdoll kitten sewing pattern by Dollmaker NunoDoll is another fantastic printable stuffed animal pattern to try out. This sewing pattern deals with fur fabric, making it a bit more complicated than the rest of the animal patterns we listed above.

The designer of this pattern used three different fur colors to produce this stuffed cat; however, you can use just one color of fur for the entire project. 

The characteristic features of the ragdoll kitten are:

      • White mitts
      • Blue eyes
      • Furry coat
      • 20 cm height
      • Felt ears 
      • Gut whiskers

We do not recommend this pattern to novice sewers. A confident beginner may be able to sew this with some external expert help. 

The blog post has separate PDF files with pattern templates and instructions dedicated to each body part of the kitten. 

You can only print the pattern on A4 paper as that is the only format it is available in. After printing the template, just cut it out and use it as a guide for fabric cutting.

      2. Free Kitty Plushies by Choly Knight

The Choly Night blog has several free plush sewing patterns available online. The table below mentions a few best kitty sewing patterns that are too cute to resist, even for beginners.

Pattern name Essentials Pattern details

Mer-kitty plushie

    • Fur fabric
    • Applique fabric
    • Poly-fil stuffing
    • Heavy duty or light fusible web
    • Matching thread
    • Sewing machine
    • Scissors
    • Needles
    • Pins
    • Fabric marker

Mer-kitty is the cutest kitten plush with a mermaid tail. The plush is nine inches tall and seven inches wide.

The difficulty level for this project is 4/10.

Unicorn Kitty plush

    • Faux fur, fleece or minky
    • Applique fabric
    • Accent fabric
    • Fusible web (light or heavy-duty)
    • Sewing machine
    • Scissors
    • Iron
    • Marker
    • Needles and pins
    • Seam ripper
    • Fiber filling

The unicorn-kitty plush is a 13 inch tall stuffed animal that you can use even as a pillow. It features tiny kitty paws in addition to a colorful tail, hair bangs, and a spiral horn typical to a unicorn. The difficulty level for this project is 3/10.  

Kitty bean plush

    • Basic sewing tools
    • Faux fur, Minky, or fleece as the main fabric
    • Black and white felt
    • Matching thread
    • Stuffing
    • Seam ripper

The kitty bean plush has a horizontally long body with a round shape.

The difficulty rating for this task is 2/10.

Witch Kitty plush

    • Basic sewing tools
    • Main fabric: fur or Minky
    • Applique fabric: cotton or felt
    • Fusible web
    • Matching thread
    • Poly-fil stuffing

The witch kitty is a Halloween-themed stuffed toy featuring a witch kitten with a hat and a cape. The difficulty level for this project is 4/10.

We do not advise beginners to try out the patterns rated 4/10 in the difficulty level. Make sure you are in the presence of an experienced sewer before you start with these projects.

Free Stuffed Penguin Sewing Patterns

    1. Felt Stuffie Penguin by Lia Griffith

Felt penguin sewing pattern
Image: Lia Griffith

This free stuffed penguin is a pocket-friendly toy made entirely out of felt. It is so simple to sew that even a little child can create it with adult supervision. 

You just need their free printable sewing template and felt fabric in different colors: white, black, teal, and orange. Other essentials you need for this project are:

      • Fiber stuffing
      • Embroidery thread
      • Black beads or buttons for eyes

The project requires minimal sewing skills. You are required to know a bit about running stitch and blanket stitching. 

If you aren’t in the mood for sewing, you can also use a hot glue gun as an alternative. Keep the gun at a low temperature while attaching the feet and wings to the penguin. 

The tutorial and instructions for this project are available as a JPEG image. You can download the PDF pattern template directly from the Lia Griffith blog.

      2. Purl Bee Penguin by Purl Soho

Stuffed penguin sewing pattern
Image: Purl Soho

The purl bee pattern features a trio of penguins, all in different fabric patterns, but you can also make just one.

You can choose black and white pattern fabrics with spots or stripes. For the feet and beak, you will need a sharp yellow felt material. 

Other things you require for this project are: 

      • Pure cotton thread
      • Black embroidery floss
      • White small buttons (six)
      • Purl bee penguin sewing pattern template.

For complete sewing instructions, please refer to the original Purl Soho blog.

Free Toy Sewing Patterns

If you want more stuffed sewing patterns to try out, we have a list of the cutest teddy bear sewing patterns you would love to make! 

You can also dress these teddy bears or the stuffed animals you make with adorable little dresses you can make with the help of dress sewing patterns. All you’ll need to do is resize the pattern to fit a small toy.

Dressing a stuffed toy in shorts and crop tops is the most popular toy decoration method. Example: Winnie the pooh and Patrick the starfish. Take inspiration from different crop top sewing patterns and short sewing patterns for this little experiment.

For more sewing patterns for kids, you can refer to our blog on the subject.