Sewing wool tips

How to sew wool? If you’re yet to decide on a fabric to use for work, you should choose wool. No matter if you’re a beginner or professional, sewing wool would be easy for you. You can even make use of a wool sewing machine. Since wool can be purchased in different weights and weaves, it is good for projects of all types. Even though wools are so fantastic for work, you might still face some challenges while using them. That is why you should check the tips listed below.

You might have to reduce bulk

In some cases, a felt used for outerwear can be bulky. If you use a wrong finishing technique, it would even become more awkward. That is why you should avoid French seams and other similar finishing techniques. You should use more finishing techniques like pinking. They would help reduce bulk. Grading can also be used effectively. If you want to hide seams that you’re yet to finish, you should line your garment. Your work will surely appear more beautiful and with a better structure.

Expect Shrinkage

All wools can shrink. Shrinking is even a desired effect at times. For instance, you should expect shrinking when knitting is felt into its final form. There are a few things that you can do if you don’t want shrinkage. You can purchase preshrunk wool. If you’re experienced, you can even preshrink wool by yourself.

Unlike standard fabrics, you can’t wash wool. The only thing that you can do is to put it inside a dryer. You should place it along with a moderately wet towel. Make sure that you don’t use a dryer of high temperature.

Consider other options different from outerwear

Even though sewing wool coats are quite popular, some people prefer cocktail dresses. It is important to know that all wools are not heavy. You can always use light wools for skirts and other dresses. Since those light wools are available in different colors, you’re going to have a lot of options. Another advantage of using light wools over heavy wools is that you will feel comfortable inside them.

Your lining is important

If you want to know how to sew wool together well, you should be ready to learn to line. As some people find wool to be warm and comfortable, others find it rough. Only lining can be used to avoid that issue. With a good lining project, you can always cover up raw edges and make your work better.

Silk is a natural option for the lining. It can be used to line garments. If you want something soft, you should select Charmeuse. For a better structure, you should use silk dupioni. Silk dupioni can also give your project a better interior finish. It is also important for sewing double faced wool.

Choose the right needle

Since you’re working with wools, you should consider using ball-point needles. Arguably, a ball-point needle is the best needle for sewing wool. The rounded tip in it makes it easy to penetrate fibers. Even though pointed needles are effective, they shouldn’t be used for all types of wools. For instance, pointed needles don’t work for sturdy felt.

Unlike other wools, pointed needles don’t pierce sturdy felt easily. If you’re working on a new project, you should only use new needles. They would help you reduce snags. Even though old needles work, they are not as effective as the new ones. To know how to sew wool together perfectly, you should be able to select the best needle for sewing wool. Without the right needle, you won’t be sewing double faced wool.


To create a create fabric, you have to blend wool and other materials. It can be easily done on a wool sewing machine. The majority of the materials should be fiber. If you want your material to stretch, you should use wool that was blended with Lycra. Wool blended with spandex would also work.

When wool is blended with silk, the result is a lot softer than when it is not. Wool blended with silk would also have a beautiful finish. Without the knowledge of blending, you might not be good at sewing wool blanket.

Keep fabric carefully

Wool garments are quality materials. If you keep them well, they can last for a long period. You should ensure that moths never come in contact with your wool. Moths chew wools till they get holes. If you don’t prevent them, they can damage your wool. That is why you have to store them inside sealed containers. You can either use a vacuum bag or a zippered bag. Before you store your woolen clothes, ensure that you clean them. If your woolen fabrics are washable, you can use a woolen cycle on them.

Make use of press clothes

You can’t heat wool. If you use hot iron on wool, it will damage the fibers. When such a thing happens, you can’t do anything to reverse the effect. If you want to use an iron on your wool, you should put it in the right settings. A strong press cloth should also be placed between your fabric and your iron. Since there are different kinds of press clothes, you need to know the right one to use. The best one that you can use is worsted wool.

Study the maintenance instructions

No matter how much you’re good at sewing wool together, they can still get damaged when you’re washing. There are different kinds of woolen clothes. Some of them can be washed while others can’t be washed. If your wool clothes can be washed, you should only use a woolen cycle. You should also ensure that you wash it with cool water.

Woven or Knit

Just like the other fibers, you can either knit or weave wool clothes. The result you get depends on the method that you used in making your fabric. For instance, wool clothes made from knitting are quite soft. An example is a jersey. Boiled wool is different. They are made from knitting. Since they’ve been commercially felted, they can’t stretch.

If you want a neat and fit suit or dress, you should always go for woven ones. The reason is that they fold well. They are also strong. Both weaving and knitting can be used for sewing wool blanket.

Try using raw edges

Even though people commonly say that wool fibers can’t be affected by fraying, it isn’t true in some cases. Blends can be affected by fraying. If you’re using fabrics with no much weight, there is a chance that it will fray. On the other hand, fabrics with much weight rarely fray. If your fabrics don’t have much weight, you should use French seams. That is one of the techniques that can work for you. On the other hand, you can use pinking if your wool is heavy.

Work with Silk Thread

Arguably, it is the best thread for sewing wool. If you are able to match fiber inside your thread with fiber inside your fabric, the resulting seams would respond to washing the same way. It would also have the same response to drying. It’s a different case with sewing wool. You should try using silk thread because it has almost the same set of properties.

If your woolen fabric doesn’t have much weight, the best material you can use is a silk thread. It would give your project a perfect finish. Even though it is advisable to use a silk thread, some people believe the polyester-cotton thread is the best thread for sewing wool.

Select the right pattern

To be sewing wool together perfectly, you need to know how to select the right fabrics. Different fabrics work for different patterns. It doesn’t apply to a finished garment only. For instance, you should use wool fabrics if you’re making outerwear. You would get a great result. If you’re using wool fabrics for another thing, your result might not be as great.