Sewing Patterns for Kids

10+ Sewing Patterns for Kids to keep them Runway Ready!

Summer calls for a wardrobe upgradenot just for adults, but kids too. These sewing patterns for kids will make sure you are well-equipped, to get children ready for the season. 

Kids deserve to look as fashionable as their adult counterparts whether it be siblings or parents. With these simple sewing patterns for kids, your child will feel classy on a budget that suits you.

Look at the different drool-worthy kids’ clothes sewing patterns and styles and sew some (or all!) for the mini human(s) around you!

New to sewing? Don’t worry. Here’s a post to introduce you to the basics. If you’re not new to the concept, check our blog on how to sew to get you going with the real deal, i.e, the practical part.

Dublin Cardigan or Dress for Babies 1M-4Y

Kids sewing patterns
Image source: Ikatee

These comfortable cardigans and dresses are baby soft, quite literally, if made with the following recommended materials:

    1. Knitted: jersey, sweatshirt, French terry, quilted jersey, eyelet knit, interlock
    2. Woven: poplin, gauze, thin woolen fabric, soft corduroy, jeans, chambray, twill

Skill level: beginner to intermediate.

This toddler sewing pattern is reasonably practical and handy for toddlers in every aspect. Given that all its stitching styles are equally versatile. Plus point? This cardigan design is entirely lined and reversible.

You can make it in the following styles:

    • Wrapping by a band & button/snap, simple button/snap, or with a tie
    • A peplum top 
    • Loose dress with a roughly stitched skirt
    • Kimono style neckband
    • The good old simple wrap

Your only requirement is to be equipped with a few buttons (15mm-20mm) or snaps to close the cardigan/dress and a 1m bias or optional cord to tie the product. 

Also, knowing thin, fusible interfacing is going to make the job easier. 

Things you’ll learn with these toddler sewing patterns :

    1. Lining a garment 
    2. Sewing a closing with a band
    3. How to gather

Learn all this with the help of a free video guide and a fully guided pdf instruction manual. Camelia Blouse and Dress. For more free sewing patterns, refer here

However, do not forget to add a care label to pieces like these, especially if you’re planning to sell some. Try the custom care labels to keep the instructions clear about washing and handling of such items. 

Sewing patterns for kids
Image source: Ikatee

Chic and boho at the same time? Yes, please! 

This sewing pattern for young girls is sure to catch some attention. This style is sure to be your child’s next favorite article with its loose fit paired with breathable cloth choices. 

There are no limits to decorating this sewing pattern for girls after getting the hang of the basics. 

Add drawstrings for a cute and trendy look or laces for a more formal yet comfortable appeal. No matter how creatively you lead, one simply cannot go overboard with this pattern.

Please note that you also might need a different material for lining in case the primary material is a little transparent. 

If the Camelia Blouse and Dress sound like something your child would enjoy, then get started with it by downloading the PDF sewing pattern and guidebook.

Pattern name

Camelia Blouse and Dress

Age Group

3-12 years

Fabric Recommendation

    • Cotton: poplin, thin denim, light twill, etc.
    • Linen
    • Baby corduroy
    • Viscose: cotton or 100%
    • General rule: delicate fabrics over thick ones

Skill level

Beginner to Intermediate

Things you Need

    • Drawstring
    • Main fabric
    • Fabric for lining
    • Buttons (optional)
    • Cufflink strings (optional)

Available formats

    • PDF

If this too does not check the beginner-friendly box for you, maybe check some of these sewing patterns for beginners

For more vintage sewing patterns inspiration, check this!

Louise Blouse and Dress

Toddler sewing patternsChildren's sewing patterns
Image source: Ikatee

Although similar to its boho counterpart Camelia, this sewing pattern for girls is meant for a different setting and appeal altogether. 

Skill level: easy to advanced 


    1. Easy: without collar, with short sleeves
    2. Intermediate: without collar, with long sleeves
    3. Advanced: with collar

This is easily the kind of design a child can rock in any event, depending on its stitch and material. 

Want a casual and comfy beach look? Stitch up the easy variation on a printed linen cloth. 

Need a formal yet classy wedding look for your child? Experiment with the advanced pattern on a luscious silk cloth. 

Want something in between? Try the intermediate variant on a chicken fabric. There is no right or wrong here; the only correct way is what your child prefers.

What you will learn:

    1. Finishing stitches by hand
    2. Gathering and assembling cuffs with slits
    3. Ruffled collars.

If this project excites you and your baby girl, it’s time to start using the video tutorial and the pdf sewing pattern.

Chances are, you’ll enjoy this dress-making. Why not check more similar dress sewing patterns?

Easy Top by Burda—Trendy Children’s Sewing Pattern

Children's top sewing pattern
Image source: Sew Essential

An easy-breezy no-fuss top is what every parent needs in their child’s life. It is the no-brainer option when it comes to loungewear or even for a casual day out. 

Trust us; you might want to have a couple of these lying around in multiple designs and fabrics to make life easier (at least in the clothing department!).

The tank top sewing pattern for kids is as fun and straightforward to make as it is to wear. Pair them with comfy trousers and a pair of sandals for day-long comfort for your child. 

Skill level: beginner to intermediate

Fabric Recommendations:

Use lightweight yet sturdy fabrics for stitching patterns like these. We recommend using: 

    • Light cotton
    • Jersey
    • Viscose rayon or blends

In fact, this is one of those trendy children’s sewing patterns that does not require a brand new fabric to start its making. 

Check your wardrobes for clothes you no longer use, and you’re sure to find something you can re-use to create this top. Here’s our take on upcycling clothes, just for a quick idea.

Have some time on hand? Great! Here’s the link to sewing this tank right now.

Check these shorts or pants sewing patterns to pair this tank top with.

Peyton Cocoon Cardigan—Sewing Patterns for Little Girl Clothes

Sewing patterns for children
Image source: Peekaboo Pattern Shop

Lo and behold! Here’s another one of the sewing patterns for kids of every age group. What more could one ask for?

The Peyton Cacoon cardigan is a perfect accessory to give any outfit an oomph, whether casual wear or formal. You can sport it in any season if you find just the suitable fabric and style for it. 

In this guide, you can learn to make cardigans for kids of every age with fabrics of many kinds.

Recommended fabrics:

    • Wool
    • Jersey
    • Rayon
    • Cotton

A cardigan alone is never enough.  Therefore, check these shirt sewing patterns to pair the cardigan with. 

Children’s Cosywear Simplicity Sewing Pattern

Children's cosywear sewing pattern
Image source: Sewessential

Everybody needs comfortable nightwear/ loungewear to relax at the end of the day. Children are no exception. 

If you’ve ever felt that your child fusses about changing into bedclothes, you might want to consider changing their nightdress.

With these unique and comfortable sewing patterns for kids, we assure you that your child will be more than happy to change into the comfiest pair of clothing that they own. 

Pro tip: choose a fabric design that they picked to make the article more personal and enjoyable.

Skill level


Age group

For 2-6-year-olds

Styles and variation

You can stitch this cozy wear as a robe with a neck and tie band. 

You can also form it into a jumpsuit with a zip front. 

Or you can stitch it as two separate pieces; a shirt and pull-on shorts or trousers.

Fabric recommendation

    • Bamboo
    • Chenille
    • Cotton Blends
    • Flannel
    • Fleece
    • ITY
    • Modal
    • Pique
    • B, C, D Contrast Bands in Stretchable Ribbed Knit Fabric. 

Suitable for Overlocker. You might also require the extra fabric to match plaids or stripes, if any. 

If this project seems to be something your child will enjoy (because we’re sure he/she will), you must get this trendy nightwear sewing pattern now. And while at it, have a look at these jumpsuit sewing patterns for adults that are equally trendy.

Children’s Hoodie Top Burda Sewing Pattern

Sewing patterns for kids clothes
Image source: Sewessential

A popular winter clothing item, but make it summer-friendly. Yep. 

Children’s sewing patterns can just be as customizable as one’s imagination can lead. After all, fashion should be sustainable, no?

The shirt plus hoodie sewing pattern loudly speaks of comfort and chic. Once your child goes out wearing this, all the parents will want to know where you grabbed this article from.

It is quite simply a crowd-pleaser. Not just that, this shirt plus hoodie is also quite versatile. 

What you can use in the summers on its own can also be used as a topmost layer in winters for an added oomph to the jam-packed body. 

Skill level: beginner to intermediate

Age group: 2-7 years

Fabric Recommendation:

Lightweight jersey or sweatshirt material. 

This short-sleeved hood is apt and breathable for summers; no irritation whatsoever!

You can line the hood with a jersey of color in contrast with the original fabric. The addition of a small pocket gives the hoodie a bright and summery look.

Sounds interesting, right? Make one for your kid too with the help of the pattern provided here

Or make a hoodie for your boy and a crop top for your girl to give them both distinct looks. Don’t feel surprised, we have the largest collection of sewing patterns for children’s clothes.

Peony Top—Sewing Patterns for Little Girl Clothes 3-12Y

Easy sewing patterns for children clothes
Image source: Ikatee

In today’s episode of sewing patterns for children’s clothes, we have a super chic and plenty cool articles! This topstitching pattern for girls is sure to turn gazes towards your cutie pie. 

The top itself speaks of confidence and smartness, some of the few values every girl should be practicing from their early years. 

The best part about this top is its versatility. Your child can sport it for a casual playdate next door or a shopping spree with mum. 

Its versatility also makes it great for wearing to a birthday party or a field trip with school. It is the kind of wardrobe staple that you will be thankful for on more than one occasion. 

This top style can also be made with several variations. Some we have mentioned below, some you can muster up by yourself, because hey, we don’t make strict rules here!

Variations: tee-shirt or blouse. Loose-fit with kimono sleeves. 

And many more variations offered in sewings of sleeves, necklines, and shirts. 

Skill Level: Beginner to intermediate

Recommended Fabric:

    • Knitted fabric: cotton, elastane jersey, slub jersey, viscose
    • Woven fabric: linen, Chamblin, crepe, poplin, gauze, batiste, chambray
    • Material for lining (optional)

You shouldn’t miss out on this one, especially when the process is so well explanatory. For children’s sewing patterns pdf and video guidance, click here.

We believe that clothing should boost the child’s confidence, not bring it down. Hence, if a plus-size child doesn’t feel comfortable wearing this, we understand. 

Some of these plus-size sewing patterns might help find a flattering garment for your child. 

Lazy Day Skirt—Easy Sewing Patterns for Kids

Skirt sewing patterns for kids
Image source: Oliver + S

Of the many easy sewing patterns for kids, this one is by far the simplest. The lazy skirt is for the days the girls feel like doing nothing (isn’t it almost every day?). 

Learn this easy peasy pattern by heart, for these are so fun making that the girls want to sew one for every week!

Let your girl lounge around in her lazy skirt in the garden, or go flower picking with her on Sundays, leaving the boys for gaming. 

This light and airy article will not fail to be your child’s first choice to wear on every weekend spent at home. 

Skill Level: Easy

This is probably one of the most straightforward sewing patterns for kids from the lot. Using only one fabric, you can sew this by the width and secure it with an elastic band to whip up a quick short skirt. 

Fabric Recommendation: 

Lightweight cotton, jersey, linen. 

Don’t miss out on this sewing pattern. Download the PDF document to get started!

The stitching on these is so easy that you can even consider selling them for a profit. But, do not forget to add your distinct tag and label to the articles. 

Check out these custom woven labels and their different types, or the cool hang tags to make the best first impression on potential customers. 

Wish to explore more skirt-making? Here are some skirt sewing patterns for future endeavors. 

Piped Wrap Dress Bodice by Sewing Craft Gossip

Piped wrap dress bodice
Image source: Sewing Craft Gossip

Wait, do not feel daunted just yet. This dress might look a bit difficult to sew at first glance, but it is not. Hear me out. 

It’s a sleeveless dress with a gathered skirt and a zipper down the back. This dress sewing pattern isn’t as complicated in sewing as it looks wearing. It is pretty simple to make. It just requires some cutting and stitching using the bodice.

This piped wrap dress is incredibly flattering on tweens and also something they would enjoy making for themselves. 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Age group: pre-teen

Recommended Fabrics:

    • Denim
    • Blended fabrics
    • Cotton
    • Silk.

Use these instructions to whip up this beautiful dress and let your tween rock!

Still tricky to understand the technicalities? Do not fret. Look at some of our sewing tips and tricks or hacks to help you deal with any difficulties.

Are you a designer yourself, and have kids’ clothes sewing patterns up your alley? Great. Learn how to make patterns to get yours out in the market too. 

Not a clothes person? No worries. We have sewing patterns for stuffed animals and teddy bears too. Your child might enjoy making them with you, more so, another new activity to bond over just like you would have with these simple sewing patterns for kids.