13+ sewing machine safety tips and hazards

When you sew with a machine, you will be able to create seams with speed and efficiency. Even with a switch, you will find it easy to include decorative stitching in your work. Since it is more dangerous to sew by machine than by hand, you have to be careful. If you know the right things to do, you can keep and maintain your sewing machine for a long period.  You just have to consider the sewing machine safety tips below

Unplug it

A lot of people usually forget to unplug their sewing machine. Whenever you change a setting on your sewing machine, you have to unplug the machine. It doesn’t matter if you change the needle or remove a knot. You should take a few seconds to unplug the machine. At times, you might not be able to unplug your sewing machine conveniently. A power strip can be easily used in that case.

Make use of attachment designs

A lot of companies produce sewing machines. Sewing machines from different companies are not identical. They are usually different in specifications. As there are parts that can work in different machines, there are also parts that can only work in one. For instance, you can’t use the same presser feet in different machines. Only tools like needles and the likes can be work in different machines.

When you want to replace an attachment in your sewing machine, you should purchase the one that is from the company that made your machine.

Employ the use of right supports

It is one of the most important sewing machine safety tips. When you work for a long time, you might find it difficult to straighten up. Your back would likely hurt you. Even though you might not pay attention to that, it matters. When you seat poorly for a long time, it might affect your health.

Work in a place with space

When you work in a bad light, you won’t be comfortable. As it can lead to eyestrain, it can also lead to errors in your project. Some errors can even be a little bit dangerous. For instance, sewing over pins can affect your project badly. Whenever you’re sewing, you should use natural light. Since diffuse natural light doesn’t show shadows, it is one of the best lights that you can use.

Slow down

Even though you can sew incredibly fast with some sewing machines, you don’t have to place so much emphasis on that.  There are even sewing machines that can handle more than a hundred stitches in a minute. Whenever you slow down, it would be easy to avoid stitches and over-stretching of the fabric. You will also find it difficult to mistakenly place your hand in any needle mechanism while sewing. You can make hangtags to brand the things you sew and make them stand out.

Supervise beginners

Whether you’re teaching a beginner or a professional, you have to supervise and monitor well. When you start getting used to sewing machines, your chance of committing errors will reduce. Even when you’re new to using a sewing machine, you just need to hear some advice. You can easily avoid learning in a hard way.

If you’re working with children, ensure that you adjust the seats. The tables should also be adjusted. To brand what you sew and make it unique, you should consider designing custom woven labels.

Make use of the right needle

Different kinds of needles can be used in sewing. When determining the right one to use, you have to consider your project. If you’re working on sewing knits, you should consider using a ballpoint needle. As ballpoint needle is good for some project, it is also terrible for some. For instance, you can use a ballpoint needle on tough fabrics. With the right needle, you can easily avoid sewing machine safety hazards.

Never sew over pins

It is one of the best sewing machine safety tips. Even if you’re not using the wrong needle, you will still get a bad result if you sew over a pin. As your needles become bent, your fabric will also be torn. Whenever you’re using pins, insert them properly. It should always be perpendicular. If you don’t do it that way, you won’t find it easy to remove the pin.

Never stop the maintenance

When you maintain your sewing machine well, it won’t only be in good condition. It would be safe to use anytime. There are sets of instructions that come with every sewing machine. You should always ensure that it is clean. You should also oil it regularly. Whenever you want to remove lint, you should make use of brushes. If your instructions don’t recommend it, you should never use compressed air. You should always add care labels to your products.

Never force it

Every sewing machine has a limit. Before you start sewing with yours, you should know the limit. If you try working on materials that your machine is not built to handle, it might result in sewing machine safety hazards. You will end up getting broken needles. Your machine might even suffer major damage. At times, your machine might bind when you don’t have many stitches left. All you have to do is use the handwheel.

Store your machine safely

Even when you finish your project, you should still ensure that your machine is safe and in good shape. When your sewing machine is placed on shelves, it should always be on the lower shelf. The reason is that it might fall off and get damaged if placed on the upper shelf. You can also make use of a case that helps to close latches.

Take a break

At times, you might need to leave a project for a short period. It can be when you’re doing the project successfully or you’re tirelessly working. At times, people even take a break when a project is not going the way they planned. When you leave a project for another time, you will likely have a fresh outlook when you’re back. So you will find it a lot easier.

Seek help from professionals

At times, your sewing machine might start to act strangely. If you’re a beginner, you shouldn’t try to handle everything by yourself. You should just speak to a professional technician.