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Complete Sewing Kits for Professional Growth―Their Types and Content

You can be a professional sewer but if you don’t have a sewing kit, the only thing you’re left with is words. 

Sure, a good storyteller will handle it. Yet, truth be told―to present your fully-fledged sewing skills, it’s best if you get yourself a professional sewing kit. 

A brief description of each of the sewing kit essentials you’ll find on the SuperLabelStore blog. In this article, we’ll focus on the general idea of the sewing kit: its content and looks. 

For starters, have a glimpse at these fantastic 12 sewing kits for kids to spark imaginations. We bet that your fantasy inner world will be just as flared as the one of your kid. 

Sewing kits for beginners
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What are their types, what should be included, where to get one from? We’re going to provide you with the basics down below so keep reading. 

Whether you take up upcycling clothes or you’re on your way to learn to sew, a sewing kit will come in handy. 

Basic sewing kit―what’s inside?

To start in style, we’ll kick in with a dictionary. 

Collins Dictionary reports that:

“A sewing kit is a small package containing items, such as needles and thread, that you need to sew something”. 

If only it was so easy!

The actual content of a sewing set is pretty abundant. Not to mention the composition of a professional sewing kit

Professional sewing kit
Image source: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Sewing kits for beginners

On sewing kit essentials, you’ll find a full description of all the sewing accessories known to man. We won’t elaborate it here. 

Let us only remind you in short what can be found in an average sewing accessories kit (with a little help of home-ec101):

    1. seam ripper
    2. needles
    3. thimble
    4. needle threader
    5. thread
    6. spare buttons
    7. pins
    8. seam gauge
    9. tape measure
    10. white pencil (or a piece of chalk, or a disappearing ink pen)
    11. giant safety pin
    12. pin cushion

It’s fair to add “and so on, and so on” at this point. 

On the internet, you’ll find a flood of websites with even longer lists of elements. Be ready to find precise descriptions of each sewing accessory. 

If you wish to research this part, check for example this complete guide to building a basic sewing kit on CreativeLive.   

Image source: Lisa Woakes on Unsplash

We tackled a sewing starter kit but there can be so much more to it. 

Professional sewing kit 

Professional, high-quality, sewing kits for adults contain more fancy, specialized accessories.

You can find there:

    • aluminum thimble
    • hand-sewing assorted needles in a round holder
    • stainless high-quality scissors
    • magnifying glass
    • round needle holder
    • press studs

Sewing starter kit
Image source: Pinterest

If you’re a sophisticated sewer with advanced sewing techniques, you’ve already come across Artika sewing kit. It’s among the top eight and the best overall for 2021, so it has quite a popularity among sewing enthusiasts. You’ll read about it in the following paragraphs. 

This popular professional sewing kit contains: 

    1. spools of thread in all the 30 colors of the rainbow, 
    2. measuring tape, 
    3. large scissors, 
    4. wonder clips,
    5. 30 golden-eye needles, 
    6. threader, 
    7. safety pins, etc. 

It’s your choice whether to go with the basic set or make it more complex. 

The only relevant question to ask is: do I need it? Learn how to sew and decide for yourself. 

Basic sewing kits
Image source: MeganNielsen

It’s worth giving voice also to Linda Reynolds from Craftsy who claims: 

“The good stuff, plain and simple, will perform much better than the cheap stuff. And, if you take care of your supplies they will last you forever.”

Sewing supplies are no exception. 

The best sewing starter kit―extra tips

Do you like to stand out in everything you do? Want more fancy tricks?

Get an extra piece of advice from Megan Nielsen for the best sewing kit (see also best sewing tips and tricks):

Extra, useful accessories for sewing kits Description
A bingo magnetic wand

Sounds mysterious, doesn’t it? Megan uses it to pick up the pins scattered around. It’s the law of physics that works for us here.

Collecting pins may seem like it takes a second. If you’re experienced, you know that it can be quite bothersome. Having a magic wand at hand can save a lot of time when all the pins are spilled around in complete disorder. 


We need them all the time. Who doesn’t know that has simply not acknowledged their power yet. 

To list two brief examples:

    • getting into the little nooks of the machine, 
    • helping with threading;.

Get yourself a pair and it will make your sewer’s life go super smooth in a blink of an eye. 


Keeps you wondering? Try to run your thread through the beeswax before you start hand sewing, and you won’t have more questions. 

It will keep you away from:

    • knotting up, and 
    • snagging;
Fray check Prevents fraying, comes in handy for machine-made buttonholes.
Hem tape Benefits hemming, to make it quick and easy.

There are also a few treats for your sewing machine (admit it, she has a name). Let’s see what can you add to your small sewing kit to make her happy:

    1. Needles―the advice for the best but at the same time basic type are:
      • Universal, 
      • Knit Ball Point, and 
      • Twin Needle;
    1. Basic & Zipper presser foot
    1. Tiny little screwdrivers―in case things go bad, become loose, and need fixing. Why not be more secure and peaceful?
    1. Bobbins 

Check this youtuber’s advice for beginners on what to include in your sewing kit

Mason jar sewing kit materials
Image source: SewMyPlace

Sewing accessories kit―styles and types

So we’ve cracked the inside. When it comes to the content of a sewing needle kit, we’ve got it covered. We went from the most elementary to the fully-fledged professional sewing kit product.

 What about the outside? 

At this point, we can’t wait to share these 30 ideas for sewing kits that every sewing hobbyist will love. No one will deny that:

    • unique,
    • eye-catching, and
    • easy-to-make sewing kits

is all that you need to make your sewing experience unique.

Eventually, it’s not about the destination but the process. Make sure you feel serene and comfy while getting yourself to sew. The most important part is loving what you do and being here and now. The final result is only a side effect. 

Hand sewing kit
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Sewing kits―best-sellers

So you sit on your sewing chair thinking what to do next. 35 intermediate sewing projects are nothing but ready to be realized. Yet, you still don’t have the sewing kit of your own. 

In the next paragraph, we’ll lead you through some brilliant DIY sewing kits’ ideas. But first, let’s see what’s already there on the market. 

Let’s have an observant look at this ArtNews’ research regarding the case:

Sewing kit brand Description
Artika Sewing Kit

Its main advantages? 

       1. It’s a well-stocked kit, including more than 120 pieces:

        • needles and pins, 
        • measuring tape, 
        • scissors, 
        • a metal thimble, 
        • 38 mini spools of thread, and 
        • a small set of buttons and zippers;

       2. comes with affordable price, 

       3. great for everyday hand-sewing projects,

       4. is in a compact zippered case (convenient storage and portability); 

EverSewn Starter Kit

A sewing kit of quality and for the ambitious customer. 

It’s composed of 14 elements for sewing and craft. It’s slightly more expensive than the first one for a reason. It includes tools such as:

        • magnetic pin cushion, 
        • tailor scissors, 
        • thread snips, 
        • rotary cutter, 
        • 30-45 cm cutting mat;

Pay attention to the fact that there are no needles or thread in this set!

Singer Sewing Basket and Kit

An exquisite choice for beginners. Among the basic tools:

      1. a large pair of scissors, 
      2. classic tomato pin cushion, 
      3. ten needles, 
      4. 100 dressmaker pins, 
      5. 10 mini spools of thread for hand sewing. 

An extra advantage is a sturdy sewing basket with:

      • drop-down handle, 
      • built-in pincushion, 
      • removable tray, 
      • a lot of extra space that may come in handy later; 
Coquimbo Sewing Kit for Travelers

The best in the sewing & traveling department. If you need to change locations, this sewing kit will provide a smooth landing. 

It folds into a little more than 10 centimeters long and wide zippered pouch. Its compatibility provides you with all the comforts―you can hide it in your suitcase or purse at any time. On-the-go repairs were never so simple. 

Works amazing also for home use. Contains all the necessary tools and materials: 

      • needles, 
      • thread, 
      • scissors, 
      • measuring tape, and 
      • spare buttons;

Sewing kits for adults
Image source: ArtNews

Easy sewing kits for beginners―DIY ideas

Have you ever thought about creating a hand sewing kit by yourself? There are at least 10 reasons to start sewing clothes so why not sew a deluxe and original sewing kit? 

If you don’t feel like it, you can always check where to buy sewing kit and which one to choose. 

Yet, you can trust us on this one―there is nothing as joyful as creating your own upcycled gadget of the kind

Also, when your project is ready, you can add custom woven labels and care labels by SuperLabelStore to intensify its uniqueness. 

This way, your newborn item is not only truly yours but has also a more professional vibe. 

Clothing label city place cutom made

Many went from the sewing hobby to successful sewing business―consider that you may find yourself among them shortly. 

Feel free to choose from different types of woven labels to take your project to the highest level of professionalism. 

DIY sewing project kits for beginners: recycled paper basket

Among a few interesting do-it-yourself projects for a cheap sewing kit, we’ve found the one made from paper. You heard it, paper. 

A standard sewing kit is composed of tiny accessories. What if you need to keep your beloved yarn somewhere around and you don’t know where?  

Designsponge shares an exhaustive explanation of how to make it happen. 

Sewing project kits for beginnersSewing project kits
Image source: DesignSponge

Let us only mention that the list of materials is far from demanding:

    1. paperclips
    2. long lengths of paper 
    • joined newspapers, 
    • packing paper, 
    • wallpaper scraps, 
    • gift wrap;

     3. sewing machine

     4. glue/hot glue

DIY sewing project kits for beginners: small sewing set made of cardboard

While we won’t take you through the actual making of this cute little sewing kit, it’s worth knowing the idea. Its measure doesn’t exceed five centimeters and to say that it’s handy is not enough. 

Read this step-by-step guide to create the best travel sewing kit by yourself. 

Sewing needle kit
Image source: ComoFazerArtesanato

DIY sewing project kits for beginners: a chic ruler box

Some people love boxes:

    • every type, 
    • every color, 
    • every size;

If you’re one of those maniacs, you’ll love the project of a ruler box turning into a mens sewing kit. 

Keep in mind that there is no better of all the sewing hacks than having a serious sewing kit full of useful accessories. For another 23 clever sewing hacks check this YouTube video guide

Learn to sew and the issue of how to sew a button won’t disturb your dreams anymore. 

Ruler Box
Image source: ASpoonFullOfSugarDesigns

Look around and find some old wooden rulers that my kids used to have at primary schools. They work great as storage for a sewing kit. 

The project found on ASpoonOfSugarDesigns couldn’t have been more elegant. 

Look at the photos to get an idea of the atmosphere it creates. It’s a cheap gadget (made of a cheap material) with a lot of hidden potential. 

See how its vibe can fit your sewing room ideas.

When you have it in your hands, follow a few simple steps to turn it into a sewing box. 

    1. cut four 30 cm rulers into two long sides, and four short pieces, 
    2. use a scrap of MDF board as a base, 
    3. glue rulers into position using wood/craft glue;

It couldn’t have been easier!

For more ideas of original sewing kits made at home, see this page by CoolCrafts. There are about 30 examples that will make you incredibly inspired to do something on your own. 

DIY sewing project kits for beginners: egg carton sewing kit

You didn’t expect that, did you? We can say a lot about this fanciful idea, but is it needed?

What we need is an empty egg box and a bit of style and fantasy to skillfully decorate it. You can call it one of your first easy beginner sewing projects.

Cheap sewing kits
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