Sewing kit essentials

Just like all other trades, you will need certain tools to sew. Without those tools, it won’t be possible to work on your projects. Some of the most important tools are pins and needles. Some of the sewing kit essentials that you should always have are listed below


Without needles, you can’t sew. So you should always make sure that you’ve many of them. Needles are of various types. You just have to figure out the right needle for your project and purchase a lot of them. While you’re working with machine sewing projects, you should go for a ball-point needle.

To determine the size of your needle, you need to consider the weight of your fabric. If your fabric has lightweight, you can choose a fine needle. On the other hand, you should use a thick needle if your fabric is heavy. You can use care labels to improve the branding of your products.


There are different shapes and sizes of pincushions. The style people use the most is red tomato. There are also plastic wrist band pincushions. Those will give you easy access and your hands will be free. The pincushion is an important part of all hand sewing kit essentials.

There are some pincushions with Emory-filled attachment. It would help to clean the pins. The needles would also be clean. Another method of making pincushion is by using sawdust to fill pouches. Instead of sawdust, you can also use fine sand.


It is one of the smallest tools that should be part of your sewing kit essentials. It is also one of the items you should always have in your hand sewing kit essentials. Metal, leather, and other materials are used in making thimble. You can easily use them to protect the index. They also cover the middle finger.

While you’re sewing with your hand, the thimble will help to cover your fingertips. So they won’t come in contact with pinpricks. If you want to push a needle within many fabric layers, you can also use a thimble.

Bent handle shears

Even though bent handle shears are expensive, you will get every value for your money. There is a blade in bent handle shears and a handle. The handle makes it easy to operate the tool. It is advisable to only use shears for fabric. To keep them in good shape, you should sharpen them once a year. It is considered as one of the tools that should be present in a high-end sewing kit. You should ensure that there is shear in your first aid sewing kit.

Embroidery scissors

If you want to snip off threads, the tool you should use is embroidery scissors. It has a small size. So it is easy to handle and operate. As you can use them to start a new line of stitching, you can also use them to finish a line. The majority of embroidery scissors are cheap. So you can easily purchase one and add it to your collection of sewing kit essentials.

Straight pins

There is no project that you can carry out without a pin. You should always have a lot of them in your basic sewing kit. Pins are used to holding things in fabric. Even while you cut and make certain adjustments in your sewing, pins will help you put everything in place. To make it easy for people to identify your products, you should consider making hangtags.

Tape measure

Even though you’re going to find a tape measure in your toolbox, it won’t do you much help. Since there are different kinds of tape measures, you might be confused about the right one to purchase. To be on the safe side, you should go for a soft tape measure. You can easily move one around your body. It will also be easy to take accurate measurements.

While you’re purchasing a tape measure, make sure that you only select the one that you can easily read. If you purchase a tape measure that you can’t read, you might record the wrong things. Bad measurements can lead to errors in your project.

Clean ruler

Acrylic is used in making clear rulers. As you will find clear rulers in different sizes, you will also find them in different shapes. Even as you refer back to a mark, you can take new measurements with a clear ruler. As you locate where you mark the other areas, you can sew your material. With the use of clear rulers, there will be more accuracy in your projects. You will also work faster and be more efficient. A ruler is one of the essential items that should be in your first aid sewing kit.


Just like you can’t do without a needle, you can’t sew without a thread. As you work on different projects, you might even need threads in different colors. There are different types of threads. As you can only use some for hand sewing, others can work for machine sewing. You just have to stick to the one that will work for your project.

While purchasing threads, you should also pay attention to brands. As threads from certain brands can easily work with your machine, others might not. While working on a single project, you’re going to make use of a lot of threads.


While working on sewing projects, you don’t have to purchase irons that are too expensive. Just make sure you purchase an iron that has a steam feature. There are different types of irons. Some of them can only be used for one kind of project. So you’ve to be careful. it is advisable to purchase an iron that can be used for different types of projects. You are also going to need a sewing board.


If you want to test various patterns, you’re going to need a muslin. It is one of the most important things that should be in your basic sewing kit. Since muslin is cheap, you can easily avoid purchasing fabrics that are too expensive. You can even purchase a lot of them and use them anytime you like. Muslin should always be part of your high-end sewing kit. To improve the branding of your products, you should design customized woven labels.

Tailor’s chalk

You’re going to be marking your materials while working on a project.  The best tool that you can use for that is a tailor’s chalk. It is even advisable to buy them in two different colors. As you buy one with white color, you should buy another one with blue color.