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The First Factor For Skillful Sewing―Can You Achieve Extra Comfort and Joy with Sewing Chair?

How important is it to sit well and with ease on your sewing chair while you learn to sew? Healthy working habits are essential for your comfort. Having the right piece of furniture under one’s bottom usually isn’t considered an essential factor for success in sewing. Yet, it plays a huge role. 

Consider that there is no point in history when sewers perform their craft in a position other than sitting. 

Sewing chair
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A well-tailored sewing chair will make you thrive in the industry, whether you go for a sewing stool on wheels or a sewing table chair.

For sewing, you’ll need especially these three points covered:

    1. an ergonomic backrest,
    2. an adjustable seat, 
    3. wheels and the space to move around;

Think about sewing room ideas (like sewing cutting table or sewings supplies) when you’re choosing the best sewing chair. All of the pieces have to go together to create a concise and creative work environment. 

The basics of a sewing stool

How to choose the best sewing chair or sewing stool to keep it professional on the way to the top? 

If you learn to sew, the last thing you want to have trouble with is a sewing chair. But the one that doesn’t serve well enough can be a real pain in the neck. 

Where to buy sewing baskets
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Keep in mind that these days a massive part of sewing activity takes place online. The core of sewing is still sewing threads types and tips, sewing kit, and sewing basket. Yet, there are also many virtual sewing options to discover. Check them out, for example, with Seasoned Home Maker or Skill Share tutorials. 

Are you sitting in front of a sewing table on your favourite sewing machine chair with sewing scissors and sewing pins in hand? Let’s face the less dramatic, online part of the business. Get to know sewing initially by reading and watching YouTube tutorials. 

Take it easy and get a pinch of knowledge on the subject. You don’t have to bother yourself with any pressure to learn sewing machine safety tips and hazards or take an actual sewing needle in hand. 

Best sewing chair
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This virtual stage of learning how to sew is a hell of fun. And guess what? It also requires a comfy chair!

Following the advice by My Decorative:

“Decorate your sewing room in a way that makes you feel comfortable, happy, and inspired. You want your sewing room to be inviting so that you look forward to spending time in it. […] remember to decorate with your physical comfort in mind tooif your lower back tends to get sore, include extra pillows or a well-supported chair.”

Sewing room chair
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Sewing stool or sewing chair?

The choice depends on the amount of room you have at your disposal. For smaller surfaces,  a good sewing stool will do.

    • you save space, 
    • you get the manoeuvre space that you need, 
    • you spend less than you would on a sewing chair,
    • they are lightweight; 

Otherwise, if you need:

    • back support, 
    • good stability and free move when you sew,
    • arm supports to relax in the short pauses of work; 

choose a sewing chair. 

The right choice between a sewing stool and a sewing chair will also depend on a physical condition.  

Does my sewing table chair have to be professional?

This is an essential question to ask, so let’s break it down straight away. The Sewing and Craft Club expressed a similar doubt, so we took a glance at their opinion as well. 

Are sewing chairs and office chairs interchangeable? It comes as no surprise that sewing chairs are explicitly designed to match the requirements of sewists. Yet, those tend to be more expensive.

Office chairs can offer a much cheaper alternative. You don’t have to buy a professional, perfect sewing chair if you can’t afford one. Instead, you can go for an office chair and ensure it represents all the qualities you need. They are also designed for long periods spent sitting at a desk. Keep in mind the key features you need from your sewing chair. Office chairs can be as comfortable as seats designed for sewing. 

After all, for your peace of mind and if you can afford it, it’s best to re-consider buying an ergonomic sewing chair. It will give you enough support to develop your sewing skills instead of distracting you from gaining new ones. Besides, a perfect sewing chair will “hug your body” in the right places; you won’t get tired quickly while sewing.

A well-crafted sewing room chair should: 

    1. provide you with the support you need when working, 
    2. give you lots of padding to make sure your body does not get sore as you work, 
    3. be adjustable to fit your sitting stature, 
    4. let you manoeuvre in space on its castor wheels;

Sewing table chair
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The best type of chair for sewing tip on your path from sewing hobby to successful sewing business is included in a few points: 

    1. The best sewing chair for an individual is the one that matches them best. You decide whether it fulfills your needs or not. 
    2. Your sewing stage will also influence the choice of the best sewing chair for a specific moment. If you are at the beginning, it may be wiser to invest in the sewing machine rather than an extraordinary, professional sewing chair.  
    3. Consider features like good looks, style, and comfort. These have different importance for each of us. It’s worth studying our preferences before getting a new sewing chair home.

Perfect sewing chair
Image source: Sew-embroidery

Choose the right sewing chair or sewing stool, get yourself a fair amount of sewing supplies and off you go! 

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Best rated sewing chairs

You can find the most recent reviews of the best sewing chairs with wheels or without them. online 

Take a look at the classifications prepared by: 

    1. Sew Embroidery
    2. Sewing Machine Guide, or 
    3. DIYS

In the YouTube link below, you’ll get to know the best sewing chair reviews for 2021. The video material researches the top 7 cosy sewing chairs for comfortable crafting.

On Super Label Store, you can view the best sewing tips and tricks. Keep in mind that an ergonomic sewing chair is one of the best tips to follow for a successful sewing career. Find the one and rest assured that it will make you thrive in the fashion business.

Sewing machine chair
Image source: NbcNews

In the table below, we give you a hint about:

    • the best, and 
    • the most popular 

chairs available on the sewing market. 

Take a look at this selection of top chairs (also read about sewing tools) chosen by Sew Embroidery:

The model

Top reasons to pick it


Arrow Height Adjustable Hydraulic Sewing Chair

    • durable, 
    • hydraulic model (easy to lift it up or down),
    • has a storage unit (hidden underneath the seat cushion),


Reliable SewErgo 200SE

    • eco-responsible, it’s made of recycled polyester (62%),
    • easy to control height,
    • the waterfall seat edge offers several advantages. One of them is causing no strain to lower limbs and knees;

Legs lower only to a certain point

Comfort Sewing Chair by Sylvia Designs

    • available in various colours
    • breathable fabric in the mesh back part (no sweat)
    • contoured design (long sitting without feeling strain)

Reliable SewErgo 150SE

    • grey-coloured seat―looks stylish and universal,
    • lumbar support,
    • warranted product,

No colour options

There are a few more reasons to choose these tall sewing chair picks:

    1. Arrow Height Adjustable Hydraulic Sewing Chair
      • seat fabric with a colourful sewing theme,
      • sewing chairs with wheels (the starbase design, five caster wheels),
      • black shining frame,
      • cushions at the back for lumbar support;

      2. Reliable SewErgo 200SE

      • curved contouring (no pain nor tiredness even if you use it long hours),
      • padded seat,
      • stylish looking and ergonomic design,
      • lumbar support;

Sewing stool
Image source: Gabriele Stravinskaite on Unsplash

      3. Comfort Sewing Chair by Sylvia Designs

      • different versions, for example, with and without the arm kit, 
      • functional & aesthetic
      • the best for the quilters and sewists
      • a controllable mechanism, back and height adjustable (you can adjust it for kids),
      • comfortable backrest,
      • glide castors;

      4. Reliable SewErgo 150SE

      • rectangular backrest with rounded edges,
      • high-quality fabric and frame,
      • waterfall design on the seat edge (reduces the level of pressure on limbs), 
      • durable starbase and the frame, 
      • controllable backrest and height,
      • eco-friendly, made of recycled polyester;

Are you eager to check more reviews? Watch:

    1. Sewing and Craft Club
    2. Sewing Mag,
    3. Luxury Home Stuff,
    4. Sewing Machine Guide 

for the best picks collected worldwide.    

Sewing chair cushions
Image source: elCarito on Unsplash

How to choose the right sewing chair for you?

Not knowing the right features (by “right” we mean suitable) while choosing the perfect sewing chair is like shooting arrows in the dark. 

Before buying one, the best thing to do is prepare a checklist of your requirements and stick to them.

Sitting for long hours while sewing can be painful on your lower back. The majority of us want the perfect sewing chair to turn our sewing activity into a pain-free hobby or business. To achieve it, we need to choose the right sewing chair. It should care about our back without compromising style, comfort, and mobility.

What questions to ask before you decide on the best sewing chair for you? For example, what about sewing chair cushions; are they worth our attention? We need to consider how tall the sewing chair should be, and so on. 

Let’s research the FAQ of the sewing chair sector briefly. 

Chair for sewing
Image source: UniversityOfFashion

With so many chairs in the market, how do you know which is the best for you?

In the table below, with the help of the Stewing and Craft Club, we gathered the features to look for when choosing the best sewing stool:




Ergonomic chairs are designed for comfort and prolonged use. They put the least amount of strain on your body.


What’s the largest weight a chair can take on? Consider your weight and adjust the sewing chair model to it. 

Decent backrest

We understand that stretching a budget for an ergonomic chair isn’t for everyone. So go for a cheaper option but be sure it has a decent backrest.

Adjustable height 

Moving your sewing machine from one table to another may cause a situation when your beloved chair becomes too tall or too short. 

Padded seat

Office chairs always have padded seats for a reason. A wooden chair, as pretty, sleek, and polished as it is, won’t work great for your well-being if you need to sit on it for an extended period. 


Wheels are essential. Thanks to them:

    • You can roll the chair around the room instead of carrying it, 
    • you don’t have to leave your seat to retrieve something from the cabinet; 


As we read on Luxury Home Stuff, sewing chairs can come in various materials: 

    • vinyl, 
    • mesh, 
    • leather, or 
    • synthetic leather; 

Make sure you are comfortable with the one you choose. 


This one depends on the type of sewer you are plus the kinds of projects you usually take.

There are a few more pieces of advice on all the features mentioned above. 

    1. Ergonomic―Your sewing project is what you want to focus on solely. For example, if your back hurts or your legs have congested muscles, you need to find a better sewing chair.
    2. Capacity―A sewing chair should have a higher load capacity to avoid collapsing under your enthusiastic moves and cuts.
    3. Decent backrest―Why is it so crucial? It’s going to support your posture, negating the need for uncomfortable slouching. 
    4. Adjustable height―Another reason for opting for height flexibility? A friend of a different height than you. Your joint adventure at the sewing table can become hard to handle without adjustable height.
    5. Padded seat―You’ll understand fast that a wooden char isn’t the best choice when it comes to sewing. A perfect addition to your decor or not, they aren’t agreeable for your delicate derriere.
    6. Wheels―Make sure they are a good design and glide on both wooden and carpeted floors.
    7. Comfortability―Think about the weather! For hotter climates, you want to invest in mesh material for the breathability of your back. Vinyl is suitable for colder regions as it provides extra warmth.

Should a sewing chair have armrests?

Our experience shows that armrests have always been a subject of debate among sewers. They are a personal preference. Some sewists feel that armrests get in their way, while others like and appreciate the support they provide.

For small pieces to craft, it’s OK to have a chair with arms. For more expressive creations, armless gives you more room to wrestle with reams of fabric. The thing is that armrests can be very useful. Yet, they can also block the freedom of movement of your arms as you manoeuvre fabric through your sewing machine. 

If it’s hard for you to decide before the final purchase, go for foldable or removable rests. 

Sewing room chair FAQ

There are many questions to ask that we didn’t cover in the paragraphs above. We want you to make the best decision, so let us share several fantastic sewing chair guides. 

What are the benefits of a great sewing chair? What should your posture look like when you sew? How to buy the best sewing chair? How to save your back if it hurts? 

Check Sewing Is Cool and Sewing Mag to tackle all the FAQs at once.  

What’s the best way to sit at the sewing machine with a sewing chair? 

In the YouTube video below, Kristine Kelly debunks some common myths about the “science” of our life in chairs. Take a look at her innovative approach to the act of sitting. After all, it’s an everyday activity inherently interwoven with almost any craft-making. 

Any other advice for long hours at the sewing table?

    1. Take regular breaks. It’s hard to complete the project if you have to stop and start over many times. Yet, your health is higher on the list of priorities. Also, with frequent fresh starts, you might find the hassles you’re going through (for example, with a sewing machine) a  bit less bothersome.
    2. Buying an ergonomic chair with built-in lumbar support and contoured seat cushions is excellent. Yet, never forget that you can still make the effect miserable if you don’t use it the way they are meant to be used. 
    3. Adjust your pasture to the chair (or vice versa).
      • Sit with both feet flat on the floor. 
      • You should be able to reach your sewing pedal with your heel resting on the floor.
      • The backrest should be at 90 degrees to the seat. 
      • Rest your forearms comfortably on the sewing machine. 
      • Your forearms should be parallel to the table or above. It will reduce stress on your shoulders and back. 
      • Balance your spine straight up over your pelvis.
      • Your hips should be even or a bit higher compared to your knees. 
      • Avoid curving, anterior or posterior.