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How About Learning to Sew with Sewing Blogs?—Here Are the Best 20 of Them

Lessons and YouTube tutorials are common ways to learn to sew, but sewing blogs are the most popular ones.  

Get a taste of this handy skill called sewing with the help of the written word! 

To respond to your needs, we’ve prepared a list of the most useful sewing-related blogs online. 

Hold on tight; you’re going to see all the “sewing internet” in the following paragraphs.  

Best sewing blogs
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Best sewing blogs

What does it actually mean that the particular blog is the best?

We have experience in reading and creating sewing sites. It lets us point out several favorite garment sewing blogs’ features.

Let’s see what’s the key here.

From all the sewing and craft blogs out there, those which make us come back:

    1. contain a fair dose of knowledge to gain (“regular” instructions as well as the best sewing tips and tricks),
    2. are entertaining (written well, and, at times, funny),
    3. are aesthetically pleasing,
    4. are good at translating theory into practice,
    5. have something special about them that keeps us intrigued;

Sewing blogs
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We bet you also have your number one pick of all the cool sewing blogs on the web!

Let’s see which sewing sites teach us how to sew the most smoothly and keep us impatiently waiting for updates:

Sew Sensational 

Louise Petty (UK) has a clothing and dress sewing blog. She delivers an exciting number of captivating tips about: 

    • sewing, 
    • stitching, 
    • embroidery for home decor,  
    • clothing,
    • dressmaking (read about types of dresses),

Her blog has a nice amateurish feel while being undoubtedly professional with content.

Blogs on sewing
Image source: Sew Sensational 

Tilly and the Buttons

Tilly and the Buttons is an embodiment of what we have in front of our eyes when we hear “garment sewing blogs.”

Besides sewing business and lifestyle topics straight from London, we’ll find there various:

    • sewalongs, 
    • fabric tips, 
    • sewing tools
    • design details, and
    • sewing patterns (including maternity patterns, as well noticed by Retingle).

And this is what Tilly, an author of the “band” herself, says about the website: 

“This blog is where we share sewing tips and inspiration, plus news about Tilly and the Buttons books, sewing patterns, and online workshops.” 

Best sewing blogs list
Image source: Mood Fabrics

On the Cutting Floor

“A great resource for newbies”—according to Mood Fabrics

On the Cutting Floor was founded in 2014 by the former ESL teacher and volunteer firefighter Daniela. 

On her “About” page, she claims that she loves sharing PDF sewing patterns and sewing tips she finds beneficial for the community. 

She uses her learning to sew blog to gather free patterns, tips, and charts from all around the internet.

In fact, On the Cutting Floor provides us with tremendous amounts of: 

    1. patterns to choose from (you can buy and download them as PDFs), 
    2. types of fabric to buy in her Etsy shop,
    3. tutorials, and 
    4. services such as patternmaking;

Reach out to this blog for everything from advanced sewing techniques to full dress tutorials to basic stitching techniques.

On the downside, this blog is full of ads, with a nightmare of windows opening around while you open and read the page.

Sewing blogs ultimate list
Image source: Ratingle


Beth is the pattern designer and Sew DIY blogger who has been sewing clothing for about 25 years!

Her passion makes us crave to get the same classy and neat vibe.

She divides “Tips and Techniques for Making Your Sewing Journey More Joyful,” into:

    1. Sewing Classes (for example, “Improvisational Quilting for Garment Sewists,”) 
    2. Sewing Basics (like this “5 Tips for Using Pins Safely When Sewing,”) 
    3. Sewing Tips (i.e., “Seven Ways to Finish a Seam,”) 
    4. Garment Sewing Tutorials (like “Free Pattern DIY Tutorial Stirrup Leggings,”) 
    5. Pattern Fitting & Alterations (check “How to Lengthen or Shorten the Rise of a Pants Pattern,”) 
    6. Tips For Storage & Organization (“Three Easy Steps for Sorting Fabric Scraps”), and so on…

The list is not endless, but it’s abundant. Let us tell you that!

Sewing websites
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Sew Liberated

Sew Liberated has a curious, almost political approach.

According to Craftsy, this is how it went:

“A while back, Meg McElwee decided to focus on her family and sewing with conscious intention. While her posts on Sew Liberated are, of course, sewing-related, they’re also infused with thoughts about cherishing your body, being at peace with your clothes, and the power of a homemade wardrobe.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Sewing sites
Image source: Sew Liberated


Cashmerette, created by plus-size seamstress Jenny Rushmore, stands for “Dressing for curves.”

We’re glad to see such a popular sewing log with content that celebrates:

    • curves, 
    • confidence, and 
    • limitless style. 

“We design modern, elegant sewing patterns that make you look amazing, just as you are. You deserve a wardrobe that exudes personality and style […].”

—we read at Cashmerette.

They make sewing patterns only for sizes 12-28 and bust sizes C-H. 

Nothing for you here, last decade catwalk models!  

Follow Cashmerette also for all plus size sewing-related news and tips.

Best sewing websites
Image source: Cashmerette

Sew Over It

Another blog of London origins covers articles about:

    • dressmaking ideas, 
    • patterns for intermediate and (confident) beginner sewers, 
    • stylish patterns and gorgeous fabrics to spice up your sewing adventure, 
    • and many more!

New articles show up from twice to seven times a month. Be prepared for a constant influx of inspiration!

Sew Over It has been active and successful for the last ten years.

Cool sewing blogs
Image source: Sew Over It

You don’t want to miss updates from this team of experts. There are pattern cutters, teachers, couture designers, and technical dressmakers. 

On Sew Over It, you’ll find a professional offer, with: 

    1. Ebooks, 
    2. Gift Vouchers, 
    3. Online Classes,
    4. and even VIP Pattern Club!

Check out one of the YouTube tutorials available on their channel:

“Meet the Cocoon Coat – Now a PDF Pattern!”

Melly Sews 

Melly Sews from Austin, Texas, starts with a beautiful thread-like embroidered logo in the headline. The further we go, the better and chicer the situation gets. 

Its owner, Mellissa Mora, is a pattern and fabric designer, vlogger, and book author. 

The site is plain, and it’s divided into four sections:

    1. Sewing projects
    2. Learn to sew
    3. Shop
    4. About

What relief is not having to cut through thousands of irrelevant pieces of information! 

This blog takes us everywhere, from 

Over 68 thousand fans on Facebook, 1.4 thousand on Twitter, and 32 thousand on Instagram—this must mean something!

Besides the blog, a charming author uploads exquisite tutorials on her YouTube channel.

Check out, for example, “What Kind of Sewing Thread Should I Use?” with Melly:

And since we’re here, also read about sewing threads types and tips.

Garment sewing blogs
Image source: Melly Sews

Super Label Store blog

Super Label Store is a fully-fledged producer of different types of woven labels.

When it comes to customized labels, you can browse through:

    1. woven labels,
    2. care labels, and
    3. hang tags

independently of the size of your brand. 

Super Label Store takes orders both from multi-brands and individual DIY sewers at home.

Four super features characterize this brand’s products:

Super easy

Easy-to-use configurators will help you design your label and order it in minutes.

Super quality

These labels are of premium quality from start to finish.

Super custom 

Your labels will result from unique work, so they are 100% custom.

Super low quantities

From big brands to small start-ups and DIYers, everyone can order even the smallest number.

But the company also thrives on producing high-quality blog content for sewing enthusiasts.

On the Super Label Store blog, you’ll find everything from fashion upcycling ideas to tips about triple crochet to sewing terms.  

So Sew Easy

So Sew Easy is a sewing blog based in Singapore. Authors pay particular attention to new and improving sewers.

So Sew Easy presents: 

    • an incredible number of free sewing patterns (one day of scrolling is not enough), 
    • easy sewing, and quilting tips, videos, and tutorials,
    • shop with the newest, most popular, cheapest, and the most expensive sewing items;

What attracted 190 thousand followers to the So Sew Easy YouTube channel

Check it out; it may be worth it! 

Plus, you rarely learn about the Hong Kong Sew Finish in English, do you?

Learning to sew blogs
Image source: So Sew Easy

We All Sew

We all do. 

Some of us sew only in imagination; others are now making their first steps on these undiscovered lands.

The Canadian blog We All Sew covers:

    • fun & inspirational project ideas from crafting, fashion, home décor, quilting, and embroidery fields,
    • patterns, 
    • video tutorials, 
    • easy step-by-step instructions, 
    • new product information, and 
    • sewing tips 

for sewers and crafters of all ages and skill levels;

The website is white and neat, symbolically becoming our carte blanche for the beginnings of sewing development. 

Also, the blog’s language is friendly and community-oriented, 

“It doesn’t matter what brand or type of sewing machine you own. Because we all sew, we all share the same passion for creating unique treasures. […] This online community […] is meant to be a place to inspire, encourage and celebrate creativity in whatever form it comes in.” 

we learn from the We All Sew learning to sew blog.

And the community vibe can’t be overlooked when seeing a tab called “Sew to Serve” and projects’ titles, such as

    1. Sewing masks for health care workers,”
    2. Angel gowns for grieving families,” or
    3. Pads for four-legged homeless,”

You may be surprised that the sewing machines brand called Bernina leads this blog. 

Websites for learning to sew
Image source: We All Sew

The Last Stitch

Finally, a blog without “sewing” in the title! How hard was that?

The Last Stitch by Johanna Lundström provides:

But, first things first: Who is Johanna?

Johanna Lundström is a Swedish, 30-years-of-sewing-experience sewist (sewing since she was 11 years old). 

As she claims, “the magic of turning an idea into a finished garment never gets old to me,” and we want to be there with her! 

She’s also an author, having written books:

    1. “Sewing Jeans,”
    2. “Master the Coverstitch Machine,”
    3. “Sewing Activewear.”

Blogs on how to sew
Image source: Long John

Her background is in communication and design. 

As she says, she’s glad to apply those skills to her online channels in an easy-to-understand, encouraging, and visually driven way. 

By the way, we love her quick-tips list on the “About” page (marked with images of sewing tools):


    1. Preparation, Practise, and Patience are the three Ps of successful sewing.


    1. Check twice or rip later.


    1. When in doubt, take a break and have a snack.

[sewing machine]

    1. A couture garment was not made in one day. Every great achievement takes time and should not be rushed.

[measuring tape]

    1. Remember that we are all in this together <3

Meet Johanna in her YouTube “Easy DIY Runner Belt: Step-By-Step Sewing Tutorial”:


This blog is incredibly active, featuring from one to three new articles a day. 

An author covers a wide range of sewing topics, often kid-related:

    • sewing projects,
    • free sewing patterns, and 
    • tutorials for beginners;

The description of the blog says it’s all about trendy, modern sewing patterns, including:

    • girls & boys sewing patterns, and 
    • baby sewing patterns;

Everything falls into place when we realize that the blog’s name was established as My Childhood Treasures.

Dress sewing blogs
Image source: Treasurie Facebook

Apart from the children part, the neatness of this blog is second to none other.

All articles have uncluttered tables of content and a lot of useful information. Also, it’s all put in a truly pleasurable arrangement. 

I Can Sew This

It’s no coincidence that the blog’s name refers to the happy exclamation of a sewing beginner.

It is, in fact, a “little happy place” for those who start and want to be guided by Violet, the author of the blog.

She shares her sewing projects and ideas, hoping to inspire us with her enthusiasm. 

Something new, something fun, is her mantra. 

Categories of sewing projects tutorials to follow are:

    1. kids,
    2. women,
    3. home;

The blog is cute, despite being at its beginner stage.

Do you feel like joining in?

City gym shorts modified
Image source: I Can Sew This 


Straight from New York, meet the actress Marcy Harriell in a sewing enthusiast’s role. 

Oonaballoona covers sewing:

    1. thoughts, 
    2. tools, 
    3. sewing machine tips, 
    4. fabrics, 
    5. patterns, and more (according to Blog Feedspot). 

If there were a contest for the most colorful blogger, she would surely win one. 

And why not? Isn’t it precisely what we need? A dash (or hundred) of healthy optimism has killed no one.  

Marcy updates her blog several times a month with her newly crafted garments and anecdotes about life in the city.—Mood Fabrics reports. 

Sewing and craft blogs
Image source: Oonaballoona

Male Pattern Boldness

There are few of them, yet we met a male sewer who craves to show off online. 

And here he goes, a native New Yorker, Peter Lappin.

He calls himself a sewing fanatic. And it may be true since this guy makes all his clothes using vintage sewing machines and vintage patterns.

We can’t wait to see what he created there! Maybe we’ll meet him up on The Sartorialist one day? 

Having practiced since 2009, he also sews for private clients. 

On his blog, you’ll read about:

    1. sewing, 
    2. style, 
    3. fashion, 
    4. fabric, and more!

According to Mood Fabrics

“Male Pattern Boldness is the go-to for menswear trends and impeccable sewing skills.”

Cool sewing websites
Image source: Male Pattern Boldness


We’ve had an exciting ride through some of the best sewing blogs we love to visit, but their list is much longer. 

Below, we’ve prepared a table based on the research by:

to mention a few more sewing and craft blogs that are worth having a look at:

Name of the blog


The Palmer/Pletsch Blog

Elegant ladies Pati Palmer and Melissa Watson run this blog/company. 

They know how to perform the perfect fitting. They have also mastered most of the tailoring techniques.

The Crafty Gemini

Blog by Vanessa Vargas Wilson with tutorials for garments, tips for beginner sewists, and reviews of different sewing machines (not to mention baking, papercraft, and woodworking!). All in one, and served all chic!

Erica Bunker

Tutorials and posts on everything from fabric, patterns (and their alterations), and style tips. It’s a must for everyone looking to build up their handmade wardrobe. 


Are you looking for how to conjure up blouses, dresses, or menswear basics? Reach out to Colette for tutorials and instructions in an array of styles as long as they’re neat and modern!

Stay updated with Super Label Store for the best sewing tips and tricks.

Dress sewing websites
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