Rag quilt patterns

If you’re looking for patterns similar to traditional quilt patterns, rag quilts are the closest that you can get. Just like any regular quilt, blocks of different rag quilt sizes are used in learning how to make a rag quilt pattern. You should know that those blocks contain a lot of fabrics. Unlike other quilts, the seams that are inside are not hidden. They are usually outside and exposed. Since they are also clipped, a blanket is created. Those kinds of blankets usually have a cuddly texture.

If you’re new to quilting, you should consider using a rag quilt. It is one of the best material that makes it easy for beginners to work. You are not even going to need any technical skills to start working on your rag quilt ideas. Since the lines are not obvious, you won’t need to match anyone of the seams. Even though there are a lot of fabrics that you can select from, it is advisable to go for the soft ones. Some of the soft fabrics include flannel, fleece, and the likes.

Soft fabrics are known to shrink easily. To avoid that, your fabric should be washed properly before cutting. It is one of the most important steps in learning how to make a rag quilt with cotton fabric. With customized hangtags, people can easily identify your products everywhere. If you learn how to make beautiful blankets, you won’t need to worry about gift to give people anymore. You can even construct a blanket within a short time. Popular rag quilt patterns that you should consider making are listed below

Square rag quilt

To make a square rag quilt, you have to combine a lot of squares. All the squares should be of the same size. As a beginner, it is the best quilt pattern to make your first project. All you need are some fabric.

Divide the fabric into various squares. Just ensure that they all have the same size. Then you can proceed to sew them together. That is one of the ways to learn how to make a rag quilt with cotton fabric. Unlike when you’re making other rag quilt patterns, you’re not going to make many calculations. Even though it is easy to learn how to make a rag quilt, you can still make a beautiful blanket.

Patch rag quilt

Unlike a square rag quilt, you won’t need to cut your fabric into equal squares while making a patch rag quilt. You’re going to divide your fabric into squares of various sizes. To create a beautiful and unique style, you can even combine different colors.

Strip rag quilt

If there is any fabric that you don’t need again, you can use it to make a strip rag quilt. Even if it is too small, it can still be put into use. The construction is also easy. Even if you don’t want to cut by yourself, you can still use the strips. All you have to do is take them to a sewing machine. With a strip rag quilt pattern, you will be able to make an eclectic pattern.

Chevron rag quilt

Just like when you’re constructing a half square, a chevron is quite difficult to construct. To make one, you have to rotate blocks and make sure they are properly arranged. That is when the chevron design can be made. Since the rag quilt performs the function of a border, it helps to give a fun touch to your project.

Frame Rag quilt

The frame and square rag quilt ideas have a lot of things in common. The only difference is in the arrangement of the squares in the frame rag quilt. They are made to form frames of different series. Another unique thing about the frame rag quilt is that it allows one to introduce any color template. You can also expand the pattern of a frame rag quilt. All you have to do is add two frames.

Combination rag quilt

Unlike the other rag quilts, making a combination rag quilt can be a little bit challenging. You will have to combine rectangles of different rag quilt sizes to make one. Even though it looks difficult at the start, the processes involved in making a combination rag quilt can be easily learned. You just need to follow the right steps well.

Half-square rag quilt

Even though the triangles in a half-square rag quilt looks difficult to create, it is quite simple. When you sew the seams, you’re going to get two blocks of the quilt. Since you will likely join the texture that is in your rag quilt, your blanket will appear technical but it can still be constructed easily.

Instructions on making rag quilt patterns

To make a beautiful rag quilt pattern, you have to follow the right rag quilt instructions strictly. No matter if you’re a beginner or a professional, you should always consider the instructions listed below while making rag quilt patterns

  1. Create a rag quilt. If you’re a beginner, you should practice by making use of scrap fabrics. Customized care labels can help improve your branding and make clothes made from fabric stand out.
  2. Get all the basic tools that you’re going to use. Some of them are scissors, seam ripper, ruler, and the likes.
  3. Cut your fabrics into the sizes that you need
  4. With the use of a rotary cutter, cut off the raw edges.
  5. With the use of a ruler, you should cut off the strip to the top.
  6. Perfect your strip into the size that you want. If you’re yet to have the right size, you can still cut some parts.
  7. Turn your strip. If you find it difficult to do that, you can watch a rag quilt tutorial video.
  8. Finish cutting out your squares. You should make sure that the squares are up to 6
  9. Make a sandwich. You just have to pick one piece each out of all your fabric.
  10. To hold your squares firmly, use clips. You should do that before you start sewing.
  11. Mark the right stitch line with tape. Masking tapes should be used.
  12. Sew all your squares. You can start sewing from any corner.
  13. Use a decorative stitch to finish sewing your square. It should look nice after you finish.
  14. To get a great result, you should join your squares together after sewing them
  15. While you sew the squares, ensure that you place your fabric sides together. Consider using personalized woven labels to brand clothes made from fabric.
  16. If your squares don’t look the right way after sewing, you should use a pink flannel as the backing.
  17. Whenever the seams are going in different directions, ensure you match them up.
  18. After you’ve matched your seams, you should open the part that is sewn.
  19. Always backstitch. It would help keep your work stable. If you find it difficult to backstitch, you should watch a rag quilt tutorial video.
  20. After sewing all the squares, join all your rows together. You should make use of pins.
  21. Clip all your squares at intervals. That is how to make a fluffy quilt.
  22. After clipping all the squares, proceed to clip all the rows. After setting the rows to the right length, join them together.
  23. After you’re done with clipping, sew the edge of the quilt. It is one of the most important rag quilt instructions.
  24. Start to brush the clipping. All you need is a bristle brush.
  25. Finish your quilt. It is the last step. The way your quilt will look depends on how you carry out the steps above.