Pants Sewing Patterns

The Latest Ladies’ Fashion—Trendiest Pants Sewing Patterns Every Girl Must Try Out!

Pants sewing patterns are something that every woman needs to have in her arsenal. Sewing patterns for women’s pants are a great way to add to your wardrobe and create custom pants that fit perfectly.

Whether you’re a fashionista or not, you must know how to sew your pants. It might sound like a daunting task, but it can be done with the correct pattern and instructions! 

This blog post will explore the latest trends in ladies’ fashion, including sewing patterns for stylish, comfortable pants. This article will also give you some great tips on choosing the best ladies’ pants sewing patterns so that you can get started as soon as possible.

Harem Pants Sewing Patterns

Harem pants are baggy, long-legged slacks that women typically wear as a type of informal clothing. Harem pants were once prevalent in many Western countries throughout the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. 

Paul Poiret introduced harem pants first in 1910. He took inspiration from the Middle Eastern Turkish trouser styles called “salvar.” 

Celebrities such as Lady Gaga have brought back to life the popularity of harems and have helped make them trendy again! 

These days you can find these pants all over mainstream retailers like Forever 21 or Zara for an affordable price.

Below is a list of the best harem ladies’ pants sewing patterns for you to try out!

Free Harem Pants by Sew Magazine

Pants sewing patterns
Image source: Sew Mag

The harem pants sewing pattern by Sew Mag is a fantastic way to improve your sewing skills. This free sewing pattern features gathered, overlocking, and stretch stitches that aren’t too difficult so that a confident beginner can master them with ease.

We do not recommend this sewing pattern to a novice sewer because it deals with stretch fabric (jersey) that is difficult to work with. 

We suggest reading some sewing tips and tricks and watching a few sewing tutorials online to help you with the project. 

The pattern is only for sizes 10-12 that may be a disadvantage for smaller or bigger women. You will need to alter the pattern diagram according to your size. Learning how to make sewing patterns first may help you with the process. 

The Sew Mag blog also teaches you how to take your measurements to make pants that offer a flattering fit.

Free Harem Pants by Gathered How

Harem trousers pattern
Image source: Gathered How

These free harem pants by Jennie Jones offer the most straightforward sewing instructions that are too simple to follow. 

The step-by-step quick sew guide helps beginners follow through every step without getting stuck. And even if a step seems complicated enough, the relevant pictures help you better visualize what you’re supposed to do. 

It will take a confident beginner only one afternoon to whip up the whole garment. Use a stretch printed fabric for this project to make it a resounding success!

Use any pair of jeans already in your wardrobe as a sample for measurements.

Baby Girl Harem Pants Sewing Pattern

Baby and toddler harem pants
Image source: A Joyful Riot

This one is a sewing pattern for kids by A Joyful Riot. The sewing pattern is for toddlers or younger kids, but you can also adjust the size to fit an older child. 

The sewing pattern has only two pages, so it’s pretty easy to assemble. This one is again a free beginner sewing pattern perfect for whipping up something cute and cozy up for your little one.

The pattern sizes range from NB to 4T, making them perfect for sewing in one hour! 

Since the pants are so small, they will require little material. This is great, considering that you don’t even have to go fabric shopping for this project. All you can do is cut open an old printed t-shirt and upcycle it into cute little harem pants for your toddler.

You will need the following materials for this easy project:

    • ¼ or ½ yard stretch fabric such as cotton knit or jersey
    • Thick elastic
    • Sewing kit
    • Scissors
    • Sewing machine
    • Matching thread

For detailed sewing instructions and pattern templates, refer to the blog by A Joyful Riot.

Free Brya Pants Sewing Pattern by Mood Sewciety

Brya pants free sewing pattern
Image source: Mood Sewciety

The Brya Pants are a one-of-a-kind pair of joggers that has you covered on all fronts. We recommend sewing the pants in Mood Fabrics’ Stretch Bamboo Jersey to make a pair that’s comfortable and long-lasting. 

With so many stylish colors to choose from, these pants make for an easy choice. 

The relaxed fit is perfect for our chilly seasons in the New England area, so while they sit fitted at the waistline now, there won’t be any pulling after wearing them long enough!

Here are the key features of the Brya pants:

    • Available in all sizes up to a size 30
    • Follows ½ inches seam allowance throughout
    • Side pockets
    • Front, back, and side seams
    • Gathers at the waist
    • Bottom cuffs

You will need a sewing machine for this project. Read multiple sewing blogs on the internet to learn some cool sewing hacks to help you with this project. 



Fabric recommendations

Medium to lightweight knit fabrics 

File format

PDF file in Letter/A4 pattern format

Expertise level

Experienced beginner

Dress Pants Sewing Patterns

Dress pants are a style that is best suited for formal events. They are a pair of tight-fitting pants that feature a crease. 

Men and women often wear dress pants with a matching coat and contrasting shirt with no tie. These are comfortable garments made primarily of knit fabrics like polyester or wool.

If you’re a part of the corporate world, you will need several dress pants for everyday office endeavors and formal meetings. Unfortunately, quality dress pants can be pretty expensive. But that shouldn’t hold you back from dressing like a boss babe every day!

If you know how to sew well, consider sewing dress pants at home with these fantastic sewing patterns for women’s pants. 

Juniper Cigarette Dress Pants Sewing Pattern by Makerist

Cigarette pants sewing pattern
Image source: Makerist

The juniper cigarette pants are a slim-fit pair that carry pull-on dress pants and comfortable trousers. Here are some of the features of the sewing pattern:

    • Available in sizes XS-XL
    • It has an elastic waistband
    • Expertise level: beginner
    • It offers a comfortable fit in stretch fabric
    • Features one fitted cut and pressed folds
    • Includes seam allowances of 10 mm throughout
    • Features belt loops, side pockets, and a front fly closure
    • Available as a PDF file in A4/US letter formats and A0 copy shop format

You can purchase the Juniper Cigarette Ladies pants sewing pattern online at Makerist.

Rebecca Pants With Slit by THISISKACHI

Sewing patterns for ladies pants
Image source: Etsy

The Rebecca dress pants sewing pattern is a perfect project for confident beginners or intermediate sewers to try out. 

It doesn’t require you to learn to sew first because the in-depth written instructions and the Youtube video tutorial make it possible for even a first-timer to make this in no time!

The main features of the pants are:

    • Front fly closure
    • No seam allowances
    • Flattering skin-tight fit
    • Front deep bottom slits 
    • High-waisted pants sewing pattern style

The PDF file contains five pages. You can print them out at home on A4 paper or get them printed in a copyshop in A0 format. 

This sewing pattern is for sizes XS-XL and is available for purchase at the Etsy store.

Slim Fit Pants EK Sewing Patterns

Slim pants sewing pattern
Image source: Etsy

These slim-fit pants by EK Sewing Patterns feature front darts and a zipper fly. The pants offer a modern chic look, and you can make them with any knit fabric, preferably printed cotton.

The sewing pattern is available as a digital PDF file, and you can purchase it online from the EK Sewing Patterns Etsy store. 

The PDF file includes the following: 

    1. Sizing chart
    2. Cutting templates
    3. Fabric recommendations
    4. Guide on working with sewing patterns
    5. Written instructions for sewing without pictures
    6. Available for print in A4/Letter/A0 formats

We do not recommend this sewing project to beginners as it requires intermediate-level sewing skills. The sewing pattern is available in sizes 36-44 EU.

Wide Leg Pants Sewing Patterns

As the name suggests, wide-leg pants are a tight fit on the top and are loose at the bottom. These pants are perfect for short women as they make your legs appear longer.

Below is a list of the best wide-leg pants sewing patterns available online.

    1. Wide Leg Pants Sewing Pattern by Peppermint Magazine

Wide leg pants sewing pattern
Image source: Peppermint Magazine

These wide-leg pants by Peppermint Magazine are free of cost. They are perfect for a beginner looking to take her sewing skills up a notch. 

You can also use this pattern for commercial use to create hot pants styles with variations and sell them online. 

Do not forget to add custom woven labels or hangtags to the pants with your brand name on them. Adding care labels to your clothes is also another way to express quality service. 

Related: Different types of woven labels

      2. Emerson Crop Pants/Short Sewing Pattern by True Bias

Emerson crop pants
Image source: True Bias

This sewing pattern for women’s trousers has the goodness of two fantastic designs in one. This pants and shorts sewing pattern includes:

      1. a pair of pull-on pants 
      2. shorts with an elastic back and front. 

The pattern features four different views:

      1. View A is a mid-rise cropped wide-leg pant that falls above the ankle.
      2. View B is a mid-rise short that has a four-inch inseam and sits below your waist.
      3. View C is similar to View A in all ways except that it has a high rise and ties above the belly button.
      4. View D is the same variation as View B but features a high-rise short that sits above the natural waist.
      5. All four views have side pockets and front pleats.

      3. Elastic Waist Trousers by Burda Patterns

Women's pants sewing patterns
Image source: Amazon

The Burda Patterns elastic waist trousers are one of the most simplistic plus size sewing patterns for women’s trousers to try out at home. There are two pattern views for these elastic waist trousers:

      1. View A is a slim fit with side pockets and a zipper fly
      2. View B features wide-leg pants with side pockets.

The pattern is available in the US sizes 18-34.

Yoga Pants Sewing Pattern

    1. Athena Leggings Sewing Pattern by Peek a Boo Pattern Shop

Athena leggings sewing pattern
Image source: Peek a Boo Pattern Shop

Athena leggings are great for women who are yoga freaks. The table below summarises all you need to know about this yoga pants sewing pattern to help you decide if it’s worth purchasing.

Pattern sizes


Skill level


Fabric recommendations

Knit fabrics; medium weight with 50% or more stretch


Mid-rise or high rise

Yoga or contoured

Pattern views

    • Basic leggings
    • Side striped leggings with optional notions
    • 3 and 6 inches inseam shorts
    • Pants
    • Capris
    • Skirt sewing patterns; 10 or 12 inches in length

Printing format

    • A4
    • Letter
    • Projector
    • Layered
    • A0 copy shop

You can get the pattern online from their website.

      2. Knit Leggings Sewing Pattern by Simplicity 8212

Women's knit leggings sewing pattern
Image source: Amazon

These knit leggings by Simplicity make the perfect wardrobe staple for casual wear. In addition, these are great for exercising and working out, and you can make them in multiple length variations. 

The yoga pants sewing pattern allows you to make the leggings in the following four lengths:

      1. Mid-rise capris
      2. High rise capris
      3. Mid-rise leggings
      4. High-rise leggings with mesh panels

The sewing instructions for this pattern are available in English, French, and Spanish.

The pattern is available in sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL, so women of all sizes can make these leggings for themselves.

You can buy this Simplicity pattern online at Amazon or any other online retailer.

Lantern Pants Sewing Pattern

Lantern pants are a combination of wide-leg pants and harem pants. The lantern pants sewing patterns are originally vintage patterns that have recently made a comeback.

The pants feature seams below the knee. The hem is narrow as opposed to wide-leg pants, giving it a bell shape.

Lantern Leg Trio Pants Sewing Pattern by Sewing Workshop

Lantern pants sewing pattern
Image source: Sewing Workshop

These lantern-shaped trio pants have a bell shape. You can either sew stitch side or back pockets to the pants or leave them unadorned, without pockets.

This lantern pants sewing pattern is available only in one size, but the instructions in the blog teach you how to alter the pattern according to your size. 

You can wear these pants with a shirt, a crop top or a tank top. You can also sew these at home along with these pants instead of buying them. We have separate blogs dedicated to shirt sewing patterns and crop top sewing patterns that might help you with the sewing. 

You can find the instructions for this sewing pattern on the Sewing Workshop blog

Bell Bottom High Waisted Pants Sewing Pattern by Golden Buch

Flared pants sewing pattern
Image source: Etsy

These pants are the sexiest casual outfit that has a flattering silhouette and hugs your curves nicely. 

They feature two side pockets and a zipper fly and button in the front to finish the modern chic look of the pants. 

The pants are flared on the bottom, giving the best figure-hugging shape of a bell-bottom trouser. Because they have such a flattering shape, they make your legs look longer and thinner.

These pants are perfect for wearing with a crop top or a tuck-in shirt. Pair these with high heels, and you have yourself the sexiest outfit pulled together.

This high-waisted pants sewing pattern typically comes in sizes XS to XL. However, these pants are also available as a plus-size sewing pattern for women with sizes XL to 5XL. 

We do not recommend this sewing pattern to beginners with zero sewing expertise. You need to be able to sew well to sew these pants.

Note: Because of copyright issues, you cannot remake and sell these pants sewing patterns under your name or give it away for free.