No Sew Face Mask

No Sew Face Mask―an Affordable Handy Gadget to Make by Yourself

Being beautiful both on the outside and on the inside is easy with a DIY no sew face mask.

Read ‘Does wearing a mask make you look hot?’ to comprehend this promising dynamic.  

Ready to make your first no sew face mask?

With this new creative skill, you can not only impress your friends but also feel accomplished on the sewing ground. 

Pretty Face Mask
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There is so much to learn in the clothing department! 

Nowadays people are more impatient than they once used to be. We tend to multitask and never learn anything to the core. The one who manages to stay still and focus on one thing wins peers’ appreciation. 

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There is no doubt that no sew face mask is among the easy beginner sewing projects. For more easy fashion ideas without sewing check no sew DIY clothes

Different face masks
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There are times when a face mask is a must-have. 

Folks prepared well in the creative fashion department can share their ready-to-wear projects with:

    • family, 
    • friends, 
    • neighbors, or 
    • donate their DIY designs to those who need them most; 

Look at these few words in the Guardian:

“Fashion has always been about both fitting in and standing out. Mask wearing can be a way of pledging allegiance to good citizenship […] and an opportunity for self-expression.” 

Stylish face mask
Image source: gryffyn m on Unsplash

Embroidered butterflies? Smooth, black satin? Wild leopard print? Everything is possible with a DIY mouth mask no sew. See these most creative face masks from around the world.

In the process of DIY mouth mask no sew making, you need neither sewing nor any other sophisticated manual skills. Just a grain of creativity and good will.

Diy face mask
Image source: Insider

If you wish to go for a serious face mask that involves complex sewing, see instructables. You’ll find there a step-by-step guide through advanced face-mask-making for professionals.  

Read 10 reasons to start sewing clothes if you are eager to try with more demanding projects.It will give you the ultimate kick of outer motivation.

In the article below, we will respond to the simple but central question: how to make a mask without sewing. 

Black face mask
Image source: Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

If you’re patient, who knows, maybe one day you’ll start sharing your designers’ items with others. If that happens, see how to sell handmade items locally. If you don’t feel like waiting, see what to sell on etsy and start already. 

Making a no sew face mask―types, materials, methods of making

There are as many face masks’ ideas as there are people. Yet, the primary need, apart from choosing your favorite fabric and pattern, is to give the material a form.

How to do it? Again, possibilities are countless but some methods are more popularbecause they work. We’ll target these. 

Face Mask Sewing Tips from WeAllSew
Image source: WeAllSew

Materials needed for a no sew face mask

For starters, 405MaskMakers shares the basic equipment to start this journey smoothly. 

This quick introduction shows what you need to create a simple sewing face mask project. Later on, we’ll take a closer look at an entirely no sew face mask guide. 

What you need Description
The pattern There are many patterns for this kind of project. With the instructions provided on Kaarem, you can download a sewing pattern. This will help you make a face mask that involves sewing. Learn to sew and don’t worry about the initial lack of skills. Everyone can do it!
The fabric

The right face mask has to reflect your personality and preferences. This is, apart from the choice of whether to wear a mask or not, shown by the type of mask you have. 

Choose the universal one in a chic, single/double hue or the one with crazy patterns and explosive colors. The choice is yours from the beginning to the end. 

See this article by MaskSumo to understand how to choose a face mask in colors that fits your outfits. Remember that a face mask is almost a piece of garment, not just an innocent gadget. 

When it comes to getting the right fabric, think about upcycling clothes. Do you have to buy a brand-new fabric at the store? 

When it comes to the technical aspect, it’s best if a face mask material is:

    • 100% cotton, 
    • pre-washed, dried, ironed, 
    • densely woven (sheets, pillowcases with high-thread-count), because light fabric will show stains,
    • two different colors for inside/outside fancy yet still minimal;
The cord For an average face mask, the optimal length of a cord is about 30 cm. When it comes to the type, go for a thin corded or flat elastic.   
The wire

With the ‘wire’ we mean a narrow-gauge bendable wire for the nose. Not more than 8 cm total.

Don’t forget to bend the ends into curves. Otherwise, you risk poking yourself through the fabric. 

Other links to consider to make your sewing face mask project work? See for example ButtonCounter

How to make a face mask by hand
Image source: Kaarem

Yet, the main idea of this article is to create a DIY mouth mask no sew. And that’s a different kettle of fish. Let’s see how to make it happen. 

Some of us won’t go into sewing no matter what. That’s a fair position to start with―being sincere with oneself. 

If a how to sew guide and the best sewing tips and tricks don’t convince you, no sewing on board is also possible.  

No sew face mask
Image source: WeAllSew

To start, let’s tackle the materials for your project with HalifaxPublicLibraries.

To be sustainable―an appreciated approach nowadays―choose the fabric from what you have at home. 

Take a walk around your house and see if you have some of those, left and not needed:

    1. Pillowcases
    2. Blue shop towels
    3. Old sheets
    4. Cotton t-shirts

Face mask materials
Image source: Pinterest 

You may also get inspired by the idea to create an extra face mask filter. Try with:

    1. Coffee filters
    2. Dry Swiffer-style sheets
    3. Paper towels
    4. Blue shop towels

Other curious facts? The DIY mouth mask no sew should fit pleasantly without gaps. Also, a recent study shows that to create it it’s worth using a layer of nylon stockings. It’s said to increase the effectiveness of the homemade design of the kind. Read these 7 common myths about face masks.

DIY mouth mask no sew―here is what you need and how to do it

HelloSewing comes in handy in the search of no sew face mask instructions. 

Gather your materials and tools:

    • fabric, 100% tightly-woven cotton, see above
    • matching thread (sewing threads types and tips)
    • round or flat elastic, see above
    • sewing clips or pins and a needle
    • scissors, rotary cutter, a cutting mat, ruler, measuring tape, etc
    • iron and ironing board
    • nose wire (optional)

How to make a face mask
Image source: Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

See this video tutorial to create a no sew face mask. Otherwise, follow the steps listed below to create a DIY mouth mask no sew without a sewing machine. 

Steps Description
Prepare the fabric

We cannot stress enough how essential it is for creating an amazing DIY mouth mask no sew to choose the right fabric. 

Not less central is its further preparation: 

    1. Wash it, 
    2. rinse, 
    3. dry, and 
    4. iron. 

Don’t miss these steps. It may seem trivial but this part is just as important as the following ones. It will prevent any unwanted:

    • shrinkage, or 
    • deformation 

later on.

    1. Once you’ve done that:
    2. Put the fabric with the right side up on a flat surface. 
    3. Fold it in half (the short edges should be aligned with each other) 
    4. Press to create a crease in the middle
Fold edges

There’s a lot of folding at this point. See this video about the origami artist who turns to folding face masks.

You have your fabric laying down (the open edge facing down). Now: 

    1. grab one layer of that edge and fold it about half-inch upward, 
    2. repeat on the other layer of the open edge, 
    3. press it flat on the ironing board,
    4. unfold the fabric (keep the right sides up and the longer edges on the sides);
Make the box pleats

Now follow carefully because the situation gets complex. 

    1. Grab the bottom edge, fold it upwards to meet the crease along the middle of the fabric, 
    2. repeat, and
    3. unfold the fabric piece;

At this point, the lower half of the fabric should be divided into four horizontal sections by folding creases. If they aren’t clear, mark them with a washable pen or chalk. 

Now pinch the lowest crease and pull it upwards. Align it with the first crease above, iron. And now again, pinch the first crease above the new fold, and pull it down. Align it with the top edge of the new fold. Press everything flat.

Get ready to wear your mask-to-be and read these do’s and don’ts of wearing a face mask.   

Pivot Now pivot the entire fabric. The top and bottom edges should change places. Repeat the previous step on the bottom side (the one that doesn’t show any creases or folds yet).
Pin the elastic Put one end of the elastic in the bottom left corner of the fabric and pin it. Put its other end where the center crease meets the left edge of the fabric. Pin it, making sure that the elastic is forming a shape of a semicircle. Repeat the same process on the flip side. 

At this point of our no sew face mask creation, grab the top edge of the fabric and bring it down, folding the entire mask in half. The wrong sides should be facing outwards. Align the edges and make sure the situation is under control.   

If you got lost at any of these steps, check HelloSewing for guidance with pictures.

Hand sew

Here’s a tiny sewing-by-hand moment involved.

Thread your needle and knot the ends. Sew across one of the shorter edges of the mask (consider using a backstitch). Make sure to go through the elastic piece ends as well. Repeat on the other short edge of the mask.

Turn right side out Remove all pins. Turn the entire mask inside out. Do it through the opening on one of the long edges. Straighten everything up, and press the mask flat on your ironing board. Put the filter into the opening on the top side of the mask.

Face masks without machine all finished
Image source: HelloSewing

No sew face mask―the alternative idea

For a face mask no sew with a total lack of sewing efforts, listen to the piece of advice from Wcybfind a simple t-shirt, bandanna, and two rubber bands.

“A couple of quick folds towards the middle adds a layer of protection. Then, slip a rubber band around each end. Fold again and you’re all set.”

See here how to make your no sew face mask from bandanna in minutes.

Whatever you decide, don’t forget to mark your invention. SuperLabelStore sets you with the best quality woven labels, care labels, and hang tags. Make them fit your no sew face mask project by creating a custom design of your own. 

Among a plenitude of different types of woven labels, you’ll find many that will satisfy you.