23 Traditional and Modern Lone Star Quilt Patterns

Check out our list of classic lone star quilt patterns list to make creative star blocks at home.

Lone star quilt blocks are popular quilt designs that have been around for hundreds of years. Star quilts got their name as they resemble evening stars. They are composed of one large star at the center of the quilt.

If you are new to the quilting world and want to try your hands on a unique yet traditional quilt, then this article is for you.

In this article, we will give you an overview of the lone star quilt along with tips and tricks to make your quilting process as smooth as possible. You will also find a comprehensive list of lone star quilt patterns. This simple lone star quilt pattern list is free of complicated piecing techniques, and you can make them at home with utmost ease.

Let’s explore! 

Introduction to Lone Star Quilt Pattern

The lone star quilt pattern is the most recognizable quilt pattern among American quilters. If you know how to square up a quilt block, then the lone star quilt pattern.

For a successful lone star quilt pattern, it’s better to understand its rich history and various names and keep these handy tips and tricks. 

What is the Lone Star Quilt Pattern Template?

The lone star quilt pattern is the basic building block of all-star quilt patterns. It is one of the oldest and most traditional quilt patterns from Mariner’s compass, Irish chain, Job’s trouble, and Orange peel.

The lone star quilt pattern template is made up of six to eight points and includes squares and half-square triangles. You can also use quarter square triangles to make a quilt. 

Various Names of Lone Star Quilt Pattern

With a large star at the center, the lone stars are made from diamond-shaped fabric sewing quilting. The stars are pointed from the center to the outside. 

Lone star quilt patterns
Image Source: University Museums – IOWA State University

Sometimes other small stars are applied surrounding the large star. You can applique flowers if you know how to applique a quilt.

There are various names given to the old lone star quilt pattern. These traditional star patterns are famous as the star of Bethlehem quilt pattern or morning star quilt pattern. 

The blocks in this pattern are eye-catching and were named after the Texas state. This Lakota star quilt pattern is a traditional design that came from Native American communities like the Lakota tribe

The star design in these communities holds significant importance and history.

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Tips & Tricks for Piecing Lone Star Quilt

Now that you know the lone star quilt pattern and its various names, it’s time to look at some of the essential tips to make your quilting process as smooth as possible.

Lone star block tutorial
Image Source: Hopeful Homemaker

The lone star quilt is the most popular pattern handed down from generation to generation. These 8-pointed native star quilt patterns are set in the middle of the quilt top. A star-patterned quilt has a star and uses stripe sets cut in a diagonal shape.

Don’t be scared if you are trying your hands the first time. Here are a couple of tips and tricks to get rewarding results. 

Choose Your Fabrics

When you choose a lone star quilt pattern, the first thing you will need to do is to choose a fabric that blends well. 

Fabrics for quilting
Image Source: Fashinza

This means you will need to pick a gradient or busy print in the same color scheme. If your fabric doesn’t blend with each other, then the quilt will be less noticeable. 

Starch or Pressing Spray

The traditional or modern lone star quilt pattern is based on 45-degree angles. This means that you need to cut fabric in a diagonal direction across the fabric weft. They have biased edges and are a bit stretchy. 

When you start sewing strip sets together, don’t forget to use starch or pressing spray. This will keep your fabric in place as you cut the fabric in a diagonal direction. 

Pressing Direction

The seams in the lone star quilt pattern meet at 45 degrees and can never be outright stacked. They will be spread at a seam distance and won’t be bulky. 

Pressing quilt blocks
Image Source: Generations Quilt Patterns

If you want to make it look great, you should alternate pressing directions. 

Check 45-degree Angle

When cutting strips from the assembling set, your 45 angles will start to stray from the actual 45-degree. Make sure you check 45-degree and a few interior seams to avoid angles from creeping. 

Matching Points

If you are joining two diamond strips together, you must mark a ¼ inch seam allowance on one strip’s back side. 

Point matching tips for quilting
Image Source: Sew Much Faster

16 Classic Lone Star Quilt Pattern List Made for You

As you have seen, the lone star quilt pattern is a popular classic quilt pattern among beginners. The quilt blocks for beginners are easy to make and take less time to complete. The sharp 45-degree angles of these patterns are attractive and timeless.

Lone star block quilt
Image Source: Quilter Blogs

Want to make these timeless quilt pieces at home? We’ve got you covered. In this section, we have scorned the internet to bring the best lone star quilt patterns. 

You will not be able to resist yourself with the below lone star quilt pattern free.

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Let’s explore classic lone star quilt patterns. 

Texas Star Quilt Pattern

The Texas star quilt pattern comes from an older quilting book. This traditional lone star quilt pattern comprises 800 small blocks, and the outer blocks are appliqued. 

You can make a classy wall hanging using this pattern to hang it on your living room wall and add a unique beauty. 

8 Point Star Quilt Pattern

The 8-point star quilt pattern by Better off Thread can light up any room in your home. This stunning free lone star quilt pattern includes detailed instructions on using diamond-shaped scraps to make a large-sized star. 

Lone star quilt tutorial
Image Source: DIY Ways

The pattern combines the scraps and geometric diamond quilt, producing an adorable baby quilt. The finished quilt size of the 8-point star quilt pattern is 33 x 33 inches long. Make sure you use bright and shiny color fabrics. 

Broken Star Quilt Pattern

The broken star quilt pattern is a free downloadable lone star quilt pattern that is hand pieced and hand appliqued. 

King broken star quilt
Image Source: Quilting Land

Make sure you use gold beige, high-quality thread, and 100% cotton fabric to make this pattern at home. You can also use white cotton fabric for backing purposes. The finished quilt size is 86 x 106 inches long. 

Native American Star Quilt Pattern

You can make a silk touch 3-ply star quilt design using the Native American star quilt pattern. The finished quilt size is 84 x 80 inches long. 

6-Point Star Quilt Pattern

The six-point star quilt pattern is perfect if you want to make a bright and shiny quilt. This is the perfect pattern if you want to play around with directions and designs. 

The 6-point star quilt pattern also allows you to experiment with different quilting methods to make a unique quilt.    

Diamond Star Quilt Pattern

The Moda Bake Shop designed a stunning diamond star quilt pattern that consists of a cascade of colors. This is the 100% unique star quilt pattern you will ever see. 

Diamond star quilt pattern
Image Source: Powered By Quilting

The applique technique is used to put together diamonds to get a blooming effect on the quilt. Feel free to use your imagination and play with different colors and sizes.

The finished quilt size will be 51 x 51 inches long, and you can complete this lone star quilt pattern on the weekend. 

Diagonal Strip Quilt Pattern

Create a charming and bright quilt that is perfect for every season using a diagonal stripe quilt pattern. 

This easy-to-make and free lone star quilt pattern helps you learn how to piece diamond blocks together using different size charts. You can use leftover jelly rolls to make a baby-size diamond strip quilt. 

Get ready to brighten up any living space of your home with this bed-size quilt pattern. 

Radiant Star Quilt Pattern

This is the most popular lone star quilt pattern among quilters. 

Radiant star quilt pattern
Image Source: Cactus Needle Quilts

Eleanor Burns offers detailed instructions to make your radiant star quilt pattern-making journey as smooth as possible. Use intense colors to bring diversity to your quilt. 

Lone Star Baby Quilt

Another beginner-level lone star quilt pattern that you must start with. Amy Smart from Diary of a Quilter offers an amazing lone star baby quilt pattern. 

This can become an adorable, small-size wall hanging for your little one’s nursery. The finished quilt size of this lone star quilt pattern is 39 x 39 inches long. 

Lone Starburst Paper Piece

Do you want your star of Bethlehem quilt pattern to be noticeable? Try Lone Starburst Paper pieced pattern designed by Tracey from The Peony Teacup. 

Lone starburst paper piece
Image Source: Pinterest

In this pattern, multicolored star quilt blocks are pieced together in a way that looks like they are glowing with light. 

This pattern is the best example of how to quilt-as-you-go patterns use traditional and classy design. The finished quilt size will be 12 x 12 inches long. 

Jellied Lone Star Quilt

Looking for a jelly roll quilt pattern? Try the jellied lone star quilt pattern designed by Terri Ann Swallow from Childlike Fascination. 

This lone star quilt pattern features the popular Feed Company fabric collection. Using the jellied lone star quilt pattern, you can make a small throw size or wall hanging quilt.

Mega Star 2 Quilt

Want to give a modern touch to your traditional quilt? Then, the Megastar 2 quilt pattern by Zen Chic is perfect for you. 

Mega star quilt pattern
Image Source: Quilt in a Day

These Texas quilt patterns can give you a scrappy effect using jelly rolls. The finished quilt size will be 49 x 49 inches long. 

Castles in the Air Block

Want to create a simple lone star quilt pattern? Choose Castles in the Air Block by Fort Worth Fabric Studio. Many of our Grandma would use this pattern to make a 9.5 x 9.5 inches quilt. 

Fresh, creamy, and bright colors such as raspberry and white are used to make Castles in the Air block quilt. This pattern is perfect if you are using fat quarters and one block. 

Go for a vintage vibe this spring season and choose Castles in the Air block pattern. 

Coffee from Seattle Quilt Pattern

Inspired by amazing Seattle, this quilt pattern is all you need to make a beautiful lone star quilt. This 68 x 68 inches long quilt is the perfect way to flaunt printed fabric and fussy-cut squares at the center of each star. 

This printable pattern can help you make a large throw or small bed-size quilt. Get ready to travel to Seattle using the Coffee from Seattle quilt pattern. 

Starry Night Baby Quilt

Wedding Dress Blue designed a beautiful lone star baby quilt. The starry design uses bright colors and half-square triangles. You can give it as a gift to a new mother. 

Starry night baby quilt
Image Source: Pinterest

She will be happy to have a few spares. The finished quilt size of this lone star quilt pattern is 41 x 41 inches long. 

Scrappy Postage Stamp Star Quilt

Escape the traditional lone star quilt pattern and opt for an outstanding scrappy postage stamp star quilt. You can turn your old-looking lone star quilt into a modern lone star quilt using this pattern. 

Joining postage stamp stars
Image Source: Stitched in Color

The pattern is simple and easy to make. The best thing about this pattern is that you can customize it as per your needs. The finished quilt size will be 12 ½ x. 12 ½ inches long. 


The lone star quilt pattern is a beginner-level, easy-to-follow quilt pattern. Making these quilts at home will be one of your best DIY projects.

They will be fun DIY projects for all experienced quilters who want to add a modern touch to transform their classic quilts. 

We hope the above collection of lone star quilt patterns will help all beginners, intermediate and advanced quilters make a unique modern star quilt pattern. 

We will love to see if you choose to create a lone star quilt pattern from the above list. Drop your thoughts in the comments.

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