Jumpsuit Sewing Patterns

Making the Perfect Jumpsuit: Top 10 Jumpsuit Sewing Patterns to Keep Your Wardrobe Exciting and Fresh!

Jumpsuits are all the rage these days, and what better way to spice up your summer wardrobe than sewing your ideal jumpsuit using an easy-to-follow jumpsuit sewing pattern at home? 

Nowadays, most people want to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. That’s why jumpsuits have become a popular choice for everyday wear.

A jumpsuit is a versatile garment that you can wear to work, party, or even on vacation. They’re comfortable, they’re fashionable, and they keep your wardrobe fresh and exciting with each new pattern you try on.

If you’re looking for sewing patterns with detailed instructions on creating your custom-fit jumpsuitin any fabric from linen to denim, then we have ten jumpsuit patterns for sewing ready for download!

Women’s Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern by Vogue

Jumpsuit sewing patterns
Image source: Sew Essentials

The Vogue 1741 women’s jumpsuit sewing pattern is an all-in-one sewing guide that features five different apparel types in one sewing pattern! Yes, you heard that right!

Within this versatile sewing pattern, you will find detailed sewing instructions that will help you whip up the following garments:

    1. Jacket
    2. Top
    3. Trousers
    4. Dress
    5. Jumpsuit

The table below summarises all the unique features of each apparel within this sewing pattern.

Garment Type



    • Semi-fitted
    • Lined
    • Notched collar
    • Front button closure
    • Elbow darts 


    • Tight-fitting
    • Notch detailing on the neckline
    • Zipper at the back


    • Close-fitting
    • Detailing on the neck
    • Back zipper


    • Loose fit
    • Back zipper
    • Slightly flared


    • Close-fitting bodice
    • Lined
    • Collar has hook & eye closure
    • Back zip

The trousers fall under the “wide-leg” category and are perfect to lounge in on a Sunday evening or even for a casual brunch with friends outdoors. For more wide-leg trousers, you can check out our blog on pants sewing patterns.

This sewing pattern is available in multiple sizes—all even numbers from 6-22. 

Fabric recommendations for this pattern are:

    • Crepe
    • Crepe Back Satin
    • Ponte Knit

This project will require you to know how to sew well since it deals with not just one but five different garments that each require different skills and sewing expertise. 

You can purchase this sewing pattern online at Sew Essentials for the lowest price.

Ladies Playsuit Sewing Pattern by Peppermint Magazine

Peppermint sewing school playsuit
Image source: Peppermint Magazine

This one is a free jumpsuit sewing pattern women of all sizes can sew for themselves. The playsuit is the perfect summer staple featuring tie straps and a bib front. 

The playsuit provides a loose fit for your skin to be able to breathe on warm sunny days. Additional features of the playsuit include front patch pockets and an invisible back zipper. 

Although this is one of the most oversimplified ladies’ playsuit sewing patterns for beginners, we still urge you first to learn the basics of sewing before starting with this project. This will give you an insight into basic sewing terms, different types of stitches, interfacing, and working with notions like buttons. 

Fabric recommendations for this project include light to mid-weight fabrics such as: 

    • Linen and linen blends
    • Cotton
    • Gauze
    • Chambray.

For a more expensive look, consider stitching the playsuit using silk fabrics like:

    • Sateen
    • Crepe de chine
    • Habotai
    • Tencel
    • Viscose rayon

Heavy cotton and lightweight denim also work great for this pattern if you’re looking for a denim jumpsuit sewing pattern women of all sizes can sew for themselves

For more free sewing patterns other than this one, check out our extensive list of free sewing patterns here.

Blanca Flight Suit by Closet Core Patterns

Blanca flight suit boiler suit pattern
Image source: The Fold Line

The Blanca flight suit is a wide-leg romper sewing pattern that provides a customizable semi-fit finish, resembling a boiler suit. 

This pattern takes inspiration from vintage sewing patterns for workwear. The pattern includes multiple sleeves and leg options so you can customize it according to your preference. 

Some notable features of this boiler suit that will make you fall in love with its design are:

    • Typical shirt collar
    • Center-front zipper
    • Patch pockets
    • Belt loops
    • Optional belt: tie or buckled
    • Pleated back design

Sleeve options

    • Long sleeves
    • Short sleeves
    • Tapered sleeves with a button

Leg options

    • Cropped straight-cut
    • Tapered at the hem

Pocket styles

    • Zippered pockets
    • Breast patch pockets
    • Back patch pockets
    • Side inseam pockets

Fabric requirements for this jumpsuit are:

    1. Woven fabrics: Twill, denim, canvas, and linen, and cotton (mid to heavyweight)
    2. Draped fabrics: Cupro, Tencel twill, or silk noil.

You can purchase the pattern from The Foldline in sizes 0-20.

Misses Fitted Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern by McCall’s 8183

Playsuit sewing pattern
Image source: Sew Essentials

The 8183 McCall’s fitted jumpsuit sewing pattern is a tuxedo-style romper with three different pattern views to add versatility to your wardrobe. 

The best features of this jumpsuit that make it stand out are:

    • Deep notched collar
    • Front zip
    • Front pleats
    • Front and back darts

You can go about this sewing project in the following three ways:

    1. View A: View A is a short, mid-thigh romper with no sleeves and front buttons
    2. View B: View B has a plain front with a notched collar and no sleeves. It is a full-length style that touched the ankles.
    3. View C: View C is a full-length, full-sleeved tuxedo with a contrasting notch collar and front buttons. Use satin or charmeuse fabrics for the contrast collar. 

You can sew this pattern in either crepe, gabardine, or suiting fabrics. The pattern is available in sizes 6-14 and 16-24 on Sew Essentials for quick purchase.

Bobbi Skirt and Button-up Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern by Tilly and the Buttons

Bobbi pinafore mustard denim
Image source: Tilly and the Buttons

The Bobbi sewing pattern has two in one—a jumpsuit romper sewing pattern and the classiest skirt sewing pattern. It is a button-up jumpsuit sewing pattern or skirt that screams class and style!

This sewing pattern is the most versatile out of all, considering that there are a million ways you can customize this pinafore, and each time it will come out completely new and different from the previous make. 

Go rogue with the detailing—add three pockets or choose from optional flaps or belt hoops. 

The Bobbi jumpsuit offers a figure-hugging fit owing to the fitted curved waistband, bib on the front, and princess seams stitched at the back. 

You can try this denim jumpsuit sewing pattern out even if you’re a novice at sewing because it extends in-depth instructions and helpful sewing tips and tricks. You will also learn incredible sewing hacks and techniques such as jargon-busting. 

One way to style this pinafore is by wearing a patterned shirt in a contrasting color underneath it. Pick a shirt pattern out from our blog on shirt sewing patterns and sew a custom-fit shirt at home!

The colored photographs with each step help you visualize what you’re supposed to do so you never get stuck.

This pattern comes in the following size range:

    1. UK 6-24 
    2. US 2-20
    3. EUR 34-52

Fabric suggestions for this pattern include mid to heavy-weight woven materials that remain sturdy such as:

    • Drill
    • Velvet
    • Denim
    • Corduroy
    • Cotton canvas
    • Gobelin (tapestry)

Buy this pattern here in paper or PDF format, whichever you prefer.

K3897 Misses Dungarees/Overalls by Kwik Sew Pattern

Easy jumpsuit patterns
Image source: Something Delightful

The Misses dungarees/overalls have two length variations where;

    1. View A is a full-length jumpsuit touching the ankles
    2. View B is a cropped jumpsuit that falls mid-calf

We do not recommend this jumpsuit romper sewing pattern to novice sewers because the pattern includes many advanced sewing techniques that a beginner may find challenging to work with. 

These are:

    • Fake fly
    • Top-stitching
    • Buckled shoulder straps
    • Side pockets on the front
    • Patch pockets on the back
    • Double front bib with pockets
    • Side openings, including button closures

Use woven fabrics for this project. Fabrics such as denim, corduroy, twill, poplin, cotton, chino, and linen may be the best choice for this project.

The pattern is available in sizes XS-XL so that women of all sizes can sew it. You can buy the pattern online at Something Delightful for a discounted price!

Mildred Easy Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern by Style Arc

Wide leg jumpsuit sewing patterns
Image source: Style Arc

The Mildred jumpsuit is casual wear featuring thin straps and inseam side pockets. This pull-on jumpsuit garment is available in size options 4-30, giving our plus-size babes a perfect wardrobe staple to slay in!

This jumpsuit is an all-season garment. Wear it with a short-sleeved t-shirt in fall, or pull it over a thick sweatshirt in winter. You can also wear it on its own as a dress without a shirt underneath when it’s hot outside in summer. 

With enough sewing expertise, you can even customize this jumpsuit into a strapless dress sewing pattern

This will exceptionally be great if you like to make dresses and sell them online as a hobby. Do not forget to add custom care labels with special washing instructions to help keep the dress new for long. 

This one is a wide-leg romper sewing pattern that falls mid-calf and has a 3/4th length. 

We suggest sewing this jumpsuit in fabrics such as cord, linen, crepe, drill, or denim. 

The pattern is available for download in single and multi-sized PDF files. You can also have it delivered to your house in a hard copy format (single or multi-sized according to preference).

Because this sewing pattern features no complicated notions and stitches, it is preferably the most straightforward sewing pattern for beginner sewers. You can step right into the sewing process. 

It shouldn’t take you more than two days to complete this project—possibly just one afternoon for experienced sewers.

Sirocco Jersey Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern by Deer and Doe

Sirocco jumpsuit pattern
Image source: Deer and Doe

According to us, the Sirocco jumpsuit is the sexiest and chicest jumpsuit sewing pattern on this list. 

It takes inspiration from a classic wrap dress pattern with a deep v-neck and a fitted waistband. The sleeves are short and set into the jumpsuit. The legs feature tidy pleats to give a sleeker look. Side inseam pockets bring practicality to the stylish jumpsuit.

There are two variations for this jumpsuit:

    1. View A features a full ankle-length wrap knit jumpsuit with tapered legs
    2. View B is a short romper that goes mid-thigh, above the knee.

The fabric suggestions for this garment are: 

    • Mid-weight jersey
    • Interlock knit fabric such as cotton, wool, or rayon

The materials should have at least 60% stretch and good recovery.

This jersey jumpsuit sewing pattern is a bit more complex than a beginner’s play. We suggest this pattern to intermediate sewers since it has been rated ⅗ in the difficulty level.

If you want to buy this sewing pattern in paper format, you would have the choice between sizes 34-46. The PDF pattern has a vaster size range from 34-52. 

Prices for both formats vary. You can check the costs for both formats here.

Linen Oversized Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern 128 by Burda Style

Linen jumpsuit pattern
Image source: Burda Style

Where are all my plus-size babes at? This one is for all the women who feel like there aren’t many clothing options available for their curvy bodies. Why not sew up a custom-fit garment at home in just a few days instead?

The linen jumpsuit by BurdaStyle is especially for women who find themselves within the oversize category. Women of 44, 46, 48, 50, and 52 sizes will find this sewing pattern their holy grail! Even pregnant women can wear this for an elegant look.

The jumpsuit has the following features:

    • Deep neckline 
    • Traditional collar
    • Side pockets at the bustline
    • Neat gathers around the waistline
    • Tapered ¾ sleeves folded over at the hem with a button.

This pattern is available only as a PDF download file. Here’s a Youtube tutorial by BurdaStyle on how to assemble this jumpsuit PDF pattern. 

This oversized jumpsuit sewing pattern is one of the most attractive plus-size sewing patterns that will make you fall in love with your body again! 

Are you thinking of starting your clothing line? Now’s the time! You’d be doing society a favor by taking custom orders for more plus-sized garments for sisters who struggle with finding a fitting piece. 

Already have a dressmaking business that isn’t successful? Consider adding custom woven labels with your brand name to help more people recognize your brand. Explore different types of woven labels online to find one that best suits your brand image. 

You can even go for printed hang tags, but they’re a more temporary marketing technique. 

Here are some more ideas for plus-size clothing you can try for yourself or your business: Plus Size Sewing Patterns.

Domino the Romper by Makerist—Petite Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern

Romper sewing pattern
Image source: Makerist

The domino romper is a mid-thigh short romper. It features a halter top design with a deep low cut back, making it perfect beachwear! 

The halter top attaches via a thin drawstring to a pair of breathable shorts. You can tighten or loosen the drawstring to define your waist shape. Plus point? The shorts have pockets!

You can use this sewing pattern to create not one but three different garments: a halter top, comfy shorts, and a jumpsuit consisting of both. If you’re looking for more short sewing patterns, you can refer to our blog.

Here’s another tip: you can alter this easy jumpsuit sewing pattern to create a different sewing pattern for the halter top or the shorts. Learn how to make sewing patterns to dive into this business.

The Domino Romper is a multi-sized sewing pattern including all sizes from XS-XL. It includes seam allowances of 12 mm throughout the pattern. 

You will need viscose or linen fabrics for this project. We suggest upcycling an old printed scarf or a linen skirt to bring this petite jumpsuit sewing pattern to life.