Jacket Sewing Patterns

Simple and Trendy Jacket Sewing Patterns – Learn to Make Different Patterns on Jackets and Coat

Have you ever thought about sewing jackets or coat patterns but then dropped the idea? Making unique patterns on jackets and coats is one of the most enjoyable things.

Jackets and coats are demanding clothes among men and women. When sewing jackets, having different types of patterns besides you can inspire you a lot to make beautiful jackets.

Whether you’re a beginner who has just put his toe into the worlds of jackets and coats or someone who has made many things, this guide of sewing patterns is for you. 

This guide is everything you are looking for when finding different patterns, from simple jacket sewing patterns to designer coat dress sewing patterns. Let your creative juice flow.

Jacket Sewing Patterns According to the Sewing Level

Whether you’re a beginner in the world of women’s jacket sewing patterns or someone who has tried everything, knowing different jacket sewing patterns will help you make fancy items. Here are some simple jacket sewing patterns according to the sewing level.

Beginner’s Jacket Sewing Patterns

Some patterns have been made into the beginner’s category because of three main reasons:

    1.   Most of the beginner’s patterns are roomy, so you don’t have to worry about fitting.
    2.   The patterns are unlined, which makes the sewing part much easier.
    3.   Many of these patterns can be made in cotton or jersey fabric, so you can just start your sewing journey.

Here are some of the jacket sewing patterns for beginners:

Unisex Ilford Jacket

Jacket sewing patterns
Image Source: Helen’s Closet Patterns

This is a versatile, impactful yet straightforward jacket sewing pattern that can be customized in different ways. Unisex Ilford jacket comes with two sleeve options, such as a placket sleeve with cuffs and a boxy sleeve for giving you a relaxed vibe. 

This jacket sewing pattern also features drop shoulders that will encourage you to wear it again and again.

Pona Jacket

Pona jackets are easy to sew and style. It features an extra-wide facing which allows this jacket pattern to drape open on the front side. It can give you an oversized blazer feel. Complete this pattern with a statement lapel and pockets in the front.

Julien Chore Jacket

Julien Chore jacket
Image Source: The Sara Project

Here are some classic wear-inspired Julien Chore Jacket patterns from Ready to Sew. This jacket sewing pattern features topstitched or enclosed seams that hold up for a long time. It has one front chest pocket, buttoned cuffs, and two front hand pockets.

Hot Toddy Coat

This long coat and jacket sewing pattern from Our Lady of Leisure is fashionable and luxurious. It has a relaxed shape and is ideal for statement fabrics. This jacket pattern has no buttons or zippers so that you can wear it with a belt.

Vogue Jacket

Vogue Jackets from Misses’ are loose-fitting jackets that come with buttons and contrast overlays and snap closures.

Wrap Jacket

Wrap jacket sewing pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

This workwear-inspired wrap jacket sewing pattern is an oversized jacket and features enormous pockets on the font size and tie straps.

The key here is to make a simple jacket more attractive by using topstitching. It is recommended to first sew side seams and hems before making collars. The collar and pockets are the things that people first notice, so if you practice making side seams, you will feel confident while making pockets and collars. The more you practice, the more you’ll be able to make clean stitches.

Intermediate’s Jacket Sewing Patterns

These jacket patterns are much more focused on the perfect fit. It includes some exciting pattern pieces and details. One of the core things you will find here is lining in jackets. 

The lined jacket sewing pattern is easy. The best thing about it is you can hide a host of horrors with lining. Here are some fantastic jacket sewing patterns for intermediate:

Sienna Maker Jacket

Utility jacket pattern
Image Source: Closet Core Patterns

Sienna Maker jacket sewing patterns from Closet Core Patterns are inspired by vintage French workwear. This jacket sewing pattern features unlined and finished durable seams and crisp notched collars with buttons at the neck and an optional snap button.

Stacker Jacket

The Stacker jacket sewing pattern from Papercut Patterns is button-up in a cropped boxy fit. This jacket pattern features a drop shoulder and oversized patch pockets along with classy collars.

Serra Jacket

Serra jacket
Image Source: Pinterest

Serra Jacket sewing patterns from Pauline Alice Patterns features raglan sleeves. This pattern offers three views for three unique styles along with interchangeable details.

Tamarack Jacket

The Tamarack jacket sewing pattern from Grainline Studio features straight seams, inserting welt pockets, basic quilting, and implementing bias binding. Stay toasty with the inner layer of wool or cotton batting. It also has welt pockets that can keep your things safe and your hands warm.

When looking for a lining pattern for your jacket, ensure you don’t go for the traditional lining fabric. The purpose of making lining on jackets is to make the jacket pretty on the inside and out. 

Any fabric will be okay for lining, but cotton is preferable since it can stick on the jacket. Linings are essential on the sleeves, and if you don’t put them on, all of your clothes will turn up in the sleeve as you pull in, making it uncomfortable for you.

Advanced Jacket Sewing Patterns

You might have passed the beginner and intermediate stages and are ready to make your dream designer jacket. Some jacket sewing patterns have to fall into an advanced category because there is so much focus on the fitting or its complicated construction. 

You might have to spend a lot of your precious time making these jacket patterns. Check these advanced jacket sewing patterns:

Atenas Jacket

Atenas jacket sewing pattern
Image Source: Itch to Stitch

Atenas Jacket sewing pattern from Itch to Stitch is a classic denim jacket. This women’s jacket sewing pattern features chest pockets with flaps, flat-felled seams, one welt pocket, and topstitching. Once you make Atenas jackets, you can wear them for years as they won’t go out of fashion.

Hove Jacket

Hove Jacket sewing pattern by In the Folds is a sort of loose-fitting hooded jacket sewing pattern for women. They are made from woven fabrics and feature an open-ended zipper, in-seam pockets, a fully-lined hood, and pleated back details. 

This jacket sewing pattern requires careful drafting and proper instruction to make a beautiful inside and out handmade jacket. Once you learn to sew hove jackets, you can gain confidence in sewing packets, zips, curved seams, and setting sleeves. You can also make hove jackets by reading sewing patterns for kids.

It’s time you should invest in tailor ham or a sleeve board since they both are used for pressing your jackets. Once you’ve pressed the jacket and steamed the seams, you can use a tailor clapper to set them in place. 

How to use a tailors clapper
Image Source: Joe, June and Mae

Get clean seams by placing the clapper over the seam once you’ve pressed your seams flat and press down until the fabric is cooled. The advanced jacket sewing patterns can help you look like a pro.

8 of the Best Coat Sewing Pattern With Pictures and Videos

Polishing your skills by making different coats is one of the most satisfying sewing projects. With coat sewing patterns, you are not just making coats that keep you warm during the winters but also enjoy a lot with linings, buttonholes, belts, hoods, pockets, and various fabrics.

Dress form for sewing
Image Source: Roberto Martinez On Unsplash

Whether you’re wondering how to sew different coat patterns that can give you warmth in Autumn or want to try some full-length trench coats, we have got some easy coat sewing patterns for you.

Check these coat sewing patterns women love in cozy jackets, winter coats, and waterproof raincoats.

The Kelly Anorak – Closet Case Pattern

Coat sewing pattern
Image Source: Diary of a Chain Stitcher

These closet case patterns are an ideal example of style meeting functions. It is a perfect choice for transitional weather. This coat sewing pattern features a two-piece cuffed sleeve and has a drawstring waist option with a large three-piece hood. 

The Kelly anorak coat sewing pattern also comes with a classic shape, modern cut, and a stand-up collar.

Honetone Coat

The Honetone coat sewing pattern from Manilla Walker comes in two versions: fully lined or unlined. Fully lined coats come with straight cut and interesting two pocket details to help you pop your hands in them. 

Unlined Honetone coats are hip-length coat sewing patterns that feature topstitching with magnified details and high contrasting thread.

Draped Coat – Butterick

Draped coat sewing pattern
Image Source: Oliver + S

Learn to sew these classic draped designed coat patterns with Butterick’s pattern 6244. If you’re just a beginner, this unlined and semi-fitted coat is for you. 

This coat sewing pattern has a front section extending to a drapey collar that has a narrow hem. It can be made up to 20 US sizes.

Isla Trench Coat – Named

There comes a day when you want to have a classic trench coat in your wardrobe, and that day is today. Start sewing trench coats for yourself with this easy coat sewing pattern. 

This lined coat sewing pattern from Named clothing is the perfect way to sew with incredible details such as a cape, belted collar, a belt, welt pockets, and some tabs on sleeve openings. 

Make sure you do a lot of practice for topstitching on the double-breasted front section. You can also try button fastening since it can add a classy touch.

Albion – Staple Duffle Coat

Staple duffle coat sewing pattern
Image Source: Evolution of a Sewing Goddess

If you’re wondering how to sew a classic duffle coat, then Albion is perfect for you. This staple duffle-style coat sewing pattern comes in two versions. 

Both versions feature tailored two-piece sleeves, toggle closures, a stylish three-piece hood, and yoke details. Add some detachable hood tab, patch pockets, and in-seam pockets for a trendy look. Choose a cozy and heavyweight fabric to make long coat sewing patterns.

Chilton Trench Coat – Lined Coat

Cashmerette brand has given rise to unique tailoring, and a curve trend update with Chilton trenched coats. This lined coat sewing pattern has a one-breasted bodice, a belted waist, and two hem lengths. The uplifting style factor is a dual-part collar, double top-stitching, cape, and epaulets.

The Eden Coat – Tilly and Buttons

Eden sewing pattern for women's coat
Image Source: Tilly and the Buttons

This lined coat sewing pattern features a high neck hood, raglan sleeves, and two different options for practical pockets. With various zips, hip/long lengths, or toggle fastening design options, you can make your dream coat.

I Am Jacques Raincoat – I Am Patterns

I Am Jacques is a huge part of the I Am Sailor capsule collection. This easy coat sewing pattern has a cozy hood, hidden zip with button plackets, and two big pockets to carry all your essential items. This coat sewing pattern can also be customized to three different lengths.

12 Women’s Coat Sewing Pattern for Fall

As fall weather starts, women dig out all the winter coats and put out shirts and t-shirts. Many women try to make at least one coat each year, but they always look for new patterns.

Women's coat sewing pattern
Image Source: MOein NIroumand On Unsplash

If you’re a sewing enthusiast and looking for ideas on how to make sewing patterns, check this women’s coat sewing pattern and designs that have been trending for years.

Funnel Neck Coat

Funnel neck coat sewing is popular because you can turn the collar up against the wind on those particular days. 

This coat pattern is wide and sits in a perfect way, making it ideal for flaunting a trendy turtleneck underneath. You can also just wrap a scarf around the neck.

DIY Camel Coat

DIY camel coat
Image Source: Have Need Want

If you have never tried camel coat patterns, then it’s time you should think of this comfortable style for women’s coat sewing patterns. 

Most of these coats are comfortable and drapey, which gather around the neck and give you the required warmth. Choose a usual sandy-colored fabric for camel coat sewing patterns.

Long Butterick Sweater Coat

This is another fantastic coat sewing pattern to consider if you’re someone who prefers toasty sweaters over fall coats. This coat sewing pattern is perfect for making a mid-shin long sweater-type coat.

DIY Blanket Wrap Coat

DIY blanket wrap coat
Image Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Wrap-style coats are one of the popular style statement-making coats in fall fashion. These coat sewing patterns are classy and cozy, and you will love them a lot.

Convertible Blazer Coat

Are you a bit confused about whether you should make long coats if the weather gets cold or short coats just because you like the style? This convertible blazer coat sewing pattern is impressive and can resemble the blazer style. Use a convertible zipper so that you can both blazer and coat in one piece.

Classic Overcoat

Classic trench coat for women
Image Source: Sumissura

Looking for an oversized sewing pattern that is classy but a bit more than what you’ve been seeing? Try this classic overcoat sewing pattern, and you’ll love it. The main focus of this coat is the shape and size of collar patterns.

Oversized Faux Fur Coat

Do you love the aesthetics of white fur coats but believe in protecting animal rights and cruelty-free fashion clothes? Faux fur material can help you make fashionable and animal-fur coats without compromising your beliefs. 

Easy coat sewing pattern
Image Source: Jannis Lucas On Unsplash

Make sure you check woven labels and care labels of faux fur before you start sewing coats. These simple yet attractive coat sewing patterns are your go-to style for this fall weather.

Lined Robe Coat

Lined robe coat sewing pattern
Image Source: Just The Design

Lined robe coat sewing patterns feature lines for warmth purposes. With this pattern, you can also get a flashy coat that comes with a wide range of colors. This double-lined robe-style coat pattern also got a feature on Lana Red Studio. 

They had also suggested lining the coat with a different fabric to the one you use on the outer layer to get double patterns.

Long Circle Vest

Do you love making your own version of long coat sewing patterns but you can’t find in your nearby stores? A long circle vest coat pattern is the one you’ll love to have in your wardrobe. These coat sewing patterns can help you make some office wear coats as well.

Japanese Style Cocoon Coat

Japanese style cocoon coat
Image Source: Pinterest

If you have decided to make fall coats on your own even though you are a beginner, just choose a Japanese-style cocoon coat sewing pattern.

This pattern is unique and can be dressed up or down, depending on your morning mood. This coat sewing pattern can be made by following just a couple of steps.

Yuzu Raglan Coat

Want to challenge yourself with a unique coat sewing pattern? Choose a Yuzu raglan coat. This women’s coat sewing pattern has a neat seaming, high collar, and placed buttons that will make it hard to believe that you created it.

Boucle Coatigan

Where to get jacket sewing patterns
Image Source: Pinterest

Are you looking for more ideas to make long, flowing style coats that look like cardigan sweaters? Boucle coatigan is the one coat sewing pattern that you should not ignore. This simple yet impressive long coat sewing pattern is comfortable, cozy, and stylish.

Learn to Sew 5 Trending Blazer Sewing Pattern 

A blazer is a fashionable layering piece that changes according to the season and occasion. You can wear blazers with jeans and a t-shirt and look trendy.

Blazer sewing patterns
Image Source: Mirko di Micco On Unsplash

Everyone loves blazer trends, but tailored blazers are expensive, and not everyone can afford them. It’s just a rare case of saving money for a sewist who is looking for a blazer sewing pattern. 

You will never go wrong with these blazer sewing patterns, and you can also combine these patterns to make your unique version. Here are some of the how-to-make sewing patterns for blazers.

Morris Blazer

Women's blazer sewing pattern
Image Source: Cookin’ & Craftin’

Grainline Studio introduced the morris blazer sewing pattern, and it works best with knitting and woven fabric. Morris blazers are cropped blazers and have a unique mix of structure and drape and pointed front bodice. This is perfect for a hardworking wardrobe essential.

Evans Blazer Pattern

This is a knit blazer that comes in numerous designs to give you different looks. Evans women’s blazer sewing pattern features a traditional blazer version and a sportier version that is cropped at the bottom.

Jasika Blazer Pattern

Jacket sewing patterns for women
Image Source: Jasika Nicole

Looking for traditional woven blazer sewing patterns? Choose a Jasika blazer pattern by Closet Case. This is a classic and tailored blazer pattern that can be found in many online resources.

Cape Blazer

Try to make a unique style piece right from custom designs and patterns that you don’t think people around you wear much. A cape blazer is another stunning and iconic coat sewing pattern that can be made as per your requirement and style.

Silverton Blazer Pattern

Silverton blazer pattern
Image Source: Sew Paradise

The Silverton blazer sewing pattern by Straight Stitch Designs is another excellent knit blazer option. 

This blazer has a fitted silhouette, a cute peplum panel at the center, and a soft shawl collar. Silverton blazer sewing patterns include all high-ended details that are easy to sew.

5 Best Winter Coat Sewing Pattern for Women

Winter is coming, and it’s time to think about all those cozy winter coat sewing patterns that can keep you warm when you head outside in the cold weather.

Winter coat sewing patterns for women
Image Source: Sharon McCutcheon On Unsplash

Do not get yourself stuck in all those boring winter coats. In this winter season, try to make one that suits your personality while keeping you warm. Here are some tips and the best winter coat sewing patterns for you.

Tips for Winter Coat Fabric

The best sewing fabrics for winter coats are any medium to heavyweight material that also has a drape. This fabric can give your coat structure and warmth.

Velvet, tweed, wool, and cashmere are some of the popular choices for sewing winter coats. You can check out the hang tags of the fabric in your preferred store. 

They often have fabrics that have incredible texture and help you hide imperfections. Choose plaid if you have time to match up your prints.

Winter Coat Sewing Patterns

Here are some of the trending winter coat sewing patterns for you.

Pepernoot Hooded Coat

Winter coat sewing pattern
Image Source: Nina Nadel

The pepernoot hooded coat by Waffle patterns comes with many eye-catching details. The front zipper means there will be no fumbling with buttonholes when you try coat dress sewing patterns. The front zippers can also protect your fingers from freezing, and the fur looks so amazing.

Lady Grey Coat

The lady Grey Coat from Colette patterns is a sort of wrap coat that has buttons to keep it closed. It can also be paired with a wide fabric belt. The princess seams and wide collars can give you a classy look.

Nina Coat

How to make a coat
Image Source: Pinterest

These Shwin Designs are flattering. They are the perfect coat dressing sewing pattern for everyday wear.

Amsterdam All-weather Ladies Coat

This winter coat sewing pattern by Rebecca Page is a sort of duffle coat. This feminine pattern features a fully-lined warm coat in some heavyweight fabrics such as wool.

Quart Coat

Quart coat sewing pattern
Image Source: SunnyGal Studio Sewing

The Quart coat sewing pattern features double-breasted fitted coats that have high stand-up collars. This coat pattern by Pauline Alice comes with great details such as zipped sleeve cuffs, a pleated skirt, inseam pockets, and epaulets at the sides.

4 Men’s Hooded Jacket Sewing Pattern

It’s pretty challenging to find sewing patterns for men, but it’s time to change. From pullovers to zip-ups, there are numerous hooded jacket sewing patterns available for men.

Check out some of the best men’s hooded jackets sewing patterns for the man of your life.

Men’s Zip-Up Hoodie Sewing Pattern

The Kodiak Crossover zip-up hooded designer jacket sewing patterns from TobyK Patterns are excellent for winter days. This pattern features a zipper at the side and a cap to help you look stylish.

Hoodie sewing pattern for men
Image Source: Sporto

The Ziggi Zipper hooded jacket sewing pattern from Wardrobe By Me features a classy zipper and pockets at the front.

His & Her’s Hooded sewing pattern is available for both men and women. It has an asymmetric zipper with a sleeveless vest option.

T-shirt Hoodie Sewing Pattern

Henley t-shirt and hooded jacket sewing pattern from Patterns for Pirates is a must-have for weekend wear. This hooded jacket sewing pattern features the added versatility of a henley t-shirt but without a hood. Read some shirt sewing patterns to understand how to make t-shirt hoodies.

You can sew a sweater or t-shirt hoodie with another popular Hudson Pullover hoodie sewing pattern from Greenstyle Creations.

Hooded Pullover Sewing Pattern

The Hubert hoodie sewing pattern from Wardrobe By Me is a classic and elegant hooded jacket sewing pattern with a hooded vest option.

Elevation hoodie sewing pattern
Image Source: KuttiCouture

Elevation Hoodie sewing pattern by New Horizons Designs features a flair with zig-zag color blocking patterns.

The Halftime hooded jacket sewing pattern is a simple plus-size sewing pattern that comes with two different options for kangaroo pockets.

Free Men’s Hooded Jacket Sewing Patterns

There are many free sewing patterns available which you can try using an existing sweater as a base. Check this pattern from CraftStylish.

Many popular weekend designers also share some free vintage sewing patterns and instructions on how to sew a men’s hooded jacket with a vest pattern.


Many jackets and coat sewing patterns are available in the market according to the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Jacket sewing is a fun task, and you can learn many new things while even sewing a simple jacket.

Start with a simple pattern and make your own jacket!