How to Single Crochet

How to Single Crochet: How to Make a Single Crochet Stitch for Beginners

Learning how to single crochet stitch is essential for any beginner who’s learning how to crochet. The textile craft of crochet is a needlework technique done with a crochet hook and almost any type of yarn

Crochet offers several mental health benefits, ranging from reducing stress and anxiety to possibly reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

How to single crochet
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 If you love working with different types of fabric or textiles, crochet is an ideal hobby for you. Combining crochet techniques with knowledge of how to sew will allow you to create a whole new range of projects. 

Haven’t learned to sew yet? No problem! Crochet can be learned by anyone, with or without sewing experience.

Do you have questions about how to single stitch crochet? Keep reading to learn what a single crochet is, what a single crochet looks like, and how to crochet single stitch. After reading this article, you will no longer have to ask, “How do you make a single crochet?”.

What is a Single Crochet?

Wondering what’s a single crochet? Learning how to do a single crochet is an essential stitch for beginners. You’ll find the single crochet stitch in most crochet patterns. After you learn how to do a single crochet stitch, you’ll find endless ways to use it in your crochet projects

A few ways you’ll use the single crochet stitch in different projects: 

Note: Single crochet is called “double crochet” in British crochet patterns. This is different from the US double crochet stitch. Always make sure you know where a pattern comes from before beginning a project.

Crochet cheat sheet turning chains
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What does a Single Crochet Look Like?

The single crochet stitch is defined by a few key characteristics. You can identify a single crochet stitch by its:

    • Height: Single crochet stitch is short. In fact, it’s the shortest crochet stitch (excluding the slip stitch).
    • Turning chain: Just as you’d expect, the single crochet has exactly 1 turning chain. This means that when you form the base chain you will (almost) never work in the first chain away from the hook.

If these descriptions don’t mean much to you, don’t worry. Crochet stitch descriptions will make more sense to you as you learn various stitches and techniques. Beginners should look at visual examples of the stitches they’re learning.

Single crochet stitch
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Note: Turning chains refer to rows of chain stitches worked in between rows of crochet stitches. Turning chains provide a transition between two different rows of crochet. Turning chains also help preserve the height of crochet rows.

Crochet Stitch

Number of Turning Chains

Single stitch


Half double stitch


Double stitch


Triple / treble stitch


Double triple / double treble stitch


How to Make a Single Crochet Stitch

Still wondering: “How do I do a Single Crochet”? The single crochet stitch is one of the simplest crochet stitches to learn, but there are a few basic skills you should master first. Before learning how to crochet a single crochet, ensure you’ve practiced the following skills first:

    1. How to make a slip knot
    2. How to start a crochet chain
    3. How to weave in ends

After you learn all of these stitches and skills, you’ll be able to create simple projects. When you’re ready to challenge yourself with multiple colors and dimensions, you can then learn how to change colors in crochet, how to increase, and how to decrease

Basic crochet stitches
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How Do You Do a Single Crochet Stitch for Beginners?

    1. For your practice swatch, make 20 chain stitches. This will give you ample opportunity to practice the single crochet stitch.
    2. Place your hook in the middle of the second chain. Now, you should have two loops on your hook.
    3. Wrap the working yarn around the crochet hook from back to front.
    4. Pull the hook back towards you and through the chain stitch.
    5. Loop the yarn around the crochet hook from back to front (again).
    6. Pull the yarn through both hooks on the crochet hook.
    7. Repeat steps one through seven, inserting your hook into the next chain.

Now you know the answer to the question, “How do you single crochet?”. Keep practicing your single crochet stitch until you’re confident and you can maintain consistent tension while stitching. 

If you find yourself struggling to follow written instructions, try out a single crochet stitch tutorial video for visual demonstrations.

Tips to keep in mind while learning to single crochet:

    • Start practicing with a practice swatch. Don’t make your first single crochet stitches on a project you’ve already started. Give yourself time to make mistakes, improve, and get comfortable with the stitch first.
    • When learning new stitches, try to use lighter-colored yarns. This makes it much easier to see your stitches as you practice.
    • The working yarn is the yarn coming from your yarn ball.
    • Only “skip” a chain stitch at the start of the first row. Once you’ve finished the first row of single stitches, chain one stitch before turning to work on the second row. This chain in the middle is called the “turning chain”, and it helps line up your rows of stitches with each other.

What Does SC Mean In Crochet?

The abbreviation “SC” in crochet stands for “single stitch”. You will often see a single crochet stitch represented with either the SC abbreviation or a symbol in patterns. Over time, you will automatically understand these symbols and abbreviations.

For now, just know that if you know how to make a single crochet, then you also know how to crochet sc. Check out the table below to see the most common ways a single crochet stitch is represented.

Stitch Name



Single crochet stitch


Crochet symbol sc
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Crochet Projects Requiring Knowledge of How to Single Crochet

Now that you’re no longer questioning “How do you do a single crochet?”, you’re ready to start using the single crochet stitch in your next project(s).

    1. Single Crochet Stitch Knotted Headband

Single crochet ear warmer
Image source: Julie Measures

This simple but elegant headband crochet pattern uses only the single crochet stitch. You don’t even need to know how to switch colors! This is a true beginner’s project. With a little practice, this headband could be made quickly, making it a great product to sell. 

If you sell hats or headbands, add a personal touch with custom woven labels with your brand name and website. When your customer receives compliments on their crochet headband, they can share exactly who they bought it from!

      2. Chevron Scarf Crochet Pattern

Chevron scarf crochet pattern
Image source: Easy Crochet

If you’re feeling confident, try out this chevron scarf crochet pattern. Although the pattern is slightly more advanced, this gorgeous scarf still comes together fairly quickly.

This unique pattern would also make a great addition to a crochet store. Ensure your customers can enjoy their handmade crochet chevron scarf for years to come by adding a custom care label.

      3. Crochet T-Shirt

How to do a single crochet
Image source: Joy of Motion Crochet

This intermediate skill-level crochet t-shirt pattern is incredibly versatile. Not only does it come in nine different sizes, but also the finished product can be worn year-round! 

This crochet top is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, so you might seriously consider selling it in a variety of sizes and colors. 

Whenever you sell crochet clothing items, always utilize custom hang tags to convey important information about your brand, the product, and what makes you unique.