The Ultimate Guide on How to Make a Scarf at Home in 30 Minutes

A scarf is one of the essential pieces of clothing for women. Learning how to make a scarf at home will help you save money and ditch those expensive from stores. 

A scarf can protect us from cold, sun, and wind while helping us look stylish. They can save your skin, prevent you from dust, help you get relief from neck pain, and hide those last night’s love bites.

A scarf is an ideal piece of clothing for both men and women. It is an essential wardrobe gamechanger.

A scarf brings utmost comfort and can transform your entire look. In your entire life, you might have worn a wide range of scarves. They have been a constant fashion accessory for many years and will continue to dominate the market.

Do you love a scarf but don’t want to spend dollars on those expensive items? Don’t worry.

In this article, we will help you learn how to make a scarf at home with minimum supplies and your desired fabric.

Are you ready to make a simple yet beautiful scarf at home?

Let’s go. 

How to Make an Easy Scarf: 9 Amazing Scarf Sewing Patterns

A scarf is an essential fashion accessory. They are a practical and necessary tool for everyday life.

Did you know the global scarf market was valued at 17343 million USD in 2019 and is expected to reach 25450 Million USD in 2025?

How to make a scarf
Image Source: Sama Hosseini On Unsplash 

You might be a big fan of some of the major scarves-making players like Chanel, Prada, LVMH Group, Dolce and Gabbana, Mulberry, Valentino, Giorgio Armani, etc. These scarf players dominate the market because of their wonderful designs and amazing sewing finish. 

Do you want to learn how to make an easy scarf at home that looks professional and stylish like those players? Wondering about some amazing scarf sewing patterns?

Check out the below-listed scarf sewing patterns that you can try at home. If you choose a pattern from this and follow our instructions, then believe us, the end results will be mesmerizing. 

Regular and Simple Scarf

If you love the simplicity and want a scarf that goes with almost everything? Choose this regular and simple scarf sewing pattern. 

It’s easy to learn how to sew this scarf at home. Just gather your favorite fabric, measure it, and use a hemmer foot to finish the edges. You can use a contracted sewing thread for the rolled hem. 

Infinity Scarf

Anyone can learn to sew this soft and cozy infinity scarf at home. They look amazing when styled with different types of shirts and types of jeans.   

How to make scarves
Image Source: The Spoonflower Blog

Reversible Fleece Scarf

If you love to make different types of scarves that can keep you warm, then choose this reversible fleece fabric-based scarf. 

This amazing “how to make an easy scarf” project requires beginner to intermediate level sewing skills. 

DIY Triangle Scarf

Welcome this fall by making an amazing triangle scarf. This will be a playful and joyous DIY sewing project. 

Easy to make scarf
Image Source: Super Simple Sewing

Leather and Flannel Snap Scarf

A leather and flannel snap scarf is another easy to sew scarf sewing pattern. The leather insert adds a different look and character to the entire scarf. 

Make sure you learn how to make a simple scarf using leather and flannel fabric once in your life. 

Cape Scarf

You won’t be able to resist making this fabulous cape scarf. A Cape scarf is a style statement and is easy to sew at home if you get the right instructions. 

Cape coat outfit how to wear
Image Source: Darling Darleen

No-sew Blanket Scarf

The list of scarf sewing patterns is incomplete if we don’t include this no-sew blanket scarf pattern. This is one of the most popular how to make handmade scarves patterns since you don’t require any sewing skills. 

Just throw some fabric on your shoulders and make a bow-type style. You are all set to attend a friend’s party or just run errands. 

Scarf with a Border

Want to make an eye-catching, stylish scarf at home? Choose two different types of fabrics and use one for making the scarf and the other for adding it to the borders. 

This way of making a scarf will polish your sewing skills in working with two different fabrics. Style this beautiful scarf with different types of bags and uplift your entire look. 

Hooded Scarf with Pockets

When learning how to make clothes, it’s nice to count on all the necessary things. This hooded scarf with pockets and a stylish look is all you need to rock. 

DIY hooded scarf
Image Source: Nikki, in Stitches

They are made by upcycling clothes such as hooded jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc., and cutting the fabric to make space for pockets. 

How To Make Scarfs – 9 Best Fabrics

Now that you know some amazing scarf sewing patterns, it’s time to determine the fabric that can be used for making all these scarves. 

Scarves are worn daily and in all seasons. The fabric you choose should be comfortable to wear and easy to handle. 

Assorted colorful scarves
Image Source: Siora Photography On Unsplash

Here are some of the best fabrics you can use when learning how to make scarfs. 

Kaufman Mammoth Flannel

Flannel is medium-weight, durable, and comfortable to wear fabric. It becomes softer with every wash. Scarves made from flannel fabric are soft, warm, and breathable. 

DIY plaid flannel blanket scarf tutorial
Image Source: Sweet Red Poppy 

Flannel comes in 65 different colors and patterns so that you can get your desired pattern/color for scarves. 


Cashmere is one of the luxurious fabrics made from the finest wool of the cashmere goat.

Cashmere is popular for making winter scarves and different types of clothes since it is kind to the skin and keeps you warm. Its luxurious softness maintains your stylish look. 


These kinds of scarves are made from the Changthangi goat’s wool. These are the breed of the goat that is found in the Himalayas. 

How to make a simple scarf
Image Source: Pashmina

The word Pashmina means “wool” in Persian. The wool fibers have 12 to 15 microns, and cashmere has around 16 to 19 microns. 

Since Pashmina is produced in limited quantities and is pretty expensive, you can use it to make some special scarves. 

Cotton Voile

Cotton is the most used fabric for making clothes, t-shirts, and scarves. It is lightweight, breathable, and versatile, making it easy to care for. 

You can use cotton voile fabric to make summer scarves. They are simple yet elegant and give you a crisp appearance. 

It will also absorb the moisture on your skin and help you feel breezy all day long. 


Choose satin fabric if you want to make super lovable and wrinkle-free scarves at home. Satin weave has a soft and luxurious feel, and it is known for its beautiful drape

Satin scarves are also easy to wash and care for. This fabric won’t be good for you if you are new to sewing as it is slippery and difficult to sew. 

Bonus tip: Use walking presser foot while working with satin fabric. 


Silk’s amazing luster is dedicated to its natural properties. Silk is made from protein fiber which is found in mulberry silkworms. 

Silk scarf
Image Source: Pinterest

They are spun into a soft and elegant material. If you want to give your handmade scarves a luxurious and elegant look, then don’t forget to choose silk fabric. 

Silk is a little expensive fabric, but the end product is worth the money. 


This is 100% polyester fabric. It is airy and gives you a crepe and matte surface. Chiffon is easy to sew with as it has a soft and silky texture. 

Low-maintenance scarves can be made from Chiffon fabric. It can help you elevate your entire look and make a unique style statement. 

If you want to make a lightweight and daily-wear scarf, then choose Chiffon fabric. 


If you are looking for a polyester and silk alternative, then you should go for Dilly. Dilly is a blend of 97% polyester and 3%spandex. 

How to make a scarf at home
Image Source: Pinterest

This scarf fabric has an excellent texture and print. It looks amazing when made in bright and deep colors. If you want to learn how to make scarfs for special events, you should choose Dilly fabric. 


Whisper is one of the best types of fabric for making a scarf as it is lightweight and stretchable. It has the perfect slinky and liquid-like drape, making it a great substitute for silk. 

Scarves made from Whisper fabric are super soft and comfortable to wear. 

Simple Instructions on How to Make Scarf at Home

A scarf adds extra beauty and character to your outfit. It can be long or short, triangle or square. 

Learning how to make a scarf at home is an easy DIY project that anyone with little to no sewing skill can try.

How to make handmade scarves
Image Source: Sama Hosseini On Unsplash

Do you know scarves can be made in three ways? Read our guide on

In this section, we will help you with some simple instructions for making a simple scarf at home. 

What You’ll Need?

    • 1 yard of fabric
    • Ruler
    • Sewing machine
    • Iron
    • Scissors
    • Seam ripper
    • Matching thread 

Choose the Fabric

To start making the scarf, you need to pick a lightweight and suitable fabric. There are many fabric types available for making scarfs, such as Cashmere, silk, satin, Pashmina, cotton voile, rayon, etc. 

Make sure you consider the purpose of the scarf while choosing the fabric. The above section will help you choose the best fabric for scarves. 

Cut Out the Fabric

Next is to cut out the scarf fabric as per the measurement. Use 1.5 yards for a regular length and 2 yards for a long scarf. 

Free pattern to sew a scarf
Image Source: Bernina Blog

Add one inch to the finished dimension for the hems. You should wrap the fabric around your neck to check how it looks with the full fabric width. 

If it is too full, then you should cut out the excess fabric. 

The following are the standard size of the scarves

Style Size
Long Skinny 22×70″
Crochet or Knitted 64×6.5″ or 52×8.5.”
Infinity Scarf 63×7″
Blanket Scarf 94 x 45″
Square Scarf 32 or 48″ square
Head Scarf 43″ square
Bandana 23″ square

Hem or Finish the Edges

There are two ways to hem the scarf. Check out these options in detail. 

    • How to sew or hem a scarf using a sewing machine?
      • A serger is perfect for hemming those fuzzy fabrics. Set your machine to the rolled hem and serge it along with the scarf’s edges. 
      • Use matching thread for sewing the scarf.
    • How to make homemade scarves?

Handrolled hem for scarf
Image Source: Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

    • The ideal way to hand-stitch the raw edges of the scarf is to leverage a rolled hem. 
    • If you have chosen Silk or Chiffon fabric, then a hemming stitch will work best. Here are some simple steps for hem scarves by hand:
    • Start folding raw edges by 1/8 inch using your fingers
    • Work from right to left and secure your sewing thread with a backstitch.
    • Keep some diagonal stitches above the raw edges.
    • Put the needle into the fold’s bottom part.
    • Apply some stitches at a time before you pull out the thread to make a small roll.   

Press the Scarf and Tada! It’s Ready to Wear

The last step of how to make a scarf at home is to press and finish off your scarf. You can use some decorative accent or trim the hem of the scarf. Add some lace or pom-poms on the scarf’s border, as it will add a unique style.

Don’t forget to trim the end of the scarf, as no matter how you style a scarf; the two ends will show.

How to make fringe for scarf
Image Source: Knitting & Crochet Wonder How-To 

With these finishing touches, you have just made a beautiful yet simple scarf at home. 

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How to Make a Fleece Scarf?

A fleece scarf is perfect for kids. They can be a great gift option when designed and sewn in a perfect way. 

How to make an easy scarf
Image Source: Easy Peasy Creative Ideas

This is a no-sew, easy DIY scarf-making project. With just two yards of fleece and 5-minute work, you can learn how to make a fleece scarf with regular length.

Recommendations for Fleece scarf length

Type Length
Child under 10 60 inches
Adults and child over 10 75 inches

How to Make Homemade Scarves Like an Infinity Scarf?

An infinity scarf comes in a round shape, and the end product can be wrapped around the neck, which gives you a cowl-like effect. These scarves are also known as tube or circle scarves.

DIY infinity scarf
Image Source: The Inspiration Board

The best thing about learning how to make homemade scarves like the Infinity scarf is that it does not slip off your neck. The shape of the scarf prevents it from slipping.

Recommendations for Infinity scarf width and length.

Infinity Scarf length Chart

Type Shortest (in inches) Longest (in inches)
Cowl 30 35
Short 40 45
Standard 50 60
Long 65 70
Extra Long 75 80

Infinity Scarf Width Chart

Type Shortest (in inches) Longest (in inches)
Skinny 3 4
Thin 5 6
Standard 7 8
Super Wide 10 12
Blanket 15 30


A scarf is an essential clothing item. They are the necessary yet stylish clothing accessories.

A scarf can either uplift or ruin your entire look. When learning how to make a scarf at home, you should consider your style, the fabric that suits you, and your comfort level.

This beautiful transition accessory is a must-have DIY sewing project for beginners. The above information will help you make a beautiful, comfortable, and unique scarf at home.

Say no to those expensive, store-bought scarves, and learn to make them at home.

Happy sewing!