How to Make a Dog Sweater at Home Within an Hour

As a dog owner, you must know that dogs feel colder than humans. Learning how to make a dog sweater will help you keep your furry friend active and comfortable in winter. 

The dead of winter means cold temperatures. Just like humans, dogs must be protected from chilly winters. Based on your dog’s size and breed, an extra layer is needed when you take them out for a walk. 

Sweaters can protect your dog and keep it active. Making a sweater at home not just saves you money, but you can also give it a personalized touch.

Whether you are a craft person or not, you can learn how to make a dog sweater at home in a couple of minutes. 

Ditch the idea of purchasing expensive dog sweaters from shops and learn to make one at home.

In this article, we will help you with some amazing DIY dog sweater ideas, patterns, and tutorials that you can try at home and make an adorable sweater for your furry buddies. 

The best thing about these dog sweaters is that you don’t need to be an experienced sewer. Anyone with basic sewing skills and knowledge can make DIY dog sweaters at home.

Ready to make an adorable, cozy dog sweater? 

How to Make a Dog Sweater: 17 Ideas and Patterns

Just like different types of clothes and sweaters for humans, there are tons of options available when it comes to a dog sweater. They come in all sizes, from small to medium and large dogs.

Before learning how to make a dog sweater, it’s essential to check out some amazing DIY dog sweater ideas and patterns. 

Dog in a sleeveless sweater
Image Source: Cristina Glebova On Unsplash

This will help you understand the sewing essentials you need, and based on your dog’s size, you can pick something warm, functional, and a fashion-forward sweater. 

The following are a couple of DIY dog sweater ideas and patterns, along with tutorials that will inspire you to learn to sew warm sweaters for your buddy. 

DIY Dog Sweater From Sock

Do you have a tiny dog? Then learning how to make a dog sweater from socks will be worth it. GoodDiy offers this amazing pattern, and it is easy to sew. 

Cheap and easy dog sweater sock
Image Source: Cut Out + Keep

Just convert your old pair of socks into a functional, warm, and super stylish dog sweater. You will need a sharp fabric scissor and start cutting your standard tube sock’s toe area. 

Measure your dog size from neck to arm and mark it on the socks. Make a small circle or oval shape cut. With this, you can just slip your dog into the sock sweater. 

DIY Dog Coat

Another amazing DIY pattern for how to make a sweater for a large dog is Ricochet & Away’s dog coat. This is a full-blown sewing project that will require a little bit of sewing knowledge and skills. 

To complete a DIY dog coat, you will also need lining fabric, batting, sew-on Velcro, polyester thread, scissors, needle, etc. 

Recycled Dog Sweater

The above-mentioned “how to make a small dog sweater from a sock” is easy. It is one of the best ways to repurpose your old clothes. 

Recycled dog sweater
Image Source: GoldStar Tool

If you have lots of sweaters in your closet that you no longer wear, then it’s time to recycle them into an adorable dog sweater

With just a couple of simple instructions and a few supplies, you will be able to turn your old sweater into a dog sweater. 

Take your old sweater, measure your dog, cut the sleeves, and make a circle cut. Your favorite sweater is now ready to wear by your favorite buddy.

DIY Dog Sweater From Trousers

This DIY dog sweater requires no sewing machine unless you want to add some fancy trim, hem the sweater or add any elastic to the garment. 

Measure your dog from neck to tail and mark it on the old trouser. Use sharp scissors to cut the trouser leg off and put the trouser on your dog. Make sure the elastic cuff is around the neck. 

You can use a fabric marker or chalk to mark the places that require holes in the dog’s legs. 

Take out the trouser and cut a slit of three inches for the holes. You can hem the edges to prevent them from fraying, and your dog sweater is ready! 

The Juno Jumper

Alice offers this intermediate dog sweater pattern in Knittingland. This dog sweater pattern is suitable for knitters who have some experience and can tackle the challenging parts. 

You will need chunky yarn, a knitting needle, a stitch marker, and a darning needle to complete the Juno jumper dog sweater. 

Woman in white sweater holding a dog
Image Source: Honest Paws On Unsplash

You can read our guide on how to knit a dog sweater and learn to knit at home. This pattern is also perfect for those looking how to make a small dog sweater pattern. 

Cute Bumble Bee Dog Sweater

A dog can be functional and fashionable, right? This free dog sweater pattern offered by Crochet Guru will help your dog look like a bumblebee. 

It will also keep them cozy during chilly days. Choose black and yellow medium yarn, crochet hook, and measuring tape. 

DIY Flannel Dog Sweater

Sew DoggyStyle offers a fantastic way to upcycle your old flannel shirt. This how to make a dog sweater” pattern is a bit complicated, but the end result looks great. 

How to make a dog sweater
Image Source: Pinterest

Choose your old flannel shirt and turn it into an adorable dog sweater. Remember, it has pockets. So you will need intermediate-level sewing skills to make this button-down flannel dog sweater. 

Knitted Turtle Shell Dog Sweater

Do you want to give your dog a new look? Try this turtle-inspired dog sweater. Lion Brand offers this comfy dog sweater pattern. 

Choose yellow, light green, dark green, medium green yarn, knitting needles, and stitch markers and make an adorable dog sweater. 

Once you make this cute sweater for your dog, others will not resist asking you about this one-of-a-kind, beautiful creation. 

Simple Bone Dog Sweater

This is an intermediate-level DIY dog sweater-making pattern offered by Mimi & Tara. It is simple and easy to make. 

Simple sweater for dogs
Image Source: Pinterest

You can just add some bone appliques for style and attach the hood. Just use your creativity, any contrasting types of fabric, and you can make an amazing bone dog sweater. 

Button-down Cardigan Dog Sweater

This free dog sweater pattern offered by Berroco includes knitting a button-down sweater. It requires a back measurement of about 16 inches, and experienced knitters can adjust the size of the sweater as per the dog’s tail. 

DIY Sweater with a Bowtie

If your dog prefers formal attire, then this sweater pattern with a Bowtie offered by Herstoria is perfect for him. It includes an adorable bowtie. 

Black bow partewear shirt for dog
Image Source:

When you start learning how to sew a bowtie sweater, you will see that it’s not as complicated as it appears. 

Once you have the fabric, tape measure, sewing needle, and sharp scissors, you will be able to complete sewing this dog sweater in an hour. 

DIY Woven Dog Coat

Looking for a unique and fashionable dog sweater? This woven dog coat pattern offered by Ruth Morrison is all you want to uplift your dog’s look. It is warm and comfortable. 

To begin your journey on how to make a large dog sweater or coat, you will need an expert level of sewing knowledge and skills. 

It may be a challenging DIY dog sweater sewing pattern for beginners. You will need a 6-shaft loom to make a top-notch garment for the pooch, two shuttles, and yarn. 

DIY Crochet Dog Sweater

Another beautiful crochet dog sweater pattern is offered by Crocheting Blind. This is a full-coverage sweater that will keep your furry friend warm during the winter

Crochet dog sweater free pattern large
Image Source: Make & Do Crew

It is easy to make, and you will just need a 9-millimeter crochet hook, measuring tape, yarn, and darning needle to complete this DIY project. 

Hooded Octopus Dog Sweater

Want to add some fun to your dog’s sweater? Choose this unique dog sweater pattern from Lion Brand. 

This pattern is great for Halloween, Christmas parties, etc. The best thing about this pattern is that it can fit most size dogs. 

Comfy Hoodie Dog Sweater

Just like humans, dogs also love to lounge in oversized hoodies. The Paw Culture designed this easy-to-sew dog sweater pattern that will allow you to transform your old hoodie into a beautiful, cozy, and warm dog sweater. 

Dog in pink jacket
Image Source: Flouffy On Unsplash

If you are a beginner and don’t know much about sewing, you must learn how to make a large dog sweater without a sewing pattern. 

Ugly Christmas Dog Sweater

Our pattern list of how to make a sweater for your dog is incomplete without mentioning this fashionable dog sweater. 

How to make a sweater for large dogs
Image Source: Sandra Seitamaa On Unsplash

The ugly Christmas dog sweater pattern from Mimi & Tara is perfect for Christmas parties. It is easy to make, and you can also give it to your friend’s dog. 

DIY Dog Sweater from Sleeve

Want to make something unique to show your best buddy how much you love and care? 

Choose this amazing pattern of how to make a dog sweater from a sleeve that allows you to recycle your old sweaters and turn them into adorable dog sweaters. 

It’s super easy to make. Just choose any of your old sweaters, cut out the sleeves and make a hole in the middle. 

Those sleeves are of the perfect shape for small size dogs. If you are looking for how to make a chihuahua sweater, then this pattern is perfect.

How to Make a Sweater For Your Dog: Step By Step Instructions

Every dog owner wants to protect their dog from winter. What’s a better way to give your dog a handmade sweater?

DIY dog sweater
Image Source: Rebecca Johansson On Unsplash

The ready-made dog sweater is expensive, but that should not stop you from getting the super stylish sweater from your dog. 

Learning how to make a sweater for your dog at home doesn’t cost much. It is also the best afternoon DIY sewing project. It’s easy to make.

Super customizable and handmade dog sweaters also allow you to show your love and care to your beloved dog. It is also the best way to get the perfect size sweater that fits your dog right and helps them feel comfortable. 

The best thing about making dog sweaters at home is that you can repurpose your old clothes and turn them into unique, cute, and fashionable dog sweaters.

In this tutorial and step-by-step guide, we will help you learn how to make a sweater for a large dog.

Ready to make an adorable dog sweater? Let’s take a look. 

Supplies You’ll Need

Without getting some basic sewing essentials, you won’t be able to start any DIY sewing project. The following are what you will need to make a dog sweater at home.

    • Flannel fabric 
    • Sharp scissors
    • Paper
    • Velcro
    • Measuring tape
    • Sewing machine
    • Needle
    • Matching thread 

Measure Your Dog

The best thing about the DIY sewing projects is that you get a chance to make and sew a customizable clothing piece. 

Not all dogs are of the same size. You need to measure your dog from neck to tail to draft a pattern. Drafting a pattern for a dog sweater is easy and takes less time. It’s just a bunch of straight lines. 

How to make a dog sweater tutorial
Image Source: American Dog Blog

Here are the measurements you will need for drafting the pattern:

    • Around the neck, where the collar sits
    • Around the chest and two inches behind the front legs
    • From neck to tail
    • The entire back will be used as the width of the sweater. Start measuring from one side of the rib to another side. 

Create a Dog Sweater Pattern

Now that you have the right measurements, it’s time to draft a dog sweater pattern. Use paper and markers to start drafting the pattern. 

Draw your first line on top of the paper and use the neck measurement. Don’t forget to add eight inches to the measurement. 

Now draw another line going down from the left of your first line and deduct half an inch from your neck-to-tail measurement.

Consider the back measurement and draw the line at the bottom. Make sure you start drawing lines right from the bottom of the neck to the tail measurement line.

For a finished strap of two inches, you will need to draw a line in the down direction starting from the right side of the top. 

Then another straight line will go from the end of the back measurement to the top line. You will need to draw another two-and-half-inch wide strap three inches down the line. 

With this, the DIY dog sweater pattern draft is ready to cut and sew. 

Cut Out the pattern

The next step of how to make a dog sweater is to cut out the pattern pieces. Lay your fabric on the flat surface and fold it. 

​​Dog sweater patterns
Image Source: Michael Burrows On Pexels

Place a paper pattern on it and cut the marked lines. You will need to cut out two separate pieces, one for the outer side and one as a lining. 

Sew the Pattern Pieces

Place two fabric pieces together in a way that the right side of each piece faces the other. 

Use a sewing machine and start sewing the fabric pieces. Make sure you leave four to five inches for the seam allowance. 

Finishing Touch

You have sewn the fabric pieces to turn them into a dog sweater by this step. 

It’s time to give some finishing touches to your handmade sweater so that it doesn’t look like a handmade, homemade clothing item.

How to make a small dog sweater
Image Source: Los Muertos Crew On Pexels

Turn the fabric inside out and press all the edges, corners, and seams. 

Apply topstitching on the opening of the closed and add Velcro straps so that the sweater can stay on your dog.

How to make a dog sweater from sleeves
Image Source: Rebecca Johansson On Unsplash

Your DIY dog sweater is ready! Isn’t it so simple? 

How to Make a Dog Sweater From a Sweater Without Drafting a Pattern

This is the most popular way of sewing dog sweaters at home. Many people who cannot draft a pattern from scratch opt for this simplest way of making a dog sweater at home.

Winter coat for dogs
Image Source: Erik Mclean On Pexels

Supplies You Will Need

    • Old human sweater
    • Measuring tape
    • Fabric marker or chalk
    • Straight pins
    • Sharp scissors 

Making Dog Sweater from Old Sweater

To start learning how to make a dog sweater from a sweater, you will need to find an old sweater that you don’t wear anymore and don’t want to throw away.

Once you have got the old sweater, you can put it on your furry friend to take the measurement. Start marking the leg, tail, and other parts of the old sweater.

Remove the sweater from your dog and place it on a flat surface. Now you will need to cut out the marking lines.

At this stage, you will be able to get the basic structure of the dog sweater. You can sew the raw edges to prevent them from fraying. If you are learning how to make a puppy sweater from a sock, you can apply the same process. 

This method is recommended for beginners and intermediate sewers as it involves less sewing. 

DIY dog sweater guide
Image Source: Erik Mclean On Pexels


Making your own DIY sweater offers you a chance to design something that you and your dog love. It’s the best way to show your love to your best buddy. 

Apart from it, creating a dog sweater at home is an easy and cost-effective sewing project.

So why not take the opportunity to use and polish your crocheting, knitting, and sewing skills? Or just upcycling clothes that take up valuable space in your wardrobe?

The above-mentioned DIY sweater designs and patterns can be customized as per your creativity and your dog’s size. You don’t have to settle on just one pattern. 

Use your creativity and sewing skills to play around with the patterns and make a unique, warm, and comfortable sweater for your dog.

Don’t forget to give a professional touch to your DIY dog sweater! Head to Superlabel Store and place your order for super customizable and easy-to-design,

We encourage home-based sewers, small business owners, and professional sewers to boost the professionalism of their homemade clothing items.

Let us know which DIY dog sweater pattern your dog liked!

Happy sewing!