How to Knit a Baby Hat

How To Knit a Baby Hat

Learning how to knit a baby hat is fun! It’s one of the most straightforward projects for beginners besides learning how to knit a scarf. Knitted baby hats are unique, comfortable and add a touch of love to your bundle of joy or the baby you are gifting.

All you need is an easy-to-follow guide and suitable materials to help you bring out your best pattern. Here are the steps on how to knit a baby hat for beginners;

How to Knit a Baby Hat for Beginners

Lickety split baby hats
Image Source: All Free Knitting

Baby hats are best knit with soft and bright-colored yarn.

Materials Needed 

    • Knitting needles
    • Worsted wool yarn
    • Scissors
    • Tapestry needle
    • Knitting stitch marker

How to Knit a Newborn Baby Hat

How to knit a newborn baby hat
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Newborns are babies between zero to one month. They have tiny heads, thus no tight hats!.

Step 1: Cast on 54 sts using size eight knitting needles

Step 2: Using a pair of knitting needles size 7, knit three centimeters in a 1/1 rib with one garter stitch at the end. You’ll have around seven rows.

Step 3: Continue knitting in garter stitch until your hat measures approximately 11 centimeters.

Step 4: For the baby hat to take shape, you’ll now start making decreases of eight sts per RS row while knitting in garter until the end.

Row: 1 K5, k2tog, k1, ssk,*k 8, k2tog, k1, ssk*repeat from * to* until you remain with five stitches, k5. You’ll have a total of 46 knitted stitches.

Row: 3 K4,k2tog,k1,ssk,*k6,k2tog,k1,ssk*repeat from * to* until you remain with four sts,k4.You’ll have a total of 38 sts

Row: 5 K3,k2tog,k1,ssk,*k4,k2tog,k1,ssk*repeat from * to * until  you remain with three sts,k3.You’ll have a total of  30 sts

Row: 7 K2,k2tog,k1,ssk,*k2,k2tog,k1,ssk*repeat from * to * until you remain with 2 sts,k2.You’ll have a total of  22 sts

Row:9 K1,*k2tog,k1,ssk*, repeat from * to * until you remain with one sts,k1. You will have a total of 14 sts.

Row: 11 K2tog,*k1,k2tog*, repeat from * to * until the end of the row. You now remain with nine stitches.

Step 5: Cut off the yarn and leave a long tail to sew the hat. 

Step 6: Thread your tapestry needle and pass it through the remaining nine sts to remove them from the knitting needle.

Step 7: Pull the yarn in the needle tightly to close the hat opening.

Step 8:Ensure you secure tightly and sew along the garter stitch edge. You can insert woven labels at this step.

Step 9: Weave in the ends. And there you have it! You can also watch this video on how to knit a baby hat step by step.

How to Knit Baby Hat with Circular Needles

Knitting a baby hat using circular needles sounds challenging for beginners, but it is as simple as knitting with straight needles. Here is a guide and a video to help you.

Materials Needed

Step 1: Choose the recommended baby yarn that will match your circular knitting needles.

Step 2: Using a measuring tape, measure your baby’s head. 

Step 3: Note down the circumference of the baby’s head in inches. Knit a swatch to determine the gauge of your yarn. Measure and count the number of stitches per inch, then multiply by inches in the circumference.

The answer you get will be the number of stitches you will cast on.

Note: You can measure a small ball for estimates if you don’t have a baby around.

Step 4:The number of stitches you got in #step two above, round them off to a number divisible by six. On your circular needles, cast on stitches equal to the number you got in #step 3

Step 5: Join in the round and place a stitch marker while ensuring you don’t twist the stitches. It will help to knit in the round without seaming. You can learn more on how to join knitting in the round here.

Step 6: You’ll create a 1×1 ribbing by knitting one stitch, purl one stitch.

    • 1st round:  Knit one
    • 2nd round: Knit1, Purl 1(1×1 ribbing)
    • Repeat round two and complete five rows.

Step 7: Knit as usual about four inches before you start decreasing. To decrease,k2tog for every six inches. 

Step 8: Continue decreasing until you remain with four stitches on your knitting needle, then cut off the yarn leaving around a six inches tail.

Step 9: Thread your tapestry needle and push it through the remaining four stitches to remove the needle.

Step 10: Pull the yarn to close the gap, then tie off the hat.

Step 11: Weave in the end on the underside stitches, then trim the excess yarn. 

How to Seam a Knitted Baby Hat

Whether you knit your baby hat using garter or stockinette stitch, seaming the edges is a simple task because you have matching rows. When knitting using straight needles, you must have extra time to sew your hat edges, unlike when knitting in the round. Here are the steps;

Step 1: With the WS facing you, align the edges of the hat. Ensure that each row matches with the parallel row on the opposite edge.

Step 2: Thread your tapestry needle using the tail then, insert it on the RS edge and push it through the corner stitch on the RS edge.

Step 3: Insert the needle on the corner of the left side edge and push it through to the corner stitch of the left side edge. Pull the yarn tightly to secure the two bottom corners together.

Step 4: Pull the first and second stitches apart, then locate the horizontal bar between them on the first row of the RS. Under this bar, push the needle from bottom to top and pull the yarn, leaving some floppy yarn.

Step 5: Repeat step #5 on the parallel row on the left side.

Step 6: Repeat steps #5 & #6 until you reach on top of the hat. Ensure you pull the yarn tight after every few rows while working the seam up.

Step 7: Once you complete seaming the edges, stitch the top corners in a number eight pattern similar to the bottom corners.

Step 8: Using your sewing tips and tricks, push the needle with the remaining yarn to the inside of the hat. Using these best sewing tips and tricks, choose how to sew the ends through the stitches to secure the yarn before cutting it off.

How to Knit a Newborn Beanie with Straight Needles

How to knit a baby hat
Image Source: Felt Magnet

Now that you know how to knit a hat,  let’s knit a newborn beanie. Here are the steps;

Step 1: Cast on 66 sts

Step 2: Row one to row four creates the beanie border. Slip 1, knit to end of row

Step 3: From row 5, start knitting the body.Slip 1, knit to the end of the row.

Row 6:slp 1,k1,p3,*k2,p3,repeat from * to last sts,k1

Row 7&8: Repeat row 6 until the work measures 4.5 inches and ending after a knit row.

Step 4: The beanie starts taking shape from row nine.

Row 9: Slp 1,k1,p3,*k2tog,p3,repeat pattern from * to last stitch ,k1. You’ll have 54 sts

Row 10: Slp1, knit to end of row

Row 11:Slp 1,k1,*p2tog,p1,k1,repeat from * to end. You’ll have 41 stitches.

Row 12: Slp 1,*slp1,k1,ppso,k1,repeat from * to last stitch,’ll have 28 stitches

Row 13:Slp 1,k1,*p1,k1,repeat from *to end

Row 14: K2tog across the row. You’ll have 14 stitches

Row 15: P2tog to last stitch,p1. You’ll have seven stitches

Step 5: After remaining with seven stitches on your knitting needle, cut the yarn leaving a six inches tail.

Step 6: With your tapestry needle, push through the remaining stitches on the needle and pull the yarn as you tighten. You can also try how to finger knit

Step 7: Sew up the seam and weave in the ends. You can learn to sew here.

How to Knit a Baby Beanie with Circular Needles

Simple knit baby beanie
Image Source: Okie Girl Bling n Things

Knitting a baby beanie with circular needles is fun.No seaming! You can finish knitting and fit your baby, as shown in this video.

Note: The stitches we cast on are for a baby aged 0-6 months. You can measure your baby’s head and do the math to get the right size. 

Cast on 52 stitches and join them to knit in the round.

Row 1-5: *Knit 1, Purl 2*repeat *to* around 52 stitches

Row 6-23: Knit around 52 stitches

Row 24: *Slip, slip, knit, knit11*repeat*to* around 48 stitches

Row 25: *Slip, slip, knit, knit10*repeat* to* around 44 stitches

Row 26: *Slip,slip,knit,k9*repeat*to* around 40 stitches

Row 27: *Slip, slip, knit, knit8* repeat* to* around 36 stitches

Row 28: *Slip, slip, knit, knit7 repeat * to* around 32 stitches

Row 29: *Slip, slip, knit, knit 6* repeat*to* around 28 stitches

Row 30: *Slip, slip, knit, knit5*repeat* to* around 24 stitches

Row 31: *Slip, slip, knit, knit4*repeat*to* around 20 stitches

Row 32: *Slip, slip, knit, knit3* repeat* to* around 16 stitches

Row 33: *Slip, slip, knit, knit2 repeat * to* around 12 stitches

Row 34: *Slip, slip, knit, knit 1* repeat*to* around eight stitches

Row 35: Slip, slip knit around four YouStitches.

Cut the remaining yarn leaving a six-inch tail. Push the tail through the four stitches using a tapestry needle and weave in the ends.










Slip, slip, knit




Wrong side


Knit two together


Right side

How to Make a Baby Hat Knitting Pattern 

Having explored how to knit a baby hat on circular needles, let’s learn how to make a baby hat knitting pattern and the different patterns you can try.

When starting, we said the best baby yarn is soft wool that you can buy at the stores or upcycling clothes. To knit a baby hat pattern, you’ll need a skein or two like how to knit socks projects.

Here are the steps for a basic pattern 

Cast on 32 inches using a long tail.

Row 1-5: *Knit 1,purl1* around 32 stitches

Row 6-21: Knit around 32 stitches

Row 22:*Knit 2, K2tog*repeat around 24 stitches

Row 23:*K2tog* repeat around 12 stitches

Row 24:*K2tog*across six stitches

Cut the yarn and thread your tapestry needle with the tail. Push it through the last stitches and pull tight to tie a knot, then sew in the end as you would when learning how to knit a blanket.

Note: You can make a pom pom and put on the hat or leave it.

Baby Hat Knitting Patterns

    1. Basic Beginners Baby Hat

Basic knitted baby hat
Image Source: All About Ami

This pattern is best for beginners when learning how to start knitting a baby hat. You can knit in six different sizes and different rib styles. Choose a 2×2,1×1 or rolled 1×1 rib for your next knitting project and wow your baby.

      2. Enea Hat

Enea baby hat
Image Source: Ravelry

This is one of the classic knitted baby hat designs, yet very simple to knit. You only use knit and purl stitches to work it up and then add a fancy fur pom-pom.

      3. Block Patterned Hat

Block patterned knitted baby hat
Image Source: Fox and Pine Stitches

This baby hat will look amazing on your baby’s head. If you know how to knit, purl, and to tog two together, you’ll pull this piece easily. 

      4. Easiest Knitted BabyHat

Super soft baby hat
Image Source: Purlsoho

This is another simple to knit hat for beginners that you can knit any size using any yarn of choice. Better still, you only need to use straight needles; there are no purls nor shaping. 

      5. Troll Baby Hat

How to knit a baby hat for beginners
Image Source: Storenvy

This is the best pattern to knit baby hats for surprising your friends at baby showers or for sending to people as gifts. The pattern is extra stretchy and best for free-size knitting projects.

Pattern name

Knitting skill level

Easiest knitted baby hat


Troll Baby hat


Block patterned


Enea hat


Basic hat


Pro Tips For Knitting a Baby Hat

    • Size

When knitting your baby’s hat, ensure you don’t knit exact measurements as their head. The exact head measurements will be wide or not fit them. Reduce the sizes by two to four inches to allow the head to fit without pressing or sugging.

    • Yarn Gauge

Depending on the pattern that you are knitting, a yarn gauge will determine the results. Choosing a gauge that will combine well with your pattern will help you work with ease. Remember, baby hats require soft and thick yarn—wool is the best.

    • Knitting needles

When knitting baby hats, you’ll needle different needles depending on the pattern you chose. The right needle and matching yarn will give you the anticipated results. However, if you use the wrong needle for the right yarn quality, you will get results different from your pattern.

    • Labels

Knit baby hat patterns
Image Source: Dabbles and Babbles

Inserting knitting labels in your knit hat projects will be a great way to market your products. The care labels can be about how to wash the hat or simply your business name. It’s crucial to insert labels in your knitted baby hats.  


Besides playing a part in upcycling fashion, knitting a baby hat is simple and fun! The project is short and has a variety of patterns that you can try anytime on different pieces.

Which is your favorite pattern?