How to Half Double Crochet

How to Half Double Crochet: How to Make a Hdc in Crochet

Wondering how to half double crochet? Curious as to what is a half double crochet stitch? This article will answer all of your questions and help you start learning how to do a half double crochet stitch. We’ll cover the following topics:

    • What is a half double crochet
    • What “hdc” means in a crochet pattern
    • How to do a hdc stitch in crochet 
    • How to turn in half double crochet
    • Examples of beginner half double crochet projects

If you already know how to sew, crocheting is a natural new hobby for you. Although yarn is very different than the various types of fabric, sewers’ knowledge of textiles and tension comes in handy while learning to crochet.

As you may already know, crochet is a needleworking craft where the creator uses yarn and a crochet hook to create clothes, toys, and other objects. Like learning to sew, people find that learning how to crochet offers many mental health benefits.

You might be thinking, “Show me how to do a half double crochet already!”. Before we break down the steps, let’s review the basics. 

What is a Half Double Crochet Stitch? 

Learning how to make a half double crochet is an important beginner skill for many crochet projects. After learning how to start a crochet chain, most crocheters encourage beginners to learn either the single crochet or double crochet stitch next. 

These make up most of the basic stitches in crochet. The four most common basic stitches in crochet include:

    1. Single crochet
    2. Half double crochet
    3. Double crochet
    4. Triple crochet

The single and double crochet stitches are made almost exactly the same way. The key difference is that the double has more yarn overs. There is a unique third loop in the half double crochet that can’t be found in either the single or the double crochet stitch.

Unlike the single and double crochet stitch, the half double crochet is like working half of a double stitch. The half double crochet stitch is taller than the single crochet but shorter than the double crochet.

How to half double crochet
Image source: The Purple Poncho

Another important point to remember about the half double crochet stitch is that it goes by a different name in the United Kingdom. Refer to the table below for a helpful guide to “translating” between US crochet stitch names and UK ones.

US Stitch Name

UK Stitch Name

Single crochet (sc)

Double crochet (dc)

Half double crochet (hdc)

Half treble crochet (htr)

Double crochet (dc)

Treble crochet (tr)

treble/triple crochet (tr)

Double treble crochet (dtr)

When you’re first learning how to crochet a half double crochet, seeing different (conflicting) names can be extremely confusing. Make sure to only use websites and resources from the same source (either US or UK crochet terms).

What Does Hdc Mean in Crochet?

You might have noticed in the table above that both the US and the UK crochet stitch names were followed by a few letters in parentheses. These are the standard abbreviations for the crochet stitches. In US crochet, “hdc” is called the half double crochet stitch.

Crochet projects typically follow a specific pattern. These patterns include step by step instructions to create the finished product. Since there are so many details to include in a crochet pattern, most patterns rely on abbreviations to save space and time. 

Crochet instructions can also be communicated in a crochet pattern chart or diagram, especially if you are crocheting a circle or magic circle. Crochet charts and diagrams rely on symbols and colors to visually communicate stitches, color changes, when to decrease, and more.

Stitch Name



Half Double Crochet


Crochet symbol hdc
Image source: Craft Yarn Council

How Do You Do a Hdc in Crochet?

Now that you know what a half double crochet stitch is and how it’s represented in crochet patterns, you’re ready to learn how to crochet hdc. Follow along with the steps below to start your first half double crochet.

    1. Create a slip knot, then create a crochet chain. Unless you’re following a pattern, your starting chain can be any length.
    2. At the end of your row, create a turning chain. The turning chain height for the half double crochet stitch is two chain stitches.
    3. Yarn over and place your crochet hook into the chain that is three chains away from your hook. (This is the extra yarn over that gives half double crochet its extra height.)

How to do a half double crochet
Image source: The Spruce Crafts

      4. Yarn over a second time. Pull the yarn tthrough the next stitch, so that you have three loops on your crochet hook.

How to do hdc in crochet
Image source: The Spruce Crafts

      5. Yarn over for the third and final time. Pull the yarn through all three loops on your hook. Congrats, you have just completed your first half double crochet stitch!

How to make a hdc in crochet
Image source: The Spruce Crafts

      6. Repeat steps three through five above until you complete your row.

      7. Begin the next row by turning the work, chaining two (to create your turning chain), and continuing your hdc stitches.

If you’re still not confident in your half double crochet skills, follow along with a tutorial video for comprehensive guidance.

Tips for Learning How to Do a Half Double Crochet

If you’ve learned other crochet stitches, you already know that mastering a new stitch requires more than simply following the instructions. It’s crucial to set yourself up for success when learning new crochet skills. 

Yarn weights symbols
Image source: Moogly Blog

Review the list below for the most important tips to keep in mind while learning how do you half double crochet to create the most beautiful crochet stitch.

    • You can use any yarn and hook to work with, but beginners are strongly encouraged to stick with worsted weight yarn in light, solid colors and size H hooks. This type of yarn is the easiest to manage and see your stitches in.
    • When you’re first learning the stitch, work with a practice swatch. A practice swatch allows you to learn the stitch without the added stress and complication of trying to follow a pattern precisely.
    • Make sure you’re comfortable with the absolute crochet basics, like creating a slip knot, crochet chains, and weaving in ends. These skills are required to literally start, continue, and finish any crochet project so learn them well before tackling new stitches.

How to Turn Half Double Crochet

In the instructions above, we gave the direction to chain two at the end of each row. This is actually a slightly more controversial topic, because the half double crochet is between the single and double crochet in terms of height.

The rule of thumb is one turning chain stitch for single crochet and two turning chain stitches for double crochet. Where does that leave the half double crochet stitch?

Expert crocheters generally recommend chaining two (tight) chain stitches for the turning chain.  This gives your stitches enough room without compromising your finished project.

If you find that your ends are still too loose in your practice swatch, then you can switch to a single turning chain with the most common crochet stitches.

What is a half double crochet
Image source: Cherry Heart Crochet

It’s important to note that in the half double crochet stitch, your turning chain counts as one stitch. Counting stitches is required to follow crochet patterns correctly, so pay close attention when you start your first pattern with hdc. Also it’s important to practice turning your work consistently to maintain a neat and even appearance in your crochet projects.

Project Ideas with the Half Double Crochet Stitch

Now that you know how to answer the question: “How do you do a half double crochet?”, you’re ready to tackle a new project. Browse the list of beginner-friendly projects with half double crochet below. 

    1. Crocheted Cloud

How to make a half double crochet
Image source: Easy Crochet

These crochet clouds couldn’t be sweeter. Use the free crochet clouds pattern to complete any DIY project, such as crochet mobile. For another option, add the colorful clouds to any of your finished crochet projects for extra decoration.

Stitches used:

      • Double crochet
      • Single crochet
      • Half double crochet

      2. Modern Beginner Blanket

How to crochet hdc
Image source: Daisy Farm Crafts

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful, cozy crochet blanket. This modern beginner blanket pattern can be completed in a handful of days if you’re dedicated. 

You can gift the blanket to any expecting parents in your life. Make it extra special by customizing the colors and adding a custom woven label featuring the baby’s name. Or, add a custom branded hang tag elegant blankets in your crochet shop.

Stitches used: 

      • Chain stitch
      • Half double crochet
      • Switching colors (technique)

      3. Crochet Boot Cuffs

How to half double crochet stitch
Image source: Skip to my Lou

Skip the socks but keep the perfect autumnal vibes with this crochet boot cuff pattern. You can customize the row length to fit your calves perfectly. With only a few dozen rows of stitches, this project can easily be completed in just one afternoon.

Stitches used:

      • Half double crochet
      • Chain stitch

FAQs on Half Double Crochet

Why is it called Half double crochet?

The half double crochet stitch gets its name from the whole idea of being larger than the single crochet stitch or basic crochet stitches and, at the same time, smaller than the double crochet stitch.

How many stitches is a half-double crochet?

An important rule in doing half-double crochet is to always count your stitches to make it 12 stitches in a single go which we refer as a single or foundation chain. Then comes the second and third chain.

How tall a half double crochet stitches?

The half double stitch is half as tall as the double crochet stitch. You have to take away one step from the stitch pattern to make this happen.

What is the biggest crochet stitch?

Double treble is the largest of them all. The double treble crochet stitch, also known as the triple treble crochet stitch, is a versatile and advanced stitch in crochet. It is taller than the traditional double crochet stitch and creates an open and lacy texture in your crochet projects.

How to Half Double Crochet Decrease?

To half double crochet decrease (hdc dec), you’ll need basic knowledge of how to make a half double crochet stitch (hdc). The hdc dec is a technique used to decrease the number of stitches in a row, creating a shaping effect in your crochet project.

  1. Insert your hook into the next stitch, yarn over.
  2. Skip the next stitch, insert hook into the following stitch, yarn over.
  3. Yarn over and pull through all five loops on your hook.
  4. Continue with your pattern.