How to Crochet a Beanie With Patterns and Pictures

Most hats are not for everyone but not the beanie hat. There are very few people who can get away with cozy yet comfortable accessories.

The first beanie was of simple designs. Over the decades, it has evolved and become more recognizable.

Beanie hats are soft hats that hug your head, and they may or may not have a folded cuff. Right from slouchy and loose on top to snug fit at the head, there are different fits available in beanie hats. These popular hats are sometimes plain or decorated with buttons, pom-poms, tassels, etc.

The amazing thing about beanie hats is that they are unisex, with many options for men and women. Beanies are intended to keep your head warm in cold weather.

Are you the one who keeps buying beanie hats as winter approaches? Do you find them expensive in the stores? Yes, they are.

Do you often think, what if you could crochet beanies at home for your loved one? Don’t worry.

In this comprehensive guide on how to crochet a beanie at home, you can learn to make beautiful, warm, and superior-quality beanie hats. 

How to Crochet a Beanie Hat: 10 Amazing Patterns to Consider

What is crochet? Crocheting is one of the relaxing hobbies you need in this busy lifestyle. It is also perfect for beginners who just want to learn something new.

Crocheting a beanie hat is easy, and one can learn to make it at home. Beanies are made by using basic stitches that can help you speed up your DIY project.

Woman wearing a knitted beanie
Image Source: Guillaume Meurice On Pexels

Before we proceed with how to crochet a beanie hat at home, let’s understand some free, beginner-level crochet beanie hat patterns available. 

Simple + Sweet Beanie

Finished hipster beanie knit pattern
Image Source: Nimble Needles

This is super easy and excellent to work with crocheting projects for you. It can be done in just one yarn cake, and the color changes in the yarn, meaning no weaving in multiple ends. 

Chunky Ribbed Crochet Beanie

Do you know how to crochet ribbed beanies? If not. Then it’s worth trying. This is one of the easiest and quickest DIY crocheting projects that will help you learn everything you need about beanies. 

Single Crochet Cap

Single crochet cap
Image Source: Pinterest

Learning how to crochet a hat with a simple texture yet fashionable style will be a fun DIY project. In this pattern, you need to start crocheting from the top-down so that you can make your single crochet cap. You can make it with folded cuff. Don’t forget to use fingering while crocheting this pattern. 

Slow Hats Patterns

Not sure how to crochet a beanie hat using a pattern? Then, this slow hat pattern is for you. 

It is a slow crocheting pattern, and you will see all your efforts look amazing by the time you reach the end. Slow hat pattern also includes direction for three yarn weights: bulky, worsted, and sport. 

Everyday People Pattern

Gray cotton skull cap beanie
Image Source: Pinterest

Are you looking for step-by-step instructions on how to crochet a beanie for men and women? Then here’s the pattern for you. 

This classic shape and smooth stitch hat pattern are both for girls and boys. It uses just one skein of yarn. 

Buttercup Crochet Hat

This beautiful beanie pattern features a mesmerizing floral design with a side that makes it stand out from other patterns. Buttercup crochet hat pattern is made from one skein of yarn, so you can use your favorite stash yarn for crocheting this pattern. 

Fair Isle Crochet Beanie

Fair Isle crochet beanie
Image Source: KB Looms Blog

Want to try some colorwork? Use fair isle beanie pattern. This pattern features two beautiful color designs that represent some traditional fair-isle style. 

It comes with a pom-pom on top and has a ribbed hem. The flexible stitched used in crocheting this pattern ensure that your head feels cozy in winter. 

The Tempest Beanie

Did you ever try crocheting or learn how to crochet a blanket? If yes, you might be aware of different types of crocheting stitches. This beautiful pattern is made from a different combination of color-changing yarn and stitches to create a fabulous beanie. As per your desired size, you can customize it. 

Double Ribbed Crochet Beanie

Double rib beanie pattern
Image Source: Chookapeck 

This amazing beanie pattern is made by doing half-crochets in the back loops. Don’t know how to do that? Learn how to double crochet with simple and easy steps. 

The Jennie Beanie

Are you looking for a versatile beanie pattern with knit fabric or yarn? Then, Jennie beanie cute pattern for you. This is a beginner-level crocheting beanie pattern with textured yet modern stitches to give you the perfect style. 

How to Crochet a Beanie: Instructions With Pictures

Beanies are the most popular hats to wear during the winters. They are versatile and have a great job of keeping your head warm.

Be it your husband, your toddler, or your children. Everyone loves to wear beanie hats. 

How to crochet a beanie instructions
Image Source: Matt Hardy On Pexels

They are the perfect Christmas, holiday, birthday, or anniversary gifts. The best of it is that it is easy to learn how to crochet a beanie at home.

Once you know crocheting a simple beanie, you can experiment with other complicated patterns, different sizes, and even add pom-poms. 

To help you out here is easy beginner-level instruction on how to crochet a basic beanie hat. Check out the steps listed below. 

Choosing Your Yarn and Hook

Have you ever visited the yarn section of any craft store? If yes, you know that there are different types of fabric and yarn to choose from. Every brand and style is different and intended to serve a specific purpose.

Orange blue and white yarn
Image Source: Margarida Afonso On Unsplash

The yarn labels or care labels tell you many things about a particular yarn. While choosing a yarn for crocheting a beanie, make sure you read them. Here are some of the details you will find on the label: 

    • Recommended Crochet Needle Size
      • The crochet hook size and the dimensions and stitches count will be provided. Your end result of how to crochet a beanie instructions vary depending upon the needle size.
    • Fiber Content
      • It can be cotton, wool, acrylic, etc.
    • Length of Yarn
      • Based on your DIY crocheting project, the count of hook and stitches, you may need more lengthy yarn. It is recommended to buy extra yarn than the total length.
    • Yarn Weight
      • The number that comes inside the yarn ball indicates the weight of the yarn. A “0” denotes the finest size yarn, while a “7” shows super bulky yarn.
    • Laundry and Care
      • The icons and text denote if the crochet yarn is machine washable or not.
    • Lot Number and Color
      • If you are crocheting a colorful beanie, then don’t forget to match the lot number. The yarn skein may look the same when checking them, but there are a lot of differences, so you might end up buying mismatching colors. 

Selecting Your Hooks

The yarn label will help you with the best crochet hooks size. If you use hook size other than this, the end result in the stitches may vary. 

Hook anatomy diagram
Image Source: Fiber Flux

Measure Head and Determine Hat Size

The next step of how to crochet a beanie for adults is to understand how you will be wearing the beanie. Since everyone’s head size is different, understanding when to stop increasing the beanie is essential. 

Here are some steps to measure the head size for crocheting a beanie.

How to crochet a basic beanie
Image Source: Pinterest

Start with the measurement of head circumference. Use a measuring tape and wrap it around your head, being right above eyebrows and the base of the back on the neck.

Next, measure for the back top part of the head to right above the eyebrows. With this, you will get the head circumference. 

Once you know it, you need to calculate the diameter of the head. Here’s a simple formula: 

Beanie/Head Diameter = Head circumference: Pi (3.14)

In case you don’t have the person for whom you are following how to crochet a beanie step by step guide, you can use the below-listed reference table:

Reference table for right hat size depending on the age of the person: 

Age Head Circumference In Inches

Hat Diameter

In Inches

Hat Weight

In Inches

Preemies 1-1.5lbs/23-25 weeks 7-8 2-2.34 3-3.25
Preemies 2lbs/ 26-27 weeks 9-10 2.64-2.93 3.5-4
Preemies 2-3lbs/ 27-31 weeks 10-11.25 2.93-3.3 4
Preemies 4-5lbs/ 32-34 weeks 11.25-12.5 3.3-3.67 4-4.25
Preemies 5.5-6lbs 12.5-13 3.52-3.81 4.25-4.5
Newborns 13-14 3.81-4.1 4.5-6.1
Baby 3 to 6 months 14-17 4.1-5 6.1-6.5
Baby 6 to 12 months 16-19 4.69-5.57 6.5-6.9
Toddler – Preschool (12 months to 3 years) 18-20 5.3-5.87 6.9-7.5
Child (3 to 10 years) 19-20.5 6-6.45 7.8-8.7
Pre-teens and Teens 20.5-22 6-6.45 7.8-8.7
Adult Woman 21.5-22.5 6.3-6.6 8.5-9
Adult Man 23-24 6.74-7 9-9.25

Getting Started With a Magic Circle

Once you understand the required measurements, you need to start with a magic circle. The best thing about a magic circle is that you can close the loop, so no small circle is left open where the chains are connected. Here are some steps for making the magic circle:

Hold your yarn in a way that it faces you from the palm.

Choose the loose part of crochet yarn with the tail wrapped over your hand and the yarn end around your pinky finger.

How to crochet a beanie hat
Image Source: PlanetJune

In a clockwise direction, start wrapping the yarn around your hand and keep it in a way that the loops come together.

Now keep the crochet hook and hook it in yarn. Pull yarn via your circle.

Pull it over the hooks and loops in a way that it creates a slip stitch, and you can release yarn from your hand with ease.

By this point, you will have a wide circle that can be used as the foundation for the next couple of stitches.

Now learn how to double crochet a beanie. Start creating a double crochet stitch by inserting your hook via circle and wrapping your yarn over the hook, and pulling from the circle. 

You will have three loops on the hook, and you need to wrap the yarn over those hooks and pull out two loops. Repeat this step while maintaining two loops, and you will be able to finish your initial double crochet.

Keep repeating the last step 7x times to form eight double crochets.

Use slip stitch to the first stitch and take the yarn tail to pull it tight, cinching the circle close and form a tight circle.

Your magic circle is finished. Use marker or bobby pin in the last stitch round. It will help you identify once you reach the end of the round. 

Increase Your Beanie

The next step of how to crochet a beanie easily and quickly is to increase the beanie size until you get the diameter of your head. Follow the below steps:

How to crochet a toboggan
Image Source: Dora Does

Round 1

Use two stitches in each stitch around and slip stitch to connect the rounds. Mark that round.

Round 2

Use a single stitch in the first stitch and two stitches in the second one. Repeat it to cover your circle and slip stitch to connect the rounds. Mark this one.

Round 3

Use a single stitch in every two stitches and two stitches in the third stitch. Repeat it to cover your circle and slip stitch to connect the rounds. Mark this one.

Round 4

Use a single stitch in every three stitches and two stitches in the fourth stitch. Repeat it to cover your circle and slip stitch to connect the rounds. Mark this one.

Round 5

Use a single stitch in every four stitches and two stitches in the fifth stitch. Repeat it to cover your circle and slip stitch to connect the rounds. Mark this one.

Round N

Continue this pattern with each round increase the N stitches by one until you reach the diameter of the head.

Once you have finished this stage, you will see a beanie in the same diameter as the crown of your desired person’s head. 

Lengthening Your Beanie

You are very close to finishing your tutorial on how to crochet a beanie hat for adults. Once you have finished your increase and got the base, its time to lengthen your beanie.

To lengthen your beanie, you need to apply the same stitch you used to make a beanie. Repeat this step until your beanie is of your desired length. 

Finishing Your Beanie

A couple of last steps of how to crochet an easy beanie for beginners includes giving finishing touches. Start cutting the yarn end by leaving a tail of around six inches. 

Use a yarn needle to remove the yarn and give it a tug to tighten. This will lock yarn in one place. You also need to weave in the small tail that is hanging from the start of the magic circle.

Easy DIY tutorial for crochet beanie
Image Source: Annisa Ica On Unsplash

With these steps, you now have completed crocheting a beanie that is ready to wear and keep your head and ears warm in the upcoming winter. 

Once you are done with your tutorial, you can learn:

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How to make a beanie hat
Image Source: Fabio Alves On Unsplash


Beanies are essential clothing accessories for the winter season. They keep your head warm while helping you look stylish on cozy days. 

With the above instructable, you will be able to make a beanie of any size. This is the basic beanie pattern, and using it; you can try your hands on different popular patterns.

Start learning something new today, and don’t miss this opportunity of gifting your loved one a personalized gift that shows your love and care for them. 

Happy Crocheting!