Heart Quilt Pattern List: 35+ Charming Patterns for Valentine’s Day

Make the love of your show and say “I Love You” in the most romantic way using the below heart quilt pattern.

It’s essential to remind people that you love them. If they like your love language and understand your efforts to show your gestures, then you are at the right place. 

The heart quilt pattern is an adorable quilt design. They are perfect for Valentine’s day and all those days when you want to shower your love on your loved one.

The heart quilt pattern is easy to make and looks charming. In this article, we have prepared a collection of heart quilt patterns you can try at home.

From DIY table runners to throw-size quilts, this collection includes everything you want. 

Gather your quilting essentials and choose the best pattern to showcase your love. 

6 Things to Consider for Heart Quilt Pattern

Before we jump to some charming and enchanting heart quilt pattern, it’s essential to keep some tips in mind. 

Heart quilt pattern is the easiest DIY quilt and quilt blocks for beginners. Learning these patterns will help you make Valentine’s Day extra romantic.

Do you want to make sure that you don’t make any mistakes while quilting? The following are some essential things you need to consider to avoid making mistakes in a heart quilt pattern. 

Choosing the Right Fabric

There are many options available for different quilt patterns and holidays. As per the occasion, you should choose the fabric sewing quilting.

Tips for choosing fabric for quilting
Image Source: A Quilting Life

While making a heart quilt pattern, you must choose 100% cotton or velvet fabric in the shade of red. The color selection of the quilt backing fabric makes your design look more eye-catching and charming.

You can also use pre-quilted fabric to reuse all the fabrics found in your home. Make sure the colors are relevant to the love theme.

Do not choose fabrics that are of the same size. Your quilt will look busy. 

Thread Choice

You will find many options when it comes to quilting threads. Knowing which thread is best for your heart quilt pattern is essential. 

The wrong choice of thread can break your entire design. The invisible thread is the best choice for quilting heart patterns. It can emphasize more details of the inside design of the heart. 


Are you aware of the basic information needed for heart quilt patterns? If not, check out these detailed guides by Superlabel Store. 

Heart quilt pattern tutorial
Image Source: Diary of a Quilter

Make sure you cut the binding on the straight gain for all heart quilt patterns. If you go for a bias binding, then there will be fewer seams and no curved edges. You can also apply hand binding on the quilt and choose a decorative stitch. 

Good Sewing Machine

This is often the biggest mistake that many beginner quilters make. Sewing machines are complex devices and often lead to frustration. 

Cheap machines create tensions and breakdowns in-between sewing. Make sure you choose the best sewing machine for quilting and oil it on a regular basis.   

Use a Rotary Cutter, Not Just Scissors

A rotary cutter, clear acrylic ruler, and cutting mat are essential for heart quilting patterns. These tools are essential to your quilt kits and will make your sewing much easier since the cuts will be accurate. 

Person using a rotary cutter
Image Source: Michael Burrows On Pexels

When you use scissors to cut hundreds of 10cm squares, it will take a lot of time, while the rotary cutter will be fast and quick. 

Try New Techniques

There are many quilting techniques available for different designs. When choosing any heart quilt pattern, you should experiment with it and apply different techniques to make your own pattern. 

Choosing the right technique and experimenting with it in a unique way will help you get a unique quilt design. 

29 Adorable Heart Quilt Pattern Free to Make Your Valentine’s Day Special

Love is a year-round thing, so why shouldn’t your quilt be? Heart quilt pattern free is extra cheesy and perfect for those special love-themed dinners.

Heart quilt pattern free
Image Source: Megan Collins Quilt Design

Heart quilt patterns are aesthetic and pleasing. These patterns are perfect for beginners and experienced quilters. Using simple blocks of quilts, you can make an adorable full quilt that looks adaptable.

Use a careful choice of colors; you can make these quilts all year round, just like your love. 

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Let’s have a handy heart quilt pattern list to make your afternoon worthwhile. 

Braided Heart Block

Do you love mosaic patterns? Try Braided Heart Block at home and create a beautiful, simplistic design.

This heart quilt pattern free features different hued reds and pinks in heart shape. The finished quilt size will be 5 x 5 inches long. 

Heart Strings Quilt Block

Elizabeth Dackson from Don’t Call me Betsy lets you make a charming Valentine’s day quilt. 

Heart strings quilt block
Image Source: Sew Katie Did

Instead of going with the conventional white, red, and pink colors, this heart quilt block pattern uses bold colors with scraps and transforms them into a string that shows your love. 

Challenge your abilities and build a block pattern that captures your love. The finished quilt size of the heartstrings quilt block will be 18 ½ x 18 ½ inches long. 

Nordic Heart Block

Do you always imagine Christmas just like Scandinavian Fair Isle prints? If yes, then a Nordic heart block quilt is all you need. 

This heart quilt pattern will help you travel to the beautiful landscape of Norway without even leaving your home. The pattern tutorial includes detailed instructions for making small or large-size quilts, or you can combine both sizes and make your own quilt. 

This cheerful heart quilt block is a wonderful way to add some sweetness to your Christmas holiday décor. The finished quilt size will be 13 x 13 inches long. 

Heart Embers Quilt Block

Are you looking for Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift ideas? Choose heart embers quilt block pattern and make an adorable table runner at home.

Heart embers quilt block
Image Source: Pinterest 

This quilted table runner pattern uses the perfect combination of red and pink hearts on the gray background, making the hearts look glowing. 

This two-toned heart quilt pattern brings a warm feeling that makes any room extra welcoming. 

Valentine Heart Lap Quilt

If you are a beginner-level quilter, you must try Valentine Heart Lap Quilt by Love to Sew. These throw-size Valentine’s day quilt patterns free includes whole-cloth stitching to speed up the process, and the outcomes are quick, thick borders. 

Cuddle with your loved one under this Valentine’s heart quilt pattern and make memories for years to come. 

Hugs-n-kisses Quilt

Christa Quilts Blog designed a year-round bed quilt pattern. This hearts and kisses quilt pattern uses traditional bow-tie blocks, jelly rolls, and piecing to make X’s and O’s design quilt. 

Snuggly hugs and kisses quilt
Image Source: Moda Fabrics

With the Hugs-n-Kisses quilt, you will learn how to square up a quilt block, chain pieces, add binding, and piece at the back of the quilt. The finished quilt size will be 48 x 64 inches long. 

Charming Heart Quilt

This sweetheart quilt pattern is the perfect combination of layer cakes and floral charm packs. If you know how to applique on a quilt, then the charming heart quilt pattern from Moda Bake Shop is for you. 

Each block in this pattern highlights blocky hearts in exciting springtime color shades. This advanced-looking patchwork quilt uses piecing and appliqueing in a diagonal row to make a top bursting red and pink hearts. 

Say “I Love You” in the most refreshing way using the Charming Hearts Quilt pattern. The finished quilt size will be 72 x 62 inches long. 

Love Notes Table Runner

Looking for quilted table runners patterns for making your dinner date more special at home? 

Love notes table runner
Image Source: Quiltineering

Lindsey Weight uses perfect pink-colored precuts to make a charming table runner pattern. This pattern is ideal for decorating your table on Valentine’s Day. 

Using traditional pinwheel and heart designs, you can reuse precuts like charm packs, fat quarters, and layer cakes and make a gorgeous quilt. The finished quilt size will be 37 x 17 inches long. 

Reverse Applique Gathered Heart Pillow

Vanessa Christenson offers an easy and simple machine reverse applique quilt pattern. 

The Reverse Applique Gathered Heart Pillow pattern features a pink heart set on a white background. This is the perfect time if you have never tried your hands on a reverse heart quilt pattern. 

Just cut a hole into the top layer of the quilt and show the fabric underneath. The finished quilt size will be 10 x 10 inches long. 

Quilted Valentine Hearts Pillow

Quilted valentine heart pillow
Image Source: Sulky

Valentine’s special pillows are great décor pieces. This DIY quilted pillow pattern is made with Valentine-themed applique on a plain white background. The finished quilt size will be 19 x 19 inches long. 

Four-patch Heart Mini Quilt

The four-patch heart mini quilt pattern will take you to a different era and bring you a vintage vibe made in modern times. This perfect heirloom quilt pattern can be used as a table topper or wall hanging. 

Easy Scrappy Heart Quilt

Easy scrappy hearts quilt pattern
Image Source: Quilty Love

Heather Givans designed a perfect scrappy heart quilt pattern using all fabric scraps. If you want to create a yummy contrast and think of re-producing a similar-looking quilt, then you will have to find at least eight red and five white-colored fabric scraps. 

This pattern is the perfect way of using all shaped fabric pieces and polishing your sewing skills. 

The String Heart Quilt

Want to conquer the heart of your loved one? The string heart quilt pattern by Don’t Call Me Betsy uses different bold colors to make a unique quilt for someone special. 

Be Good to Your Heart Quilt

Free heart quilt block pattern
Image Source: Diary of a Quilter

Diary of a Quilter offers a heart block quilt using fabrics in different orders to make a finished throw-size quilt. This beautiful heart quilt pattern can be gifted to a friend.   

Pixelated Heart Quilt Pattern

Another stunning and sweet heart quilt pattern you must try at home is the Pixelated heart quilt pattern. 

This heart quilt block pattern is the perfect combination of modern yet traditional quilt patterns and has become the best wall hanging. You can give this gorgeous wall hanging to a young girl who loves to have bold and beautiful pieces. 

Pieces of My Heart Quilt Pattern

Pieces of my heart quilt pattern
Image Source: Love to Sew

Wendy Williams from Flying Fish Kits offered an amazing “Pieces of my heart” quilt pattern. This heart quilt pattern will help you improve your basic quilt and turn it into a romantic yet decent quilt. 

Linking Hearts Quilt Pattern

Mabel Burkholder designs the gorgeous linking heart quilt pattern. This pattern is not made using a typical bargello quilt pattern, and each strip is sewn in a unique way to create a heart. 

The finished quilt size of the free linking hearts quilt pattern is 105 x 114 inches long. The original quilt was made using 200+ different fabrics, including holiday prints. 

Choose your desired fabric and start making linking hearts quilt patterns today! 

Key To My Heart Quilt Pattern

Key to my heart quilt pattern is a downloadable PDF pattern that is made up of a cheerful jigsaw of blocks. 

Key to my heart quilt pattern
Image Source: The Way I Sew It

You will love to make this quilt as the entire process is a beautiful journey. The finished quilt size is 48 x 60 inches long. 

Wonky Heart Baby Quilt Pattern

Choose a Wonky heart quilt pattern from AccuQuilt to make a layer cake and Batik fabric quilt. This adorable heart quilt pattern comes with a playful concept for babies. The finished quilt size will be 42 x 58 inches long. 

Twisting Heart Valentine Quilt

Twisting heart quilt tutorial
Image Source: Freemotion by the River

Do you want to save your Valentine’s day quilt? The Twisting Heart Valentine quilt wall hanging is all you need to preserve your Valentine’s quilt for several years. 

This is a fun and easy-to-make heart quilt pattern. The finished size of this wall hanging is 18 x 18 inches long. 

Country Hearts Quilt

Red is everyone’s favorite color. Why not use different shades of red to make a cute, romantic quilt? The country hearts quilt pattern by Moda Fabrics is popular. 

The blocks in this pattern are set on-point. They are made by cutting, piecing, and using many pins. The finished quilt size will be 76 x 87 inches long. 

Cross My Heart Quilt Pattern

The Cross, my heart quilt pattern by Stacey Day for Free Spirit Fabrics, is a large-sized heart that can be sewn in different color schemes. 

Cross my heart quilt pattern
Image Source: TeresaDownUnder

The dark background creates a unique frame for cross stitches made in bold and bright fabrics. 

Faded Hearts Quilt

Want to warm your loved one’s heart? Try the Faded Hearts quilt by Kerri Thompson. This hearts at home quilt pattern features easy-to-make, simple stitches, and each heart is applied using a fusible technique. 

Floating Hearts Quilt

Floating hearts baby quilt
Image Source: The Nifty Stitcher

This simple yet beautiful heart quilt pattern is made using fabrics from Tula Pink’s True Colors collections. The offset blocks of this pattern imply there are no seams needed to match between the rows and blocks. 

Have a Heart Quilt

Have a heart quilt pattern free by Amanda Murphy designed paper pieced hearts that look like potato chips. This heart quilt downloadable pattern will require you to set your printer at  “page scaling” or print at 100%. 

Candy Hearts Table Runner

Candy hearts table runner tutorial
Image Source: Farm Wife Journal

The Candy hearts quilt pattern is a wide quilt size designed by Sandy Gervais. You can use any fabric from tone-on-tone collections or use your own fabrics. 


With the rise of modern quilt techniques, quilting has become a favorite hobby in crafting.

Quilting is not just a fun outlet for your creativity but also the perfect way to show your love and care. What’s better than showcasing your love in the shape of a heart? 

The above collection of valentine quilt patterns is ideal for those who want to make their love moment special. Save your time and frustration on finding the best heart quilt pattern! 

You can use a nice, cozy, warm quilt in less time, give it to your loved ones, and impress them with your amazing quilting and crafting skills. 

Don’t forget to check out other interesting quilting projects offered by Superlabel Store and add some spark to your occasions: 

Choose the best quilting pattern as per your occasion and make a quilt design that will be cherished for so long.

Happy quilting!