Embroidery Ideas: A Bottomless Pit of Creativity

Embroidery ideas are where everything takes its beginning. 

They are not to underestimate; every piece of embroidery ever made was created by an enthusiast who had a vision. Adding embroidery to t-shirts, a denim jacket or jeans is a cool way to enhance your wardrobe and showcase your impeccable stitching skills.

So, whether it’s 

find a dash of passion and creativity within yourself and get the exciting embroidery journey going!

What should you know about embroidery ideas? Keep reading to tackle this broad subject with us. 

Easy embroidery ideas

If you have planned to personalize gifts or customize your handbags, garments, or other items in a classy, unique way, it’s time to learn embroidery—suggests DIY N Crafts

If you are a fan of DIY, check also these “25 Amazing Hand Sewn Gifts With Free Patterns You Can Make Today” on DIY N Crafts

Heis another practical tip for customizing your projects and making them look professional.

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    2. textile/sewing/embroidery enthusiast,
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    4. fashion designer, or
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Now that you know how to finish your project, let’s find out how to start it. 

Let’s kick this adventure off with easy embroidery patterns. Nothing is as discouraging as starting a new hobby with a project that exceeds your abilities, interrupting the newborn passion and enthusiasm right away.

Embroidery patterns to download
Image source: BuzzFeed

One of the easiest things to embroider is an always-tasteful and simple heart.

“DIY: Heart Embroidery Sampler (For Beginners)” by Web Archive is perfect for decorating towels or other items. An embroidered heart is a wonderful gift you can share with your loved one.

With this heart cute simple embroidery pattern, you will grasp the concept of

    • running stitch, 
    • back stitch, 
    • cross-stitch, 
    • threaded running stitch, 
    • chain stitch, 
    • fern stitch, and 
    • star stitch;

It’s quite a collection of embroidery stitches to try out in one go! 

On the bright side, after doing this project you won’t be able to call yourself a beginner anymore.

For detailed instruction on how to make “DIY: Heart Embroidery Sampler (For Beginners)” on your embroidery fabric, head to Web Archive

Heart embroidery sampler
Image source: Web Archive

Another heart pattern isn’t a dash less cute! 

The proposition by K F Needlework Design is loaded with stitches, similarly to the pattern above. By incorporating over 20 different surface embroidery stitches, Heart Sampler is designed for learning new stitches and practicing those you already know. It also shows how to switch colors halfway through a row (useful to know also for your next projects!).

You will be glad to discover that the pattern includes a mini hoop design, using Dandelyne’s 55mm (2.2”) necklace kit. The sampler is embroidered in fresh, cool colors, while the design for a mini hoop is stitched in warmer reds and pinks.

Heart sampler for beginners
Image source: K F Needlework Design 

After the heart, creating embroidery flowers is almost a natural step two.

To make your upcoming embroidery ideas easy, start by embroidering this lovely spring bouquet from Down Grape Vine Lane.

Although it may seem sophisticated when you look at it, this cool embroidery isn’t complicated to embroider. 

For starters, choose the colors you want to use to create this hand embroidery design. Then, when the project is ready, you can add it to your interiors as home décor (turn it into pillow cases or kitchen towels), or hand it out as gifts.

Check out also a few ideas for original DIY items on DIY N Crafts designed to make your interiors stand out.  

“Lovely Spring Bouquet Embroidery Pattern” by Down Grape Vine Lane won’t take you longer than a weekend to finish. 

Remember to print the pattern at 100% scale after you download it and make sure you aren’t scaling up to fit the page. Otherwise, your embroidery may end up the wrong size.

Embroidery ideas
Image source: Down Grape Vine Lane

Want something really easy? 

Check out this adorable bee pattern among cool embroidery designs of animals (where butterfly embroidery is probably the most popular one). 

As specified by DIY N Crafts, this busy little bee only uses a minimal amount of embroidery thread and is so easy to embroider that you can have it all done in an hour or so (even if you are a novice!).

Check out “Easy Beginner’s Bee Embroidery Pattern” on Web Archive to make your bee see the light of day. 

Embroidery ideas for beginners
Image source: Web Archive

There is time for sunflower embroidery and time for autumn leaves (who doesn’t like “Autumn Leaves,” right?). Also, check out these “14 Sunflower Embroidery Patterns” by The Spruce Crafts

Now, take your 

and follow the guidelines by Cutesy Crafts to embroider your gorgeous “Fall Leaf Free Embroidery Pattern.” 

Decorate your home with these elegant leaves, mixing up their styles by simply using different colors when you stitch.

If you are looking for embroidery patterns that look chic and seem complex to create but are actually easy to make, you have found your type!

Leaf free embroidery pattern
Image source: Cutesy Crafts

Jessica from Cutesy Crafts describes the embroidery supplies she used for the “leaf” project: 

“I did the embroidery on a scrap from a flour sack towel I had sitting around. I used a full strand of embroidery floss for everything except the French knots; I used three strands of floss for those.” 

Then, she lists more embroidery stitches used for this project:

    1. a split stitch for the outline, veins, and swirls,  
    2. a straight stitch for the straight lines,
    3. a running stitch for the curved lines, 
    4. a back stitch for the loops;

Try this chic and cute simple embroidery pattern using the combination of stitches you fancy most.

Speaking of elegance. White Work in embroidery is a traditional embroidery style inevitably associated with gracefulness. 

It may not be the easiest for beginners, but it’s worth getting familiar with. 

Whitework embroidery
Image source: Craftsy

We love White Work for being so subtle and eternal in style. It’s a luxury you definitely can afford! 

To tackle this technique, read “White Work” by Carter Houck (available on Aer.io) with illustrated instructions and patterns for 

    • 20 stitches, and
    • 188 embroidery patterns (keyed to those stitches);

The book includes magnificent florals, repeats and borders, two complete sets of alphabets, and other exciting extras. 

White Work is a unique way to transform blouses, scarves, cuffs, collars, curtains, or place settings into treasures of heirloom quality.

Here is a brief “Getting Started with Whitework Tutorial” by WonderFil Threads to help you find the right way through the first steps of this journey:

Moreover, to nurture your inspiration for the upcoming embroidery projects, look for the coolest embroidery ideas on 

    1. Reddit—this online community with 430K members unites all enthusiasts of embroidery who want to exchange: 
      • tips, 
      • techniques, 
      • resources, 
      • ideas, and/or 
      • show off their most impressive works,

      2. Pinterest embroidery page—with a great number of embroidery simple designs images displayed to ignite your imagination;

      3. Bored Panda—articles such as “40 Times People Showed Off Their Best Embroidery Works” will instantly turn you into an embroidery fan, even if you weren’t one before!

Hawaii-inspired embroidery pattern
Image source: Bored Panda

And since we are here, in the bottomless pit of online creativity, we can’t forget about YouTube. 

“36 Easy Embroidery Ideas for Beginners” by 5-Minute Crafts DIY is what you need to relax and learn simultaneously:

Looks like something you could do, doesn’t it?

You will say the same about “DIY Giant Embroidery Picnic Blanket” to find on Lovely Indeed lead by Chelsea.  

Personalized writings such as names or dates as well as quotes are a very popular pattern for embroidered items. You can embroided the pattern on any kind of blanket including sherpa blankets.

This idea is quick to put into practice; you are going to make the entire “Blanket” project in just about two hours. 

Materials needed:

    • striped blanket (the truth is, any pattern will do if you have enough aesthetic sense to make it fit),
    • yarn,
    • a large sewing needle for knitting,
    • scissors, and
    • colored chalk;

Cool easy embroidery ideas
Image source: Lovely Indeed

Ready for step one? Here we go:

    1. Start off by sketching your design on the blanket with colored chalk. The mark you make has to be dark enough to remain visible.
    2. Take your needle and thread it with the yarn, tying a knot at the end. The essential issue is: where to begin embroidering? Using a split stitch, start at the end of your first word. 

You will find all the info about stitches on Project Sewn and in the article about embroidery stitches by Super Label Store

If you run out of yarn, tie a hidden knot behind the blanket and thread your needle with a new one. Then, knot it to your old piece and continue your split stitch.

When the entire design is embroidered, knot your yarn firmly at the back of the blanket and snip the ends.

DIY giant embroidery picnic blanket tutorial
Image source: Image source: Lovely Indeed

Minimalist embroidery patterns

Minimalist embroidery has its fair share among Pinterest embroidery ideas. As forms of embroidered art, the sleek minimal embroidery patterns or simple line art stitches exude a chic and stylish appeal.

Let’s have a look at a couple of patterns to understand that embroidery doesn’t have to be complicated or thread-abundant. 

Among embroidery design ideas that consist of just a couple of lines, there are “Hand Embroidered Cards”—to tackle with Web Archive

You make these embroidery patterns on paper, and they are perfect for just about any occasion.

Hand embroidered cards
Image source: Web Archive

This lovely fruit silhouette is easy to bring to life and takes just a few minutes to complete. 

You can do any design you want—just draw the image by hand instead of using a ready pattern or embroidery kit.

Fill your design with embroidery threads in appropriate colors to create these wonderful homemade cards to hand out to your friends and close ones.

What do you need to make it happen? 

Easy embroidery patterns
Image source: Web Archive

Read how to do “Hand Embroidered Cards” in steps on the Web Archive page.

You will find similarly adorable fruity designs for your embroidery in “Three More Fruit Patterns, a Pineapple, Kiwi, and Pomegranate + a 10-Pattern Bundle” by K F Needlework Design.

Buy them separately on Etsy for about €4 each or in a set of 10 for € 32,49 (with an apple, fig, kiwi, lemon, orange, peach, pear, pineapple, pomegranate, and strawberry)

Simple embroidery designs
Image source: K F Needlework Design

Watch “Minimalist Custom Portraits Hand Embroidery Full tutorial feat.PunchNeedle” by Freesia Embroidery to recall the feeling of creative versatility that embroidery is known to transmit:

Ready to tackle more cute simple embroidery designs?

If you can’t find words to express how much you love your textile/sewing/embroidery craft, there is another way to show it. Consider stitching… a sewing machine!

One of the charming embroidery ideas to put into practice in your next project is this “Free Embroidery Pattern With Instructions – Floral Sewing Machine Embroidery” shared by Crewel Ghoul

Check out also other creative free embroidery designs to download from Crewel Ghoul

Embroidered sewing machine
Image source: Crewel Ghoul

Are you looking for something cute and easy but also impressive to make?

The authors of NeedlePoint show how to put into practice “Hand Embroidery: Honeycomb Stitch Embroidery | Flower Embroidery” in this step-by-step video guide below:

Honeycomb stitch is explained with pictures on Embroidery Rocksea and shown on Pinterest

A handful of simple, not-to-miss embroidery designs and handmade options were brought to us by The Spruce Crafts. In “9 Modern Hand Embroidery Patterns,” you will find:

    1. Simple Geometric Embroidery pattern—here, all you need to know is how to make long straight stitches,
    2. Diamonds & Flowers Stitching Design—discover, buy the 24$ embroidery kit, or even make this design a part of your wardrobe with DMC (we write about types of clothes to consider stitching your embroidery projects on in our Super Label Store blog)
    3. Mod Fig Embroidery Pattern,
    4. Geometric Succulent Terrarium Pattern—according to The Spruce Crafts, “Succulents are as popular to stitch as they are to grow.” Geometric Succulent Terrarium Pattern—according to The Spruce Crafts, “Succulents are as popular to stitch as they are to grow.” You will use metallics, pastel colors, and geometric framing in these free embroidery designs.
    5. Contemporary Mountainscape Sampler—here is the step-by-step guide to follow and download from Instructables

Mountain embroidery sampler
Image source: Instructables

    1. Color-Filled Embroidered Tile Ornament—the creators’ goal in the case of this project is to take what could be seen as a traditional embroidery style and turn it into something modern and simple. Check out this brightly colored tile embroidery pattern with the ornament. Brought to us by Lolli and Grace,
    2. Small World Tiny-Stitched Map—22$ for the entire world? That doesn’t sound like much! This embroidery project was based on the abstract painting style of Belinda Marshall,
    3. Geometric Bear Embroidery Design—animals in embroidery occur almost as often as flowers. This Bustle & Sew bear is one of the abstract small and cute embroidery ideas created with lines formed in a way that adds a sense of movement, bringing the pattern to life. 

This pattern is not hard to stitch. You will need to learn a satin stitch for this design idea (tackle embroidery stitches on our blog). 

What are other embroidery supplies needed for this cute beast? 

      • 9” x 5” oval hoop and 
      • dusty purple linen (white background will look amazing as well). 

Download this simple bear pattern for 5$ from Bustle & Sew. For the most adorable 5$ “Bunny Bunting,” go to Bustle & Sew here.

Head to our articles about types of fabric and types of cotton fabric to refresh the base of your crafty knowledge.  

    1. Octopus Mask Embroidery Design may not be as simple as the previous ones, but there is no doubt it’s interesting. Follow OddAnaStitch’s cool embroidery ideas on Etsy to get invited into her fantasy embroidery world. 

Make sure to visit the embroidery library, full of inspiring hand embroidery ideas, where flower embroidery pattern options make a significant part of the whole collection. You can stitch flowers around a design or logo which will make the design more aesthetic. Check out also Super Label Store blog’s takes on rose embroidery and embroidery on canvas.

Cool embroidery ideas
Image source: JodiReed

You can always buy individual minimalist embroidery patterns, but you can also invest in the whole set!

When Kelly, the author of K F Needlework Design noticed she used 120 hand embroidery stitches in various designs for books, kits, magazine projects, and PDF patterns, she decided to put her experience into a book. 

Not only are there many names for the same stitch but also several variations on every single stitch—why not explain it once and eliminate all the confusion that upcoming embroiderers will otherwise inevitably face? 

She grouped the stitches into eight families, based on how they are done (so, for instance, stem stitch falls into the chapter on back stitches, because of the way you do it). 

Thanks to this methodology, you can go through each chapter, adding to a previous stitch or stitching technique to learn the next. 

The book also contains eight samplers that make it more approachable to get to grips with the more commonly used stitches from each chapter. 

So, you can purchase ebook and samplers in four different package options: 

    • 120 Embroidery Stitches ebook,
    • 120 Embroidery Stitches ebook and eight samplers in a single PDF pattern,
    • eight standalone PDF patterns (one for each sampler),
    • a single PDF pattern containing eight samplers;

If it feels like something you would fancy engaging in in your free time, go to K F Needlework Design

Embroidery designs downloads free
Image source: Flamingo Toes

Fun embroidery ideas

Novices will look for easy hand embroidery projects, but if you are an experienced crafter, you may be interested in something fancier. 

On From Britain with Love, there are a couple of “Flower Embroidery Ideas to Enjoy.”

Dried flower embroidery
Image source: From Britain with Love

While this idea varies slightly from typical ideas for hand embroidery projects, it also uses embroidery supplies.

The concept was brought to us by Olga Prinku, and it involves the use of dried flowers. 

“How to make embroidery hoop art with dried flowers” (botanical embroidery hoop art) explains Laura, the author of From Britain with Love:

    1. Gather materials that you will need for the project:
      • 4” embroidery hoop,
      • a piece of tulle with big eyelets (read about types of fabric); it should be large enough to cover the hoop. You can buy it by the yard on Etsy
      • dry flowers and foliage; use dry grasses, poppy heads, dry eucalyptus leaves, and seeds, dry yellow helichrysum Immortelle, dry hydrangea, and others; if you don’t have them at home (or in the garden), buy some on Amazon
      • little scissors;

      2. Stretch the tulle over the embroidery hoop; then tighten and trim the excess.

How to make dried flower embroidery hoop art
Image source: From Britain with Love

      3. Now it’s time to pick three hydrangea blooms (or others to your liking), making sure there’s a bit of stalk left. Weave the stalk through the net to ensure the flower is secure in place—suggests From Britain with Love. Attach all of them at the bottom of the hoop close to each other.

      4. On the upper right-hand side of the hydrangea, attach a couple of eucalyptus leaves. Weave the stalk of the leaves in the same way you did with hydrangeas.

      5. Put some dry eucalyptus berries on the left-hand side.

      6. Trim the stalks of the poppy heads that you are going to attach now at an angle for easy weaving. Weave them as you please, for instance, between the eucalyptus leaves and above the hydrangea blooms.

      7. Weave in a few leaves of grass at an angle on the same side as the eucalyptus leaves. Keep your embroidery hoop art project neat by trimming any excess grass stalks.

Dried flower embroidery hoop art hydrangea mimosa
Image source: From Britain with Love

      8. Snip each helichrysum bloom, leaving at least 7mm of a stalk, and weave 4 or 5 of them on the left side of the hydrangea flowers following the curve of the hoop. Do the same on the other side, filling the gaps between the hydrangea bloom and grasses.

      9. Make sure you hide the ends of the stalk underneath the hydrangea petals.

      10. It’s time to display your wonderful creation. Your hand embroidery project ideas can’t remain hidden, so go on and show them around. 

From Britain with Love advises displaying these beauties in a shadow box frame behind glass to protect the flowers from dust and sunshine.

“I’m thinking that making your own embroidery hoop art with dried flowers would make great gift ideas—whilst giving you simple, creative joy along the way.”

—sums it up Laura, founder and author. 

How to make dried flower embroidery hoop art hydrangea box frame
Image source: From Britain with Love

We will all agree that $5.95 isn’t much for recreating the entire universe, even if you end up with one placed on just a few inches of embroidery fabric.

With this Amazon pattern, you can now stitch a Milky Way, or a sky full of stars and planets. 

Use 10 iron-on transfer designs featuring 

    • galaxies, 
    • moons, 
    • constellations, and 
    • meteors;

These simple embroidery designs are sized to fit a 6-inch (152 mm) diameter hoop. Sheets are pre-cut. These designs are brilliant for most types of clothes and accessories such as tote bags, hats, decor, and more.

As the author (Inc. Peter Pauper Press) promises, there is no tracing, no messy lines, and no guesswork—iron on and start stitching right away.

You can even transfer these designs onto wood and other surfaces and paint over them. The embroidery kit includes transfer instructions and an essential stitch guide.

Find more celestial bodies to embroider (and not only) on Etsy

Embroidery ideas easy
Image source: Reddit

Who said that what’s fun has to be complicated? Just the opposite; we are here to tell you that a mermaid’s tail will make your day without spending an entire day doing it, though.

For “Intro and Supplies,” check out the short video made by Jessica from Cutesy Crafts:

This cute simple embroidery project uses various embroidery stitches, so if you have just started your craft career, it may be a great way to practice different options. 

You can also check “Embroidery for beginners | TOP 10 stitches!”  by Love Crafts to make sure you don’t miss anything in the preparation phase:

The real mermaid’s tail is supposed to be shiny. This characteristic makes this project even more exciting. The aim of creating a few rows of each color is to make an impression of a glow. You can get really creative alternating colors between scales.

Mermaid embroidery hoop
Image source: Cutesy Crafts

The writing was made with a backstitch, as explained in a separate article “How to Back Stitch” by Cutesy Crafts

And if you are here because you love mermaids, go to “40+ Adorable Mermaid Crafts for Kids and Adults” by Cutesy Crafts to see how much fun you can have with your kids for over a month, conjuring a mermaid a day!

Your youngsters (yet, only over the age when they put all items at their reach into their mouths) will be delighted to make these personalized “DIY Floral Magnets with Hand Embroidery.” Have a look at the how-to tutorial on DIY Handy.

Discovering other ideas, you have the opportunity to delve into captivating notions and craft remarkable blueprints showcasing diverse entities or individuals, surpassing the realm of mere basic designs.

Add fun and colors to any object you are interested in using these small embroidery ideas attached to magnets, and with the use of fabric, flower embroidery patterns, and a cover button.

DIY magnets embroidered
Image source: DIY Candy

Last but not least, “10 Stunning Embroidery Ideas You’re Going to Want to Try This Spring” by Country Living to leave you in awe for the rest of the day: 

Fun embroidery ideas Description
Veggie Embroidery Have a taste of felt veggies, which are more than just embroidered patterns. These carrots and leeks are attached to embroidery hoops to create extraordinary three-dimensional pieces of craft with extra flair. Projects by the artist Veselka Bulkan. (There is also a fascinating rainbow that “goes beyond” the hoop to download for free from Crewel Ghoul).
Moss Embroidery These are some unique stitches in earthy tones, originally by the artist Emma Mattson. You will be astonished to discover that what resembles moss and other pieces of greenery are actually small embroidery ideas. 
Tennis Racket Embroidery What to do with an old and not exactly good-looking tennis racket? Throw it away, right? But, we’ve got some surprising news. Next time you find it at home, thrift shop, or garage sale, transform it into an unexpected craft beauty. Artist Danielle Clough gracefully upcycles vintage sports equipment covering it with hand-sewn flowers, succulents, portraits, and others. On Upcycle That, you will find a few more ideas for sustainable artsy living. 
Transferring embroidery to caps  Read on Brit + Co “How to Turn Hand-Stitched Embroidery into a Patch,” using Heat’n’Bond paper.
Lace Embroidery

The idea is to skip the typical canvas and shake your projects up by sewing directly onto a piece of lace. Be a good girl (or boy) and use scraps from something you were going to toss anyway, be it

    • a torn or worn out-curtain, 
    • tablecloth, or 
    • a worn-out piece of clothing;
Watercolor Embroidery It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Before you sew, take your embroidery fabric and give your canvas some zest by painting it with watercolors.
Wearable Embroidery

Did you know that embroidering on clothing or accessories isn’t the only way to display your gorgeous project on yourself as a canvas? No, we are not talking about using your skin as in tattoos. We mean necklaces!

Put your needlework at the front of every outfit by creating embroidery hoop necklaces. Check out these Pinterest embroidery ideas for inspiration in this area.

Otherwise, if you still want to embroider on garments, read “How to Embroider on a Sweater” by The Spruce Crafts. Tip: Choose a sweater with a reasonably smooth knit. Chunky knits are more challenging to embroider evenly.

Get inspired with more fun ideas on Country Living

Are you already full of embroidery ideas you can’t wait to put into practice? Share your achievements when you are done!

Also, check our blogs on:

Camping embroidery designs hoop
Image source: Gathered

Frequently asked questions

What is the most popular type of embroidery?

Hand embroidery, also known as surface embroidery, involves adorning fabrics or garments with exquisite embroidery stitches. It stands as a popular and widely practiced form of embroidery in contemporary times.

Which embroidery is easy to work with?

Among the basic embroidery stitches, the running stitch takes the lead as the easiest to acquire. This swift and straightforward stitch lends itself well to creating borders and outlines. By adjusting the length of the stitches, you can easily alter their overall appearance.

How can I personalize my embroidery projects?

Personalizing your embroidery projects adds a special touch. You can embroider names, initials, or meaningful quotes onto items like tote bags, pillowcases, or clothing.

You can also incorporate elements that reflect your interests, hobbies, or favorite colors to make the design truly unique.

Can I embroider on different types of fabric?

Yes, embroidery can be done on various types of fabric, including cotton, linen, denim, felt, and even leather. Just make sure to choose a fabric that is compatible with the type of embroidery you want to do and consider using an embroidery stabilizer to keep the fabric taut and prevent puckering.