35+ Free Embroidery Fonts Every Embroiderer Should Know

Use a wide range of embroidery fonts to make eye-catching embroidery pieces.

Embroidery is a unique art. You can create bespoke designs using embroidery fonts and bring your clothes to life. A thread, needle, and a hoop to keep the cloth in the right place are all you need to start with this. 

According to the discovered sources, embroidery started in 499 BCE, but there might be a chance that this art is even older. We might not have the answer to that. Embroidery has made things look much better since 499 BCE. 

There have been drawings containing embroidered garments and other decorative cloth pieces from both the Egyptian and Greek timelines, which shows the art’s value. While it is hard to master, it is pretty good to do if you’ve had your practice time.

Embroidery comes in many flavors, and cross-stitching, quilting, needlepoint, and surface embroidery are some of the preserved art forms. 

You might not be new to embroidery. Learning different embroidery fonts can help you make unique masterpieces. 

In this article, we will help you learn some popular embroidery fonts available in the market, along with tips and tactics for choosing the right embroidery font.

Why Do Embroidery?

Embroidery is not just any DIY project. It is a relaxing and fun project that requires an embroidery kit and brother embroidery machine

Embroidery fonts
Image Source: Hearty Craft

The following are a couple of reasons why you should do embroidery using free embroidery fonts. 

Increases Creativity

Embroidery improves and increases your creativity. Once you start doing it, you sharpen your creative skills. 

When you take on any embroidery project, you have almost zero plan to follow, allowing you to explore as you move forward.

Every time you put that needle through the cloth, you have to think about which embroidery font styles you will use and where you take it out to make a meaningful design. 

While you do embroidery, it makes you more creative every time. This helps you build embroidery skills and create more complex and beautiful designs for your clothes. 

Builds Patience

Doing embroidery on even a small patch is a huge task. It takes a lot of time to create a plan and execute it. 

Sunflower embroidery pattern mockup
Image Source: FTD

You must go embroidery thread by thread and loop by loop to bring out the design on the cloth. This helps you build patience.

Building patience is challenging in today’s time when we are distracted and always have quicker options, but trust embroidery, and you’ll have more patience. 

Embroidery rewards good stitching, but it also punishes. One wrong pull can make your design awful. This makes you take calculated and slow steps while doing embroidery. 

Going slow with your designs will 100% build your patience. 

Makes You Confident

There’s no more happiness than starting something new and finishing it. Art-related items give an excellent boost to happiness and confidence, and embroidery is no different. 

If you start embroidery without planning out the best fonts for embroidery, figure out the design on the way, and create a meaningful patch, the boost in your confidence will be unmatched.

It is always advisable to start embroidery if you lack patience and confidence. As you progress on becoming a better embroidery worker, you gain in both aspects. 


Embroidery provides unmatched personalization options. If you love to create your own style, wear unique dresses, or have special cloth items everywhere, you’ll love embroidery.

Personalized embroidered hoop
Image Source: Pinterest

Embroidery and embroidery letters font provides you with a wide variety of personalization options. You can choose what works for you. It is also up to you what kind of design you want on that cloth, and you can just get started with your embroidery needle and embroidery floss

Makes Cloth Durable

Embroidery strengthens the cloth as it is filled with the best embroidery font for small letters, threads, and tightly knitted. 

This enhances the overall strength making the shirt or piece of embroidery fabric last longer and more durable than average. While this might not be a personal benefit, it will help you save some significant money. 

What Are Machine Embroidery Fonts?

Embroidery has always been challenging, but some people have come to the rescue. In the past, one had to spend days carving out perfect lettering or word on the cloth while going back and forth. 

Free embroidery fonts
Image Source: FeltMagnet

This was also erroneous; just one error was enough to make a design go in the trash. 

Today, many embroidery machines and free machine embroidery fonts are available that help you create aesthetic and appealing embroideries in no time. 

Before you get the designs, you need some embroidery font designs to use, right? That’s what machine embroidery fonts are.

Machine embroidery fonts are special digitized fonts that embroidery machines can use to bring embroidery on cloth with the best free embroidery machine fonts. Many people provide free fonts for an embroidery machine that are just plug-and-play. 

They are designed using some free fonts for embroidery designing software. They can be installed and imported to use with your machine. 

When you choose a machine embroidery font, you just have to press the start button by placing your cloth in the machine. You don’t have to worry about dimensions or how it will look. 

You might think that machine embroidery monogram fonts look similar to digital fonts, so you can download the regular TIFF files to finish the work. 

Most embroidery sewing machines aren’t compatible with such embroidery machine fonts free files. You may run into myriad errors, but there are special font file formats for machine embroidery fonts.

You’d be excited to find out that there are tons of free embroidery designs and font styles for embroidery available, and you can get almost all types of settings. 

There are some paid fonts and fonts that look like embroidery. They look so good that you might not think of the price and buy them instantly as you come across them.

So let’s find out some best embroidery fonts. 

19 Most Popular Fonts for Embroidery and Their Uses

The font styles for embroidery are essential for making eye-catching yet classic embroidery masterpieces. Are you looking for unique fonts for embroidery? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Monogram embroidery fonts
Image Source: Pinterest

The following are some popular fonts for embroidery free you can consider to do a unique project. Don’t forget to give a professional touch to your unique embroidered masterpieces by using easy-to-design, high-quality, and super customizable woven labels, care labels and hang tags. 

Superlabel stores encourage sewers and embroiderers all around the world to start their own small business using labels. 


Are you looking for a stitched look on your machine embroidered clothes? Then stitching is the best font for hand embroidery for you. It is a handcrafted, designed dashed font that looks as good as an actual stitch.

It resembles a real stitch in many ways as it has many imperfections and irregularities. Using this hand embroidery alphabet fonts over your cloth, you can say that you made the embroidery design by hand. 

Good Morning

Modernize your embroidery with a new script font. Good morning is a tall and elegant-looking new script embroidery font that can be used in embroidering clothes like aprons, handkerchiefs, etc.

Good morning beautiful cross stitch
Image Source: Daily Cross Stich 

Being an elegant cursive font for embroidery, this script font for embroidery goes best with smaller embroidery tasks and in personalization hand embroidery items because it gives them a fantastic look. 

Bodoni Terracina

Looking to do embroidery on some formal cloth piece or item? Bodoni Terracina is at your rescue. This is a royal-looking font coined by Giambattista Bodoni.

This old English embroidery font has pretty high readability. If it is embroidered in all colors, it can maintain its readability. 

Fonts for embroidery
Image Source: Play Crafts

The font embroidery is slanted. The letters are disconnected from each other, which adds to the readability and elegance of the free embroidery font. 

Bodoni Terracina has a royal touch. You can find similar embroidery font download in medieval times items and books. 


Cattieshine is the bundle you are looking for. It is a script cursive embroidery font with lots of irregularities and wild strokes. The irregularities indeed make this embroidery cursive font look like a handwritten font. 

With over 100 doodles and ten backgrounds that shine your cursive font embroidery to the max, this is a fonts embroidery machine bundle you’ll love.

As it is a bundle of embroidery fonts, you can do multiple experiments with backgrounds and other things and create some of the best-looking embroidery patterns.


Here are free embroidery monogram fonts with multiple styles. Hodgeson is a unique embroidery monogram fonts that comes in 4 styles. All of them with different alternates, ligatures, and typesettings.

Hodgeson comes with heavy strokes and narrow-width monogram embroidery fonts, making it the top competitor in modern calligraphy fonts. No matter what your embroidery design is, Hodgeson – the best monogram fonts embroidery style, will fit in it very well. 


Are you looking to put some retro vibes in your embroidered clothes? If yes, then you’ll love Angon. It is a display serif typeface with a blend of retro features and college font embroidery designs.

The embroidery alphabet fonts in the angon typeface usually end with extended tails for the last character, providing a good flow. It has a tall x-height and is bold enough to look charismatic. 

You can pair the angon typeface with some pastel backgrounds or create something aesthetic and then use applique fonts for machine embroidery over it. 


As the name suggests, Retromax is a retro-inspired jumbo embroidery fonts. With its multiple layers and distinctive thicker horizontal lines, retromax will give you the best-looking retro embroidery.

Retromax embroidery font
Image Source: Be Fonts

You might have loved the retro Latin free fonts embroidery on older newspapers and album covers. Retromax is quite similar to those hand embroidery fonts. 

When embroidered, it looks like something is wrong with the typesetting, which will catch attention. You can use this font for embroidery when you want your embroidery designs to be the center of attraction wherever you go. 

Kingthings Embroidery

Kingthings embroidery font is an embroidery font free packed with all capital letters styling. It looks pretty festive. You can use this free Halloween embroidery font to embroider your Halloween party pieces. 

You’ll see a Christmas-inspired font setting if you put these Halloween machine embroidery fonts on a red background. Kingthings font can be used in your commercial and personal side projects as a free-to-download best font for embroidery. 

Morenthya Script

Morenthya script is your go-to font pack when you are designing t-shirts, flyers, badges, and other personalized items. It is a calligraphy block embroidery font with elegant styling that looks superb in all colors.

Wanderlust calligraphy wedding font
Image Source: Envato Elements

This fishtail embroidery font comes with alternate character styles, so you always have an option to choose from. 

This embroidery fonts pes supports different languages and glyphs, so you can use your language without sticking to English. 

Dellisha Script

Dellisha script is another dazzling and elegant-looking fonts for embroidery hand that you can use. It is a premium brother embroidery fonts but spending some money on it is totally worth it given the distinctive calligraphy that the font has. 

You can use this minion embroidery font to create adorable minions. If you are doing embroidery of quotes on t-shirts, or things like that, you’ll love the results from the dellisha script.

Dellisha script comes from the modern calligraphy font family and has many alternates in the block font embroidery. 

You can always use those bx embroidery fonts to create sparkling and superb-looking machine embroidered pieces. 

Billowing Script

Create realistic machine applique font embroidery designs that look handcrafted with billowing script. This font is for you if you want something natural and elegant. 

The billow script font
Image Source: FontLot

It is a handwritten font style curated to give you one of the best-looking Herrington embroidery fonts.

Like some of the other embroidery bx fonts on the list, this brother embroidery font downloads also comes with alternates to choose from. You can play around with the alternate font styles and create the best embroidery cloth. 


Adam Fanthony’s creation Brignola is considered one of the most excellent-looking calligraphy fonts in the open. Being a paid premium font, brignola provides contextual alternates, different stylings, and ligatures.

One unique feature of the chain stitch embroidery font is that some characters are more alternated than the rest. This provides the print with a unique appearance. 

You can use this font to design items like flyers, covers, t-shirts, and a lot more. So experiment with all the features and get a unique machine embroidery font for your upcoming project. 


You’ve come across this font in many places, but you might not know the name then. Chamelia script is a calligraphy-inspired font that helps you create astonishing embroidery letterings.

Script embroidery font
Image Source: All Best Fonts 

Its dynamic nature can be used across flyers, aprons, handkerchiefs, cloth backgrounds, tote bags, and many other things. 

One Starry Night

Looking for a cursive font that looks awesome over darker clothes? One starry night is for you. It is a free font pack that can be downloaded from any of the font generators or design websites. 

Britten Murphy designed One Starry Night, a font many people love to use in their projects. The letters in these circle monogram fonts for embroidery are separated in a proper way. 

The ends of most letters are curled in circles and such shapes, which look fantastic. It can be used as a funky font to sprinkle some magic over your machine embroidery clothes. 

Octavia Script

You’ve often seen Octavia script in many places, but today that awesome-looking cursive font has a name for you. Octavia script is a paid font that is used to decorate clothes, aprons, and the like. 

Octavia elegant calligraphy font
Image Source: Dafont Free

As a paid font, the Octavia script provides you with fantastic style alternates and ligatures that can be experimented with.

If you are someone who loves modern calligraphy fonts in their embroidery work, you’ll be in love from the first draft of this font pack. 

Levitte Script

Another handmade font pack on the list, Levitte Script, is an appealing font created by Flavortype. It has a cute charm to itself and can be used to decorate feminine items very well.

With these lids embroidery fonts, you can create fabulous tote bags and handkerchiefs that look cute wherever you take them. 

Floral font machine embroidery designs
Image Source: Artapli

If you love floral patterns, purchasing this font pack is a must, as it also comes with some fantastic floral patterns and backgrounds. 

You can mix and match the designs and style alternates to create your unique machine embroidery items. 


If you are looking to decorate a wedding cloth with some machine embroidery, you cannot miss out on Alessandra fonts. It is one of the most elegant fonts you can come across. 

Inspired by other modern-calligraphy fonts, Alessandra also offers multiple ligatures and styling alternates to pick from.

It has a distinctive handwritten feel that is hard to find in any other fonts on the list. So try this premium font when you are making something for a wedding. 


Fill your embroidered clothes with elegance, and grace with this beautiful paid font. Brainlove is a modern calligraphy font that will look awesome on t-shirts and shirts. 

Cursive embroidery font
Image Source: Blog Fonts

The font has its own soft strokes that ooze elegance and provide the font with a feminine look.

It can be used to embroider fantastic projects. Being a paid font, it comes in various formats that are enough to give you unique designs every time. 

Doodle Gum

Are you looking to step up your embroidery game and infuse some doodling? If yes, Doodle Gum is the font for you. Apart from being free, the font stands out as one of the best doodling fonts for embroidery machines.

Doodle gum is restricted to personal use, so you can create your personal projects with this. It has an entire range of capital and small letters that you can work around to create something unique. 

Kawaii Stitch

Express your inner child with this cartoon-themed font style from Darell Flood. Kawaii stitch is a free, ready-to-use font bundle with two different font types. 

Kawaii stitch font
Image Source: Cufon Fonts

It provides options of capital and small letters with the entire alphabet set so that you can choose as per your needs. 

Top 6 Fast, Easy, and Free Embroidery Font Generators You Can Use 

Now you know tons of fonts, both free and paid, but it will help to have an understanding of font generators. They help you by providing free and paid fonts. 

They also provide options to generate your own fonts or edit the fonts on the website to suit your needs. 

Check out the below popular embroidery font generator sites. 


Fontget is a trusted font generator and sharing website. It is a web application that can be used to find fonts for embroidery projects, websites, mobile apps, and almost everything in the digital print segment.

Embroidery fonts free
Image Source: FontGet 

Creators from all around the world advertise and put their fonts for use on the website. It is the best place to find fonts and explore the embroidery library, no matter your reason.

It hosts the most extensive collection of free fonts from varied styles. You can always have an endless stock of fonts to use in your projects. 


Fontspace is another giant in the domain of embroidery fonts. The website hosts more than 95k free fonts for embroidery from around 3200 designers and contributors. 

The free fonts cannot be used in commercial projects, but don’t worry; this site has a huge array of commercial use fonts that can be used in your products by paying a fee.

Fontspace is a community of designers and people who need fonts for their projects. The platform acts as a bridge between both parties and lets users contact the designers directly if they want to use the font in a commercial setting. 


Fontspool is a reliable font generator tool on the web. Its numerous categories and font styles generate fonts that can be used in beginner embroidery patterns.

Fontspool also hosts a collection of more than 27k fonts that are indexed from different sources. If you don’t feel good with the font generator, there is always an option to find your ideal font from the collection.

Free fonts for embroidery
Image Source: Font Spool

This website has an awesome feature to generate images for your favorite fonts. Using this feature, you can type a sentence, get an image, and use it anywhere you choose. 


myFonts is a font marketplace for people who are looking to buy premium fonts. As most free-to-use fonts don’t allow for commercial usage, you are bound to spend money on getting a good font family for your project.

If you’ve decided to buy and use font for your upcoming project, give myFonts a try. It hosts thousands of fonts under the Serif, Sans Serif, Script, Display, and numerous other categories. It will leave you mesmerized. 


Embrilliance is an embroidery software provider that is a savior for all. It designs and creates software allowing all levels of embroidery lovers to complete their projects. 

Whether it is about converting your font files, aligning and rendering them correctly, or changing the colors of the fonts, embrilliance is your buddy for all of it.

It provides software that is compatible with mac and windows devices, so you don’t need anything special. Just buy the software from the company, install and use it forever without any hidden charges. 

Embrilliance also provides a 90 refund policy wherein you get your money back without any questions if you don’t like the software. 

ggDesigns Embroidery

ggDesigns is a marketplace of embroidery fonts, styles, and many other supplies. This website hosts many paid and free fonts along with a font generator. 

You can purchase unique fonts on the website or try out some free fonts too.

ggDesigns also sells many different things in the embroidery section. You can have a look at them to get some inspiration. 

If you don’t want to spend much time, you can buy something you were thinking of creating with your embroidery skills.

6 Tips for Choosing and Using Embroidery Fonts Free

Now that you know different types of embroidery fonts, you might be confused about which one you should choose for different embroidery ideas

Using the right embroidery font can help stand out your embroidery piece, while the wrong one can destroy the look of your item.

Best fonts for embroidery
Image Source: Pinterest 

Here are a couple of tips and tricks for choosing the right embroidery fonts free. 

Font Size

Font size plays a significant role when choosing embroidery fonts. Some fonts are suited for smaller and intricate designs, whereas others are good for larger designs.

Machine embroidery fonts
Image Source: Pinterest

When you choose an embroidery font, please find the ideal usage places and font size before downloading it and set them against your designs.

You may end up with distorted fonts and even bad finishes on the design. 

Embroidery Settings

Embroidery machines have their own settings. If you are not a pro, you might take some time to get accustomed. During that time, you can experiment with different embroidery supplies and settings and find the one that suits you.

You should explore different thread and cloth settings to get varied finishes on your projects.

This will help you get used to the settings, and finding the fonts that match your machine’s settings will become easier. 


Researching is an important part of choosing the right embroidery fonts. You cannot do well without researching a font.

To choose a font that helps you complete your embroidery projects with ease, you need to understand all the options that come with the font. 

Fonts come in bundles with multiple styles, ligatures, and whatnot. Before you choose anyone, you should research and understand the different things to make a better decision. 

Experimentation with Software

There are multiple fonts and designing software that you can use. We’ve discussed some font generators and websites from where you can have fonts for your next project.

Embroidery fonts monogram
Image Source: Pinterest

You download a font labeled as ready to use, or you might need some preprocessing to use with your machine. 

Embroidery machines don’t accept TTF font files like other digital devices, and you’ll need intermediary software. 

With a wide variety of software to choose from, you should always experiment with a few different software before finalizing one. This will help you explore the possibilities of your embroidery machine and find features that are non-negotiable for all your projects. 

Try Free Fonts

Many websites and font generators provide free fonts, which is worth it. While you don’t pay any price for the fonts, you can explore a wide variety of them without thinking about anything.

The amount of free fonts available on the internet is immense; you just need to research them well. With free fonts, you can switch the font every time you take a new project, making your projects different. 

Try Paid Fonts

Designers love to create and publish aesthetic and appealing paid fonts that give businesses multiple options to choose from. Suppose there are ten free embroidery fonts; you can get 20 to 30 paid fonts that compete with the free ones. 

Machine embroidery letters
Image Source: Pinterest

Paid fonts provide better alternates inside the pack as well as on the internet. You can choose from the wide variety of options available and create beautiful designs.


Embroidery fonts are essential for making eye-catching embroidered items. These fonts can either make or break the look of your DIY project. 

You’ve stamped your love for embroidery and machine embroidery fonts by coming this far. Try out the above-discussed fonts in your next project, and let us know how it went.

We’d love to hear your story!

Happy sewing!