17+ Diy sewing wedding gifts

During weddings, you can practice and work on your sewing skills. As you can make diy sewing wedding gifts for newlyweds, you can also work on reception décor. If you need ideas on beautiful wedding gifts that you can sew, you should check the list below.

Date sampler

You can make beautiful embroidery and give it to the newlyweds. While making a date sampler, you would have to stitch some things. If your hand stitching skills are still average, you should consider working on other diy sewing gifts. After making the embroidery, you can decide to frame it or not. Just make sure that you give it a clean finish.

Patchwork Quilt

Patchwork quilts are known to be valuable diy sewing wedding gifts. Some people even pass them down from one generation to another. To make one, you have to combine different bits of fabric. Make sure that each bit is important to the two families. You can take bits from baby clothes, wedding dress, and the likes. With customized woven labels, you can brand your baby clothes and make them unique.

Beach Bag

After a wedding, it is normal for couples to go on a honeymoon. At times, newlyweds go on honeymoon to the sea. You can give them a beach bag where they can easily keep their towels and other important things. The best material that you can use to make a beach bag is sturdy fabric.


Bunting is one of the best wedding sewing projects that can make a wedding stand out. To prevent fraying, you should make use of pinking shears. Whenever you want to join the pennants, you should stitch them well. You can also sandwich them. Just make sure that you use a bias tape.

Memory Handkerchief

To make a great memento, memory handkerchiefs can be used. You can make them for the newlyweds and their parents. Memory handkerchiefs have a lot of similarities with embroidered samplers. To make them, you have to improve your stitching skills. You can include the favorite poetry of the newlyweds in the handkerchiefs.

Bow Ties

While preparing for a wedding, the focus is always on the bride. The groom is also important. There are even going to be other important gentlemen in wedding ceremonies. When all of them wear identical bow ties, it makes them classy. The wedding would also appear stylish. You should consider using custom hangtags to improve the branding on your bow ties.

Clutch Purses

Even though pockets are important in every cloth, you will rarely see them in bridal gowns. That is why newlyweds always appreciate when you give them clutch purses. While making one, you should pay attention to the size. It should be easy to fit a phone into any clutch purse that you make.

Keepsake Pouch

There are a lot of keepsakes on wedding days. You can give the groom and bride a keepsake bag. As keepsake pouch is perfect for the groom, it is also one of the best diy wedding gifts for the bride. While making one, you should use a material with a good structure. It would help prevent fragile items from crushing. You shouldn’t make them the same way you make a drawstring bag.

Emergency sewing kit

With a little bit of experience, you can craft an emergency sewing kit. You should use a lot of felt and safety pins. You can even get them in different colors. Since the fabrics used to make bridal wears are always fragile, you should make use of pins. That is how to keep the materials from getting torn.

Gown hanger

Just like a keepsake, the statement made by the padded hanger is a good one. Just make sure that you don’t use fabric with too high texture. Fabrics that are too colored should also be avoided. If you’re not careful, they might leave stains on your wedding sewing projects.

Dining Linens

If you want to make traditional diy sewing gifts, you should use dining lines. The handmade dining linens are the best materials that can be used for such things. You just have to match tablecloths, runners, and the likes. The matching can be done in any combination that you like. You should also use natural fibers.

Ring bearer pillows

Apart from the honor that ring bearer pillows bring, they also serve as a great memento. If you want to make ring bearer pillows, you should inform the groom and bride. The reason is that they are going to be the ones to dictate the right colors to use.

Toss Garter

In some receptions, a garter toss is planned. While making one, you should try to make it match their style. It should be customized to the theme of the particular wedding where it is going to be used. You shouldn’t make only one garter. As one will be used in the toss, the couple will be given the other one as a keepsake.

Robes of Bridesmaids

It is easy to make a wedding gown. You can even use a kimono sleeve. All you have to do is whip sets that match together. That one belongs to the bridesmaids. The bride will even have a special version that is only made for her. It is one of the best diy wedding gifts for the bride. To improve the branding of your product and make them easy for people to identify, you should make care labels.

Bridal veil

To make a bridal veil, the first step is to get leftover fabric. You should only use fabric that you got from the alteration of the bride’s gown. Make sure that you select a tulle that matches well. While doing all these things, you should always consider fraying.

Throw Blanket

Unlike other diy sewing wedding gifts, you won’t need any wedding information to make a throw blanket. Since you can make one by hand, it would also cost you less. If you don’t have much time, you can purchase a throw blanket directly from a store. You will just have to add monogrammed initials by yourself.

Toiletries kit

While couples are going on honeymoon, they are going to need a pouch that can contain all essentials. To make it more exciting, you can add a roll-up insert. You can use the roll-up insert for brushes, toothbrushes, and the likes.