Different types of woven labels

If you’re running a clothing line, you would like to customize it with custom clothing labels. These clothing labels won’t only make your work appear professional, they would make it easy for customers to identify your products anywhere. Since there are different types of woven labels, you might not know the type to use. You can always print a random DIY label for your brand. When it comes to quality, customized woven labels are the best. No matter what you use to wash them, they would remain in perfect shape.

How are woven labels made? During the process of making woven labels, your design will be weaved into the fabric that is in use. That is how it is different from the labels that are printed. If you want to make different types of woven labels at once, you will be offered a discount. So you won’t end up spending as much as when you’re ordering printed labels.

Since woven labels have a lot of niches, you can select from a wide range of options. The types of fabrics that you can use for woven labels will be discussed below. You will also know the characteristics of all the fabrics. After that, you will be able to select the best types of woven labels for your project.

Things that you should consider

If you’re not going to use woven labels, you don’t have to learn about them. There are a lot of other options available. You can even consider designing customized care labels for your products. Price is so important. You should consider your budget before learning about woven labels. Before you finally conclude on using woven labels, you should consider asking yourself the questions listed below

Why do you want to use labels?

If you want a perfect finishing touch, you should consider using woven labels for your projects. You can also use them if you want to place a logo on your projects. The logo would help distinguish your brand and make it unique. If people find it easy to recognize your products through the logo, your sales will increase,

Where do you want your labels to go?

As some people want soft labels, others want labels that are strong and durable. Your choice depends on the kind of clothes that you’re making. You should also consider the size of your item. If your item is small, you shouldn’t make a big logo. Big logos might make it difficult for customers to identify the main features of your item. You should consider making a small logo. You just have to place it in a place that it can be easily identified.

How is your label going to be attached?

People attach labels in two ways. Some people sew-in while others make use of irons. If you’re ordering from a regular custom label retailer, you will be able to choose one of the two. If quality is your priority, you should go for the sewn-in labels. They are quite strong and they last for a long time. Unlike labels that were attached with irons, there is no chance that a sewn-in label will fall off.

To cut woven labels, you have to use heat. Laser cutters can also be used to cut them. With a good laser cutter, all edges can be easily closed. Since it helps to prevent fraying, sewing will be easy on your project. Another way you can brand and make your products unique is by using custom hangtags.

Different fabrics that are used for woven labels

Taffeta woven labels

How are woven labels made? Polyester threads are used to make Taffeta woven labels. It is important to know that only woven polyester threads can be used. Unlike other fabrics, taffeta is quite thick and a little bit stiff.

To give your design a great background, you should employ the use of taffeta. After taffeta is used, you can also use damask threads. It would help to make up your text. Unlike the other options, taffeta is quite cheap. It is even one of the cheapest woven labels. If you’re economical, you have no choice but to go for taffeta.


– It is cheap
– Even if small texts are displayed, it would still be clear.
– It doesn’t take long to dry. That is why it is perfect for items that get wet frequently. One such item is a swimsuit.
– Unlike satin, you will be able to choose from a long list of different background colors.


– When thick fabrics are used to make clothes, it might feel too scratchy.
– Even though it is durable, it can’t last long like satin. Damask is another fabric that lasts longer.
– Whenever it is used to display artwork, it won’t be clear.

Damask woven labels

It is the most popular woven label material. Polyester is used to make Damask. The majority of damask even contain 100% polyester. Since the thread in them is so much, small details appear so obvious. No matter how small your text is, people will be able to read it well.

Since designs are easy to identify on damask, it is the best for customizations. Everything about damask woven labels are of the best quality. That is why they are the most expensive. Even though they are soft, they are still durable. You can also select from a wide range of options.


– It is of the best quality
– It is quite soft and comfortable
– It is durable. Even if it is exposed to harsh conditions, it will still last. Damask can also be washed without getting spoilt.
– Since damask is available in different colors, you will be able to select from a lot of options.


– It is quite expensive

Satin woven labels

Just like the other woven labels discussed above, polyester threads are also used to make satin labels. Satin labels are quite soft and they shine. If you want to make a soft item, it is the best woven label material to use. Satin woven label is popular for making baby clothes and a good fabric for the sensitive skin.

Damask threads are used in making the texts. They are also used in making all the designs. The background is quite different. It is usually made from satin fabric. Since the satin fabric doesn’t come in many colors, you will have to select from limited options. Satin labels are luxury woven labels. That is why they are recommended for people that have various styles of vintage.


– It feels soft and comfortable.
– Satin woven labels are shiny and they often appear luxurious. That is why people refer to them as luxury woven label.
– Satin woven labels are durable. Even when you wash or expose them to harsh conditions, they will remain in the right shape.
– Satin woven labels are perfect for people that want to make different styles of vintage.


– It is more expensive than taffeta
– Since the threads in it are not much, the details of the design won’t be clear.
– It doesn’t come in many background colors. You have no option than to select from the limited options